Video: Riding Moab with My Dad Like It’s 1993

Nov 1, 2023 at 16:35
by ifhtfilms  

Recreating the memories of '93 with my dad as he marks his 30-year return to Moab, Utah.

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 Top of a climb:
Son: "Woah, I'm tired"
Dad: "Oh, hey Tired, I'm Dad"
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 Why couldn't the bike start riding again?
It was two tired
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flag blissindex (Nov 6, 2023 at 7:15) (Below Threshold)
 Why did the judges rob Brendog?
They were smoking nepotism.
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 Actually let me try V2:

Why did the judges rob Brendog?
There was a gap in their judgement.
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 My wife said I have two major faults, I don’t listen, and something else.
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 @PtDiddy: Did you hear about the guy who invented the Knock Knock joke?
He won the No Bell prize
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 @Tmackstab: did you know that when pregnant women swim they are submarines?
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 @blissindex: excellent recovery
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 Some of best moments on a bike have been with my old man! The old git is knackered now but an electric Brompton has given him a new lease of life. Went out the other day over a big hill and as we rode over the top, he looked at me and said, “bloody hell son, I didn’t think I’d do this again!” Amazing. Cherish the moments dudes and stay rad!
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 A few years back I rode Duthie Hill with my Dad, only a few months after a near fatal heart attack (for him), at almost identical ages to those in the video (my dad was 68yrs old, I was ~32 at the time I think).

We raced the little briggs and stratton/centrifugal clutch mini bikes in the backyard all growing up, and then rode dirt bikes together when I was a teenager, but never rode mountain bikes at all.

Duthie was great, and a lot of fun to show my dad what new sport I was getting into. He rode almost every blue trail at the park that day, on a borrowed bike. Good stuff.

I took a camera, and even made a short video labeled "Papa goes to Duthie" and showed it to the nieces/nephews, they all got a kick out of it Big Grin .
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 "Cherish the moments" -----This, this right here.
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 @spacecraft13: cheers dude!
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 @ocnlogan: sounds ace mate! I wish my old man could still ride a proper bike but I can drop him at trail centre cafes and he’ll have a brew waiting for when I get back!
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 That was wholesome. Dad looks mega fit for a 70 year old
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 So the kid is 31 and the Dad quit riding Moab 30 years ago. I think I see a pattern here...
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 I'm the "old man" at nearly sixty, but I routinely trounce the kids who are in their twenties and thirties. I am getting slower, but I ride more than them, so I'm fitter, and I've been riding a long time so skilz are solid.

Some day they'll catch me ... but not until I'm ready Smile
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 Very nice! It brings back memories of my Dad, now gone for a decade, who passed on his lifetime love of biking to me. Eternally thankful for that! He was not a mtb'r as such, although he was not averse to riding the occasional dirt road or trail on his touring bike.
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 Awesome, I plan on doing stuff like this with my little man someday, he's just 4 now but man time flies (I'm, gulp, 47). I should get some of those spandex shorts for the first trip, embarrassing your kids creates character.
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 Awesome! Still remember my first trip there in the spring of '94 and my friend's idea that we should ride up to slickrock from town to get fitter. To top that, we rode porcupine rim as a loop from townFrown .
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 And no ebikes...I thought after 50you need a motor
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 That was great! Brought bake memories of riding Moab as a 25yo college intern in Crownpoint, NM. My buddy, a climber, dropped me and my Giant AT740 and Orange-striped Bell helmet to ride Moab. We drove up there and camped for a three day weekend. I have the Moab trail map from Rim Cyclery hanging in my garage. Was a trip down memory lane for me and really enjoyed many aspects of that video, especially the familial. Tight work!
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 That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing that!
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 Ha ha nice! The handshake at the end is my favorite part!
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 Good fun, being rad runs in the genes
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 Awsome video!!
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 Fantastic! Love it
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 Very cool filmSmile
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 Where are the 90s rigid mtbs??????
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 That was a fun video.
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 Nice kudos! Thanks for making and posting Cheers
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 Bittersweet, I first rode SlickRock in 1991, time flies.
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 14yrs since my one and only trip to Moab, deffo going back someday.
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 Good stuff.
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 Salad days. Beautiful!
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