Video: Riding Sick New Jump Trails In Sun Peaks in Episode 2 of 'I Only Ride Park'

Sep 28, 2022 at 2:03
by ifhtfilms  

The crew heads to Sun Peaks Bike Park in episode 2 of the “I Only Ride Park Tour” to ride some fresh jump lines.

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 how the f*ck do you spend 3 days in sun peaks and not get any content of steam shovel or super nugg, the 2 best jump trails ever built, and then film Stella blue 3 f*cking times, and bad habit, which is without a doubt the worst jump trail ever built, 2 times?? You guys did sun peaks dirty lol. The joey asking for people to buy him a lift ticket makes up for it though
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 Did you consider the title?
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 @BlackCrowe: yeah, both super nug and steam shovel are brand new jump trails as well, sun peaks went hard on the building the past couple years. Bad habit is an actual disgrace to jump trails in comparison to those, maybe the 2nd or 3rd shoot of it could have gone to one of those. Not that it effects my life in anyway hahaha
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 "no brake bumps" watch me skid through this berm!
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 I honestly don't enjoy watching them ride because they are never just riding the trail. Every bump or berm gets slashed or roosted or nose bonked and it just isn't all that fun to watch. I'm sure it's fun to ride that way, but from a film perspective it just looks busy.
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 I dunno, the Joey thing was pretty terrible. Why harass strangers, let them enjoy the bike park. Pull pranks on each other.
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 Insanity One trail I believe is where that ramp is. Long time ago there weren't no ramp and racers would huck from the stump above down into the steep shale corner. One guy broke his back and they shut er down and built the ramp on the side. Was an insane one for sure.
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 "I've been riding Sunpeaks bike park since I was like 5 years old" so, nine years? Wink
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 I can even imagine riding chainless, I feel like... I need to

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