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Video: Silent Biking Bobsled on Mt. Fromme in North Vancouver with Jason Lucas & Matt Dennison

Mar 4, 2024 at 10:30
by ifhtfilms  

Bobsled is the #1 globally ranked mountain bike trail on Trailforks. Chill out in the forest on a popular North Shore classic.

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 Nice. Wish I had friends that climbed at that pace instead of Death Race 2000.
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 Just gotta get out of the Sea to Sky, the rest of us climb like normal people lol. Any time I head to North Van/Squamish, everyone just wants to climb as fast as they can. I get the fitness side of things but damn, I like to enjoy the climb as much as possible lol. I guess for some people that means a heart rate of 180BPM....
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 4Runner and a Tacoma. These guys are definitely legit mountain bikers.
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 That is the #1 ranked trail on Trailforks? Wow.. folk need to get out more.
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 TF needs to account for sampling bias into their algorithm
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 @pmhobson: what should be ranked top 10?
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 @wburnes: I have no clue. But if I had the data and people were paying me to find out, I’d look at localized global mountain bike participation rates, compare that to TF adoption, a few more hand-wavy-for-the-comments steps, and then weight my trail counts accordingly
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 I mean, you have two Squamish climb trails at number 4 and 6 so take the rankings with a grain of salt. It seems evident that the rankings involve traffic more than ratings.

Bobsled is family friendly so, while it is not the most gnar, it is very accessible and fun for riders of all ages/skill levels. I'm sure a lot of riders who visit the shore only ride that one trail so again, based on traffic, I can see that being number 1 in the world.
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 its a warmup lap before you go up to expresso
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 If my morning caffeine fix had kicked in, I would have noticed the detail on how they are ranked:

The global top trail ranking is auto-generated based on the following formula.

((rating / 2) + (votes / 10) + (faved / 10) + (ridden / 50) + (total_checkins / 1000) + (views / 100,000)) = score
access trails/roads & hidden trails not included.
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 I'm going to get destroyed for saying this but I was genuinely waiting for the trail to get going all the way through that video
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 @djyosh: Exactly, it is about numbers, accesilbility, and who rides it. Not everyong can ride the double black locals only gnar trail called Concusion or The Paralyzer.
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 @djyosh: I can see it, We are heading to Vancouver at the end of the month from Winnipeg, have bike rentals booked and are planning on doing a full family ride of the shore. From watching everyone's bumbler vids, This trail is on the list mainly as it looks like a decent intro to the shore and it looks like a trail my wife could handle as well. My oldest and I will be branching off and trying some harder trails, but my wife and youngest will likely stick to trails like this.
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 @djyosh: Yep and back when I used to live on the shore and near Fromme, before the parking lot was a thing, this trail and Floppy were close enough that I could get a lap or two after work before it got dark. Sometimes I'd only have time to squeak in Natural High (the old version... that 2x4 sideways moving teeter still haunts my dreams)... but at least I got a ride in... even if sometimes it was just a 20 min ride.
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Climbing up the griffins from the school, bobsled, floppy, then down natural high back to the car is a beautiful thing as a quick simple ride.
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 … imonator to end off
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 @ColinBulloch: Nice - hope you guys have fun!
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 @islandforlife: Natural High was the first trail I ever rode on the shore back in 2001 maybe? I don't recall that teeter but these features were such a blast to experience on my shore initiation:

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 @djyosh: Nice... the swivel teeter was on an alt line near the middle. Here is a old video... somehow it's much wider than I remember, haha - www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qdEfeWUXto
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 This is my favorite kind of bike video. Just good vibes, good views, and good riding. The no talking is an added bonus point to the vibes. I could watch videos like this all day.
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 So true. It just makes you want to go ride.
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 Always wait till you get to the trailhead to put a fresh sticker on your helmet
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 Maybe he puts on a fresh one every ride and maybe even recall later on which sticker goes with which ride and which memories. A bit like putting a sticker on your suitcase or car for every trip.
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 @vinay: You're right of course, that must be it. Now I feel terrible.
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 Riding with other people looks fun. Note to self, make some friends.
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 But that means I’ll have to plan out when I’m riding instead or just hitting the trail when times available.
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 @PtDiddy: You can have both. Just ride more. Early morning rides are hard to get people along on though, so these will mostly be solo rides.
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 I feel like I'm missing out on trail burgers.
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 Silent Bob
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 Jay and Silent Bob
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 7th Secret, Leppard, Crinkum, Kickford then Bobsled is my go-to when I ride solo. It never grows old. :-)
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 That's my rainy day ride.
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 8 years on and I have resigned myself to the fact I'll never get over riding and living on the North Shore. Loved riding those trail with the boys. Happy Daze.
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 We miss you too dude! Those were good times!
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 @mcgetskinny: Cheers buddy, Olivia has been asking about visiting. Might have to just man up and take her over.
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 Very chill. Good work guys.
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 Great ad
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 Ps great video. Nice change of pace
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 so many of their videos i'm just not into the humor. But this was beautiful, no words, full redemption love it!
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 There is a climb trail at Froome that isn’t the road? That looks way more enjoyable…
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 There is one but it doesn't go to Bobsled.
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 roadside attraction...only gets you the first switchback...not even
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 There is a climb trail that starts further over, it's definitely more of a challenge IMO... it's the rare time I prefer the road climb haha.
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 #noWordsNeeded , great job! (that´s why I) love you, guys!
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