Dusty Days in Oman - Video

Mar 21, 2016 at 6:27
by Sebastian Doerk  
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To leave the beaten path, discover the unknown, the possibility to fail. This is what motivates us to take a leap in the dark. There is no better place to do this than in Sinbad’s home country, a pristine place that has only opened its doors to tourism a few years ago. Welcome to Oman.

Pic by Martin Bissig

25000 square miles of desert, 1700 km of coastline and mountains up to 9000 ft / 3000 m ensure a diversity of the extremes in a small space. A nature spectacle that has yet to bet met can be found up here at the Jebel Shams Plateau, the highest point of the Arabian peninsula: The Grand Canyon of Oman. A very airy trekking route leads along its dizzying edge. The Balcony Walk. The vertical walls of the Wadi Nakhar fall 3000 ft / 1000 m into the depth and pull at our nerves.

Our path to the ocean also leads us to the hostile areas of the Oman - the desert. We fill up on supplies to be well prepared and take the opportunity to roam the exotic markets. Our idea to take our bikes into the Wahiba Sands and spend the night there causes some commotion. The Beduins have never seen anyone with a bike before. We also notice right away that it’s not the best mode of transportation in the deep, loose sand. But the amazing starry sky makes up for all our troubles.

It's one of natures biggest geologic museums, the variety of rock is unmatched on this planet and riding the mountains of Oman is a pleasure. A very rough pleasure. The coastal town of Sur lies only a day-trip away from the desert. Up to this day the Dhaus, the traditional wooden boats, dominate the appearance of the fishing village. Sur is considered to be one of the possible birth places of Sinbad the Sailor. The contrast of the white houses and the deep blue sea cast a spell on us.

Wikipedia says:

An adventure in an exciting or unusual experience. It’s about leaving your known surroundings and social network, to try something bold or risky that promises to be interesting, fascinating, or dangerous. Nothing could describe our trip to Oman better: a real adventure.

Rider: Gerhard Czerner / Bernhard Baumgartner
Film: Infinitetrails.com / Sebastian Doerk
Bilder: Martin Bissig

MENTIONS: @infinitetrails


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 As I sit here in GA, just back from riding through the freshly cleared neighborhood development next door...gonna pretend that my ride around the deep detention pound with cracks in the mud was something exotic and the same as your ride around that canyon rim. Awesome video!!!
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 Try Tajikistan. That was quite an adventure. You can watch the videos (not professionally done) on my account here.
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 I'd love to, thanks for the link!
  • + 2
 @MWasson Looks like quite the trip dude Wink Afghanistan looks insane too ....
  • + 1
 Oman and the Middle East have always been on my bucket list of places to ride. I would go in a heartbeat if the area wasn't torn apart by war. Frown
  • + 3
 Traveling Oman is not a problem at all, the trails are a little on the rough side but it's an amazing country.
  • + 2
 @Cyclismo100 you just need to review the world map again to see what is where..
  • + 1
 @Cyclismo100 Oman is currently no more war torn than Belgium...
  • + 3
 @Extremmist Actually less ...
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 Was in the UAE for a week last year, and it was beautiful. Never had the feeling of being in any sort of danger. Pretty much all public areas are under constant surveillance either CCTV or military checkpoints for the more touristy areas. Nice riding too, if you like sand and more sand.
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 The moment that a job offer in Oman becomes, unexpectebly, interesting! Thanks infinitetrails!
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 Nice job mr doerk
  • + 2
 Yeah yeah yeah. Well done!!
  • + 2
 what bikes are they riding?
  • + 2
 And Liteville 601.
  • + 3
 this is so sick!
  • + 0
 Great adventure video, just shows you can ride any bike. You don't need a 1x11 set up or any fancy new gear the industry is influencing us to buy
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  • + 3
 The people in Oman don't like the Flintstones But the people in Abu Dhabi dooooooooooooo
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 Beautiful video, Oman and its people are great.

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