Video: Developing the New Intense M1 DH Bike

Nov 14, 2023 at 17:05
by Intense Cycles  

"Throughout the years our M badged bikes have evolved and progressed with the sport of downhill racing. Now we’re into a new evolution with a completely redesigned platform as we bring back the M1. Go behind the scenes to see and hear about the development of the new M1 with the Intense Factory Racing (IFR) team, mechanics and the ‘main man’ himself, Jeff Steber."

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 I was going to share my M1 video too, but I can’t find the VHS =P. The slalom pic below is from Dry Hill, Port Angeles, WA, 1996.
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 You were balling in 1996! Love the pics!
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 @meathooker: Haha, thx! Yeah, 13/14yo me in 95/96 was like “Shaun Palmer isn’t the first dude to ride an M1 in jean shorts, a snowboard (Lib Tech) T-shirt, and full face helmet!” I always refused to wear Spandex from my first NORBA downhill at age 12 (Mt Spokane, 1994). Never understood Spandex =P
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 Dang, save some steez for the rest of us.
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 This guy fucks
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 An OG mtb shredder!
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 @WRCDH: were you racing in 2001-2006? We’re similar ages. I raced a lot during that time but not much in your area. Did hit up a race in mt hood around 2003-2004 though
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 All the hardware 6mm is such an easy and overlooked win.
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 I wonder, is this the comeback of high-end aluminium bikes? Or Intense will just come up with carbon version in a year? Because this one looks badass, especially in raw. It's hard not to appreciate all the commitment that went in to it, I mean, this is a niche product from a brand which was not doing so great lately, they could have found easier money elsewhere.
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 Cause guys like Jeff stebber , max commencal and Robb roskop have DH racing in their blood . And keep the sport alive , DH ain’t dead . IMO going back to allot is much cheaper to develop then carbon . And carbon can really only be made in Asia to keep the cost down . Alloy gives the manufacturer the option to make bikes in North America and avoid the ridiculous cost of shipping
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 @mxmtb: WeAreOne…hold my beer
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 @mxmtb: The problem with Alloy is the stress cracks seen on alot of them lately especially on commencal's, We Broke 3 of the new v5 meta, the rear triangle all 3 times.

on the previous gen v4, TR with cracked shock mount & next frame had a big crack under the headtube, Friends one seperated at the headtube and was in a coma for 3 days.
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 @HeatedRotor: hey never said alloy didn’t break or have issues just. In a conversation with Dave turner few years back he gave me some numbers of what it costs to make carbon molds ….it’s a ton of money for a small brand. Intense made that carbon m29 and it was not a well received bike . So that’s about a million. Bucks down the drain , I’ve also heard of commencals failure .
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 Wish I had the skills to warrant a bike like that! I hope to see Gwin and Norton atop the podium a few times this coming season!
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 Dakota was flying on that thing.
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 palmer's bike from one of the norba nationals
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 Such a good looking rig! The lines just make it look fast, like the new bike — both of which have the trademark 1994-2024 Intense “Boomerang” seat-tube-area design feature.

But Intense needs to use that original basic INTENSE logo in chrome, with a base outline layer, on their new M1. As well as the original M1 logo. Both would look stellar on the new bike. I don’t really care for the new Intense & M1 logos they showed in the video...the new logos look too “graphic designer with an Adobe account” fancy to me.
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 My 98 M1 — a warranty replacement of my 94/95 M1, but inspired a bit by Palmer’s M1 in your pic...along with Tomac’s 97 M1, and Palmer’s orange prototype Manitou X-Vert on his 97 Specialized.
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 DH shootout anyone? M1 vs V10 vs Dissent
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 Why dissent?
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 We developed a bike that we can't turn into an Enduro bike
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 Someone will be riding one of these with a dropper post and wide range cassette in about 15-20 years. I guarantee it.
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 @zyoungson: New Uzzi or Socom...sounds rad I'd ride one now...
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 @zyoungson: There is no place for a dropper, that is my point
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 But what does a dropper look like in 15-20 years? Telescopic? Electro magnetic?
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 @oldfaith: I believe in magic, haha
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 @AntN: Yes! Loved my Socom!!
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 @bikeridingaled: Socom, very underratted IMO. Great at everything.
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 I want one. My first bike was a Intense tracer. I trust the brand and Its a US made.
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 My Next DH Bike
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 Carbon in the future ? front triangle ? chain stays ? seat stays ? Curious if material was part of the testing process. Weight, flex, absorption... etc. The new V10 under jacko stayed carbon. Easier to manufacturer carbon these days potentially ?
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 Although it's not really an M1 is it. It's completely different in every way, Intense just can't seem to market nostalgia properly.
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 Seeing the Haro frame in that video brings back Minaar memories
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 Mike too. Yup.
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 @Intense4life: Yeah, Greg Minnaar, Mike King, Mick Hannah, and Eric Carter (polished and branded as a Mongoose).
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 @WRCDH: Andrew Shandro. Canadian legend. List goes on and on.
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 Turner DHR>
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 Correction. Was>

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 @Tigergoosebumps: buddy of mine has a DHR and it still smashes.
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 Where are they going to be manufactured?
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 I reached out to Intense last week. They said Asia production. They'll offer both completes and frames. Geo chart and pricing will be published after Jan 1.
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 She rides really weld
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 Intense will be out in force this race season!!!!
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 Looks like a 2020 Specialized Demo and a Canyon Sender had a child.
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 Will be half off in 3 weeks.
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 Cable routing checks out
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