Video: Shaun Palmer Coming Home

Sep 1, 2014 at 16:46
by Intense Cycles  
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 It's like I was watching east bound and down... Is Shaun Palmer actually Kenny Powers?
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 Thinking exactly the same
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 For a quick reminder of Shaun palmers history, I highly recommend watching Shaun palmer, the miserable champion if you can.
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 Read this comment then watched the vid. Think I've just followed through, laughing that hard.
Kenny Powers for the win Smile
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 Kenny Powers is back!!!

iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>/iframe>
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 Palmer is exactly like Kenny Powers! I got this clip on my phone from 'Never Back Down' when Palmer says "I've done a lot... of drugs, and it doesn't f*cking even compare to that f*cking feeling of being the best in the f*cking world".
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flag danielkona (Sep 2, 2014 at 11:19) (Below Threshold)
 i fucking hate shaun palmer
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 im sure he couldn't give a shit. come back when you're world champion at something. anything.
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flag danielkona (Sep 2, 2014 at 17:45) (Below Threshold)
 i don't need to be world champ to know he's a piece of shit so fuck you loser
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 somebody's been beaten by shaun palmer in the past
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 wow. you are really angry. i recommend riding your mountainbike. its quite nice.
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 @lukachadwick I downloaded it on vimeo last night, was really good! cheers
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 Palmer is back! Good! But comments are the best part! ;D
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 18 years later. Typically only women can hold a grudge that long.
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 Spoiler: Biking starts at... well there is no biking part.
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 There is! Between 00:11 and 00:24! Oh, well... never mind:/
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flag adanac14 (Sep 2, 2014 at 10:29) (Below Threshold)
 You're an idiot if this is the approach you take to watching any kind of video, scrubbing through until you see wheels moving on dirt. I promise you there are days of shitty biking footage being uploaded to this site every minute, stay away from any real stories/ information/ filmmaking and stick to the gopro helmet cam videos
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 @adanac14 - You're an idiot if you're taking this seriously...
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 I realize it was a joke, and your comment probably isn't the one that I should be berating, but it's pretty disrespectful to these people's videos when you see people littering the comment section with "riding starts at _____" as if that is the be all and end all of every single video regardless of it's own intention.
Yes we are all sick of long out of context boring intros etc. but this shit clearly has a different purpose than building a thesis entirely around riding porn.
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 I don't think it's insulting at all... it's a MTB site, I watch edits to watch MTBing. If I cared about anything else, I'd watch edits on sites that related to whatever that anything else could be. I think people just need to chill out. (generally speaking, not referring to this specific vid)
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 Anyone else noticed that Jeff Steber made the music for this video...?
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 I remember reading somewhere that he built guitars for a living before starting Intense, I just can't find where I read it, so it may be wrong.
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 Anyone have any details? Some awesome guitar rifts in there. Was waiting for the end of the vid ready to download then saw it was by... The owner of a MTB company... WTF! :/
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 Sounds like Neil Young in that movie Dead Man, starring Johnny Depp. Awesome trippy sound track!
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 I definitely also read about Steber building guitars. May have been in an old Dirt Rag or MBA. Sick music nonetheless!
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 Jeff does and makes them in his garage. Keep an eye out for a web piece in the future about it!
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 would love to read about that^
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 Who wants an intense guitar now then??
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 So is he still a dbag? Or is he gonna be chill?
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flag ericbs (Sep 2, 2014 at 2:46) (Below Threshold)
 I guess more people should be like you...Mr. Nobody
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 He was amazing on the snow and good and smooth on the bike but..........too much of a clown in real life and making it look like life was over because he couldn beat just lame.
You wana see something really amazing???
Peaty is really amazing
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 What about hi was a dbag TREK17? Did you actually meet him and talk to him or did you just get all that from the net?
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 Still a d-Bag?.....well seems like he's pretty grown up now, as are most of us old dudes who used to race back then...but tell me, how many 20 year olds have you seen with his resume' that weren't d-bags...? Pretty sure if I was as bad as Palmer back then, I would have been full of myself too....The new crop of kids that are on the level today, for the most part are a different breed, way mellow and super chill, very approachable, 20 years ago that was a rare trait for a pro rider, arrogance was far more common....but that was 20 years ago...time to let it go....but I guess this doesn't really apply to you since you weren't born yet....
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 Just watched the documentary about him, I do it a wish it would of explained him as a person a bit more. My take it's like he has/had ADHD, super competitive, super talented, very determinate, a fragile personality and without proper guidance. Don't know if I feel happy or sad for how things turned out. He had a great carer in several sports but there are things that put a dark cloud over it, very mixed feelings. A good movie well worth the money.
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 He even had the goal of racing a main event in a supercross motocross final and he made it so all of the crap about getting down and out because he couldnt win the world championships is an excuse to jump over the easy side of self pitty.
Our good frient Tippie had some bad moments and bounced back like he always was, happy and crazy and someone who everybody loves, thats a story and thats a comeback not a stupid vide coming back to what????
Get over it and grow up, at his age he still has a lot of years to give back a lot.
I dont mean to sound like waki all negative but thats just life
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 It would all be pretty boring without a couple of douchebags here and there. I mean, what would you have to complain and bitch about then? Wheel size and helmet visors?
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 Mountain biking needs Palmer again. If you don't understand, it can't be explained to you.
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 ^^That^^ props x 100,000,000
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 I was going to say the same!..........You KIDS have no idea how good this is going to be for YOU!.......
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 What a drunk idiot?
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 I got to watch his rise and fall in the sport from the sidelines and was lucky enough to meet him in person at more than one national. Been lucky to get to sit at the table with him for a long night of pretty mellow socialization. The guys passion for life is unparalleled, but he was haunted by anything less than 1st place in everything.

Remember that time you didn't want to play something any more b/c you were getting beat and there was nothing you could do to win?

Well imagine being a guy who believes he has to win anything and everything he does, not only because the fire burns inside him so intensely, he can't rest. But then added the pressure of being so damn physicality gifted that you can write literally win virtually any sport?

He was the best at a World Cup DH, the best at snowboarding in its prime, first at a celebrity track race, best at Boardercross, among the best in motocross (if you qualify for a pro motocross main, you're elite). Best at skier cross. Among the elite in Snocross... All the whole wanting to get the unsatisfied demon in your skull to take a break.

Palmer is awesome. I hope that he can simply be happy being Palmer. Maybe he murdered Napalm in his sleep...and The Palm can rise above.
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 Well said sir.
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 I wish I had the opportunity to chat a bit with this guy. Quite a character, and from your words (as well as from many other who were there back in the day) certainly an interesting person. I bet his lust for life was pretty contagious. As Cicero said a long time ago: "time is to men as it is to wine: it ruins the bad ones and improves the good ones". I really believe the latter part of that saying applies to The Palm.
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 He had a rep for getting into fights and trashing bars, but I witnessed why and what his mindset was. It is a hell of a lot like my own. He didn't ever screw with a single good person, and neither have I.

But I got into fights my whole childhood and even the last day I was in high school. I just didn't like jerkholes and mean people, bullies, arrogant rich people (the kind of person all of you see in bars and just ignore and focus on you and your buddies).

Me, if I see something that's not right or a jerk having his way, I tend to push back on that person rather than ignore them. My mind is "that's not right" and toss their cigarette right back in their car window.

We were at the bar watching the NBA Finals (Bulls vs Jazz) and the jackass jock football prep guys in the bar were getting their frat boy on hard, pulling for the Bulls, but just being dicks about it. Palmer chose right there to pull for the Jazz. I was pulling for the Bulls and he could care less only one at his table). He didn't like their After School Special Antagonist attitude and wanted to press them and push back (they were pressing the patrons of the bar the way typical frat guy does).

That's it. He'd call people out on common courtesy style douche baggery. I consider a guy confronting A-holes who fight anyway a jerk, but my kinda jerk. Big Grin
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 Yeah, I know that exact feeling. Like when you see an old woman step into a stuffed bus and nobody gives a sh!t about it. Even when I'm standing in those cases I feel like I have to do something about it and address the closest sitting teenager, inviting him to give his seat to the older woman voluntarily. If he refuses or just stares through the window, a look can be more convincing than any word. I've been called a jerk for messing with that kind of people more than once, but I'd rather stay a jerk who cares about other people before turning into a selfish idiot such as the ones you run into everyday. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
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 Well said...and less paragraphs.
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 Great to see Palmer back on the scene, it was all to brief a couple of years ago when he briefly came back racing.
We need these Godfathers of the sport visible to keep the spirit alive.
Peaty, Palmer, Warner and there offspring Josh "World Cup Ratboy" Bryceland.
If it weren't for these guys the sport would become too sanitised too quickly, although this is inevitable, at least with these guys we stand a chance.
As the world Champs roll around for a quarter century Palmer is your heritage kids, take note.
Must watch: The Miserable Champion (Palmer)
Won't back Down (Peaty, as if you didn't know)

There's your homework kids.
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 Is "Wont back down" still ITunes only?
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 "Must watch: The Miserable Champion (Palmer)
Won't back Down (Peaty, as if you didn't know)"
Rob's Dirty Business (Lord Warner)
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 i know wont back down is available on psn if you have playstation.
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 I don't, damn it.
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 Hundreds of pre-pupubescent pink bikers make the scooby doo noise and dumb look.
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 sorry for being born
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 Tell me watchmen when did you let go and begun your trip home? Too late or too early? hahahaha
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 Is even Palmer going to race Enduro?
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 He had better bring moto kit to enduro as well haha
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 it's about time for Robbie Bourdon to back on scene too.
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 where the trail ends?
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 I'm pretty sure he got invited to rampage.
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 So is HE still a D bag? He can Stay out of the game for all I care! Robbie is the only pro I ever met who made me think.."that guys kinda a ass hole"..
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 If your going to say something like that M9er. Please elaborate as to why?
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 Well, you know when you first meet someone, and you can kind of tell they are a D bag. Was watching them filming a nwd in Oregon, and he proved my judgement to be correct, by continuing to be a D bag... You know it's not a specific moment..more a way of little man syndrome.
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 You kids need to get back into school! Your spelling and punctuation is utter crap!
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 m9er. you didnt really elaborate there. you just said you thought he was a douche again....and then you said you watched him for a bit, and then you thought he was a douche some more.
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 This is what happens when you have a "English teacher" on a world wide web site. Someone correcting someone for the sake that they can, even though everybody knows what the "wrong doer" means. One wastes time while the other gets to the point.
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 Sorry, you are right my "English" does suck. And my examples suck..I give up today!
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 an english teacher Sithbike, not a english teacher.
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 If you rode your bike half as well as you spell, I bet you could loose your training wheels. ; )
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 Looks like Breaking Bad ...
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 I thought he was going to meet up with Heisenberg in the desert.
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 Heisenberg = Steber. Duh.
You decide if Intense is better than meth.
I have.
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 I'm glad he turned his life around. Hopefully it stays for the better
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 is this an advert for Hugo boss or something?
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 I saw him last friday in the parking lot at Northstar. He was really friendly and took the time to talk to a buddy and I. Glad to see him back.
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 I find it amusing that all the haters are not even old enough to remember Palmer, but pretend to be experts on him. Sit down chumps. Put in a couple years, then you can criticize.
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 This video is a great piece of art! The music, words, cinematography ties very well together. Way beyond what other bike makers have put out recently. Gotta give credit to Jeff Steber who has always understood the art side if engineering.
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 Yeah he was high on himself but for good reason. He barely practiced and was killing it on balls alone! He changed the sport of DH. I'm not the only old guy here who started DH'ing because of him. Even if you didn't like him, he caught our interest and made DH what it is today. Intense was nothing before Palmer. They had sml adds in the back of magazines with all the other new designs that no one took seriously. Look at them now! For me he is the godfather of DH! Welcome home brother
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 Palmer to mtb reminds me of how Adams(RIP) is to original seed. Welcome back.
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 Unless your 30+ you should even comment palmer......this guy has more talent in his ear wax than anyone posting on this video. He was good and even great back in the day at anything he ever did....and he did a lot. If you had as much testosterone as he did you would be acting like a badass too. Why do you think he started the baggy trend? Cause his balls were so damn big. Too many kids nowadays wearing skins jeans because their balls shrunk from all the estrogen filled tofu in your liberal mothers meals. Skinny jeans. Waxing your mustache? Real men don't groom their facial hair. Maybe palmer is just too much man for today's crowd.
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 Mr Palmer. I dont care if you win races. Just ride for Intense smash some TV,s and be your bad ass self. Video was wiked. Isnt Jeff the owner of Intense. Nice noodling on the axe.
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 Watching 'Miserable Champion' was a real eye opener to how athletically talented Shaun Palmer was in his prime....pretty cool.
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 Legendary nuff said
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 Interesting for sure, i wander what would have happened if nico got in palmers face every time he beat him like palmer did with nico the one time he won?
I'm all for winning desire, no time for been a bad winner.
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 Thats the difference between I dont give ashit about you and.......always live with Nico in your head.
  • 2 0
 I dont understand. Lost in translation perhaps?
  • 2 1
 I meant Palmer is still with Nivo in his head and Nico hasn think of palmer since 20 years ago
  • 1 0
 Quite right. Nico doesn't even think about that screwed-up sociopath.
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 W.W.S.P.D. Give him a hug, then give him some space. There is no telling what we are about to witness. Either way it goes, its good to see this stallion back in the sport.
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 a myth and incredible pilot without explanation .....Palmer will always be the Palmer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 "Say my name".


"You're god damned right".
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 I guess he needs a job.
  • 3 1
 Def, a Palmer fan. I grew up watching him shock the world. Love this dude. I hope he makes the trip to interbike this year. Go Palms
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 Mint good on ya Palm. The riders rider. Nice desert footage and 'deadman' atmospherics from Jeff. Shame you didn't find any Peyote but at least you got to smash a TV!
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 Great to see Palms back in MTB. be interesting to see his influence in the MTB world again. Welcome back!!
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 Music by Jeff Steber. Cool!
  • 4 2
 @inter71. indeed!
I spent most of my adolescent years into early twenties Admiring his Fire! Ya Palmer!
Welcome home Bro!
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 Productions expenses: $395 one tank of gas.
  • 1 0
 I like Palmer, and what he did, and how he hopes to teach some young guns some raw talent, just let it go. But every video I see I feel like am in therapy.
  • 5 2
  • 3 1
 Are those rippin' hammers shorts!!!!???????
  • 2 0
 haha! awesome!
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 so glad he's back into dh, not enduro
  • 4 1
 What did I just watch?
  • 4 2
 Seriously? I'm faster... And skinnier..... Just saying....
  • 2 0
 giver fucken hell bro.. your an idol!
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 Hope he will ride the legends race at kamikaze, mammoth!
  • 6 5
 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too dramatic
  • 2 1
 I hope he took that tv for recycling afterwards
  • 3 2
 Either way, breaking/shooting glass and signs, leavn trash is super lame. Really bad rep for us shooters/offroaders/land users!
Glad he's back on the mtb radar tho.
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 One word: YES !!
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 Looks like the beginning of 'Rubber' the movie
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 Go home Shaun Palmer--you're drunk.
  • 4 2
 Solid 3 minutes waisted.
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 Nice caddy Shuan! Now let's see if you can still ride
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 Cue the "legend" comments. Yawn. When is the next Emily Batty feature? Wink
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 Palmer coming back?!
  • 6 5
 Kenny F*****G Powers
  • 3 2
 Sorry dude, fat finger neg propped you!
  • 2 1
 Honey, I love you. I think you're a terrific girl. But you have clothes like a f****ng dickhead.
— Kenny Powers
  • 3 2
 Fucking emotional
  • 4 3
 Welcome home Brother.
  • 4 4
 who they signing next? Rob Ford?
  • 3 1
  • 1 1
 Rob Ford probably more real than you madmon
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 1Word ----- Palmer= RACRCRAFT
  • 1 0
 You sure that was the one word?
  • 2 1
  • 1 0
 i hope he shreds again
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 so intense
  • 4 6
 What a kooook, also corny ass dialogue and story.
  • 2 3
  • 2 5
 Badass vid. Intense soul all over!
  • 2 5
 I said it before I say it again you still rock mother flower _____O^O_____
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 The Johnny Cash of MTB.
  • 2 5
  • 5 8
 Such bullshit!!!
  • 2 2
 sorry what? actually no i'm not sorry. just what the f*ck? you turned one of my favorite natural trails into a flow trail and now you're talking shit about one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. whats your problem?
  • 3 4
 Yup you heard, Terrible video, typical American crap, Show him for what he was, not some half arsed deep and meaningful hillbilly video part. And re your track, haha, Yup sorry I ruined that for you. Also I hope you enjoyed follow Greg down a trail I built!
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 you built that? sweet. nice one. still sore about dans le gas tho. the jumps are a welcome addition but other than that the bits that were left as they used to be, like the berms at the bottom, are by far the best bits now. im not saying its my track, but it was one of my favorites. as for the video, i dont really see the problem with it. its a teaser to get the word out there that palmer is back with intense. i think it fits his image prety well.
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 Fukin legend :O
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 Palm is God
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