ODI Athlete Mike Montgomery On Mammoth Mountain

Jun 28, 2011 at 18:25
by Justin Brantley  
ODI brought Mike Montgomery up to shred Mammoth Mountain before opening weekend on June 20th. ODI and Mike met up with the big dogs at Mammoth and gave input on what they feel needs to be added to the Mammoth Bike Park. Mammoth has 2-3 times the amount of budget this year and is looking to make a top notch bike park within the next few years. In the process Mike and ODI set up some future plans with Mammoth...watch Mike shred and talk about what plans he has coming later this year at Mammoth!

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Riding the bike park at Mammoth the week before opening weekend. Stay tuned for video
Mike shredding at Mammoth Mountain! Mike has skills on the big bike!

Visit www.odigrips.com for more info.

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 Mike montgomery riding a dh bike? AND he's not wearing a sleevless shirt and skinny jeans? I've seen everything.
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 man a 1080 thats nuts but sick as hell who ever lands it first i will buy them a beer or 2
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 how about 3 for each full rotation
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 Song: Hilltop Hoods - The Sentinel
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 ChadVoos thats a good idea
  • 2 0
 So 9 beers?
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 Great to hear Mammoth is stepping up their program for this year and years to come hopefully. Lets be honest, Mammoth and Northstar suck compared to Whistler. We all need to show our support and excitement to which ever park is willing to take it to the next level so we have a Whistler caliber bike park in the Western US.
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flag reallybigmantis (Jun 29, 2011 at 0:03) (Below Threshold)
 yep, northstar suuuuuuuuuucks dusty balls
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 Winterpark is sounding like it is getting there. Edit(if you still consider it western)
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 @reallybigmantis- no Northstar does not suck dusty balls. it just isn't AS good as Whistler.
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 i would rather push my bike uphill at home than pay money to ride the worst attempt at a bike park that north america has ever seen which is called northstar. the 15 year olds around here build better trails than they have. i wish i could like it, cause i've got roots in tahoe, but its just a disgrace to the game and their jumptrails should be 100% redone. sorry.
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 I ride northstar all the time and its funny to hear people bitch. Northstar has been getting better every year and yes it is rocky and dusty but we have downhill bikes and goggles. The big side of the DJ line is killer! Mammoth Kicks Ass as well! Lets just support our bike parks so they can expand!
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 oh my god the big jump line is ridonculously large
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 I cant believe these parks are just now opening, I live in Michigan and we get alot of snow but jesus, it frikin july and there is still that much snow! EPIC
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 its snowing in the Sierras (where northstar and mammoth are) right now.... the weather is retarded.
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 I rode there years ago and it was fun and very quite no lift lines, but whistler is where its at, i was there 6 weeks last year and 4 the year before, if mammoth can get to the same level I would go back.
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 mammoth will never be at the same level. they have no where near the funding and terrain of whistler. But with this new funding mammoth now has they can try and make something comparable but smaller scale.
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 Yeah Mike shredding DH and at Mammoth.
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 I thought the 1080 he mentioned was 1080 HD until I ...
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 Apparently some of that budget money went to advertising IE: ODI flying some pros out to get some people to show up. Only time will tell how they re-vamp the place but as is it's defiantly not worth trek to get there. Save your money for Northstar or even better a Whistler trip.
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 yea i'm pretty loyal to northstar but i would be up to giving mammoth a try if i get some spare time and money.
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 You're right, defiantly not worth the trip! Shorter lines for the rest of us Smile
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 I havn't been to mammoth in 15 years. I thought it was awesome then, the videos i've seen make it look pretty cool now. Pho, did you go when everything was open, how long ago?
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 LOL @ all the negative propping. Truth hurts?
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 Last season , everything was open. Its a cool mountain and huge but seriously lacking features.
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 Good to know.
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 song from nwd... knew it 4 seconds in!
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 When I've heard the tune, the first thing that gotten in my mind is that i wanna watch NWD 4 lol
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 If Id known earlier I would not have used the song...hahahha!
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 Sick mammoth needs to up there game. Maybe they will put on more events like whistler.
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 crankworx mammoth?
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 what the f*ck did he say he is going to jump 150 feet? and flip 120? physcooo
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 did I hear right??? 1080 backflip coming later this year??? WTF!
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 i think he said 1080 clip
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 SO SICK MONT G DOING DH!!!!!!!!!! Salute
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 Mega Train in the good ole U S of A? Smile
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 If I span that fast I'd be sick... 1080 is insane!
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 hilltop hoods ♥
sick vid, sick music, sick skills , i would say vod Big Grin
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 anyone know what song that is ?
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 Dust and snow at the same time? We definitlely don't get that here in B.C.
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 Ever been to kamloops..?
  • 2 0
 Hell, ever been anywhere east of Hope?
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 Awesome video!
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 Does anyone know how those new banshee's ride?
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 That's a Legend mkII
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 Mt. Hood SkiBowl is on the rise video search mt. hood skibowl trail 3 SEND IT!!
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  • 2 2
 Rad video guys, poor song choice though haha
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 Thanks dude! If Id known it was used in NWD I would not have used it, hahahh!
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 which nwd is it from?
  • 1 0
 Haha no worries, it's in like NWD 4 or something haha Monty is killing it though! I'll have to come down there and shred sometime.
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 NWD 5, Dave Watson/Grant Fielder.
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 yea mike!
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