Unit Rider Kelly McGarry checks out Atomlab - Sea Otter Day 3

Apr 16, 2011 at 18:00
by Justin Brantley  
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 3in rise bar looks sweeeet
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 If I were Atomlab coming off that last round of Pimplite rear hubs. I would not spend a minute trash-talking other hubs on the market...smh.
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 everything is lookin sick as always Big Grin
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 I was totally diggin' the Commencal DH V3 in the background.
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 yeah a culture of speed! sick shop/online store for sure!
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 He looks like a potato
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 Just awsome.
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 I foresee a lawsuit with the WRX pedal....Subie might have a issue with that....
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 i want thos forks... Blank Stare
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 stop trolling, no one cares about the whole fork debate so just leave it.
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 I care.
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 if you care whether people on the internet say something a specific way, then you need to find a girlfriend dude.... srsly, there are better things to be doing with your time.
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 typical pinkbike "need to find a girlfriend" response.. For all you know, zorba73 could be a f*ckin pimp with hoes sucking his wang as he's posting stuff on pinkbike. And you might see it differently or subjectively, but this is objective and fact: Proper English grammar does not allow adding s to singular object. Fork = 1; forks = 2 or more...
Figure it ouT.
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 Yep, it's a fork, not a forks. There is no debate.
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 so is it i got new forks, or i got a new fork?
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 argue all you wish, but on the one of the biggest online bike shops, chainreactioncycles.com they clearly use forks, why does it even matter? say what you want to say
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 If I were to sell many rims, would I say, "Hey guys, I'm selling Brand [X] Model [Y] rim!"
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO People would think I only have 1 rim to sell! But on the other hand, since I have many rims to sell, I would say, "HEY GUYS, I'M SELLING THESE RAD RIMS!"

Stop being so unnecessarily persistent; I agree that there are times when [forks] sounds way better than [fork], but it just isn't correct.
Website =/= Person
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 Yeah shred-nz-media

I'm a mufaf*ckin' pimp. And if you don't care then why did you post. Girlfriend anyone?
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 bmx technology being converted to mtb again
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 thats how technology works.
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 dont they call it mtbmx
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 only one letter off
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 2 actually

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