Video: Crossing the Rubicon on eMTBs & 4x4s with Mark Weir

Dec 13, 2019 at 17:10
by Justin Brantley  
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Mark Weir, a veteran mountain bike racer and the godfather of enduro, has never been satisfied with the status quo. During a 20-year race career that has spanned downhill, cross-country, road and endurance racing, he became one of the first Americans to cross the pond and compete in French and Italian endurance races. He’s an eight-time winner of the Downieville (California) Downhill – a 17-mile, all-downhill singletrack racecourse with a 5,000-foot vertical drop – and he’s earned a top-10 spot in the National Off-Road Bicycle Association’s National Series on a six-inch travel bike.

Although Weir has given up racing, he hasn’t stopped thrill-seeking. One of his favorite annual trips is tackling the Rubicon Trail, a 22-mile-long route located in the Sierra Nevada that’s part road and part 4x4 trail. Situated about 80 miles east of Sacramento, the Rubicon is one of the most famous 4x4 routes in the world, and is especially challenging because it's almost nonstop rock. And back in the summer of 2018 he and his crew brought eBikes to the punishing terrain.

bigquotesAdding eBikes to it changed everything. They make us way more mobile. eBikes have opened up whole new parts of the Rubicon. We’ve gone fishing in lakes we had never been to before, and we compete in hill climb challenges on sections of the trail that would be almost impossible on a regular bike. It’s so special to be able to cover that kind of ground with efficiency and with your friends, even if they’re not that fit. eBikes have created a whole new way to adventure. Mark Weir

The accessibility eBikes create and their ease of use for riders of all levels has driven Weir to challenge people’s misconceptions about them, especially when it comes to trail access. Weir believes eBikes can be the catalyst that gets people to care about the need for bike-accessible trails and the importance of being good stewards of parks, forests and open land.

The famous sign as you roll down to the start of the Rubicon Trail.

Weir about to pass the famous sign with the crew in tow.

Thumb Stain

Jon Buckell rode his bike the whole time along with photog and film crew.

The 4-mile adventure took about 5 hours to get into the campsite.

Thumb Stain putting Big Blue to work.

Weir and Jon Buckell went for a ride above Loon Lake the first evening after getting to the campsites.



Fishing was successful! Thumb Stain made sure of that!


Thanks to Mark for bringing endless amounts of food and Camp Chef for the tools to cook, we ate like kings!


The Crew.

bigquoteseBikes bring a whole new group of people into the sport of cycling who can now become passionate about these causes. Some people don’t realize the constraints placed on mountain bikers like me when we try to ride on trails and public lands. Once you ride an eBike, you become a big fan and want more places to ride. I believe this will create power in numbers. We have to work with and educate the land managers and others who make the rules If we give them a feel for what an eBike is, then they won’t draw any wrong conclusions, and we can create more solutions instead of preventing cyclists from using trails. If we don’t give people – especially kids, who will one day be running the world – a reason to steward and respect the land, no one will care enough to save it. Mark Weir

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 The arguments people come up with are just comical. WhAt If tHey WeRe iNdAngEd AniMals? tHis Is proPaGanDa!
The only thing I see is a bunch of buddies havin a good time 4x4in, BBQin and ridin. I see nothing wrong with this.
Its not propaganda, there not speeding up global warming any faster than you are. Everything in moderation right?
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flag RednBlack802 (Dec 27, 2019 at 6:50) (Below Threshold)
 The problem is this is exactly where things go from moderation to excess. Burning petroleum is unavoidable in some circumstances, recreation never counts. You have to lug a mattress across town, ok, use a car. You have to visit family across the country once a year, ok take a flight. Eat a little meat once in a while, ok. These things are the moderate use of resources we can sustain at this point. Unfortunately, at this point burning fossil fuels for recreation is just excess. Using coal-burning power plants to power your Ebike and then throwing your battery in the trash after 2 seasons creating toxic waste is excess. The “acoustic” bicycle does have a carbon footprint for sure, but one that easily cancels itself out with regular use.
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flag chasejj (Dec 27, 2019 at 6:53) (Below Threshold)
 Honestly, moderation is for pussies.
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 That’s another way to look at thing for sure! Haha!
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 @RednBlack802: So nobody should ever BBQ while camping? Or us any product that needed petroleum to be produced in manner that's considered recreation? Why do you even MTB then? Petroleum is in nearly every product...your logic would say you should never go walk on asphalt for recreation because it has Petroleum in it.
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 @Stache5: The point was moderation... not everything you use outdoors needs to be powered.
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flag 394components (Dec 27, 2019 at 8:32) (Below Threshold)
 @highfivenwhiteguy: Sure moderation is great idea, but that's not reality. So no motorized boats, jet skis, dirt bikes, ATV's, Side-by-Sides, rock crawlers, snowmobiles...?
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 @Stache5: Think of it this way. Why do we ride motos, ATVs, jet skis etc.? For the adrenaline. It's not to become healthier or anything, it is strictly for fun. Aren't there other ways to get your fix that don't mess up our only home for everyone else?
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flag chasejj (Dec 27, 2019 at 9:19) (Below Threshold)
 @RednBlack802: Lots of us will not choose to live the life you want us to. Its not your call to dictate or shame behavior based on a hoax.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: Yes for sure and I agree with that. MTB, Road, snow shoeing, trail running, hiking, climbing, xc skiing, etc. All those things can be done without motors. I just don't understand when people make blanket statements about not using petroleum for recreation, especially on sites like this that are completely based around recreational products that use massive amounts of petroleum to be manufactured, shipped, stocked, and sold.
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 @chasejj: A hoax? Ha ha based on what? Why would thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge commit a hoax of this scale and be getting away with it with ZERO evidence of their wrongdoing? And who do you think is more motivated to lie, a scientist who's entire career depends on data driven conclusions or a large corporation who's profits are hurt by addressing climate change?

Go back to school, take statics, dynamics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, differential equations, statistics, biology, organic chemistry, etc., then come back and tell us what a hoax climate change is.
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 @Stache5: Fair point. In order to make my two bikes and all the equipment and accessories for me to use them a LOT of resources were consumed. When I drive to the trail head I burn gas, when I eat a snack on trail I create garbage from the packaged food. So I agree, blanket statements don't do anyone any good.
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 @RednBlack802: sooooo, you never drive to a trailhead?
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 Of course they are! Sheesh.
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 @Duderz7: I do, in my Honda Fit, moderation, ya know?
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 It’s like drugs. You can do a little in moderation now and again. But if you do cocaine most days already and then on the weekends do heroin, it’s no longer in moderation, and it can be bad for you.
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flag chasejj (Dec 27, 2019 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)
 @highfivenwhiteguy: Its a hoax. You'll see. But this not the forum to convince you. I won't try.
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 @chasejj: haha, I like to pretend that electricity doesn’t exist, since I can’t see it and all that, but whattaya know? I turn on Pinkbike and there is an article about electronic bikes, I keep saying it’s a hoax, and this electricity thing doesn’t directly effect me so it’s probably not real. It’s fun to believe things that are counter to 99% of the scientific community because it makes me feel smart and justifies my self-importance. I don’t know, USA is number 1 tho...
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 @chasejj: You won't try because you lack the critical reasoning skills to do so. To demonstrate that global warming and climate change are happening we have a wealth of peer-reviewed and vetted studies and reports at our disposal. You have Hannity and Jones who do not count as sources because they are insane. I think Jones took too many of his own male vitality supplements.
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flag DirtMcGuirk07 (Dec 27, 2019 at 13:30) (Below Threshold)
 What if I were to tell you it’s been globally warming for the last 10,000 years, sea levels have been rising, and once thriving cities have been swallowed by the ocean and that once fertile regions are now deserts...ssssh all before combustion engines @highfivenwhiteguy:
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 @DirtMcGuirk07: it’s interesting that you believe the work done by science that proves what has happened in the past, but admittedly reject what scientists are saying about the way the world is now and how it’s changing
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 @DirtMcGuirk07: so you believed the scientists who told you the planet has been warming for 10,000 years? You believed the scientist that said sea levels have been rising for thousands of years? You believe the scientists that said once fertile land is now arid after thousands of years? Yet you now don’t believe the very same people that told you all these things are happening, just a bit quicker than they were before? Outstanding rationale you’ve applied there. Congratulations.
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 @DirtMcGuirk07: I won't deny that we have been in a period of warming since the end of the last ice age, and neither will scientists. Here's the thing, that isn't what everyone is concerned about. The problem is the INCREASED RATE at which it is happening since the start of the global industrial revolution. Using ice core analysis and other methods it is easily seen that the climate operates in predictable warming and cooling cycles. But our current cycle is completely unlike the others, and the timing directly corresponds with human activity. This isn't opinion, this isn't cable TV news, this isn't Facebook experts, this isn't conspiracy theorists. This is the entire scientific community minus a few corporate shills.

How incredibly selfish of you to justify destructive behavior by denying reality.
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 Don’t you mean “how dare you?” Lmao @highfivenwhiteguy:
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flag chasejj (Dec 27, 2019 at 16:07) (Below Threshold)
 @highfivenwhiteguy: Your statement is utter bullshit. But you will cling to it because it fits what you've been fed.
One question to ask yourself. How many of the horrible effects and milestones predicted have actually come true.
Not to mention the warmest periods in earths history have been very beneficial to life. 10,000 years ago Chicago was under a mile thick sheet of ice. It has warmed quite a bit since then. 9,900 years of it were without petroleum impacts and Marxist tools looking for a way to take control of human behavior.. Explain.
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 @chasejj: Anything that can possibly be measured as positive in the context of climate change does not meet the narrative of "Emergency, we only have X number of years to act, or else" being pushed. It can and always will only be "bad" and "we must act now". Intellectual honesty is not welcome in this conversation as you can see above.

The glacier erratic that's sitting in a grass field just down the street from me instead of on top of the glacier that once covered the Puget Sound is probably better where it is now for us, than before.
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 @chasejj: this is gold! The year is 2020, the American people have been fed radical environmentalism through all channels of media. Gasoline is 15/gallon and light rail systems efficiently and cheaply transport people around the country. Bicycles are wide spread for casual transportation and recreation, car traffic is minimal. Wind and solar power is the most wide-spread energy source, fracking has been banned, all pipeline activity has been ceased. Fast food restaurants struggle to stay open. It’s a hellish world in which a few, brave rebellious white men with diesel trucks and jeeps, persecuted for speaking the truth “human actions don’t effect climate change” are forced underground where they clandestinely mine coal and drill for petroleum in defiance of their Marxist tree hugging overlords for forcing healthy foods into school lunch plans. In this bizarre reverse-mad max world, it is coal-roll crew who must ride on, into the setting sun, through the wind farms to defend the people’s right to leave their mark on the world.
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 It’s not belief lol.. there’s literally ancient cities underwater ive seen them myself. It’s not belief that Egypt use to be fertile. My examples are literally what it is..Na what you believe in, is brainwashing for automotive taxation @RednBlack802:
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 Na what you believe in, is brainwashing for automotive taxation. My examples are literally what it IS moron I’m not LOL It’s not belief lol.. one does not have to BELIEVE scientist lol, there’s literally ancient cities underwater ive seen them myself. It’s not belief that Egypt use to be fertile. @Cord1:
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 @DirtMcGuirk07: well that’s just it, you don’t see it, it doesn’t affect your life right now, etc. but others are seeing the impact of our changing climate first hand. And so those people and the scientists studying it are all saying “it’s not a belief it’s what’s actually happening in front of our very eyes”. Look wether or not you believe humans are driving the was the climate is changing doesn’t really matter. It’s still in our best interest and the interest of all the things that sustain life on this planet for us to do the best we can to mitigate climate change.
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 Haha! “Brianwashing for automotive taxation” god this is brilliant. Comedy gold, I love it
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 Then you must be going to boating websites and forums and really bitching right, arent you?. Here we use our legs, mostly. In boating circles they’re recreationally spending thousands in gasoline for their weekends. But you are not doing so, so gtfho lol @RednBlack802:
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 Sorry it’s actually called CO2 tax, sorry no joke here that’s the truth. I know you listen to CNN and hear about it lol. @RednBlack802:
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 Resistance is futile and libtard-ism is dead. Better get with the program or your going to get thrown over the new wall lol @RednBlack802:
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 @DirtMcGuirk07: how about you guys take all of your political crap and go find an appropriate forum to discuss. Our world is inundated with US politics and it is exhausting. Please leave us this last bastion of peace wherein we can discuss bikes.
Seriously, piss off with the politics already. Signed; your friendly, polite Pinkbike peers.
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 @CircusMaximus: its too bad you can't always get what you want isn't it? This is your attempt at bringing logic to the table? But if so, you'd understand I'm telling people what they're saying is political. And by saying peers, you mean yourself(since you got no followers),. Pinkbike has been political for a while now and not because of me so direct that elsewhere..and by saying piss off, isn't polite, f*ck off which is the saying the same. If you, don't wanna talk politics you shouldn't respond or comment in this click bait article. Fish.
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 @CircusMaximus: I dunno. It’s better than talking about wheel size and head tube angles *shrug*
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 @Stache5: you can't fix stupid. Logic defies people like that. I think we're at 60% petroleum dependency even without gasoline. Liberals wear plastic clothes and worry about plastic bags.
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 @RednBlack802: so your saying climate change is jk but they are so many factors 7.5 billion people breathing puts out a lot of co2.
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 @DirtMcGuirk07: I quit breathing yesterday... And I'm fine
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 @RednBlack802: I'm pretty sure Mark Weir narrowly avoided a Widowmaker heart attack with a major blockage on his L.A.D. artery. I'm pretty sure he chooses to ride an e-bike for good reason. I had the same but luckily caught it early so I'm back on a normal bike.
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 @RednBlack802: one that easily cancels itself out with regular use? Wtf are you smokin, bud?
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 @pargolf8: that good-good, man! I mean think about the environmental impacts of making a bike, including shill in’ it most the way around the world. All the components, tires, etc.. yeah it’s quite an impact, BUT riding a bicycle instead of driving a car, or a 4x4, or a motobike has an environmental impact the other way. And I maintain strongly the opinion that over a bicycle’s life, the positive environmental impact of riding the thing outweighs the negative impact of its origin. Now, if you drive your ford raptor twenty miles to the resort, get on a chairlift and ride 10 miles on the bike and then drive the Raptor 20 miles home, then ok, yeah, you will not ever see the positive environmental or personal health impact the bicycle is capable of.
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 @RednBlack802: The Raptor example is pretty much me 3-4 times a week . With one day where I load the KTM up and head 300 miles to ride 50-100 and then back next day.
Funny thing is, if the Sierra Club huggers didn't box us in so much I could avoid virtually all the driving in the truck. But they would rather force people out to the remotest areas than conserve the petrol and associated impacts. Funny how hypocrisy works, eh?
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 At least this was a story about ebikes being used in an area that has been previously designated for motorized used. Not someone trying to justify ebikes as "ok" in a non-motorized area. Sweet mopeds and bbq transporters.
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 You’re such a badass
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flag mkotowski1 (Dec 27, 2019 at 11:13) (Below Threshold)
 @pargolf8: jeeping is def not badass
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flag mkotowski1 (Dec 27, 2019 at 21:05) (Below Threshold)
 Any ass with money can push a gas pedal
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 Many MTB trails I ride used to be no bikes allowed. Bikes didn’t start being allowed by people not riding them.
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 I finally have to respond to the moronic, self appointed elitists who say they are protecting the planet. I suggest in this age of unlimited information that they look up the history of the Rubicon between Lake Tahoe and Georgetown, California. I moved to Tahoe in the mid 60's and maneuvered and crawled along the trail in my CJ5's and even on my Husqvarna 400 MX bike. This deep canyon has been travelled even in the 1800's, when there was a hotel of sorts. There were no motor vehicles of course, so it was horses and even stage coaches. This is the modern age and the Jeeper Jamboree camps there every year with lots of the hated 4 wheelers having a grand time. Generators supply power for the bands that sometimes play. We always went late in the year and would always have the area to ourselves. I want to tell all you extremely gifted enduro and purist riders, the downhills are great, but there is major uphill on rock gardens that even superhuman riders will have to get off and walk, a long way. This is not a designated no motor vehicle area, and we all can't be planet saving people who think it's only for their enjoyment. It is fun, and fun can be had even by non bikers. Mountain bikers are usually not as elitist as road bikers who only think their poo doesn't stink. Have a good day and get out and push that gas pedal, vroooooom………...
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 Tell me, is it worse to ride a Emtb on a non-maintained county road, or to build and ride rouge MTB trails on public or private property that wasn't designated for MTB? There are videos of people doing both on PInkbike. I'm just curious where your moral compass is for a comment like this. Is the person breaking the law really better than they guy using some electricity to charge their bike?
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 @jgainey: who are you aiming the question to? My original comment has nothing to do with enviro issues. Its about trail access for non motorized mtb use. Sometimes its sensitive unsanctioned trails, sometimes its designated non-motorized use issues. My point in original comment was a kudos to ebike propaganda actually using designated motorized trails. Could care less about dudes wheeling in legit spots.
  • 1 0

You did make me realize I didn't write my thoughts correctly. I was actually wondering what person is more in the wrong, the rider breaking the law riding illegal trails on MTB, or the rider breaking the law riding illegal trails on EMTB? If you can pick just one you are a hypocrite.

as for "Mopeds and BBQ haulers"...I guess my point was that Wheelers and Ebikers don't need your kudos.
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 @royhud: at the Rubicon and jeep trails I agree. You're so far off the beaten path it doesn't affect hikers. I am going to bring my bike next year, because all those rocks will be a blast, and I'll hitch a ride back up. Lolololol!
Also, that had to be the biggest trout I've ever seen caught at the Springs!
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 Yo shut the fuk up . Just some dudes going off roaring and biking . Get the sand out ur panties
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 Great, an even bigger penis extension for jeepers who are already way too overbuilt and overaccessorized for even light 4x4 action.
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 I dunno man kind of looks like fun
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  • 57 25
 So judgemental, why? Hate only spreads hate, take a look within to see why you hate on others. Is there something within yourself that you are not happy with?
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flag adespotoskyli (Dec 27, 2019 at 5:08) (Below Threshold)
 @ludacris: that's just stating the facts, not hate. There is a big difference
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flag Manx (Dec 27, 2019 at 5:17) (Below Threshold)
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flag gooutsidetoday (Dec 27, 2019 at 5:40) (Below Threshold)
 @ludacris: you're over here trying to sound like Yoda, you should stick to rapping about DD's
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 the world needs more mark Weir
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 @adespotoskyli: it's just perception
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 errrrr, the Rubicon is hardly "light 4x4 action". Those rigs are pretty tame compared to many things you see on that trail.
  • 4 1
 @nilswalk: the type that never heard of a dana60/80..and he's confusing Jeepin for mud trucks
  • 3 2
 @ludacris: uh this isn’t your Counsellor’s office. Give it a rest.
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 @nilswalk: The funny thing is the Rubicon is still considered a non-maintaned county road ! LOL
  • 9 6
 Lol yeah let me spend 80 grand pimping out a Jeep so I can buy an e bike to ride a 22 mile trail
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flag nskerb (Dec 27, 2019 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 You’re a bitch.
  • 3 1
 You're obviously jealous.
  • 27 11
 “The godfather of enduro”?

  • 4 4
 Weir beast deserves that title. This ebike business on the other hand...not sure how excited I am about him jumping on that promo train. Guess everyone has to pay the bills.
  • 20 3
 @jimeg: Weir had a heart attack just over a year ago. Ebike is giving him the ability to keep going and doing what he loves so don’t think it’s promo it’s called passion
  • 8 11
 @downhillin4life: Not to be rude, but you can still ride a mtb following a heart attack. Might be the red meat and beer....not sure though. Bummed that guys will push anything to make money.
  • 2 0
 @downhillin4life: Didn't know about the heart attack. If the ebike is what has allowed him to keep riding mtb sure would be some value to us for the marketing to come out and say that. Plenty of aging riders looking to keep pedaling, in consideration of our own personal health and circumstances.
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 I too want an E-bike with a built-in BBQ and a storage case for fishing poles.
  • 13 1
 Is this the same guy who said "I'll shit my guts out before I push my bike up a hill..." while continuing on to climb 10k feet on a VP Free? That Mark Weir?
  • 4 2
 The same Mark Weir that nearly died from a heart attack? Yep, that one.
  • 14 4
 How is this more capable than a regular mountain bike? Those 4mi would have been over a lot quicker on a full-sus bike with bikepacking bags, and you can ditch the bags and go for a rip once you reach the campsite. And you can string multiple days together since you don't need to charge a battery.

I get the inclusivity argument, and the fun argument, but saying eBikes "open up previously inaccessible areas" just doesn't make sense.
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flag brybry (Dec 27, 2019 at 9:46) (Below Threshold)
 @gumbytex LOL I would love to see you ride the rubicon on an analog bike. Don't waste your time commenting unless you have actually been to this zone. The only ones who have ridden this before are Brian Lopes and Hans Rey. That was obviously without bags on the bikes either.
  • 13 1
Can we all agree to not call a mountain bike an “analog” bike? Or “acoustic” as I’ve seen? It just sounds tacky
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 True, but they allow you to visit these places a lot faster in less time.
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 @brybry LOL. I rode the Rubicon out and back on a full rigid in the 90’s. It was cool riding and watching the Jeeps at the same time. Much harder for the Jeeps. Easy on a bike, but the Jeeps has cold beer so I was a little jealous.
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 "eBikes open up previously inaccessible areas"
Never made any sense at all.
In fact if anything eBikes are limited by how many batteries you can take with you and if you even have access to the trail on a motor bike.
I have done many 100km + rides in the wild this year and an eBike would just limit my rides to shorter lenghts.
If batteries ever come to a point were they can take over 100km in boost mode without weighting a ton, than I will be at least slightly interested.
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 Know what? I don't give a f*ck about people being upset about the content of this video.

I'm just happy to see good guy Mark Weir healthy. He's had a tough couple years.
  • 3 0
 Exactly! Bunch of fucking cunts. Mark is a legit living legend, good seeing him out there still doing the damn thing.
  • 15 1
  • 14 2
 Damn, just when I thought e-bikes couldn't get any uglier!!
  • 41 33
 This is some good propaganda. They are trying so hard.

“Weir believes eBikes can be the catalyst that gets people to care about the need for bike-accessible trails and the importance of being good stewards of parks, forests and open land.“

If only I was as positive for Mark. The ebike people want to freeload off the work mountain bikers have done for the last 30 years and don’t want to put in any effort. The mountain bikers are vehemently against ebikes until it’s in their personal interest to ride one, then they look down their nose at the snowflakes who rode “acoustic bikes”. If ebikes do what the industry wants then to do it’s going to attract a whole horde of unwashed people with no appreciation for the sport or what it took to build out trail infrastructure. I don’t know about you but I love riding crowded, blown out trails full of angry people.

I don’t know how it works in socialist Europe but in America everyone is going to be way more inconsiderate than you think.

And the Sierra Club types are waiting in the wings to shut us all down as we fight over the crumbs.
  • 33 5
 Socialist Europe...? Haha! You’ve never been here before, have you..?
  • 25 15
 Kinda hypocritical since mtbers have been taking advantage of the work done by enduro motorcycle clubs in the past.
  • 6 0
 @singlesprocket: very location specific. Does not apply to most locations, but certainly some.
  • 10 3
 You hide under your bed at night with a loaded shot gun don’t you?
  • 15 4
 @singlesprocket: Almost every trail in that section of the Eldorado Nat'l Forest was built by people in my Moto club with some Equestrian assistance(not much) and the Jeepers pushed for the dbl track. You have no idea how much the huggers working in the agencies want to shut it all down. Countless hours and dollars spent fighting for those trails. If you think because your on a MTB and somehow have a pass on this you'd be very naïve. It gets down to a fight over a few guys urinating on rocks on the ride up. Its that bad.
Regarding ebikes. I have no issue with them. Although I will admit when some old dude(like me) in worse shape than me rolls up on a hill and drops me. I get a little pissed at first. Kinda rude in some way I can't figure out yet.
  • 10 10
 Fear mongering shitbag.
  • 7 8
 @reverend27: Its not mongering when its true.
  • 10 9
 Propaganda indeed, unless Mr. Weir is the kind of guy who always speaks in carefully measured, industry-polished statements. It's so transparent, it's maddening.

As applied here, ebikes are great. Keep them in areas already approved for motorized access and it's a win. But of course trying to market and sell them to the 4x4 crowd isn't enough, so paid shills make an attempt to connect non-existent dots and convince the general public that "the trails need more riders!".

Let's zoom out a bit. Who does 'more riders' even benefit? I'd make the case that any given area needs "enough" riders, and that's it. Enough in this case is the number at which trails can be built or maintained, and local advocacy partnerships can grant access. It's a much smaller number than people think. This constant idea that we 'need more riders' is industry nonsense. The idea that we need to make trails more accessible is also trash. Ask the people of the Colorado front range if they need more users on the trail..
  • 9 1
 @chasejj: I was referring to wibbly and that is in fact fear mongering.

I find it really sad that someone would fight over a dude pissing on a rock while the rest of the country is sold out to the highest bidder.
  • 4 3
 @chasejj: to your last couple of sentences, that is just ego and jealousy. In time you will get over it.
  • 4 8
flag smgishot13 (Dec 27, 2019 at 7:33) (Below Threshold)
 Ok boomer
  • 14 6
 I don't know what you're on about. I guarantee you that most trail builders have or will be getting an e-bike. I trail build and ride both a regular Altitude and also a MetaPower. so, still volunteer with trail building and maintenance. It is not the bike, it is the rider. Yes, there are areas where there is trail damage from these riders on climbs (in boost mode and not eco or trail mode) but there is a ton more from skidding on the trails. So...hating on e-bikes is something of the past and don't bash on them when it is the actual rider (e-bike and regular bike) that is being inconsiderate to trails.
  • 3 4
 @mikealive: Thank you for saying this! I am so tired of people clamoring for more riders. There are already too few builders out there who can maintain trails, how does adding a bunch of people benefit the group?
  • 4 3
 @MMOF: I think the concern now is more that the increased number of riders = increased wear, not necessarily that e bikers add proportionally more damage. And I agree, it's not the gun that kills people it is the person pulling the trigger. But let's be honest, having a gun makes it a lot easier to do the deed doesn't it?
  • 4 2
 Dude lol. Sure did waste a lot of time typing such a lengthy meaningless comment.."propaganda" lol is a message about politics to the masses and while you think mtb or emtb is political it's not. Typical citizens are not voting about mtb or calling this propaganda. If this is propaganda what's main stream media? "Acoustic"? LMAO gftoh
  • 2 2
 @platnum: Ego for sure. Jealousy ? Not really. I have motos for powered fun. I ride a MTB for fitness with fun, period.
  • 2 1
 @chasejj: for real, funk emtb. 450cc for the real boner..aka penis extension
  • 6 3
 I sure hope all the emtb haters are keeping a journal of all their uninformed hate on something they don't understand. That way in the years to come when they end up riding one they can eat those words.
  • 8 4
 @Duderz7: seriously! Pinkbike readers are so ignorant when it comes to ebikes. All these haters will eat their words once they ACTUALLY ride one.
  • 5 0
 This is some grade A trolling. You know you've mastered the art when you can drop a comment and then not even have to participate in the rest of the thread to keep it going. I particularly like the use of "horde of unwashed people". Very Third Reich indeed.
  • 13 1
 @MMOF: Same! I'm an active trail builder/volunteer and ride both acoustic and ebike (YT Decoy!). I'm on the board of a trail advocacy non-profit. The misconceptions about ebikes are deep and I fully admit that I held them as well at one point. My views changed when a volunteer got an ebike and started bringing it on some of our workdays. Things really changed for me when I started borrowing it and realized that the bike has very little to do with the situation and that it all comes down to the attitude of the rider.

It doesn't matter what you ride, just be respectful to other people and the work they do.
  • 5 1
 @chasejj: you guys need a lobbiest to stuff money in the right pockets.

Ask the pork industry they just paid enough to get rid of any legitimate inspections of our pork

The old law allowed federal inspectors to stand close to the lines. And the inspector had to look over at a speed of 1106 carcass and hour. That was already terrible.

Now the inspector will be an employee of the company and be standing far away from the line.

Basically no inspection being done now.

Yay corporate lobbiests.
  • 8 1
 At this point I'm not against or for Ebikes - agnostic - but I may have missed it, but it didn't see any mention of Mark Weir having a heart bypass (right term?), which had me thinking that aside from any of the other reasons pointed out, for people who do have heart issues etc an ebike is a pretty amazing option. Your might may wanna smash vertical, but your bod may not be up to the task.
  • 2 1
 And a tree fell on him
  • 1 0
 @j-t-g: and he lost his house and everything he owned in a house fire from a charging RC car battery.
  • 14 6
 Sure- on a 4x4 route- knock yourself out on a mountain moped. So much bullcrap though, about saving the land for the children, by riding e-bikes.
  • 16 4
 It’s far less impactful than shuttling Or lift-served riding, which most MTBers still think is totally rad, but ebikes somehow destroy “the spirit of the sport.”
  • 6 3
 @DrPete: shuttle rides and lifts bypass the uphills entirely so it's still just bicycles on the trails. Putting motorized vehicles (e bikes) on non motorized trails is why most people have a problem with e bikes. Ebikes on a Jeep road or trail? Fine by me, that's where they belong.
  • 3 1
 @SPKeen: still just bicycles on trails, yes, along with muffler exhaust and the impact of the lifts. If getting pulled up the mountain other ways is fine it makes no sense at all to be against ebikes. They basically turn people into stronger climbers and little more.
  • 8 0
 @DrPete: I'm talking about keeping motorized vehicles off of non motorized trails, it sounds like you are talking about overall environmental footprint related to accessing the experience. My point is I'm not hating on ebikes for environmental impact and not judging anyone who wants to ride one. I just think ebikes don't belong on non motorized trails because they do have motors.
  • 1 1
 @DrPete: there’s solar powered lifts out there. Push that not ebikes. Tesla truck needs a return to bottom shuttling feature. Ebike problem solved
  • 3 1
 @5afety3rd: so making ski lifts and trucks more like ebikes solves the problem?
  • 1 1
 @DrPete: Thunder Mountain bike park in MA is run off wind and solar, even the lodge was built using timbers off the property. sounds like solved problem example. and one returning to bottom Tesla truck eliminated 4 ebikers per vehicle. So yes, that's EXACTLY what i'm saying, Doc.
  • 2 0
 @5afety3rd: Thank you for making a compelling argument that electric power is an environmentally friendly way to get people to the tops of mountains.
  • 2 0
 @DrPete: How is using already existing lift infrastructure, that is powered by the grid, more impactful than riding an ebike with a battery ? Are we talking resources or space used or what ? Cant quite follow.
  • 1 0
 @DrPete: selective reading you have there.
  • 1 0
 @5afety3rd: maybe I’m just not clear on how planting a lift system on the side of a mountain-electric or otherwise-is so superior to a bunch of ebikes riding to the top-riders still exercising, just at a lower intensity.
  • 1 0
 @Floho: a permanent fixture on the side of a mountain is a greater impact than a bunch of ebikes riding up a climbing trail.
  • 1 0
 I would agree, just as silly an argument as most of the anti ebike arguments.
  • 3 0
 @DrPete: Thank for clarifying. Thats absolutely true, however I dont think a lot of new lifts are being built for cycling. (at least not in the alps) All of the bike parks here use already existing lifts, built for skiing and hiking.
  • 1 0
 @DrPete: it's superior because it already exists, and beers on the lift with the boys! also DH bikes. not to mention overall costs of operation and production give the live of the equipment. TMBP is 100% powered by renewable energy and can bring about 1500 bikes up the 1100ft vertical per hour. you'd need to have A LOT more ebikes out in the wild to counter that. most of which are charges by the grid of none renewable sources and will only last 5-7 years the lift will last decades. Link provided to shut you up.
  • 1 0
 @5afety3rd: Compelling for places that already have lifts, yes.
  • 1 0
 @5afety3rd: and again, what you have yet to provide any evidence of is that ebikes are somehow harmful. You moved the goalposts nicely to a discussion of pre-existing electric chairlifts at specific locations, but that’s a far cry from any real argument that getting to the top of a mountain by lift is somehow more in the spirit of cycling than riding an ebike up a trail. If your goal is to “shut me up” perhaps you could address the original argument with evidence of the quality you used for your red herring.
  • 2 0
 @SPKeen: what is the evidence that these bikes are damaging non-motorized trails or hurting riders? Maybe I’m so used to getting passed on climbs that I just don’t care anymore but I still don’t see a non-emotional argument against ebikes.
  • 1 1
 @DrPete: Evidence? how about the non recyclable or reusable tech that's going to be obsolete as soon at the next big thing in ebike happens??? I used an example to help you realize there's places and people out there doing the right thing, and not holding the ebike's on a f*cking pedestal. you're talking to a guy who regularly pedals 3-4 hours uphill before a massive descent with nothing but food for my watts. I used to ride mostly park. Name one place that installing lifts just for bike use and how harmful that is. go ahead, I'll wait. The problem i have with ebikes it's the "bike" is the douchehead operator. Do you really want the MTB world to become like the redneck offroad world? Climbing whatever, going off trail, modifying to unsafe speeds and torque values. But it's "OKAY" because blah blah whiney i wish i could pedal hard too people keep saying it is? nope.
  • 2 0
 @5afety3rd: Have you ridden an ebike at all? If you have I’m not sure how you’re arriving at the conclusion that they’d turn mountain bike trails into “redneck off-road world.” I’m also not sure which trail utopia you ride where going off trail and cutting new lines has never happened, or taking trails at unsafe speeds. Considering the emotion in your comment I’m wondering why you need so much affirmation for working harder than other people to reach the top. Do you get this angry at people who shuttle? And for the record, I never said that there were places installing lifts just for bikes, though I do believe the new park in TX would be an example since you insist on one.
  • 2 0
 @5afety3rd: you are absolutely right that the environmental impact of batteries is a real issue, but it’s one that’s being addressed by developing ways of recycling those batteries. I’d also submit that if you’re looking at the tiny niche market of ebikes while ignoring consumer electronics and electric cars you’re probably not aiming at the biggest target by a long shot.
  • 1 0
 @DrPete: I've ridden most of what's available in north america for ebikes. I shuttle, chairlift, have ridden ebikes, all that. hell ebikes are even fun. i'd love a pavement one for commuting reasons (i have a 1500ft climb home). like i stated earlier, it's the people buying MTB ebikes that gets me. it's not the cyclist or lazy guy who needs help. it's moto guys getting them as toys for themselves, and their kids. because compared to a moto, these are cheap. they'll be discarded, modded, hacked. THat isn't currently happened on most mtb trails, but it's a huge issue in the offroading world and make places get shut down due to that damage, i know, i live in a very very popular area for both.
  • 1 1
 @5afety3rd: I call bullshit on this. I know lots of ebike guys. Almost none have motos.They are ALL old guys. Some have physical issues. I’ve ridden these bikes. They are no more or less impactful than a standard MTB. Believing anything else is simply making shit up to fit a narrative.
  • 2 0
 @DrPete: I'm concerned trails will get shut down when the slippery and hard to regulate slope of people on overpowered/modified e-bikes pisses off the Sierra club and blanket bans on bikes ensue. I guess you could call that emotional. Anyone willing to engage on a pinkbike thread for this long must have some emotional investment cause we know no one else cares about our discussion - that goes for both of us. I just think motorized bikes belong on motor trails, I don't understand why ebikers think they get to break the rules and the people who don't agree are the ones being irrational.
  • 1 0
 @chasejj: i've worked in several shops on both sides on the country where what i stated is the primary case. The demographic you mentioned was the 2nd to that, but unfortunately, not as much disposable income as the guys really into moto/powersports. Mostly in affluent areas. Lower income areas are not seeing the ebikes growth aside from what you mentioned, which is a great use. I'm curious to ride an emtb with the Fazua drive system, it appears much much bike-like than something like the Levo for example.
  • 1 0
 @5afety3rd: I rode a 2019 or 2020 Levo as a test to see what the fuss was about. I was astonished at the ability to haul my fat ass up a reasonable slope. But in NO WAY shape or form is that thing doing anything except assisting. It is not a MOTOR in the way the anti E bike types seem to advertise. I still call BS. The guy said he could go 3 hrs on a charge in the terrain we were riding which is actually amazing to me.
It seems like any pedaling they did was up to them but not essential for Power. I don’t really care about them other than the envious/ pissed feeling when one of them drops my ass when I know I’m in better shape than them . It’s all good . BTW- I am very in tune with these bikes and recognizing them and unless you are very knowledgeable you’d never know it was an Ebike. No way the bitter silver tail Sierra Clubbers would either .
  • 1 1
 @chasejj: it literally is an electric motor, yes it's assistance by pedalling. It's how the assistance is delivered and the "feel" that provides to the bike. It's always a percetage of wattage, if it s a 250w motor max, and it s it set to give you 50% assistance, and you can produce 250w it's going to give you 125w, it's is maxed out and you're stronger, it'll give the ride all of it, the outcomes are quite different. The Levo doesn't ride like a Stumpjumper, it's entirely a different animal. Meanwhile, RM's powerplay Altitude vs the acoustic altitude feel identical just one's faster and heavier, due to the fact that the way the power comes on it's less intense, less "moto-y" The Levo, and many of the bosch equipped emtb's are very on/off with a slight delay with power delivery and disconnect. I tend to ride harder on an ebike due to the power, i pedal A LOT faster uphill to start playing on side hits. Killed a Levo 700wh battery in a 2 hr ride, 1:30 up, 30 down, was mostly dead at the top was in turbo entire time, ran eco on the way down to be sure it wouldnt totally die. Typically i would pedal that in 2:15 up 30ish down. With the app programmed to a route, it'll adjust power output to last all day. cool tech for sure. I've also serviced/ridden a few Levo's frying up motor and leaving people stranded with a 50 lbs sled to get out with.
  • 6 0
 Jesus Christ guys, They're having fun with there buddies. Whether they're riding Emtbs, Mtbs, dirt bikes, side by sides, RC cars strapped to there feet. Who cares how you have your fun. Its about spreading love, kindness and being happy. lets start a new narrative for 2020. Being kind, helping someone, being grateful. These are the things that matter.
  • 7 0
 Love the Rubicon trail, I did for the first time 2 years ago. That trail is no joke, some of the toughest wheeling I have ever done.
  • 5 0
 PB comment section linked to the sierra club website today? Damn. I love spending time outdoors, riding my mtb, motorcycle, or even the occasional off-roading. We are all the minority in terms of land use and the more we stick together, the better off we all are, at least in my neck of the woods. When the 4 wheelers and moto's are banned, there wont be many left to prevent the bikes from being next.
  • 14 11
 The amount of judgemental people that this pinkbike community has is just shocking. It's actually super sad to see how our society is so lost and the only thing that we can do is belittle others because of our own insecurities, rather than see the positives and the enjoyment of others. If one was really being the most environmentally friendly, the use of internet, cloud based services and phones wouldn't be used.
  • 8 1
 As a wise man (@upduro) once said, “moderation exists you know.”
  • 7 5
 Would you make the same comment when the article would be on hunting of endangered wild animals? In the end, we should just appreciate their enjoyment, no?
The argument that nobody has to do anything until all the critics are 100% carbon neutral, is a really silly argument. And phones? Really? Look up how far you can drive your petrol-filled car on a motorway for one year’s worth of phone charging. We are talking about meters.
  • 3 0
 This. Far too little people realize what the "cloud" is. The "cloud" is a group of one or more servers, depending on the size of your data needs. What is a server? A server is a computer THAT NEVER TURNS OFF.
  • 2 2
 @mitochris: put it to you this way mr.dense. you are allowed to hunt animals in bc with ebikes, but not with motos in many areas.. what's the difference? Both are cheating the sport for lazy f*cks
  • 1 0
 @m33pm33p: the analogy with the animals was only to point out that we shouldn’t make generalisations and blindly accept any means for other peoples’ happiness. Your example sounds more like over regulation. Either you allow it, or you don’t. Put quota in place and then let people do it in what ever way they feel is necessary. Maybe not allow tracks, so people don’t turn up in tanks.
  • 1 0
 @mitochris: well said!
  • 1 0
 Environmentally friendly....hmm they rode on Jeeps with at least 35 to 40in tires! God forbid they puncture an oil pan or hose on the Rubicon trail! Then they have to recharge the ebikes using their power inverters in their Jeeps or use gas powered generators!
  • 2 0
 Not only judgemental, ignorant to boot: all stare at their computer, cell phone and other electronics, toasting the environment. Driving the bike in the back of a fullsize truck to the bike park, chugging beer in cans, eating bars in plastic wrappers. But at the same time judging others, not only eBikers, that they are the personified evil...
  • 5 0
 Sooooooo.... nobody has been able to get away from family and ride bikes this holiday eh? Quit whining everyone. Merry Christmas!
  • 5 0
 This looks like an awesome trip. Sucks to see so many shitty comments. This is near as you can get to 100% suitable ebike usage.

Use your content filters.
  • 18 16
 When I think to mountain biking I can't imagine to use a 4x4 or an ebike and waste nature in this way. I'm not an hooligan against technology and progress but I use car only when it's unavoidable, and this would be a batter world if everyone would do in this way. Here I see petroleum burning just to keep a 2 tonnes ugly 4x4 upon a rock. What the hell!
  • 12 3
 Because it is fun as hell ! Just like riding a moto, atv, emtb or a MTB.
  • 11 9
 Tool 5 hours to do the 4 miles into camp. Probably couldve put some packs on with the ebikes and gotten to camp in 30 minutes. Oh wait, but they probably needed to charge their ebikes via their inverter on the jeep. Lol. The Ebike Crowd just keeps getting weirder and weirder... while I'm not against them at all for people that need them... I look forward to possibly riding one when my heart doesnt support regular riding anymore when I'm 80 lol but this was more a jeep commercial than anything
  • 2 3
 f*ck finally someone gets it.. people are so dense. Driving my stupid jeep forever when I could have ridden a regular bike to camp in half the time using no gas or batteries or cameras to jerk each other off.

100% pumping the sponsors, Good for him, but ebikes are for old men, and I've confirmed this by talking to many in the past 6 months. The only young ones I see use them to actually get up the hill faster, not make it easier on the old lungs.
  • 3 0
 @m33pm33p: it’s the Rubicon trail !! Using the jeeps to get there was the whole point !! FFS.
  • 6 0
 The virtue signaling in the comment section is strong today.
  • 7 3
 Oh gawd, the only thing worse than a bunch of old dudes on ebikes is a bunch of old dudes on ebikes thinking they're doing the world a favor. #whack
  • 3 0
 I’m got a serious case of high clearance bike rack envy. This summer while off roading to a camp site at night I miscalculated the height of my bike on the roof rack and hooked a tree limb. Stoopid. Stoopid
  • 4 0
 Man, alot of you people seem like alot of fun to be around, I'd much rather do what you're doing than what mark and his buddies are doing.
  • 2 0
 @downcountry. Are you a doctor? If you were you would know that high levels of exertion with extreme peaks and valleys that are inherent to cycling can result in certain forms of heart arrhythmia and failure. A lot of cardiologists would be against exercise with high levels of exertion. As a guy diagnosed with Bradycardia (google it) and a pacemaker an e-bike has allowed me to continue with a sport I love. If anyone thinks for a minute that I’m going to stop riding trails that I’ve been riding for nearly twenty years, well all you haters can kiss my ass.
  • 7 2
 Looks like a fun excursion but I'm still not a fan of ebikes.
  • 3 0
 for jeep owners it makes sense. they seem to breakdown alot. an alternative besides walking out is always good ~
  • 5 1
 So show someone having fun on an ebike (or anything really) and it’s propaganda? What a crock of shit.
  • 1 0
 Making a statement about educating land managers so they don't draw the wrong conclusions about e-bikes probably shouldn't coincide with an article/video with jeeps. If you're really trying to promote e-bikes and arguing for equal access as traditional bikes why not show someone's grandpa on an e-bike getting to keep up with the younger guys on traditional bikes?
  • 3 3
 I see a lot of overweight men riding them, they’re still overweight cause they go straight to the local brewery after their ride! Just making it easier to get to the local brewery....I guess that’s a plus!
  • 2 0
 Pshhh. EMTBs. I rode through and through the rubicon on a 27.5 Santa Cruz Chameleon that I overforked. It was a real hoot bombing down the slabs past the convoy line. Going up the slabs was a different story.
  • 1 0
 Still not sold but good for them. Quite of a big deal just to ride a bike. I would have absolutely no patience for that and would be quite bored in that situation with the jeeps and all. I just a want to ride trails all weekend.
  • 39 35
 Stop wasting the planet idiots
  • 38 41
 I hope you use no electricity, don’t drive a car, never go on a plane, don’t eat, don’t order anything to be delivered..

Is there room for your high horse, in that cave you’re living in?
  • 27 2
 @tobiusmaximum: moderation exists you know
  • 18 26
flag tobiusmaximum (Dec 27, 2019 at 1:10) (Below Threshold)
 @Upduro: so does hypocrisy
  • 11 2
 @tobiusmaximum: yes, but I doubt that “eating” in general falls under hypocrisy in this case, no?
  • 29 15
 @mitochris: I’m just sick of this modern trend of extreme moral judgement. Too many people looking down their noses at others. There are some people doing more for charity, for example, but do you think they’re judging everyone who does less? I doubt it. Your job is to lead by example, not judge everyone. Leave that to the militant vegans.
  • 9 3
 @tobiusmaximum: granted, but in this case we do not know what bikegreece’s life style is, and accusing him that before stopping to eat food, nobody else has to do anything is not helpful. As upduro said, there is a need for moderation, and clearly there is still a requirement to persuade people to even start. Judge? No! Educate.
  • 11 8
 @mitochris: educate doesn’t begin with the word ‘stop’ and end with the word ‘idiots’. if bikegreece had been invited on this trip, do you honestly think he would’ve said ‘no thanks, because muh planet!’?
  • 6 3
 @tobiusmaximum: I agree with you, but I am not going to make a guess what bikegreece would have done. I commented on your post, not his.
(Edited for typo)
  • 2 0
 @tobiusmaximum: this "chat" reminds me very much of an old song by ten year after called I'd Love to Change the World:
I'd love to change the world
But I don't know what to do
So I'll leave it up to you
  • 3 1

While I agree with @Upduro .
Moderation exists and we live in a modern world and have to deal somehow with that.

I'm with you with that "modern trend of extreme moral judgement"
Espacially those "climate alarmists" folks are all a bunch freaking hypoctites.
They do abslutely nothing to save the enviroment with their pointing fingers and judging others, and than feel so good about how they saved the planet lol.

People who really care about the enviroment are planting trees, preserving the wilds for the animals, or collecting the trash in their neighborhood.
You will never see climate alarmists do this kind of things, because they are only interested in their moral high ground and of course they know that.
  • 2 2
 @OneTrustMan: If some climate alarmist nut wants to make a difference. The only course of action is STOP buying shot from China and India. But that may actually impact their lifestyle. The fact is that the US is wayyyy down the list of dirty producers because capitalism is super efficient and always reduces waste. Communist China is filthy because they don’t care and are public enemy #1 if you really give a shit. But you don’t so you buy the carbon frame and all the cheap electronics and phones and complain about Weir driving a Jeep. GFO.
  • 2 1
Ok, first.
I don't care about the Jeep, or that article. My answer was related to Tobiusmaximums comment.
Why do bring up communism, China and capitalism?...WTF is wrong with you?
You are a good example my friend.
Pointing fingers at other countries, calling them evil and filthy, when it's the western countries who have filled those countries with their trash to beging with.
And that will may shock you, but most of the stuff we buy from china, or india ist just produced there by our own western companies. Not buying from china, or india only makes our companies switch to next cheaper poor country to turn into a western trash bin.
I can understand you to some point, that you want the US stuff actually produced in the US and I'm totally with you on that.
But that's not a matter of other countries, but of US companies. Your finger is pointing at the wrong people.
  • 1 2
 @OneTrustMan: sorry- your mind is poisoned. I can’t help you.
  • 2 2
 Ebikes on historically motorized trails - fine. Things get creepy if you follow discussions of banning MTBs (at all) in alpine areas in Europe due to too much trail traffic, nature disruption and you name it.

Kinda missing the shoutout to the guy in the brown truck with the NY plates for crossing the country! That’s the real challenge in this story.
  • 5 1
 Not sure why the humble ebike needed to be lumped into all this hate
  • 4 1
 Awesome! It doesn't matter how you enjoy the long as you are getting out there. Sweet JKU Weir!!
  • 5 2
 There's a lot of whiners that don't like change lurking in these comments...
  • 2 1
 Yah Jon! (If you don't know, Jon's also one of the best bike mechanics I've come across. Guy consistently did stellar work at Incycle often going above and beyond.)
  • 2 1
 After reading the title, I thought this was going to be set in northern Italy and result in Mark Weir taking the title of Caesar. Kind of disappointed.
  • 3 2
 When I see a post about E-Bikes I gotta show up for just the comments. Didn’t even read article or watch vid. But man are these comments great!
  • 3 0
 I cannot even afford those fancy steaks.... Let alone an e-bike!
  • 2 0
 I’m glad mark is back at it. Heart problems are scary. You can’t keep a badass down!
  • 3 0
 Man, all you people need to go ride your bikes or get a girlfriend.
  • 1 0
 They just rode ebikes on unmarked trails! Just wait till Tahoe National Forest Park Managers gets a look at this video evidence!
  • 16 14
 Here come the melting snowflakes
  • 2 2
 To bad here is the USA can’t order any of those EBikes only some are out here but not the crazy brands I see that specialize in them
  • 1 0
 Back in the 90’s , before suspension, that was are ride ! We called it the loony loop.
  • 1 0
 They didn't do a full Rubicon pull to Caddy Hill and out to the North Shore oh well next time.
  • 1 0
 I’ve been working too much. I’d take any sort of recreating tight now. Looks fun
  • 3 3
 Finally an article with Motorized bikes on trails made for Motorized vehicles.
  • 1 0
 So amerikanish as it can gets ! Wink Cheers!
  • 1 0
 this article ? well its just proper flame bait.
  • 1 0
 This video needs more mustache.
  • 1 0
 HELL YEAH,, Jon Buckeel! SO STOKED ,to see this!
  • 1 0
 Looks like a great time, zero issues with this trip.
  • 1 0
 Anyone know what song that is? Intro/End
  • 5 8
 Great idea bringing an Ebike since your already burning more fuel going through the Rubicon Trail on a Jeep in a day than normal driving in a year! Way to balance out your carbon footprint!
  • 9 0
 You only burn one tank of gas a year? You realize you are polluting now right?
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 It used to take 9 hrs,!
  • 1 0
 well, shit
  • 1 2
 "power in numbers" - pun intended.
  • 11 14
 Another article about fake mountain biking. Awesome.
  • 6 7
 Not sure what is fake about it, enlighten me please.
  • 7 10
 @platnum: The motor pedals for you.
  • 3 3
 No it doesn't.
  • 3 5
 @nsmithbmx: Then why does it have a motor?
  • 2 4
 @platnum: he's a douchebag you are better off ignoring him.
  • 1 0
 @chriskneeland: Simple, to assist the rider. While we’re asking stupid questions, why are you such a troll?
  • 1 0
 @platnum: So it's like you're pedaling, just faking it. Got it.
  • 1 0
 @chriskneeland: boy, you really are a douchebag aren’t you?
  • 1 1
 @platnum: You're pretending ebiking is no different than mountainbiking and I'm the douchebag? Bahahaha
  • 1 0
 @chriskneeland: Hold on there trigger. Not once did I say, nor do I think, that e-biking is no different than mountain biking. In fact, I think it’s different in several ways. The two also have much in common, like sharing many of the very same components. I would also say some of them might be ridden by condescending douchebag trolls like yourself. But not too many. Cheers????????
  • 1 0
 @chriskneeland: it’s not. Stop making shit up.
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 @platnum: So if you agree with me, what are you crying about?
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