Video: The Unspoken Pro's Secret to the Barspin

May 3, 2014 at 20:48
by Jack Fogelquist  
The barspin; an absolute must in the arsenal of any aspiring dirt jumper. Ever wonder how the pros make it look so easy? Well it's simpler than you think. Watch and learn.

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 Will this work with dual crowns?
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 No you need the special stanchion saw, make a small modification to your fork and then you can barspin a DH bike!
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 I heard rumor that Cannondale is currently plugging away at a concept for a DH bike that has a floating head tube, totally disconnected from the bike, so that any DH rider with a dual crown can spin his/her bars without hitting any frame. Still just a concept tho....
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 You're not wrong @warhorsey.....

I even got wind of a unique bike design they are using to prototype it, the bike even has a floating front chainring and what looks to be a carbon, double down crank set.
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 @Waldon83 Wahou, impressive. What a leak! You must be a guy from Cannondale to have so detailled pics...
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 yeah, it would definitely be cannondale. because they're like the most freeride oriented company in the game right now.
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 Must be april fools round 2
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 On the realio gerhards, seein' how C-dale like "owns" the word "freeride". :s Shit I hope they don't sue me over my screen name like Specialized no doubt would. :o
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 this is why i love this forum..
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 Is there an enduro specific version?
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 Spider on the brake lever crawled down the hose and get flung off at 1:43 Big Grin
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 more like 2 minutes. Big Grin
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 i think the spider got squish with his hand. Oh poor spider soon it will be dark and they will be so cold.
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 lol that was a busdriver not a barspin, with an actual bus steering wheel knob
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 that was awesome jack, too funny haha
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 So now i only need to know where to buy this thing, so i can ride RedBull Joyride!
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 i wounder how many kids i will see this year at crankwork with this on their f#%kin bars
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 Can you use a bell?
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 Or how about an old crankarm with a crank bros. eggbeater mounted to the top of the steerer tube so you really crank out some barspins.
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 Nope, the eggbeater would fall apart mid barspin
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 You can hook up a power generator to that knob so that when you bar-spin you light some LEDs all over your bike and then look like a boss.
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 I'm going to buy two so I can do double bars
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 Me too that'll help with X ups too I reckon
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 'Spinning on the bus driver's knob', oh yea!
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 Yes, no wonder they gave me so much trouble, not having the b-spin knob!!!! Here I thought it was just me. :s Thanks for the lesson Jack, but bars have become far too ubiquitous. How about a lesson on some textbook Lacondeguy/M&M/Goldman super seaters or something that oozes steez like that? We need more of those & less b-spins in this Freeride Mountain Bike Association's Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour.
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 Interesting was that where he putted his leg whilen spining it in air !
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 can you buy these in pro models? i want to look just like the pros so im willing to spend 100 dollars more than its actually worth and be like them !
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 pro model is 10% larger, 20% lighter and your wallet will have it's unique concave feel...
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 can't wait til next week. Dying to learn the Cali-style shoulder buzzer invert table!
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 nice joke...though getting your catching hand away from the bars is really important,i think.
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 Does this work clipped in?
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 Thinking of getting a tail lift fitted to the back of my dirt jumper to make back flips easier B-)
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 Could someone post a link to where I could get one of these?
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 Too good.
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 Way funny. I hope to see more of these.
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 Where do you get this?
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 name of the song D ?
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 song at the end is "Two of Hearts" by Stacy Q.
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 So that's why the pros are better than me...
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 Is this compatiable with yardstick bars?

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