Jay WIlliamson - Blue Spring

May 7, 2012 at 9:12
by Jacob Gibbins  
Title photo for a new edit I shot yesterday with Jay down in cornwall and the blue bells online later today. www.JacobGibbins.co.uk

Jay Williamson getting his hand in the dirt on the short travel

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On a Spring day down on the south coast of Cornwall with Jay Williamson, shot on his birthday down at his local woods. With all the blue bells out in the woods we thought it would be rude not to shoot a little edit of him on his new short travel bike.

All shot on a Canon 5d3.



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 It seems like you are using your rear wheel as a weed wackier Wink hah
Great filming too!!
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 seriously who gives a shit about some bluebells.there bloody everywhere im sure there not going to miss a few.just enjoy watching the riding rather than bitching about some flowers like a bunch of girls.
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 anyone else get a second of black video a few times?
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 You are joking right!? Its put in to go with the music. #retard
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 Beautiful. When did a 6 inch travel bike become "short travel" though!
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 When 7 and 8 inch bikes became available! Nice video!
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 I love all these aggressive all mountain videos...they just make me stoaked
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flag Rolas (May 8, 2012 at 23:17) (Below Threshold)
 i have a lame question. Why u call this all mountain? becouse of a lid he's wearing? dat's light freeride for me
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 well i was looking at his bike.... and the fact that he peddaled to the place he rode to. thats straight up all mountain
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 Whats with all these tracks in america and canada then using half a forest to make some north shore jumps, I have no problem with it but may get some of you thinking on that? And.... just to let you on the other side of the valley they have taken out a large amount of woods, leaving just mud and stumps so I think a few blue will not be missed!
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 Bluebells are a bit of a tricky subject. They are protected yes, but you can't enjoy them without going out and finding them. You try walking through a carpet of bluebells without treading on some. Can't be done. Likewise, you can't ride around them without taking some out. Most of this video was on established track where bluebells were growing alongside it, are people not supposed to use these woods whilst bluebells are flowering? I can guarantee that for the few dozen that were ripped up along the trail edge there are tens of thousands more in the carpets you'll find spreading out from the trail on either side.

Nice video Jacob.
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 Nice video. Good riding. You have bluebells, not even a sign of them up here yet.
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 Not many in Somerset either!
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 none round north yorkshire sick vid
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 bluebells are an endangered species and this young lout just ripped loads of them out of the ground... what a dick thats illegal and i'm telling the plant police!
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 the world flower police has arrived

young lout? he is older than you mate
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 Great shooting, great editing, great music and great riding. Looks like I'm blowing off any work I had planned sarv and going for a ride. VOM no worries.
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 I thought it was illegal to pick or damage bluebells as they're protected... may be I'm wrong, not sure. :\ Epic vid apart from the plant destruction.
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 It is , we got bollocked for digging "near" blue bells so ripping them up = f*cked
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 Yep touch the blue bells round here and greenpeace will chain them selves to your bike.
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 Get a life...?
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 That's just what the other trail user groups need to see: Some guy on a mountain bike tearing up a field of flowers. Keep the treads on the trail, and if you don't, don't film it and show it off.
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 Is that a trail, or a field? ouch, Oh Burn!

And to the dude up a few posts... that ain't All- Mountain riding. That's lame riding in a local metro field. Dams brutal..
And very messy editing. Just plain messy.
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 this is getting hilarious!
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 Messy editing??! You ungrateful little shit! What would you know about edditing?
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 It's what's it's all about. Period.
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 Some of the first shots where he's going downhill appear to be on a non-existent trail, and the berm just falling apart reinforces that those sections may not have been properly built. I feel guilty just watching it, so I can't get much excitement out of the idea of riding it. The jump sections look pretty sturdy though.
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 Just ride it you pussy!
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 Not everything has to be Build Pristine! Bikings for fun! If you dont enjoy the more adventurous side of it and would rather it all be built perfect then thats fair enough but once apon a time all the trails you ride where just loose sections like this.
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 Happy birthday, mate Wink
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 Subliminal Chuck Norris, I see what you did!
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 My mum would kill me if i did that!
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 Sweet, another vid with plenty of closeups of someone skidding the rear wheel through every turn...
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flag freeride6969 (May 9, 2012 at 14:22) (Below Threshold)
 Redneck voice.... Look Mah, I told you my brakes work better when i turn...

Wouldn't skidding that much on a real trail show a lack of talent????
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 check it out dude......http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/7802151/
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