Video - Red Bull Empire of Dirt 2012

May 21, 2012 at 16:42
by Jacob Gibbins  
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 dont think nyquist deserved second, sure he's a legend but 360 bars every jump gets a bit boring, incoming neg props
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 Actually I agree Smile He is still a boss tho...
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 when you do them switch. they're better than a lot of tricks.
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 I give more props to someone who wrecks trying something new instead of playing it safe, its those guys who make the sport progress.....But Nyquist has done plenty for the sport just not in awhile
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flag ramprider17 (May 21, 2012 at 22:29) (Below Threshold)
 Yea I agree 360-Barspins are for lame, Nyquist isn't very good, has no style. When I do mine I huck way bigger.He didn't even flip or do anything stylish all he did was 360-bars.(Sarcastic)

Come on people smarten up, think before you type.
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 but moe, it's a contest. yeah sure you can give the guy props but you cannot award him points for falling.... that's kinda silly man.
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 king of spins
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 are you mad? nyquist is a f*cking legend. he was the only person to really trick the volcano, double barspin, where as it took ben wallace a while to whip it and drew bezanson was doing some tech stuff. I think nyquist really deserved his place as his riding was spot on and his tricks were all dialled in, plus hes not really a young rider
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 Excuse me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure I saw him backflip and do a 720...therefore it wasn't all "360-bars"
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 HaHa 2:17
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 ye know double backflips to double tailwhips
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 Nyquis is a weird one, you look at him and think, spins and bars. then you brake it down and he is 720 triple baring, and you think "actually this dude is f*cking good". Worst thing about the day was hucker coming out of a 270 squirmy and not getting to the last jump for the double flip Frown
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 there is no way he could double flip that jump, its too small and the speed into it was not high enough, told me himself! flipped the burm though !
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 He managed to over rotate a double onto his ass the day before though... And the way he was setting up it sure as hell looked like he was going for it again
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 yeah he said it was sketchy as fook
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 But he goes by the name of "hucker" haha. Apparently he said he was going to go for it on that pre final run (the one he messed up on)
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 Those jumps look impossibly well groomed.
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 He said there concrete!!!
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 they're made out of cement not concrete cement is a dirt like powder and is 1 of the several ingredients needed to make concrete so it is easier maintained cause it has some of the characteristics of dirt but then some of the characteristics of cement is actually bloody clever its amazing the attention to detail they have in making these super sick jumps!!!!!
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 dude its in the title: "Empire of DIRT"
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 in combination with soil tech
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 Remember when dirtjumps used to be soft to crash on?
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 ^^^ soft jumps were made for pussies.
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 spot on
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 @drfulton ya man i was just saying that they arent concrete
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 Im pretty sure it was crushed concrete from a local quarry? could be wrong though. Pretty sure cement is heavily alkali too so burns, nto something you want form a set of jumps really. I think it was all a matter of getting what they could
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 Yesssss the 360 Bar-Hump Head Bang was probably my favorite part of this whole video. Best trick award!
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 sh!t yeah! should be a mandatory win!
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 sick course but i feel like bmx is capable of so much more. tricks wise that is. nothing in the vid really was that amazing compared to other bmx stuff ive seen
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 I would kill to have those jump in my backyard
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 I wouldn't, then little kids would use it while I'm in jail.
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 Those be some nice looking jumps.
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 would just like to add that after standing and watching both days Mike "hucker" Clark was the best rider by a mile, he was the only rider that tricked from the top on every run, an absolutely fantastic rider, was also great as i got to speak to the legend Steven Murray, this was a brilliant event keep it up Redbull.
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 Good to see nyquist still killing it at his age but his variety of tricks isnt what it used to be.
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 "Nyquist. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time."
"I think my uncle knows him. He said he was dead."
"Oh, he's not dead... Not yet.
"You know him?"
"But of course I know him. He's me."
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 LOL 2:20, best part of the movie, all in all that was sick tho.
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 kye sounds so stoked on life!
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 Why is BMX dirtjumping not nearly as rad as MTB dirtjumping? I kept waiting for the crazy sick shit but everybody just kept gliding over jumps.
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 I Second that, Berg Line seemed to have waay crazier shit thrown
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 They had a couple of boxes and rails dotted about the course, not many though.
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 If this is the empire than Ben Wallace is the king.
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 Now after seeing the video. Wow! Totally awesome.
  • 1 0 the pinkbike city! view here!
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 2:15 - f*ckyeah bar humps.
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 Why are so many of the riders running pegs for dirt?
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