SALE: The Pinkbike Shop is Up to 50% Off

Nov 16, 2022 at 8:24
by Jake  

Happy Wednesday Pinkers. Jake not Paul here. It is my personal duty to share options to lighten your wallets and fill your closets and garages. So here you go - no BMX background required.

The Pinkbike Shop is shuffling gear around the warehouse and lots of stuff is on sale up to 50% off. No fine print, no performative occasions, just good deals on good gear.

One caveat, shipping has been a bit slow, so if you're stocking up for the holidays, order stat. No it's not fair, sorry about that. Feel free to grumble below. I'lll be reading the comments, in a suit of armor comprised of sixteen Pinkbike shirts in ever-larger sizes.


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 CyclingTips domain up for sale next?
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 Yes, but only after the brand has been wrung dry and is worthless.
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 @aaronjb: you mean after the axe everybody? oh wait...
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 All I want is a Calendar, bring that back and I'll pay full price and shipping
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 Will Outside eventually do to Pinkbike what it's done to other sites and publications this year? There were key layoffs at Velonews and Cyclingtips this week.

Is it only a matter of time, or is Pinkbike somehow unique?
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 imo pinkbike has much more cultural identity and much less competition. a bit like how Thrasher has INSANE staying power and EVERY skater will lay down their ankles for that brand.

That said, can't ever underestimate the stupidity of large brands with profit margins to balance and shareholders to stroke. RideBMX was bought out, frozen, and effectively killed off while every employee had to start all over with a brand new platform, OurBMX. For what? So some giant corporation could buy out competition that Ride was only a tagger on in the package of? Hopefully PB isn't collateral damage to some suit and tie's ambition for another 0.5% increase in sales/revenue/profit/wutf*ckineva
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 Only a matter of time, I am afraid. Caley Fretz, the former editor of Cycling Tips who was just laid off, has said that Cycling Tips on its own was actually profitable thanks to their VeloClub (their readers liked them enough to pay to support the content, plus sponshorships, etc.). Obviously CT isn't as big as Pinkbike, but I don't think that will necessarily stop Outside from making cuts, and usually those who are the highest paid are the first to go.

I hope I am proven wrong.
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 No, PB is not safe from the cuts. The entire marketing/brand team is gone. Plus others, including veterans of the company. It’s happening but no one is talking about it.
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 @brieforster: Advertising online is toast for the foreseeable future. It's why you'll see the continued, in-your-face push for subscriptions (here and elsewhere).
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 Closing down sale?
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 re branding to Outside Plus Wear
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 I think the majority of users have no idea what I mean by that comment.
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 ....and what are you wearing "Jake from Pinkbike"?
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 Sixteen Pinkbike shirts in ever-larger sizes
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 I'm having my Oprah moment of "You get stickers, and you get stickers, and you get stickers!"
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 "Uh, enduro khakis?"
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 Buy a shirt, get a free staffer to come live with you!
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 Ughh, the unemployed Mike Levy on my couch is starting to really be a bother
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 Was hoping this might be an opportunity to get that Yeti SB120 for $5K. Disappointed.
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 Dissapointed it doesnt come with a kitsbow kit
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 The recession is here…
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 Unfortunately you nailed it…
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 I'm sick of session jokes but that was actually pretty good.
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 @jake28: ha wasn’t even thinking about that. Just unfortunate the economy is in a downturn. Seems to be hitting the industry quite significantly.
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 Sick! Just scored a sweet PINKBIKE ARCH RACERBACK TANK in dusty rose for only $13! Sun's out, guns out, mofos. Can't believe this stuff is even on sale.
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 Could all be vintage soon as they move to Outside branding.
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 Is it just me, or is there not a single size chart on the online shop for for any single piece of clothing? Interested in the jerseys that are still available, but not without knowing what size to go for when I've got to pay extra for international shipping!
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 What no Pinkbike Academy gear? You can even put YouTube Autoplay on the back for extra gnar!
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 The PB Groms Jersey price is ludicrous! $17.50 for that quality of garment is a no-brainer.
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 No one buys pinkbike apparel because it's too embarrassing to admit you spend time in the comments section...
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 Last of the non 'OutSide' branded merch

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