Another Spectator has Caused a Crash in a Major Road Race

Apr 19, 2022 at 8:15
by James Smurthwaite  

Remember that spectator at last year's Tour de France who cared more about appearing on social media than the race they were actually supposed to be watching and caused a massive pile up? Well, less than 12 months later, another professional road cyclist has fallen victim to an unaware spectator.

This time it was at the legendary Paris Roubaix race and the rider caught out was Yves Lampaert of the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team. Lampaert was in a chasing group of two and looked set for a podium finish when a spectator, who was too close to the road with his arms out applauding, caught the Belgian rider's bars and caused him to take a heavy crash.

The rider was thankfully unhurt but had to ride on a service bike before he could swap to a bike that fit him properly down the road so ended up finishing tenth.

In the moment, Lampaert called the spectator a 'calf' an insult in Flemish and later apologised. He said on social media, "Maybe I shouldn’t have called him a ‘calf, but still he was on the route. Let it be a lesson for everyone that you need to step back if you see the riders coming. I still love all the supporters, you were amazing today!"

Of course, this isn't quite as egregious as the Allez Oppi Omi incident and we don't expect it to result in criminal charges. Instead, this spectator simply misjudged how close the rider would come and ended up catching his bars. Incidents like this are an unfortunate part of the sport and it's a reminder to spectators of any discipline of cycling to be aware of your surroundings when watching a race.


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 "Calf"...honestly that's pretty tame for "Dude who completely screwed me over by being an idiot"
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 ‘Calf’ isn’t the first c word that comes to mind…..
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 @Dav82: see you next tuesday!
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 You've got a lot of nerve talking to me like that Griswold. I wasn't talking to you.
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 Forget the small cows, why does it look in the video like the rider has the density of foam considering the weight of impact and subsequent tumble?
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flag Ronkol (Apr 19, 2022 at 23:02) (Below Threshold)
 I disagree. The fan was a fan, Lampaert swerved into that group who had a split second to react. It was an accident.
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 @Ronkol: What swerve?? I didn't see a swerve. Rider was going in a straight line until that cretin hit his bars.
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flag Ronkol (Apr 20, 2022 at 0:22) (Below Threshold)
 @mudcycles: There's footage from another angle that shows that the riders passed a barrier and then immediately ran into the side strip where 10 metres further was the cluster of spectators.

The spectator is far from blameless, but the riders all of a sudden ducked into that strip.. with that speed there's little time. he was at the middel fo the cluster and clearly couldn't see Lampaert coming, even if he did step back quite a bit.

It was unclear marking combined with riders en bloc and a spectator who was at the wrong spot. It's really quite different fronm the "Opi/Omi" incident.
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 @Ronkol: He shouldn't have been on the road at all, you don't see people at MTB races standing inbetween the tapes do you? No cause thats the track and the track at a road event is the entire road
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flag Ronkol (Apr 20, 2022 at 1:15) (Below Threshold)
 @toad321: This comparison is not that applicable, as the marking up till that point actually made that part for spectators, not for riders.... So no, the track most certainly was not the entire road! Had it been that clear-cut chances there would have been no confusion and this might not have happened....

The spectator is certainly not without blame, but the other angle shows that the strip was blocked till that point with no clear marking that this stopped at that point. Lampaert swerved on the strip actually having a clear view of the spectators, whereas the spectators didn't have a similar field of view.

So the spectator shouldn't be there, but Lampaert made a concious choice and gave the spectators about a second to react. If anything the marking was rather confusing.. why did it end there? Why not a marshal there?

It was an accident.
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 @Ronkol: notice you’re the lone voice in the crowd on this one?
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flag Ronkol (Apr 20, 2022 at 3:07) (Below Threshold)
 @EarIysport: No I'm not? Minority sure, but some people here and some analysts say the same thing.

All I actually do is point out the facts from the footage and say that this makes it a lot less clear cut than the Opi/Omi thing. I'm also not exactly swayed that by not joining this particular lynch mob I'm a lone voice, as you guys are doing fine without yet another claiming the guy should be beat up Wink
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 @nofu: Roadie bones. Haven't been broken enough times. Also not enough beer.
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 @mudcycles: Take another look, you can see it in the first clip, the one in real time. Happens right at the :02 mark, about a second or less before the spectator hits him. I still agree that the spectator shouldn't be there in the first place, but he's not so much at fault as most (including myself before Ronkol pointed this out) think.
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 @LS3VER33: The spectator definitely carries a lot of the blame. But it really is an unlucky incident. He isn't jumping in front of Lampaert, indeed they all step back. If you watch the race there are thousands of spectators encroaching way more and hundreds acting like complete loons with (dangerous) flags etc.

This guy shouldn't be there, no discussion. But considering the barriers blocking exactly that part of the road up till that exact point I can understand why this happens.

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 @LS3VER33: if you're at a race it's your responsibility to ensure you aren't in the way of the racers. if you can't handle that responsibility you shouldn't be allowed to attend. The racers are allowed anywhere on the road, and in a race like Paris Roubaix its EXPECTED that racers will use the sides which are relatively free of cobbles. That's been the expectation for literally decades longer than you or I have been alive. Maybe you don't know enough about road racing to make an informed statement about something like this but I can assure you the spectator is 100% liable for that crash.
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 Apologizing for calling him a calf? The riders should be able to beat the snot out of any spectator that interferes with their race.
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 A well placed Stockton Slap is in order for these people.
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 It's only a matter of time before that actually happens.
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 People don't know about the Stockton slap @Whataboutism:
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 @DCF: There could be a decent crossover between cycling and Diaz fans given they're cyclists.

Diaz Bros showing up to a cycling event: "You're all on steroids."
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 Take a cue from the cyclocrossers:
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 Lmao I would love to see the Diaz bros shake up the Lycra world. Pure entertainment @lepigpen:
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 @Whataboutism: 209 beat down!
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 @Whataboutism: A Glasgow Kiss sounds better!
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 @JonnyTheWeasel: I'll treat you to a glasgow snog if you fancy kind sir
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 @DCF: I thought he meant “a Will Smith slap.”
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flag Ronkol (Apr 19, 2022 at 23:04) (Below Threshold)
 Nope. Especially since after our first gut reaction we should realize the fan wasn't as much of an idiot as people thought, and more of a victim of a poorly set barrier combined with a rider ploughing into them at 40kmph+.

Accidents happen. If we want to minimize that we need barriers all along these stretches.
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 @Ronkol: A victim...Jesus, that seems about right for the times. Personal responsibility should still be a thing. If you cannot stay back enough without a barrier telling you where to stand go take a long walk in the ocean.
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 No BMX background
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 I don't know man. That G-turn was pretty cool IMO.
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 @kpickrell: that was a tank slapper to high side. A G-turn, he would be rolling backwards, not flying.
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 it's definitely ground background.
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 Always ride with flat pedals!
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 Am I the only one impressed with that skill to hold on to the bike and crash so gracefully?
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flag bikerbarrett (Apr 19, 2022 at 10:52) (Below Threshold)
 That was more physics than skill.
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 Not sure how true this is...but I read that they are supposed to hold onto the bike when they crash. I don't exactly know the reasoning behind it. That was a pretty wild crash. For a second...I thought he was going to ride it out...up until he went airborne...sideways.
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 @abtcup: elbows and shoulders don’t snap as easily as wrists. Best to stay in a ball and slide. That spreads the deceleration out so you just wind up with road rash.
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 As soon as you let go you are guaranteed to crash. Might as well go down fighting.
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 He almost pulled one of those Danny Macaskill G turns
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 Though unsuccessful, that was an impressive attempt to save it.
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 @ABhardtail: I reckon he could have saved it, but didn't want to plow through the field on spectators on the other side.
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 Gotta hand it to Lampaert for deftly controlling that swerve enough to land relatively safely. No flailing limbs, no dead stop impact. Just an expert tuck and roll!
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 can we just agree that something needs to be done? would having a 1 arm length barrier between competitors and fans diminish the all?

this is just absurd at this point. back the f*ck up.
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 Can't do that over 160 miles of public roads. Agreed on just back up. My gut is that since the spectator appeared to be an older male, his vision wasn't that great and he couldn't see how close he really was.
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 @salespunk: this only is ever an issue on a very limited amount of the course. you don't need to rope off 160 miles. simply see where the crowds congregate and rope those off. realistically, you're talking about 5% of the course at maximum.
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 @salespunk: The spectator was in line with a barrier a couple of meters further up the road, standing forward to look around those standing at the barrier and see the riders coming. The rider effectively swerved into him to get onto the smooth part of the road where the spectator was standing. Should he have been standing off of the road? Probably. Do people stand off of the road at bike races? Almost never.
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 Any spectator on the road near the peloton (as opposed to grass or sidewalk) should be fined.
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 @Patrick9-32: No way, that guy was a douche. It looked like he was trying to high five the riders. His hands were out in the road, he wasn't just "looking".

If it was me that wrecked, I would have gotten up and decked that old French turd.
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 Plus, we've seen way more frequent serious issues onlong finish straight because the barriers encroach onto the road (the base feet). On the flip side, it seems the spectator 'just don't be a dick" policy isn't working.
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 Have a pair of motorcycles ride on the edges about 10 seconds ahead of the riders?
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 @Patrick9-32: That is not accurate at all. The rider did not swerve into the spectator, he was on that line for several seconds before the accident. The spectator was leaning out clapping while those around him stood back. It was not intentional, but just misjudged by the spectator.
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 I do think the tour directors become responsible at this point. They want the look of excitement like alp d'huez, and encourage spectators to line the roads. They likely give direction to remain off the road, but if that isn't followed they remain responsible at least to some degree.
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flag ilovedust (Apr 19, 2022 at 10:48) (Below Threshold)
 Hang on here. Why is it the spectators fault?! This is a road race with spectators. The riders know they are there. The riders always know they are there. So why the hell go so close? French line thats why.
I get a bit teesy with this expectation that in some way the world has to bow down to these riders. Its a race. Its on a road. Stuff happens. It could have just as easily been a wild animal running out.
It should be the spectator shouting at the rider for hitting him!
Next time you go to a sporting event, Ill take a guess you wont sit down just as the action happens.
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 @ilovedust: Not just that. This is supposed to be a cobble stone stretch. Riding the tarmac along the edges is interfering with the spirit of the race for heavens sake! Purists revolt.
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flag jaame (Apr 19, 2022 at 11:25) (Below Threshold)
 @bikebasher: the spectator was standing with his feet still, clapping the riders. The rider rode into him, whilst trying to cheat by riding on the smooth bit. This is why everyone hates roadies. It’s almost always their fault, but they always blame anyone else but themselves. Absolute toe rag that rider. He literally could have killed that elderly gentleman, who was not blocking the way at all. The poor chap. He should receive an apology from the cyclist. It’s called a hierarchy of road users. Those most vulnerable must be catered to by those less vulnerable. In this case the cyclist was travelling above the speed limit and even rode on the footpath. Disgraceful behaviour. Indefensible.
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That might just be the dumbest comment of the day, congrats.
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flag jaame (Apr 19, 2022 at 11:27) (Below Threshold)
 @salespunk: misjudged by the rider I’d say
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 @jaame: get f*cked. its a closed course race, not a motorway/footpath.

the mental gymastics you must do to assembly this lunatic claptrap is worthy of it's own gold medal.
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flag jaame (Apr 19, 2022 at 11:29) (Below Threshold)
 @ilovedust: You are clearly one of the more intelligent people on this thread. Of course the cyclist should apologise. First to the spectator for riding into him. Second to the other riders for cheating by riding on the footpath. Third to the race organisers for bringing their event into disrepute.
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flag jaame (Apr 19, 2022 at 11:31) (Below Threshold)
 @conoat: all I ask of you is to change your flag. You’re not British, and you are giving us a bad name because everyone thinks you’re a complete c*nt. Please change it.
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flag jaame (Apr 19, 2022 at 11:41) (Below Threshold)
 @conoat: Please do. I asked nicely. Or how about one of the other cool flags on offer? Antarctica or North Korea. They look cool. How about Nepal - it’s a cool shape! Switzerland? Square? There are plenty of other flags from countries to don’t come from that will also make you look cool - not just ours!
At least think about it.
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 @jaame: I'm British and quite happy to not have a Union Jack next to my name.
I thought unquestioning national pride was an American thing anyways Wink
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"I thought unquestioning national pride was an American thing anyways "

Yeah he might actually be a Brit
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 @jaame: I totally agree, North Korea would look great on our good friend and pinkbike member @conoat!
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 @jaame: no

the flag is about location, not identity.

you shouldn't identify with a State, btw. that makes you a statist. no one likes a statist pig.
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 Here on PB, I've seen flags being waved for reasons of nationality, identity, location, residency, linguistic prowess, and a desire to blend in or stand out. It's a rather mixed, ahem, flag, so to speak.
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flag jaame (Apr 19, 2022 at 12:27) (Below Threshold)
 @conoat: you’re using it to look cool. It’s cultural appropriation. @pinkbike isn’t there a rule about this, cultural appropriation in the comments?
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 Hoping so see you expressing something intelligent once.
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 @jaame: Nobody looks cool sporting a UK flag
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 @thrasher2: with chainsaw running on both arms !!! haha
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 tldr: Absolute trash thread
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 @jaame: lol can't believe how easy people are trolled. Nobody's catching the sarcam in jamme's posts???
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 I fucking love the comments you see on this website. Too good.
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 @jaame: see now you are just trolling....

since there is no way possible for someone to be able to navigate the interwebs, and be dumb enough to actually think what you just wrote is anything more than unadulterated idiocy.
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 @notthatfast: Everyone loves a tool who can chuck a dumb comment. Age guess….12?
Look at the whole situation rather than just been a bandwagoner buddy.
If you have an opinion, spell it out rather than just writing one syllable words.
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 I am doing this for my own amusement, but I also think it was the cyclist’s fault. He rode off the side of the cobbled surface in the world’s most famous cobble race. He rode into a man who was literally standing still. And yet, the narrative is that the man caused the accident. The number of people who agree with that is astounding.
Cyclists are on the wrong end of a lot of shit on the roads. Some of it their fault, some of it not. There is a pervasive lack of common sense in the cycling community, coupled with a sense of absolute entitlement. Add on the groupthink that infests every walk of life and you have a recipe for some fun debates.
I am a cyclist and a mountain biker, and I feel ashamed every time I see a bunch of cyclists being completely selfish on the roads. Reading creases me because nothing is ever the cyclists’ fault. I thought PB was a safe space in that regard, but apparently not.
Newsflash to all roadies: if you crash into someone who is standing still, it’s probably your fault.
If you see another vehicle coming towards you on a narrow lane, perhaps consider if you can stop to facilitate the pass, rather than expecting the other person to stop every time.
If you are riding in a bunch having a good chin wag with thirteen of your mates, take a look behind you every now and again. If there is a line of cars, that’s because you’re going to slowly and taking up too much room. Think about moving into single file and everyone will be a lot better for it.
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 @salespunk: yes and no. Lampart took that line for like 1s. You can see him dip in after the last barrier. At race speed, he's closing the distance to the spectator pretty quickly. The guy's arms were out in the road for no reason but Lampart is partly to blame. Also, the race organizers for basically random cobbles barriers rules across different sectors.

Lantern Rouge has the definitive take.
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 They should install 3 foot curb feelers on each side of the lead officials car.
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 All riders should have pool noodles on their bikes sticking out to the sides to indicate the no touch zone.
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 If anyone actually still cares about this incident by now, I'd recommend watching this video that properly describes the circumstances involved in the crash
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 Enlightening, actually. Thanks for posting.
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 Thank you for posting. That gives a total different perspective.
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 @anaughtymouse Came here to post the same...

The Lanterne Rouge analysis of this (same video: is the best thing I have seen that attempts to get to an understanding of how to move forward on the issue of reducing spectator / rider incidents in road cycling.

Sorry PB commenters, but as is increasingly usual, most of you (ie: us, as that includes me) talk out of our arseholes and think we are right. The reality is we are mostly BS artists.
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 Folks there are other countries in the world that have different customs from your own.

it might be that being called a ‘calf’ in Flemish is the equivalent of the other c word in other countries, although it just looks like it’s a slang term for idiot in Flemish.

Just like throwing a shoe at some one is certain Middle Eastern countries is a big insult where as in others you would just think it a bit odd.
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 "Who throws a shoe, honestly?"
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 Really hate it for Lampaert but i have to admit, the chances of something like this happening doesn't make me less likely to watch.
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 I thought the whole point of the Paris Roubaix was that it was on cobblestone?
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 Cobblestone sections (* denotes difficulty), they change slightly year-to-year.

Sectors of Pave in the 2018 Paris-Roubaix
29 - Troisvilles (km 93.5 - 2.2 km) ***
28 - Briastre (km 100 - 3 km) ***
27 - Saint-Python (km 109 - 1.5 km) ***
26 - Quiévy (km 111.5 - 3.7 km) ****
25 - Saint-Vaast (km 119 - 1.5 km) ***
24 - Verchain-Maugré (km 130 - 1.2 km) **
23 - Quérénaing (km 134.5 - 1.6 km) ***
22 - Maing (km 137.5 - 2.5 km) ***
21 - Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon (km 140.5 - 1.6 km) ***
20 - Haveluy (km 153.5 - 2.5 km) ****
19 - Trouée d'Arenberg (km 162 - 2.4 km) *****
18 - Hélesmes (km 168 - 1.6 km) ***
17 - Wandignies (km 174.5 - 3.7 km) ****
16 - Brillon (km 182 - 2.4 km) ***
15 - Sars-et-Rosières (km 185.5 - 2.4 km) ****
14 - Beuvry-la-forêt (km 189 - 1.4 km) ***
13 - Orchies (km 197 - 1.7 km) ***
12 - Bersée (km 203 - 2.7 km) ****
11 - Mons-en-Pévèle (km 208.5 - 3 km) *****
10 - Avelin (km 214.5 - 0.7 km) **
9 - Ennevelin (km 218 - 1.4 km) ***
8 - Templeuve - L'Epinette (km 223.5 - 0.2 km) *
8 - Templeuve - Moulin-de-Vertain (km 224 - 0.5 km) **
7 - Cysoing (km 230.5 - 1.3 km) ***
6 - Bourghelles (km 233 - 1.1 km) ***
5 - Camphin-en-Pévèle (km 237.5 - 1.8 km) ****
4 - Carrefour de l'Arbre (km 240 - 2.1 km) *****
3 - Gruson (km 242.5 - 1.1 km) **
2 - Hem (km 249 - 1.4 km) ***
1 - Roubaix (km 256 - 0.3 km)
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 not all of it. just certain sections.
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 @slyfink: Ahhhhhhh, I did not know.
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 @nerds-on-dirt-mtb: definitely confusing, but nobody would finish 160 miles of cobbles. They are brutal on a road bike.
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 @nerds-on-dirt-mtb: this year is was 56km of cobbles in a 250km race.
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 Oh, those good old days when everything was cobblier: "Seeking the challenge of racing on cobbles is relatively recent. It began at the same time in Paris–Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, when widespread improvements to roads after the second world war brought realisation that the character of both races were changing. Until then the race had been over cobbles not because they were bad but because that was how roads were made"
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 @dolface: how much time to have on your hands? i hate you and i dont even know you.
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 @Intense4life: LOL, just enough time to use Google, got the list from here:
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 @dolface: k we can be friends again
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 @Intense4life: Dunno why you're getting downvoted, I'm cracking up...
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 @dolface: I dunno. 4 -5 moments….That’s all it takes Dolface. To be hero. This was one of them. When I say your user name I picture Dolly working at the bmx shop in Pee See’s big adventure. Warms my heart.
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 If it ain't roped off, it's part of the course.
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 Richie is that you?
  • 6 1
 Honestly these idiots are going to end up causing changes to be made that will have a negative impact on a lot of other fans.
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 you should watch the 2013 race. or the 2017 edition of flanders or any mountain top stage in spain.
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 I mean, the spectator was standing in the same position all the time and the rider rode straight into his arms lmao It's not like he jumped out in front of him, he didn't even move his arms.
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 counter point....rider did not change position on the road, was clearly visible, and the spectator didn't bother moving
  • 2 3
 @SATN-XC: I don't know what the rules are for spectators or if there even are rules, but this guy was not standing any farther out on the road that the majority of other fans. Riders have to assume part of the risk in situations like this. It would be another thing if there were barriers and he was hanging way out over it.
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 I wonder how your opinion may change if you you just left the face of a huge jump and then spied the person stopped in your landing, tying his shoe.
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 moving the handlebars instantly on a Road bike is very different when compared to a mountain bike, and you have to consider that these guys are very concentrated to keep the pace, is no easy task, also that pace was like 50 km/h he wasnt going any slow.

Still both are at fault imo, the rider must understand that having spectators cheering them is part of the game, so he must ride accordingly, without sacrificing his performance, and the spectator what a dumba$%, he didnt have bad intentions but it is common sense that you have to give riders room to perform.
  • 2 5
 @Narro2: There was a ton of room. Like an 8 foot corridor. The only unusual thing I saw was the rider ran into the guys arms. I think the reason the rider apologized is clear. He knows he f*cked up.
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 @SATN-XC: there's a good slow motion breakdown of the events on YouTube showing the rider swerve from the cobbles onto smooth edge where the man was standing, giving him a little over a second to react. He began to move out of the way but was not fast enough. The spectator clearly shares a great deal of fault for the crash..but the rider did clearly swerve into the spectators to get off the cobbles. The video goes on to point out multiple other corners with spectators in identical locations, none of which moved, the riders just began cornering when it was clear to do so.
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 @litany: 8 ft at that speed is almost nothing
  • 1 1
 @Narro2: hahah yeah they are going so fast it's like F1, they gotta setup for the corners and kiss the apex perfectly or they are in the wall. Oh wait, no he tried to ride to the apex on the inside....
  • 2 1
 @litany: oh an F1 reference you are such an smart boy aren't ya?
  • 1 1
 @Narro2: It's not my fault you feel dumb for saying that.
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 Imagine if this happened on a DH track... First, the spectator breaks his arm "touching" the rider; second, the rider breaks the other arm out of anger; third, people will beat that a*****e while still filming
  • 6 2
 I'd be beyond mad - you train so friggin' hard for some person just to ruin all that work in a handful of seconds. Yeah, someone is getting Cobra Kai Crane Kicked.
  • 4 0
 I believe the Crane Kick was specific to Myagi-Do
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 The two best options for this situation are both best illustrated by Forrest Gump.

Either you get up and give the man some Gump Lumps with some stiff overhead right arms punches.


You say "Stupid is as Stupid does", "It Happens"

maybe throw a quick

"Something jumped up and bit me right in the Buttocks"
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 The last one was much worse. Still put blame on spectator for sure but he was standing there clapping the whole time when a dude rode his handlebars into him. Should’ve been well out of the way but he didn’t do anything unexpected nor was the rider in a group.

Also the “be there” tagline right after a spectator involved crash is pretty comical.
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 I would say its an accident, some fault on all parties. If you slow it down, the rider swerved onto the shoulder after a blockade that was preventing them from riding on the shoulder, it is then 1 second between that and when he runs into the spectator. If the rider was looking up he should have easily saw the spectators in the road and stayed on the cobbles for 1 more second.
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 For everyone who is actually interested why the crash happened:

Turns out the race organisers made it hard for spectators to understand where they are allowed to stand vs. where the riders are allowed to ride in this sector. And the spectator didn‘t have much time to react to the rider changing his line.

Not saying the spectator is not at fault at all, but you should look at the whole picture before you put all the blame on someone.
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 i like the bit where he's set for a podium, sometimes i forget you're now cycling tips wankers. also cool all these folks wanting to beat up some old dude, yeah if he was 20 years younger or could see more of the road he'd get his hands back, but the race is on the cobbles and you want to chase the smooth you deal with the dangers, you dive to edge amongst the people anything can happen.
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 Spectators will be spectators. Back in the day Grouppe B rally mechanics would find severed fingers wedged in the bodywork of the cars.
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 You just know there is a sub section of roadies blaming disc brakes for this accident. When they should just be commenting on the skill to hang onto the bike as long as he did.
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 Main question here is, if specialized is going to sue the race organizers or the major of the town over the name…
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 They should sue Specialized.
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 It's probably Opi.
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 Imagine if DH spectators were as foolish and careless as road race supporters.
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 Jesus wtf is wrong with people
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 From one sec to another it looked he was going full fixie skid.
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 No one is really talking about this but that spectator is actually the infamous Opi.
  • 1 2
 The so called fan should’ve been back a step. But maybe he was under the influence and his impaired judgment anabled his arm/hand to make contact. Sucks for the biker. I guess the cobbles is the safe zone.
  • 2 1
 better bike handling skills would help. freakin yard sale crash on a tiny bump.
  • 1 0
 Proof that we're all getting dumber
  • 1 0
 Finally a good reason for social distancing.
  • 1 0
 Oppi was there himself this time! Too old too slow to stepback!
  • 1 0
 A CALF?? Maybe... But a Veal A-hole, YES!!
  • 1 0
 put some knee pads on fuck road racing
  • 1 0
 Spectator had too many Jupilers.
  • 2 2
 Solid tuck and roll. I give that dismount a 9/10.
  • 2 2
 Look ahead not at your front tire
  • 1 0
 nice almost safe bro
  • 1 1
 These lame bikes are so unstable
  • 1 0
  • 5 5
 Total Douche move
  • 3 4
 Wouldn't of have happened if it had a motor & battery.
  • 3 4
 Instead of "Spectator" can we start referring to these people as Ass Hats.
  • 1 3
 The rider should have gone back and punched the guy in the head, then stuffed his bike up the dudes cornhole.
  • 1 0
 Quite the possibility with ALL THE STEROIDS!!!
  • 1 1
 Such a cool crash.
  • 6 9
 Sick! I'll watch more road races if this starts to ramp up!
  • 1 0
 Bring back piss cups :'D
  • 4 7
 Spectators lucky his ass didnt get beat.
  • 2 5
 Honestly, this looks as if the spectator did it on purpose.
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