Brage Vestavik Suffers Broken Foot Filming for X Games RealMTB

Jan 21, 2021 at 7:57
by James Smurthwaite  

Brage Vestavik has announced he broke his foot while filming for his X Games Real MTB section on Sunday.

bigquotesTime to chill for a bit. Broke my foot (Talus) during filming the last bit of my X Games Real MTB part on Sunday! Been at the hospital waiting for the swelling to go down then hopefully get surgery done soon. Cant wait to be backBrage Vestavik

Brage was one of six riders selected for the return of Real MTB edit competition. The format has been dormant since 2013 and the 90 second edits are due to premiere on ESPN 2 in April with a fan vote to decide the winner of the $5,000 cash prize.

It sounds like Brage is going to still be able to compete in the competition as his injury happened during one of the last days of filming. He told us he's not sure how long he's going to be out for yet but he's now going to be spending his time editing the footage he has with Blur Media have before showing off his work in Spring.

In the meantime, we're sending healing vibes his way and hope to see him back in action soon.


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 Something tells me he might be on pain meds in the first photo. Major bummer, heal up.
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 Anyone know what the typical prognosis of a talus break is?
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 Brage always chillin
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The talus has several specific regions where it can break, however most often tend to occur in a narrow region of the bone called the neck. Depending on the amount the bone has shifted, what we refer to as displacement has been studied and correlated with the bone essentially losing its blood supply and undergoing relatively rapid degeneration. This process is called avascular necrosis. The more displacement or if the fracture is associated with a dislocation of the ankle joint or some of the other foot joints, then the risk of avascular necrosis is much higher. The issue with that is it leads to painful arthritis affecting the foot and treatment options at that point usually consist of some variation of a fusion to limit motion across those painful joints. In a young, active person, this is obviously not ideal.
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 @duplex: Can you please be more specific
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 I broke mine a long time ago on a dirt bike by not wearing boots. My toes almost hit my shin bone and the talus snapped in half. It’s kind of like a stop to keep your ankle from over rotating.

Wore a cast for 6 weeks and was right back at it, never had an issue after that.
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 @dylancraig6: I broke my talus a while back in a MTB crash and I had what duplex describes. The bone didn't heal and started to rot away. I had a hole in my bone that took some cartilage with it. I had surgery back in August to get this fixed. They took a piece of bone with cartilage on it from my knee and put it in my foot. So far recovery has been going good, slow but good. I am however in my late 30's so I don't heal as fast as I once did.
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 Broke mine a year and a half ago. Displaced neck fracture. Had surgery to put screws in. I was lucky and didn’t have any of the blood supply problems. It took 5 months to stop hurting and start moving.
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 @Reno233: did the same thing, but in boots, and broke both ankles. forget what bones tho
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 $5000 top prize?! That's it? My man's filming expenses and now hospital bills probably cost more than that and now he's basically paying to be in the contest even if he wins.
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 Lol, hospital bills.
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 The gas bill for all the vehicles to make the film probably cost 5k. Like trying to make a living on a 20th place supercross career. Well I’m sure someone makes money on it or they would stop.
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 I know this might be mind blowing for an american, but some countries - like Norway - are actually run in a way where you won't be financially ruined if you get sick or hurt. He won't get any hospital bills.
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 @SimbaandHiggins: Hey, bro... keep that commie socialism to yourself. We are quite happy to overpay for mediocre medical care. Murica, fck yea!
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 I agree that $5000 is not okay, this is X Games, it's worth more and these athlete's efforts are worth more.

But, and I might be wrong, but I believe the athletes are also given money to film the project. So in theory, even if they don't win, they aren't spending money and the winners get the 5k as a bonus. It might even be that the filmers also win 5k?
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 @SimbaandHiggins: I'm aware and jealous haha. More just highlighting how ridiculously small a prize that is for how much the athletes put in, physically and financially. Idk if I'd take maybe winning 5k to potentially injure myself, no matter if it's paid for or not. Also given that these gigs are what pay some the bills for a lot of athletes ( in which you pay taxes to get that socialized healthcare), it still could put financial strain on them. Again not trying to make a point about healthcare costs and what not, just how these athletes deserve more than they get
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 No one is making them do it.
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Boss: do you want to get paid for doing what we pay you to do.

Employee: yes.

Boss: we’re not going to force you .

Employee: will I still get paid for not doing what you have asked me to do.

Boss: No
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 @fatduke: Employee: Guess I’ll go do something else then!
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 @SimbaandHiggins: That's not true, I paid 220kr for an xray.
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 @brodoyouevenbike: whats that then about £20 or $25, seems absolutely extortionate.
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 @Eatsdirt: There's enough "socialism" in America already. You'd know that if you had some basic civics knowledge. The military, police, fire fighters, public schools, etc... Corporate bailouts left & right, but free Healthcare & education for the citizens? LoL Fak NO!

Note: When I said socialism I really meant socialized. Just wanted to keep my response in line with your comment. If that makes sense?
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 @m1dg3t: Hey bro, don't tread on me!

Before you get all uppity, you might want to read into the sarcasm.
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 @SimbaandHiggins: could this in some cases be considered non essential however? i've heard of norwegian ACL replacements taking years, as surgery not deemed essential. i'd consider it a farce that Norwegian doctoring is superior. sure, might be free (after 65% of your lunch is taken) but superior in comparison to american medicine? where you can choose your sports surgeons and sports doctors? i dunno
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 The conditions this guy's been digging in to build the features for that edit are nuts! Hope he fixes up soon
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 Get well soon!
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 I’m just glad he was able to pretty much finish he’s footage n that he seems like he’s gonna have a pretty quick recovery! We love u Brahe!! Sending healing vibes ur way!!
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 B-Rage is mortal?!
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 Talus was 1 of the things I broke when I destroyed my foot... Don't see how he'll be riding again any time soon. Not at 100% anyways. Heal up well & good bud! Positive vibes
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 5K is a rubbish ammount for the top prize money.....
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 It's also a rubbish amount for a bicycle.
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 Guess it really is xgames real
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 Nooooooo Frown Speedy recovery for Brage!
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