Cane Creek Warns Against Scam Website Offering Large Discounts

Jan 29, 2022 at 8:09
by James Smurthwaite  

Cane Creek has warned against a scam site that is fraudulently offering discounted sales of its products.

The website,, is offering deals that look too good to be true including a Helm fork for $91 (reduced from $566), a Thudbuster seatpost for $95 ($180) and Eewings crank arms for $91 ($502).

bigquotesWell folks, we're always bummed when people/businesses try to scam or take advantage of others. We were made aware earlier this week through a trusted partner that there is a phony website called ⁠

We have no affiliation with this website, they are not an authorized reseller, and we do not recommend anyone attempt to purchase anything from this website.⁠

Please note that our official websites are and, and we have no affiliation with any other URL or website.⁠

As always- Cane Creek wants to support riders out there to the best of our ability, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!
Cane Creek

With the global parts shortage, Cane Creek isn't the first brand to be targeted by a scheme like this. In October last year, Shimano warned against a fake website that was offering more than 50% off its components.


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 Thanks for the link I just ordered a ton, have you seen the prices! They said if you put in your ssn under the discount coupon you'll get a free keychain!
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 You missed out on discount code "pets first name"
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 @ViolaVesperlin: as opposed to it’s middle name aye?
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flag youann217o (Jan 29, 2022 at 9:23) (Below Threshold)
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 Wait..this isn’t February’s deals?
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 Pets have middle names now??
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 @stainerdome: Haha that is awesome All of us dyslexic people didn't skip a beat and just read it as "first pet's name".
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 I just got a Helm for 98 doller-e-doos.
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 @stainerdome: the golden doodle my wife picked out for her fortieth should have a sir prefix and something like an VIII after his name for what we paid!
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 @ViolaVesperlin: Didn't even notice until I saw your comment
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 @dancingwithmyself: How could someone downvote that joke? Props from me. Maybe they thought your were talking about phalluses.
  • 1 0 is another one we were made aware of.
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 So sweet. I just bought the EeWings titanium cranks for $91.00 and Cane Creek Helm MK II for for $89.00. Since it is such a great deal, I bought a couple of spares of each.

FYI: SSN and pet's first name discount coupons do not work. Weak.
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 @stainerdome: mine does, and its epic. Not my password though.
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 If any website says their inventory is ready to ship it’s a red flag
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 Sad face
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 @Dogl0rd: Came to say this. Well played.
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 It's registration:

Registry Expiration: 2022-12-14 06:50:25 UTC
Updated: 2021-12-14 06:55:19 UTC
Created: 2021-12-14 06:50:25 UTC

Name: Non-Public Data
Kind: individual
Mailing Address: Jiangsu, CN
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 Looks like you found the Fletcher of China. Industry8 is probably down the road from them.
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 I wonder if its Yi Long Musk
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 I thought Eewings were over $1k retail? But yeah, if you’re falling for something like this getting scammed out of bike part money probably isn’t your biggest problem.
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 Looks like it's the crank 'arm' not the whole thing. At $500, that would be tempting!
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flag likeittacky (Jan 29, 2022 at 8:35) (Below Threshold)
 I assume you misinterpret the retail price shown in parenthesizes; its retail price the phony site has falsely listed.
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 @ryan77777: Try the discount code "industrybrah"
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 Wow, just looked at the website. It's quite impressive. Looks absolutely legit and most of the items on sale are actually reasonably priced. Not too much off to raise alarms. From links to information regarding product, whoever designed it put an immense amount of effort into it. The red flags start showing up when you get into returns page, and about us page. At that point you can see it's some dirt bag jagoff who doesn't understand the English language.
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 Or when you go to the checkout and the PayPal option is suddenly nowhere to be seen.
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 @warmerdamj: They took all major crypto and all I needed to do was type in my 12 word pass phrase. They said they would take care of everything in no time and I should see tracking info shortly. They claim their prices are so low because they cut out the middleman....Cane Creek....made sense to me.
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 Same format as the fake Shimarno site, even
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 @warmerdamj: I see the PayPal option under checkout
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 @cmi85: No you don't, you see it at the bottom of the main page. You may be their target audience.
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 Not a lot of work. They took a template and changed it a bit. Would CC really be selling WT products? Or have a bike with a Fox fork installed in the main header image? Also products are not categorized to where you can filter things out. This took a day or 2 to make and another day or 2 to test.
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 You have to be pretty stupid to fall for a site like that. No PayPal, no good.
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 Can PayPal be trusted to verify that a merchant is legitimate? Just asking because I never thought of presence-of-PayPal as a heuristic for a trustworthy seller.
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 @bocomtb: Anything bought via PayPal would be covered under their buyer protection. I don't know what type of vetting process they use but you will never see PayPal as an option on a scam site and if you do then you are covered regardless.
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 @bocomtb: wow! ya couldn't pass up the chance to use "heuristic" in a pinkbike comment. good on ya lad!
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 @flipoffthemonkeys: they didnt really use it correctly though!
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 There are folks out there still waiting for their Pinarello replica off a dodgy website that costed half of a legit fake on Ali Express.
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 They even have wolf tooth components headsets for sale on this site ‍♂️
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 Wow, it turned my facepalm emoji into a male symbol. That’s unexpected
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 @borisimobike: I just thought wolftooth made you.. excited
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 @pen9-wy: What’s the correct usage?
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 I've been scamed by a not existing online store which accepted PayPal. That was my lucky escape,I got my money back.
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 I was thinking more like you would have to be pretty stupid to fall for a site like that, selling a real fork for 91$! loll Even if it was a RST or whatever but a Cane Creek come on.... Not a long time ago, they were selling complete bikes, Yetis if I remember, for like 2-300$?! Haha
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 @borisimobike: Now I understand some of the unexpected male symbols I saw in PB comments. Thanks.
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many fraudulent sites can add image of payment methods such as paypal but when paying they only accept credit cards or visa, be careful!
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 I bet they have better customer service tho
  • 6 2
 any1 who downvotes didnt have a db air lol
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 Or any of their headsets.
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 I ordered a Joplin from these guys two years ago. Still going strong. Must be fake.
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 Damn. I just realised I mixed up Cane Creek with Crank Bros. Auto-facepalm.
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 It is actually kind of funny that people fall for these. The lack of common sense is amazing: an entire site filled with products discounted massively. This is the kind of pricing you’d only see due to a price mistake, not across the entire site. Use just the smallest bit of sense and you’d realize something’s wrong.

Just a good reinforcement for your common sense detector: if it seems like it’s too good to be true, that’s likely because it is.
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 The search and rescue crew in Yosemite used to refer to some operations as INS - interfering with natural selection.
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 People can easily fall for this. check out as an example where you can checkout using paypal and the URL being pretty legit seeming.

Also its not the first time a major company messes up their prices, Salomon a few years back were selling their gear at 80% off accidentally so I can see why someone could buy into this.
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 Site DNS is on Cloudflare... report abuse here:
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 For those wondering... DNS A records for and point to:
Cloudflare, Inc. (AS13335)
Cloudflare, Inc. (AS13335)
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 @chriskief: the enlarged street view of the placard at Cloudflare's address in Bruxelles isn't very convincing. Also there's no such thing as a cloudflare
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 @ceecee: Cloudflare doesn’t run this scammer site, they provide underlying network services:

Report the site at the abuse link above. Maybe if enough Pinkers do it they’ll take action.
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 @chriskief: Joking about Cloudflare, not joking about being overrun with incorporated proper names. I can live without either of these sites and their underlying operations.


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 A $95 Thudbuster is still infinitely too expensive!
  • 4 0
 I'm not versed enough in English legal language to know what this means exactly (from their terms and conditions)
"Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Cane Creek Shop reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. Cane Creek Shop reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item. All orders placed must obtain pre-approval with an acceptable method of payment, as established by our credit and fraud avoidance department."

Does this say they can decline your order even after you paid, for any reason they want?
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 at least the customer service wouldnt be any worse
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 In the delivery section “ Worn shoes are not exchangeable or returnable. If you are going to try on the shoes with your dress we ask that you wear stockings or socks, and only wear them on the carpet.” - must be a scam template or something
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 Absolutely sucks, but with no news about any consequences for the creators/operators of the fake Shimano website, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it continues.
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 As long as they are only scamming gullible Westerners, their government doesn't care. Only way there would be government intervention is if they were scamming fellow countrymen.
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 Just ordered 6 sets of eewings from That sight. Gosh darnit!
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 So, you saw the site and thought, “What a sight the site is. I might bite.”
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 @nickfranko: good one, dude!
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 Love my Helm Air 27.5 and my DB Air CS! Two best upgrades I’ve ever bought for my bike! The company is totally rad and they just saved some poor souls from a bad decision! Thanks for the heads up!!!
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 I feel that buying Cane Creek is a scam. They have the worst customer service.
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 So is this a site that just takes your money and runs? Or do they sell actual products that are just fake? Or is this a side project for someone who works on the production line of Cane Creek products somewhere in Asia?
If one of the latter, @henryquinny please order some for next year's Budget vs Baller
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 After I blogged about those fake bike shops, they put my private phone number as a contact number, I had 'customers' calling from France:

Brands, police, etc... were warned, nobody did anything.

I am sure some people got screwed.
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 oh look, MTB parts being sold for total production cost without the 500% mark up
  • 2 0
 I saw this email, surprised that they included a direct link to the scam site. If I was a scammer, I'd appreciate the bump in traffic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 2 0
 unless they make an I.C.B.M. headset for a Schwinn Homegrown they can't fool me
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 The problem with this website is the discounts aren't good enough. An $8 saving on a wolf tooth RockShox axel. I'd rather just pay full retail for the legit part.
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 They should warns agains long warranty claims tbh
  • 1 0
 Not much you can do looking a registrar info...but you can send them a nice message or 20....I just did
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 Getting scammed is bad, I think we can all agree on that.

Companies trying to protect the integrity of their product and brands, also good

(evil thought) “if we claim anything less than MSRP is a scam, we never have to discount our products”
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 PS5(box) for sale. Only 500$
  • 2 0
 Dammit.... just ordered 12 forks....
  • 2 2
 Pinkbike is lying to you. This website is like 1000000% legit. My new headset is getting delivered on a unicorn tomorrow and I can't wait!
  • 1 0
 Pink bike used cane creek wholesale pricing instead of retail in their comparison with this “fake” web store.
  • 1 0
 thats probably the taiwan cost on all this and someone just selling direct. 1000$ for a crank... holy jessus
  • 1 0
 @henryquinney...and here I was thinking this was your chance to get one up on @jasonlucas!
  • 1 1
 I just ordered a Canada goose jacket at 75% off from Facebook. Can’t wait!
  • 1 0
 So they stitch the geese together? Sounds warm but maybe difficult to sleep in...
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 Need one of those scam buster guys on u tube to f with them
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 Solid Company!
  • 1 0
 Wonder if the shocks blow out East?
  • 1 1
 I hear their air shocks are reliable and official CC see it as an epic burn
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 Nice try Cane Creek, this fake warning won't stop me from getting new fork for half the price B)
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 It's a shame that common sense died with the rise of the internet.
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 At the checkout: "You have got a random Discount 2% OFF". Loved it.
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 can i get their link? prices are of the hook
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 thubduster lol
  • 1 4
  • 1 1
 Sweet , love me a good deal . Link please
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 As if though the real Cane Creek company isn't taking advantage of consumers with their rediculous prices. Lol. Corporate greed is everywhere.
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  • 1 0
 Freshdesk is a ticketing service, similar to Zendesk.
  • 2 3
 Based in India?
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