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Commencal / Muc Off Bids Farewell to Remi Thirion After 8 Years

Dec 21, 2020 at 8:44
by James Smurthwaite  

Commencal has posted a farewell video to Remi Thirion, who first joined its team 8 years ago.

Remi Thirion on his was to third place in what was a truly wild rn.

Remi joined the Commencal set up in 2013 after switching from the Labyrinth Shimano set up and quickly became one of the riders to watch as soon as the terrain got steep and technical. His finest hour came at the brand's home track in Vallnord in his first year with the team where he claimed his first World Cup win but he also earned wins at Crankworx, the French Cup, the French National Champs and the iXS European Cup with the team.

Remi Thirion pulling off the rain and dirt had him seeing fifth place.

Remi suffered a horrific back break at Leogang in June of 2017 but this year, Thirion left those demons behind this year to conquer the muddy World Championships course and finish third in a brilliant comeback. He finished 2020 fifth in the overall following another podium in Maribor to round off a stellar season.

bigquotesTo All The Good Times, Cheers Mitch.

2013: Remi Thirion, a fast and extremely talented rider became a part of our team. He trusted us from the beginning and no one knew then that it was the start of a very long story between us, as well as the ‘real' beginning of the Riding Addiction structure. A few months later he gave us a moment we’ll never forget. Rémi won the Vallnord World Cup! His first podium and World Cup win, our first World Cup win in the Elite Men's category.

Rémi has played a huge part in our team growth. He grew up with us, bringing us several podiums, contributing twice to winning the World Cup DH Team Of The Year and all with his kindness, passion and ambition.

2020: By taking the bronze at Leogang World Championships, He finally got the medal he was chasing for so many years. Only a few days later, he came second in Maribor for the first World Cup of this unexpected season, showing once again that he’s one of the most skilled riders in the world.

Today: A story ends and a page turns after spending eight years together. It’s definitely the most difficult news we have to write as Rémi wasn’t just our rider, he's a true friend and he will remain part of our family. We can never thank him enough for everything.

Thank you again, Mitch, we wish you nothing but the very best for your next chapter. We love you!
Commencal / Muc Off

bigquotes8 years of rad racing and pure friendship! We’ve enjoyed every minute. Merci Rémi.Commencal

There's no news yet on what the future holds for Remi but we'll update you with more news as it comes in.

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 I heard they let him go because he publicly declared that he preferred the Grim Donut over his Meta TR.
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 Commencal should have made him a life contract just for how he rode in the last wood in Leogang at the last WC.. anyway, all the best Remy!
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 Rose bikes
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 Commencal must treat their riders well. Their riders are usually lifers. Interesting.
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 Maybe he's done? He was their flagship rider since the Andorra win. I hope not, but can't picture him on anything but a Commencal.
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 He left because they are going to use rst shocks.
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 @makripper: hahaha
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 @mtbmaniatv: he is a pretty decent rider, i wonder what happened?, i usually purchase commencal things on their website i started to notice a while ago that he wasnt modeling any of the clothing. It is mostly PomPom and Pierron
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 @mtbmaniatv: I was wondering about that. He's only 30, I had to google... Seems pretty young, but maybe. He did have his first decent season in a while this year. But perhaps he wants to end on a high note?
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 Maybe he just couldn't tolerate how tight their racing pants were any longer.
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 @makripper: class
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flag jaame (Dec 21, 2020 at 14:09) (Below Threshold)
 I reckon he's probably getting forced out/quitting. He's not really been on it since 2013 until this year and a lot of younger chaps have come up since then. I doubt he will win another race. Business is business. Maybe they can't afford him and Pierron. It's surprising he's stayed there so long I think. Most top 20 but not winning riders tend to ping pong around teams a lot. Friends and money don't mix. Like two....
Good luck to him. Hopefully he gets a ride on another team if he wants it. Santa Cruz maybe - they're in the market for a European rider.
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 @jaame: What are you taking about? He's won more wc's in the last 8 years than most, been a constant podium/top 10 threat despite a broken back in 2017 and becoming a dad last year. He has not been off it.

If anything maybe now that he's a dad he's switching to Enduro
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 @TheBrosCloset: objectively speaking he's a guy that won one race seven years ago. He's been outdone by his teammate over recent seasons. Someone is doing a calculation regarding his value based on those facts, assuming he has been cut.
Assuming he has walked, then perhaps the calculation came out favourably but he still chose to leave.
I guess time will tell which one it was.
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 @jaame: I will correct the multiple WC wins, I mixed up some IXS race results in my head.

Still, he's been far more successful than other racers, Blenki comes to mind. It will be interesting to see what he ends up doing.
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 Truth is I think Remi is coming off a hot season and is now at the sensible age at which point one needs to follow the money a bit. I'm sure Commencal/RA was paying him adequately, but they have bigger names they have to pay with Pierron and Nicole. He's still fit, still very talented, I think he deserves a bigger contract with a company that needs a solid, experienced rider to earn recognition. He's worth a lot more than people in these comments give him credit for
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 @ryanandrewrogers: This.
Commencal Muc Off is just staked with talents with Pierron, Nicole e Daprela.
After a season like that, I just can imagine how Thirion's value on the market has flown; it just seem logical to me to chase the money while he can
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 @TheBrosCloset: has he won more races than one? I thought it was just Andorra in 2012 or 13. I was also thinking about Blenki and Bulldog too. They have won, but probably won't again. They are team fillers, not team leaders - because they don't win or threaten to win on the regular.
I like all of them, but I could understand it if they weren't first choice for most teams.
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 @jaame: as mentioned, I got IXS races mixed up with world Cup because of locations.
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 @TheBrosCloset: Oh right you are I saw that now.
Anyway, I hope he has got more money wherever he is heading.
I would be nice to see him race the EWS. He would be at the sharp end off the bat for sure.
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 Remi thirion to 100% Commencal
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 If he's not picked up, I'll be bummed. His lines can be insane!
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 My mate will take you up on the offer if he doesn't get signed.
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 @hhaaiirryy: Comment of the year territory here!
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 @hhaaiirryy: I'm an older guy - 59 - I'm missing the joke. What is it??
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 Now that's a shocker!
Good luck Rémi!
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 Incredible performance this season. Congrats !
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 I think that angel goes to the union because he has a good image and remy at 100% beginal team Vosges and always begin
for loris he goes to trek everyone knows lol
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 Maybe Lori's will take his spot, it's a solid team and great bike wouldn't be a downgrade. Plus he's french
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 Andorra ain't France Saison Sillie.
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 @suspended-flesh: but they also speek franconian.
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 @Muckal: True, they do parlez the fvck out of that merde.
  • 1 2

Yep - off the top of my head, I'd also say that Spanish is the most important language in Andorra after Catalan. It is the main language of about 70% of Spanish national immigrants (an additional 5% speak Galician). Most came to the country between 1955 and 1985.

The low degree of development of Andorra, the limited education in the immigrants' homelands, and the fear of an invasion by Francoist Spain made it more difficult for the immigrants to integrate fully until 1993, when the constitution of the country was approved.[citation needed] Since then, Spanish has become the second most used language of the population living in the country,[4] and moreover is the dominant language of communication amongst people of different linguistic backgrounds, thus triggering recent government efforts to promote more general and universal use of Catalan.

Since Andorra also shares both Catalan and French education systems, children can learn Spanish if parents choose the Catalan option.
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 @suspended-flesh: Max Commencal is and based his second bike company (Commencal) in Andorra for fiscal reason (evasion ?) after the Sunn debacle. Most people in that company are French and in France that company is regarded as French since we all know it is in Andorra only to scam the French taxes. So call it Andorran if you want but that's not really reality.
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 @Balgaroth: I'm just killing time at work, buddy. Copy-n-paste from Wiki.
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 Loris lives in Andorra now. Might be easier for him to test and refine the bike.
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 Shocked by that news .Its been great seeing him fly this year
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 He is a proper DHer, what could he have achieved if the tracks were steeper, slicker and gnarlier. So skilled and creative on a bike, hope we see more of Remi.
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 Open spot for Vergier at Commencal?
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 If commencal moves to fox loris won't ride for commencal I pretend loris will move to trek
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 @Sass7768: Loris just announced at Instagram that he is leaving Fox, Oakley and Fiveten.
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 @Sass7768: what if Commencal moves to Öhlins?
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 I recognize the song, and it's on the tip of my tongue. Can anyone help me out here?
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 "I'm A Man" The Spencer Davis Group
  • 2 0
 I'm a Man by The Spencer Davis Group
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 @anickerson22, @Mavic101: Thanks to you both!!
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 Cost cutting to get Loris?
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 Now thats how you tell a bloke he’s worth his weight! Very heartfelt. In the steeps? Nobody better.
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 Making space for Jamie Edmondson
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 Thirion is so exciting on the live feed. Hopefully get a new gig.
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 thought he was middle fingering
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 Replacement for Loris on SCS? I hope so
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 I think angel Suarez will be taking Loris place on sc
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 @shreddie-eddie: really? wow, what happened to the syndicate?
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 @shreddie-eddie: Doubt that - but would be stoked for the Spaniard.
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 @suspended-flesh: obviously we can't know for sure, but he posted a blacked out bike on his instagram yesterday. It was a mullet and looked to have burgtec grips on it
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 @shreddie-eddie: hopefully not!!
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 @shreddie-eddie: Oh yeah - looks like it. Is Luca safe?
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 @Endurip: WTF. Why? What an odd thing to say.
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 @AlanMck: Angel is older than Loris and has showed promising results but nothing close to what you would expect from a syndicate rider. It really doesn't make sense for the syndicate to pick hin up, that free spot is most likely going to be filled by a junior or atleast early 20s.
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 @TobiasHandcock: Angel is only about 6 months older than Loris but I agree that a Syndicate ride is probably reserved for the hottest up-n-comer.
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 @TobiasHandcock: Oisin O callaghan?
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 @gaffney92: Doubt YT would let him go so soon after all the development they put into the kid. He probably had to sign a contract favorable to YT.
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 @shreddie-eddie: no, he will be riding for Commençal next year. People already saw the bike
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 @TobiasHandcock: the man was 7th in the overall, what are you talking about?
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 @suspended-flesh: his Instagram had a bike with all burgtec stuff and a blurred bike that looked like a v10
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 @andr3wman: Yep saw that
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 Shocker this one
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