EWS Releases Largest Full Event Calendar to Date

Nov 18, 2019 at 5:17
by James Smurthwaite  
Kelley Cody rosewoods to the occasion and was able to keep pace with teammates Richie Rude and Shawn Neer to help Team USA win gold in Finale

The EWS has released its full calendar today and it encompasses more races than ever before. As well as the flagship Enduro World Series, the Trophy of Nations and the EWS-E races we've already covered, the series will be buttressed by 48 Qualifier events and a further 20 races that will comprise the European, Asia-Pacific and North American Enduro Series. This takes the total number of races in next year’s calendar to 80 across 35 countries and four continents.

Both the Qualifier races and continental level events offer riders the chance to earn EWS Global ranking points, giving them the chance to qualify for the main EWS races in 2021. This means there are more chances than ever before for riders to earn a spot in the big leagues. Qualifier winners are automatically granted EWS qualification, as are the entire podium from each of the European, Asia-Pacific and North American Series races. With each of the continental series having a minimum of six rounds in 2020, the point structure has also changed. Racers’ best four results from the Series will be totaled to calculate their series ranking, so competitors have a fighting chance at the title without having to commit to traveling to each round.

ALN pushing Miranda Miller to go harder on Stage 1. The Canadian women would finish the day 3rd

The EWS has expanded to more countries now as well with Iceland, Russia, Greece and Israel all gaining qualifying events and Finland, Belgium and Mexico being added to their respective Continental series.

An EWS spokesperson said: "This year’s line up of Qualifier and continental level races is a true reflection of the diversity and health of enduro racing across the globe. This is the largest calendar we’ve ever produced and its testament to the incredible organisers we work with around the world. Now that the EWS is qualification only, these races are more important than ever as they help propel the next generation of riders on to the international stage.”

View the full calendar here.


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 On one hand it seems beneficial to have 4/6 races count for rankings... but on the other it will mean certain venues won't see the same amount of rider participation, which may ultimately make that venue no longer viable and reduce the size of the series.

Specifically here in Canada, 4 western races and two in eastern provinces, so the east racers need to travel west but not so for the west-based racers.
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 Its almost like its balanced towards where the riders and venues are? Having lived on both sides of the country, the simple fact is that for a proper race, there are only a few locations in Eastern Canada that have sufficient terrain. And you may also notice that pretty much all of Canada's top Enduro riders live out west, so it makes sense to bias the events that way.
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 I have to agree. Growing up in the maritimes I always saw events in the west getting huge entrys, meanwhile we'd struggle to get 15-20 racers for anything but an XC event. I know Quebec and Ontario have higher numbers but your still limited by terrain for the most part with events being limited to a few area's. In the west you could have an Enduro every weekend for a season and have to drive less than 1000km over the course of the season. Living in AB now, even local events sell out in a few days. I'd be interested in the percentage of professional and high level amateur athletes live west of sask vs the rest of the country.
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 @ratedgg13: I totally get why there are more events in the west... that wasn't my point. It just seems odd that a national series now places eastern riders at a significant disadvantage to compete in the series as they have no choice but to travel to compete.
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 @ratedgg13: if New Jersey in the USA can have a black event with 3 bars on their grading system (one bar from the hardest grade they have) I think Canada could muster up a few places in the east if they really wanted too.
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 @robwhynot: I'm not sure what you want? There arent enough events to qualify on only one side of the country, so they took the decision to make it easier for organizing races and having better attendance. Yes, if someone wants to qualify, they're gonna need to make a 2 week trip west. What would be the better solution? Forcing everyone to do a one week trip to the other side of the country?

I think making a smaller number of eastern riders do a trip west is more reasonable than making both eastern and western riders both do a cross country trip .
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 @ratedgg13: you're right, it is seemingly the best compromise solution for the way the series stands today.

Quebec just needs to have its own series - there are more than enough venues between Ocup and Qcup tracks.
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 Let’s show these fools how we do it out here in this west side, because you and I know it’s the best side
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 @ratedgg13: Plus the team that developed and run the series live in BC. Megan Rose and Ted Morton started it when the industry had not yet worked out how popular "enduro" was going to be as part of the sport of mountain biking. Megan has moved to concentrate on Trans NZ and Trans BC and Ted is building the CNES and those events to new levels every year.

Does Ontario or Quebec have their own series and if so what is the rider sign up? Having volunteered at BCES for medical support and track set up and marking I know that there is a lot of work in setting up and running a good event weekend. If there are enough local races of the correct standard and popularity (ie well run, fun, challenging courses and a large enough field to make it financially viable) then they will probably be invited to join the CNES framework.

BCES/ CNES is sold out fairly quickly as soon as it is posted. This shows what hard work, the right attitude (fun from Ted) and a well run series can develop.
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 One might also argue that in the West, with more athletes, and more high level riders due to the quantity of riding, the harder it is to do well and earn points in the western events. A top 5 finish out of 100 insanely skilled riders is significantly harder than the same in an event with lower rider registration and lower percentage of riders on the crazy sharp edge of the sport. Not to say there aren't insanely good riders in the east, there are just a higher number of them in the west all vying for the same points.
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 @andrewbikeguide: Megan & Ted are bloody awesome. I've raced their events, and ridden with both of them.

Ontario/Quebec has the Marin Wildside which is honestly underwhelming. I mean the events are okay, but their organization is lacking and participation is low. And two of the races in their series are in BC haha.
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 They actually cut an eastern event from the CNES this year. Last year they had to cancel it due to lack of entrants. I think the biggest issue the CNES faces in Quebec and to an extent Ontario is the fact that the Marin Wildside series is already well established. On top of that at the higher levels there's also a lot of people going down and competing in the Eastern States Cup.
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 Zermatt, again? It was´t really a real enduro track, more advanced xc with a lot of switchbacks. Enduro should be lightning speed, drops, jumps, technical passages and so on...Rotorua was a great example of that, and it´s sad that EWS won't coma back there 2020. But there are some new interesting places that I look forward to aswell, can´t wait!!
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 XC? Did you ride it? Certainly more continous and steep action than most other venues. Plus for most riders much easier to reach than NZL. Maybe you mix Enduro up with DH?
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 @sofamac: Watched a cam vid of most of the stages, and there was certainly not anything of the above that I require of an enduro race. Of course its still to advanced for xc riders, but way to simple for enduro. A few ews riders said the same thing.
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 @Endurip: I rode quite a few of the stages and then lots more other trails a couple of summers ago in Zermatt. Absolutely some of the more 'enduro-style' trail riding I've done anywhere and my backyard is Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Nothing XC about the riding in Zermatt in my experience riding there for a week.
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Maybe you should ride more and spend less time on the Internet?
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 YESSS ISRAEL entered for the first time
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flag Golden-G (Nov 18, 2019 at 8:21) (Below Threshold)
 And hopefully the last. Israel is a psychopathic genocidal state.
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 @Golden-G: Canada's record with first nation people has been miserable, you must be a genocidal piece of shit
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 @Mntneer: I am sure that there are many, many good, kind people living in israel, you may be one of them. The actions and policies of the government of israel like the government of Canada or the USA do not necessarily represent the views of the people living in those countries. The actions and policies of the state of israel are horrific. I see it every day. Thanks for the assumptions though!
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flag hrv (Nov 18, 2019 at 10:34) (Below Threshold)
 Palestin Free, Nazionis!!!
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 @Golden-G: right, Israel is a government, not the people. Just like we shouldn't assume that all Canadians are racist and mistreat natives, we shouldnt assume that all Israeli citizens support actions against Palestinians (which I agree with some and abhor others) and punish them with boycotts.

If you haven't lived in the middle East, you would never understand how much these multi millennia old tribal wars permeate all of society today
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flag Golden-G (Nov 18, 2019 at 10:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Mntneer: I know the history of israel very very well. It has nothing to do with WW2. The country is actually called Palestine. It is a genocide. Ethnic cleansing happening right now. I see it everyday.
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 Why should the people of Israel that simply love to ride bikes not have a chance to race? Despite all the crap and politics and religious zeal happening there, the bike can have the ability to blur these lines and create a community in a place that might need that right now.
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flag Golden-G (Nov 18, 2019 at 12:56) (Below Threshold)
 @whitehonky: compulsory military service, making all those who have served in the IDF complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people. Pressuring the people of israel to enact change within the government. BDS will ultimately succeed.
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3 hours ago:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Monday said it no longer considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be a violation of international law, reversing four decades of American policy and further undermining the Palestinians’ effort to gain statehood.

What a world.
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 @Golden-G: Soral président !
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If they are committing a genocide they are doing very poorly.
The Palestinian population growth rate is among the highest in the world at around 4%, compared to the world average of 1.08%.
You see this genocide every day from your home in Calgary?
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 As if there is another country that has problems with different populations, it is human nature. Please focus on the sport because only that will be peace and love among the people.
And those who have not lived in Israel cannot bring their own opinion.
People who are on the other side and receive this negative information because of ratings.
Israelis (Jews, Arabs, Christians, etc.) love to live and move forward, which is why we are able to reach high places
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 @Golden-G: imagine if they'd chosen Brazil instead....
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 @meir: Actually, if your tax dollars go to support what you believe is indiscriminate and intentional targeting of civilians as well as state coordinated displacement, you are entitled to an opinion. Israel is literally an apartheid state, by definition. That alone should subject be it to boycott.
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 @endlessblockades: corrupt AF morally and otherwise. Injustice abounds and the masses applaud it.
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flag Golden-G (Nov 19, 2019 at 7:10) (Below Threshold)
 @meir: lies. The only thing israel is good at other than stealing and killing.
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 @matttauszik: dude. government sucks. On one hand I get where you are coming from, but on the other hand, look what the US government does. Fack, look at CHINA! should we boycott/ban all countries with shitty government who have committed "atrocities"? Israel wouldn't be the last on the list but it wouldn't be the first. Probably have to throw out every middle eastern country, every african nation, most of South America, all the big UN countries (China, Russia, US, Western Europe)... I guess Japan hasn't done anything nasty in 50+ years and the Swiss haven't done anything, ever... maybe we can just have events in Scandinavia, Japan and Switzerland?
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 @trialsracer: Morality doesn't need to be to mutually exclusive. In others words, 2 wrongs don't make a right. I personally had the same objections to Olympics in China and Sochi.

Part of the point I made was that I had a problem with American state policy towards band financial support of Israel. I'm well aware of American foreign policy.

"Committed" as in past policy, no, I'm not suggesting that there be some kind of perpetual boycotts.

4 days ago an Israeli "retaliatory" strike killed about 18 civilians including 4 children in one family. This is a regular occurrence in Gaza.

I do think the atrocities committed on the part of Israel state policy are ongoing, and particularly heinous.

Without trying to be rude, I think your take is overly simplistic and reductionist. I think if you spent literally an hour researching condition there and reading up on some of the cost in terms of innocent lives in the last few years it's possible the attitude might not just be, "dude, ride".
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 @matttauszik: glad to see at least one other person gets it.
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 Shame, looks like the EWS100 and EWS80 formats got chopped. Thought that was a great idea.
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 Hoping it's a mistake... or maybe it's not happening at all venues and details are still to be released?

Found this: "Public entries for the EWS100/EWS80 events all 2020 rounds will open in January 13-15. Spots will be offered on first come , space avaialble basis."

On this page: www.enduroworldseries.com/ews-entry-overview/how-do-i-enter
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 Soo.. I wonder how many competive people are going to be jumping into the Ebike classes now... I am wondering if I should punish myself racing Pro and not having a chance, or if I should jump on that ebike train.
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 So Kamloops is now Sun Peaks? Interesting. It will be a very
different experience from Harper Mountain, where I really enjoyed the small town feel of the venue. And the economical on-site camping..
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 Quite a bit of reasonably priced camping at Sun Peaks, their website states that they have 27 RV sites on a first come first served basis. Perhaps, as Sun Peaks is opening early just for the race series, Ted/ Race Organisers might be able to organise a field for camping.

At the BCES round two years ago, because it was essentially the off season, we were getting double rooms with kitchens for $70 per night which is pretty good value to have an endless hot shower and a warm dry place to change and sleep after a long day on the bike (in the rain and mud on the practice day!!). There will certainly be more pre and post race infrastructure like cafes, restaurants and a supermarket than there is up at Harper (don't get me wrong I like Harper)
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 The one in Sun Peaks about 3 years ago was a great venue. Camping was allowed in the parking lots. The only problem with the previous one in Sun Peaks is that there was only 1 climb at the start of the day, and then it was just a multi-stage bike park DH. Hopefully that is modified now that this is a qualifier.
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 That's all quite encouraging to hear. And being Ted's home race it has to be good!
I'm not really for or against a move. I'm looking forward to it (and another solidly mid-pack finish) either way.

And yes, better access to beer is a plus.
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Hey Doug;

Thanks for supporting us man!
We really loved the event at Harper, after three years of hosting events there we really needed to give the trails and community a break. The crew at the KPCC (who manage harper trails) work tirelessly behind the scenes, so this year we're taking a break and helping support them to fully revamp a few things. We'll come back in 2021 better than ever.

In the meantime, yup you got it, we'll have lots of options for you to keep the price down and the good times up.

We'll be throwing a big party on Friday night, so get stoked for some Mountain Cart racing!!!

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 Waiting for the"UCI is screwing everything up" comments.
  • 1 0
 For me, the use of banned substances by professional riders screwed everything up. Please try to convince me otherwise because I really did enjoy watching it.
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 @mtbikemccoy: I lost all hope in professionnal cyclists at the end of the '90s.
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 FWIW The UCI is not involved with the Continentals or qualifiers in 2020.
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 MTB is erasing differences. We are all born of One Shred and to One Shred we shall return.
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 @ews what happened to the Burke race that was announced earlier?
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 Windrock and Bootleg. American classics. It would be nice to see another rip through Eureka Springs as well.
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 I thought I’d see the worlds biggest Calendar... seem to have misinterpreted the name
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 ...Coming soon to a city near you!!!
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 How is there like a million USA races and only 4 UK ones? Makes it really hard to get anywhere without spending loads of money
  • 24 1
 Out of curiosity how long would it take to travel from one corner of the UK to the other? From my corner of the US to the opposite would be a week long road trip one way.
  • 3 0
 the US also has roughly 5x as many people as the UK. I know that doesn't directly correlate to total mountain bikers, but it does play a large part.
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 7 US qualis vs 4 UK qualis seems fair given 5x population, 40x land-size, 7x GDP, and by far the largest MTB industry? Freedom puns aside, I do agree it's ridiculous the UK isn't hosting an EWS event, given their world mtb influence, yet Columbia and Chile host Premier events. Chile is currently a shitshow amongst shitshows, and countries the entire industry depend on - Taiwan, China, and Japan, have a combined 1 quali? Name the last South American MTB product you bought?
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  • 5 0
 It's hard to feel bad for Europeans complaining about lack of bike races in close proximity.
  • 4 0
 @rideone62: you hit it right on the head. Google maps says it takes less than 12 hours to drive from the southern tip to the northern top of England. It took me that long to drive to a race that was still in my state.
  • 1 0
 @motard5: you are right on the shit show that Chile is right now, but that is irrelevant. If things are bad by the time they get to go there, there is a plan B for sure. With that said, South America has a lot of good combined conditions to make it a 1-2stops. Terrain, location and possibility to get the races done in march/April squeezed before eruopean or northern hemisphere venues (when there is no Oceania)... You should come ride Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile.. Oh f*ck, I moved to Paris, I'm screwed now Frown haha
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 Oohhh Levi Midnight Enduro!
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 Thought this was a free calendar. My fridge is bummed.
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