Greg Callaghan to Miss Madeira EWS With Broken Foot

May 8, 2019 at 6:16
by James Smurthwaite  

Greg Callaghan is the latest in a string of riders forced to drop out of the Madeira round of the EWS. He posted on Instagram last night that he broken bones and ruptured ligaments in his foot in a training crash and will be unable to take to the start line on the Portugese island.

Greg kept the news under his hat for a couple of weeks in case he would be recovered in time but it seems it just wasn't enough time.

After throwing a lead away on the final stage in Tasmania last round Greg Callaghan kept his cool down Stage 9 to take his first win of the season.
Greg on his way to the win in Madeira in 2017.

bigquotesThis should be the generic "cant wait to race this weekend, feeling great on my bike etc" post but unfortunately it's not. No Madeira EWS for me this weekend! I had an awkward crash two weeks ago, breaking a couple of bones and rupturing some ligaments in my foot. There was a small chance that I could be able to race this week so I've been doing everything possible to give my body the best chance to heal but unfortunately there just wasn't enough time.

Seriously gutted as after a rough start to the year I was looking forward to getting things back on track at one of my favourite places to race, Madeira. After 7 years of racing EWS this is only the second race I've missed through injury and it could have been much worse, I was really lucky not to do more damage considering how I fell, so I cant complain too much. I'll still be there to watch the Cube Action Team smash it and I'm actually excited to see one of these races from the other side of the tape for the first time! Huge thanks to all my sponsors and everyone around me for being so supportive the last few weeks!
Greg Callaghan

Greg was the winner last time out in Madeira in 2017 so he will be no doubt gutted he won't be able to go for the repeat. The next EWS race isn't until the end of June so we expect Greg to be fighting fit by the time that rolls around.


  • + 164
 The shirtless guy cheering in the background looks like a fat version of Gee Atherton.
  • + 71
 Are the Atherton's 3-D printing extra Gee's using their new technology? This could be an early prototype.
  • + 21
 Dude is not fat!
It`s Gee thats more ripped than the other kind of shrink-wrapped sixpack.
  • + 33
 Yeah, I'm not sure I'd call this dude fat... more likely I'd say that Gee is more ripped than my cat's favorite sofa. Comparing to Gee is the only reason this dude looks like he's out of shape even though he's got more ab definition than 99% of all Americans... not that that's a great scale to work from, but it's all I've got.
  • + 19
 What if Gee has the time stone.
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 @chyu: Oh my gosh comment of the day Big Grin
  • + 1
 Ha ha ha, he actually does
  • + 53
 I resemble that comment.
  • + 11
 @FatGeeAtherton: bro you made an account just for this comment -- legend.
  • + 6
 Man if he's fat then I am obese.
  • + 8
 @FatGeeAtherton: Wow dude, really?
  • + 2
 @srjacobs: As an American, I can confirm.
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 *Ghee Atherton - those who cook will know
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 @ctd07: Buffalo Girls!
  • + 1
 @steviejks haha, ouch. Firstly, yes he does. Secondly, he's not fat, he's just not a GQ front pager
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 Gee Fatter-than... I agree with others though, he's not exactly a big dude.
  • + 45
 Is anyone going to race this weekend? Never raced enduro but maybe I should sign up.
  • + 10
 Seems like the chances are pretty high that you'll end up with a broken something, from all the people getting hurt in training and at races
  • - 6
flag onemind123 (May 8, 2019 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 They should postpone to allow everyone to heal
  • + 14
 Seems like my Fantasy Enduro appears to be more of a fantasy hit list... Time to change it again!
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  • + 9
 Bummer. I can't imagine how hard these guys must be pushing on a daily basis to be getting hurt so much.
  • + 8
 2019 the year of the injuries..
  • + 6
 Maybe the Mountain Bike Gods are angry that mullet bikes are being raced LOL
  • + 3
 I ride moto (trails) and mountain bike (dh, trail, whatever) and every time I spend the 10 minutes gearing up to ride the moto I remind myself how little we actually wear on mountain bike rides. Steel toed/ankle reinforced boots, chest/neck protection, Snell certified helmets, knee braces (not flimsy guards) and so on. I understand that there is a speed difference but as bikes have gotten more capable, I think that gap is narrowing. I’m certain my dh times are faster on a mtb when I’m just wearing a t shirt.

Although we’ve come a long ways (I just bought a bell super dh), I can’t help but think there is great opportunity in improving mtb protective gear. I think about feet the most having actually broke my foot on a mtb...
  • + 1
 @ryan83 What part of your foot did you break?
  • + 5
 @pfordgreen: I suspect the foot-y part.
  • + 2
 @pfordgreen: I broke my navicular bone. I was cruising down a smooth off camber trail and my rear tire blew out. I stuck my foot down to catch myself and the front of my foot caught the tip of a rock. I’ve had 2 surgeries since it happened in 2015 including the most recent fusion surgery in January of 2018. Thankfully the bike was the first thing I could do but still have issues with swelling after walking/standing.
  • + 1
 @ryan83: Funny how the thing that hurts you is also the thing that helps you. I split my calcaneus last August 2018 that required 3 screws for fixation. I suspect I may have had a hairline fracture in 2002 as well. Screws hopefully coming out in July. Rigid cycling shoes are great for efficiency, but seem to lack the energy absorbing performance to reduce injury. Good luck with your foot!
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 Damn another victim of the 29ers? hahaha.. just kidding.. Heal up Greg!!
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 So, where´s Miss Madeira?
  • + 3
 Bias Opinion would say: too much injuries in Enduro athletes
Healing vibes for all!!!!
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 Makes sense...mntb are high risk sport when your pushing at the highest level. Heal up everyone!
  • + 2
 Who is "Miss Madeira"? Does she look good?
  • + 1
 With so many riders injured teams must be looking for riders to call up to the big leagues. I'm game Wink
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 I read: Greg Callahan to miss Madeira. Thought he was going to habe an incredible good time.

Good healing vibes to Greg
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 Soon, showing up at the start will be enough to earn a spot on the podium !
  • + 1
 All our Tweed Valley folks out and now Greg who has honorary Tweed Valley status I think :-(
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 Those ‘Redbull helmets’ are a curse, look at Rude!
  • + 2
 You're right, the occult pissed in that sample bottle.
  • + 4
 Yeah cursed ???? At least Greg didn't fall with his mouth open onto a bottle Peds
  • + 3
 Finn iles and mat Jones recently went down and smashed their red bull helmets too
  • + 1
 Too much in the game makes you push too hard?
  • + 3
 RedBull helmets are the new Specialized
  • + 1
 Dropping like flies in the enduro world, heal quick everyone.

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