Interview: Claudio Caluori on Concussions, Closing His Race Team, & the Josh Bryceland Controversy

Apr 8, 2019 at 9:26
by James Smurthwaite  

From racer to track-builder to team manager to commentator, World Cup racing has always been a huge part of Claudio Caluori's life and he has been a huge part of the sport.

It has been a topsy turvy offseason for Claudio though, with his race team closing its doors after ten years, followed by the announcement of a new racing venture with the Izimbali team and finally Josh Bryceland taking some very public swipes at him in a recent interview. We caught up with Claudio to trace his steps from first picking up a shovel to becoming mountain biking's most famous trail builder and get his reflections on a manic six months.

How did you first get involved with track building?

The whole track building started when I was training in San Diego. All the pros back in the day used to go to California over the winter and out in San Diego there were no real good downhill tracks. So Sean Heimdale (who later became Sam Hill's manager and the manager of the Mad Catz Iron Horse racing team) and myself said, “let's just build one somewhere.”

Two weeks later, the trail became the hotspot for downhillers to train and the Cannondale team had their training camp on it. That was pretty much the start of my trail building career but it was not anything professional, that was just for us to ride.

by Martin Bissig

One of the first Velosolutions projects was Champery, did you set out to make something that difficult and gnarly?

You know, I didn't build it that difficult on purpose! The mountain was so incredibly steep and I actually just tried to find a rideable line down. In fact, when I walked the mountain the first time with the client, I told him, “hey, should we just find a different mountain because this is crazy?" His answer was, “listen Claudio, if you don't do it, I'll just find someone else.”

I had a dog at the time but my dog did not even want to walk down the mountain because it was too steep, it took a couple of days just to find a line down the mountain that would be somehow rideable. The track was purpose-built for the World Cup and World Championships but it was never meant to be a permanent track for public use.

So how did you go from steep downhill tracks like Champery to pump tracks, where did that switch happen?

Well, we had an old national cross country coach in Switzerland who was really pushing mountain biking in Switzerland. He asked me if I could help him build a little track in Zurich in '99 and back then nobody knew what a pump track was, I didn't either, we didn't even call it a pump track it was just a little loop with rollers. 10 years later, another guy had the idea too and he wanted to get the mayor of the city to donate some money to get a proper pump track and that's pretty much where it started.

Ready set... course preview

The idea came up of doing it with asphalt in 2012 for the city of Chur just below Lenzerheide and we did it with a super motivated road construction company who taught us how to lay asphalt. Once we did that one we knew we would never go back to concrete, it is so good.

We have a special mix that gives you a smoother surface and you can also build it steeper. Normal asphalt is designed to be built on a flat surface and with the special mix that we have we can go really steep. In total, we're approaching 170 pump tracks around the world now.

How did the new Izimbali South African team come about?

Last year we founded Pump for Peace, which has the goal of bringing pump tracks into underprivileged areas. In the city of Durban, where we built two pump tracks into townships, there's the GO!Durban Cycle Academy. Within that program, they have two cross country racing teams for young riders from the townships.

Velosolutions Izimbali

Towards the end of last year, they asked me if I was willing to sponsor the team. I just quit my work on a racing team so I asked them to give me more information and let me think about it. It turns out the other sponsor they had for the team was a meat producer and there's no way I'll put Velosolutions as a brand next to a meat producer because I'm a vegetarian, I would rather pay double to lose the meat brand.

And they said, “OK, we have the women's only team” so they kept the meat sponsor for the guy’s team and now I have the women's team.

I had no expectations really because I know the circumstances these kids live in and I know how hard it is for them to compete against the privileged people who race in the same categories. It’s a cool thing but I really had no idea how big their chances could be on a competitive level but it turns out they’re already winning races.

You’ve stepped away from the Black Pearl and World Cup racing, are you still part of Red Bull’s commentary team?

Yeah, I'll still be commentating together with Rob.

Claudio gurns a unhealthy looking pain-face mid TRX session.

Was it your decision to close the Velosolutions World Cup team?

Yes, with how everything is going with Velosolutions and what we do with Pump for Peace in the different countries, it’s just a whole different level of what we can achieve.

bigquotesI cannot spend that much money on the World Cup team when the same money would do so much more if I invested it into pump tracks.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against racing at all and I don't really want to step away from racing because that was my life for the last 25 years and I still love the sport, it just feels like I can have a lot bigger impact.

There are people who can manage a racing team better than me and maybe also are better at managing athletes and it's easy to replace myself as a team manager in the World Cup but what we can do with Velosolutions and with pump tracks around the world is something that I'm really grateful for every day. When I see these riders in Africa and India and the Philippines, this is something so fulfilling. I really had to say I cannot spend that much money on the World Cup team when the same money would do so much more if I invested it into pump tracks.

It doesn't mean it's forever. At some point, there will be a brand that shares my vision of cycling and the whole world and then we can approach World Cup racing in a different way and maybe then I'll be back with a racing team. It’s simply not a priority right now because of Pump for Peace and the Pump Track World Championships.

Are you fully recovered from your Losinj crash?

Yes, I am. I've just had some more checks a couple of months ago because I noticed how I was forgetting things a lot but the doctor said this is just completely normal after surgery on your head. Your brain will take up to two years to recover so there's no need to freak out. Even being told that by the doctor took so much pressure away that I feel fully recovered now.

The crazy thing is that I'm one of the people who says, well everything happens in your head, right? But when you're not sure if your head works right or not, you question everything. Every time you forget something or feel slightly dizzy you immediately start freaking out because you think, “Oh shit, am I falling back? Is something wrong again?” It's 99% that you just slept badly or you drank one too many last night but after a surgery every time you feel dizzy you're immediately panicking and thinking something's bad again. You have to get over this.

So we won't be seeing any more Claudio course previews?

Well, to be honest, I was actually trying to be back all last year but for Red Bull it was just too big of a risk to let me do it again because they would never risk some of their people's lives. It was really tough for me because I'm approached on a daily basis by people who ask me when I will do it again but it probably won't happen anymore.

I do respect Red Bull's decision because they are protecting me but they also need to protect themselves because it would be pretty bad for them if I crash again and then something happens. Everybody would say, well Red Bull pushed Claudio to do it, you know how it goes.

Claudio at Mont St Anne

Regarding Josh Bryceland and his comments - what are your memories of the conversation that was had and the broadcast that followed it?

Well, first of all, I would never, ever use my position in the media to do any harm to any athlete. That's just the basics.

I considered Josh as a friend, I was a real fan and funnily enough the day before his interview came out I had a meeting with Red Bull TV and they asked me, “who is your favourite athlete,” and I said “Josh”. So I go home from that meeting, someone sent me the link to the interview and I could not believe it. I was like holy moly what has happened here?

I feel like I'm fully in line with what Josh decided back in 2016. His decision of quitting racing because of his carbon footprint was an inspiration and I really respected and admired it. This is why I went over to him and we were spinning ideas together. We sat together in my bus and I told him, “I think this is super cool” and I said I might have a connection to Elon Musk and maybe if we can activate that connection we can have a team that only drives Tesla cars and that only goes to races with a Tesla truck and that doesn't fly to races overseas and all of that.

We just spun ideas as friends, it was not a professional talk. He never ever mentioned that this was to be kept secret because the whole scene knew about him quitting. It was no secret and that's why I did not know I was not supposed to say anything on TV.

The reason I did say on TV that Josh was quitting is because I wanted to show the people what a cool dude he is. I live my life with similar considerations, I'm a vegan, I'm trying not to drive my car more than needed, I'm trying to limit my flying as far as possible and so I truly respect his decision and I just wanted to show that to the world. For some reason, this was turned around into something negative.

What was the reaction at the time?

At the time Rob then made the joke that maybe Santa Cruz should build him a bike out of weed and I was in the situation not reacting very well to it and doubled up the joke by saying, “yes, then he could smoke it”. And obviously, that was a mistake.

WE ARE LEGEND Fort William WC Finals 2016

I doubled up in the live show that I really, really respect that decision from Josh. I wanted this to be seen as something positive and I believe it is something positive but a couple of weeks later I hear from people that I should not have gone public with the information because it was not supposed to go out.

A year later I met Josh and I asked him, “hey, can you explain the whole thing to me? I don’t know what went wrong there.” He said it was a real a*shole move and I said, “Well I'm really sorry I didn't know that, I did not mean to do any harm, I wanted to show how cool you are and how much I respect your decision,” and I thought the story was over then. That was two years ago and it was a big surprise when a couple of weeks ago this topic came up again and I don't really think we need to discuss this any further.

It was a misunderstanding, I wanted to do something good for him and it was taken to the wrong side that's all. I don't want to talk bad about him, I still think he's one of the coolest riders out there.

How did the Pump Track World Championships go?

Obviously, it was the first year and we had a lot to learn but people loved it. It brought together riders from all levels, from all countries and because we let all bikes ride together from all categories we had the same amount of winners on mountain bikes as we had on BMX.

It has the same philosophy as Pump for Peace, we want to make it accessible to any country in the world so we are bringing to qualifier to Lesotho next week just as well India, the Philippines. I want a kid from a township in Durban to have the chance to qualify for the World Final just as well as any top rider from the USA or Europe.

We have Pump for Peace projects lined up in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Central African Republic and Nepal plus all the normal projects as well. With all those projects we want to bring the Red Bull Pump Track World Championships to these countries so it's going to in a direction that cycling has not before. We are looking to develop cycling in a way that it has not been developed yet and I think the whole cycling industry is going to go big steps with that.


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 For two vegans, this is a lot of beef
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 They should meat and talk it over
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 They really need to Hash it out.
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 This is what happens when you stop eating meat. You get cranky.
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 this can happen when you both have a steak in the same business
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 Often when you roast someone, they’re going to have beef with you.
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 A misunderstanding over a ham-fisted comment.
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 There were missed steaks on both sides.
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 Best way to lead off the comments haha
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 Very easy to lose your tempeh in these situations
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 A lot of beans, grains and nuts at stake here Wink
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 Hopefully they can chew the fat and put this beef behind them, that would be gravy.
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 I guess he mis-cow-culated the timing of his comments , the PBers will no doubt milk the topic until it becomes udderly cheezy.
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 @joeyrotundo: whether he mis-cow-lated is a moooooo-t point. I hope one day they can chew the cud
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 They really should meat half-way. It's bacon my heart to see this.
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 Just a fly in the Gravy. Don't let that destroy the Roast.
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 An evil move, not surprising though, coming from someone who worships seitan.
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 Come on guys, Claudio's been lambasted enough already.
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 When did Josh Bryceland say anything negative about Claudio?
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 @cwatt: watt kinda pun is that
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 It's really rare to see two deer friends argue, we need to find out eggsactly what happened but i do think this story has been milked
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 Cathro for track preview
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flag Muckal (Apr 12, 2019 at 4:46) (Below Threshold)
 And Neethling for commentary.
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 @Muckal: Andrew is a god guy and all, but honestly, he just talks non-stop.
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 No one can replace Claudio but Cathro is next on my list for sure. But for Red Bull I think Gee is a better move...sadly.
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 @Muckal: I think Nigel Page is one of the best. He is much more into the dh scene than Claudio who confusing his own team riders back in the days
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 @AdamOdh: he would be away at EWS for some races, wouldn't he? They are going to want consistency.
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 @lRaphl: Gee for for course preview, Cathro for track walk and Wyn for humorous take on it all!
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 @lRaphl: Gee for preview, Cathro for commentary. I’d be sold on that.
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 @DirtbagMatt: with Eliot Jackson for post race show
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flag intensemack10 (Apr 12, 2019 at 8:37) (Below Threshold)
 You guys are really for Gee for track preview? Because he is so well known for his wacky nature and antics.....

Really though, his riding and line spotting would be key but I wonder if it would be seen as too much risk for a racer to take before each race?
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 If CG and the other French dude who did Rampage are going to be on WC duty, it'll take a drunk Warner and a baked Miami to keep me on the English stream.
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 @intensemack10: I for one like Gee's serious track insight and I'm sure for Gee - what appears fast for us - is just a cruise for him to do previews.
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 @intensemack10: Depends on what you want for a track preview. If you want someone funny and wacky who is going to joke the whole way down then someone like Claudio was good. But if you want a real track preview then I though Gee was great last year. I hope he keeps doing them. I don't see why it would be seen as a risk for a racer. They all bang out a ton of practice runs anyway. Plus Claudio always did his preview with one of the racers anyway.
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 @intensemack10: I’d want gee as he gives a pro detailed view at proper race pace. The wacky comments and screams get boring after a while. Gee makes the sport much more professional imo.
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 @mikelee: I feel the other way. Claudio was giving some life to the thing while Gee makes it empty as much as external communication staff working for a multinational.

To all its own I guess! Smile
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 I'm actually not saying which is better one way or another, between a serious assessment from Gee and the crazy funny fun of Claudio, but Claudio was hugely popular for a reason, and Gee would not match up well with that style.
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 @lRaphl: I just think gee puts the sport into a much better light. He shows you lines and explains why he’s taking them,all at full tilt. For anyone trying to improve their riding then gees the man to watch. Calm,precise and detailed in what he’s putting across. Claudio was funny but you learn nothing. I can go watch fails on YouTube for the funny side of the sport. But being shown a wc track whilst having every detail explained is priceless for development.
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 @AdamOdh: agreed, bring back the Warner and Page of 2011.
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 yeah bring CATHRO on!!!!
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 This goes to show why it's important to always get both sides of the story. Can Josh and Claudio make up and eat vegan burritos together in the back of a speeding tesla pls
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 What is the difference in their two versions? At the end of it all, they both seem to say they had a private conversation and then Claidiu broadcasted details from it, right?
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 @Rubberelli: The difference being that Claudio thought everyone already knew that RatBoy was leaving and the fact that he never told Claudio not to say anything about it. Claudio wasn't trying to put him on blast, just giving the inside scoop and in his mind, in a way that gave praise to Josh for the ballsy decision that others (like myself) might not understand.
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 Regardless of which side of the story you believe, the first rule of keeping secrets is that you don't tell the secret to a media personality whose job is to commentate on the subject of your secret. That holds true even if the media personality is a really nice guy with good intentions.
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 @lobohusky: clearly, he did not think everybody already knew, because he delivered the news as insider info.
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 @toast2266: but if you are negotiating with a team owner/manager, you do. Thus, the predicament.
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 I thought Josh started that story with something like “I was pissed at the time” and then ended it with something along the lines of “we’ve made up, water under the bridge now”
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 This is the first I've heard about it. Storm in a teacup.
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 @Rubberelli: I took it to mean everyone connected with the world cup circus already knew, and that it wasn't known to be a secret
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 @jaame: precisely. Who gives a shit about it?
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 @bonfire: last week I told your brother that I like Stephanie Harper from 5B and he told your mum! I'm not talking to your brother anymore!
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 @jaame: A storm in a teacup, you`re right. Josh Bryceland is still an immature kid despite of his so called `cool attitude`. I don`t like rancor, especially for such a tiny deal. Cannot imagine his reaction if Claudio would have f***ed his girlfriend...
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 @Franzzz: oh yeah... let's all become serious grown ups. what exactly is immature about waiting almost three years before telling his view of the things and keeping his mouth shut while the internet was cooking? i would say that's rather smart than immature. and as he told us, the team sponsors weren't informed about that at this time. it was just a simple misunderstanding between josh and claudio. and if you were in joshs mind with his understanding of the situation i bet you were pissed too in this situation.
maybe all the racing scene knew about, but leave it to the man himself to inform public when he thinks it's time to. either way it was not a very smart move from claudio.
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flag Malky79 (Apr 12, 2019 at 4:31) (Below Threshold)
 Please no. Man has the presenting talents of a tree stump.
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 @Malky79: You clearly didn't see the Hardline preview
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 @Clarkeh: Yeah he did that really well and is actually fit enough to talk while riding fast and gnarly. I'd like to see him do the previews.
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 He should focus 100% on winning WC races. Maybe when he retires? Till then Ben Cathro would do an outstanding job with the course preview and track analogy.
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 @mtbyoda: Track analogy? Don't use words you don't understand...
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 I wish I was young and righteous again like Josh so I could be sure of all the facts and hold a grudge better, rather than old and more reflective like Claudio such that I convince myself the truth usually lays somewhere between two perspectives. (Also I wouldn’t be sore all the time!)
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 I definitely find that Josh didnt come across great in that interview. I think theyre both good dudes, but I agree that Claudio comes across as more mature/grounded about the "incident". Claudio seems to be of the opinion that it was a misunderstanding/miscommunication and that he should have thought more before announcing it over an internet broadcast. Josh seems to think that Claudio was intentionally trying to shit on him or something. I dunno.
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 @sooner518: what interview?
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 @jaame: Josh did a long (like an hour long) video interview here on Pinkbike maybe a month ago. he talked about a lot of different things, but he spent about 2 minutes talking about this "incident"
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 If red bull really cared about riders welfare they would ensure Rampage covered full medical insurance for every rider competing. Telling someone not to ride their course preview because of a risk of liability is different to actually showing you care through action that many have been advocating for, for years.
  • 41 19
 I work in insurance. There are 2 types of health insurance:
Employer provided...which Red Bull is not the Rampage riders employer at all
Self Insured

Rampage is the most insane thing I can insure on dry land second to base jumping. If I were any insurance company in the world, there is NO WAY I would offer health coverage for any Rampage action at all. EVER.

Mountain biking is ironically (but probably not for much longer) a loophole risk in Life Insurance also. We ask detailed questions about people's work (do you fly planes, guide climbers, teach scuba, lead skydiving as your job or as a volunteer coordinator). And it's because people die in those occupations.
In terms of health insurance, it's utterly improbably that our industry could write a policy that could cover Rampage athletes in a way that would cover their medical bills AND make a single dollar for the company that writes it.

Everyone needs to get over this delusion that RedBull is going to pay anyone's health insurance or medical bills. Turn on the channel, do the math on a single injury in a single sport for a single athlete wearing RedBull gear. Then figure that roughly 70-80% of the people in RedBull gear are going to have a major claim every 3-5 years.
  • 87 12
 @bizutch: so what you are saying is that the insurance and health care industry is a hopelessly flawed system? and maybe there shouldn’t be a profit motive in putting people’s bodies back together?
  • 15 33
flag melon05 (Apr 12, 2019 at 6:57) (Below Threshold)
 @knarrr: why are you pushing the anti health care establishment agenda in the pink bike comments?
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flag blowmyfuse (Apr 12, 2019 at 7:01) (Below Threshold)
 @knarrr: No you freaking political nut job!
What I'm saying is it costs MONEY to put people back together! The guys in this sport don't make the kind of money it takes to cover their own medical bills & that's no one's fault. It's just a life they choose to live & have a blast doing.

And there are not enough of them to pool what money they DO have together to insure each other as a group.

The world doesn't owe these guys a FOKKING DIME for what they do. If they can't cover their own hospital bills, that's on them. If you know of a flight medic & surgical unit that wants to volunteer their time, money, facilities & equipment to setup a Triage Unit at the base of Rampage, just get right the FOKK ON IT!!! Get it done. The rest of us will be over in reality while you're out there in Fairy Tale Land farting your magic healing hug dust that heals everybody for free...

You want a free surgery cause you huck your meat in the desert 1 day a year and unload your femur? Screw you & anyone like you with their hand out.
  • 12 3
 @bizutch: thanks for one of the most sensible explanations to such a popular online response to Rampage.

It would seem given those restraints, RedBull could potentially offer a one-lump sum to help cover riders' deductibles, in the case of injury claim. This would potentially satisfy public pressures to assist riders with insurance costs/risks.

thoughts? Since you're an insurance insider, what would you suggest for the best realistic solution?
  • 122 19
 @bizutch: It’s sad and pathetic to watch you Americans arguing about the ‘economics’ of healthcare. Can you guys hear yourselves? You’re debating whether someone who injures themselves in Rampage deserves a ‘free’ surgery. Are they a f*cking human being? Then yes they deserve the damn surgery. Maybe the answer is for Redbull to stop holding Rampage in a third world shithole and put it on in a country with a functioning healthcare system.
  • 16 0
 @bizutch: it doesn’t have to be through an insurance policy. Why can’t Red Bull, as the sponsoring entity that’s using Rampage as a cornerstone piece of its marketing just say they will pay for any medical bills resulting from the event? You say the riders should have to be able to pay for their own bills, but it’s not an unreasonable position that Red Bull could cover them or at least part of them.
  • 61 3
 @bizutch:You are so lovely.Was it your innate sense of empathy and compassion that first attracted you the world of Health Insurance.Helping people through the the most distressing and painful times of their lives must be very fulfilling.
  • 16 3
 @bizutch: Agreed. As someone who also works in Insurance, there is no underwriting or actuarial formula that could write a policy for Rampage participants as special even coverage. It just doesn't work.

Would would work is if each rider was considered an employee of at least one of their sponsors, rather than an independent contractor. A large brand like Specialized or Red Bull or Fox, etc. could absorb the risk cost into their entire employment pool that is filled with 9-5ers doing primarily office jobs. You could laser specific individuals at higher deductibles to avoid huge premium hikes for the rest of the company, and include the deductible coverage as a part of their compensation. Who knows, maybe some sponsors do.

I hate the thought process that it is Red Bull's sole responsibility as the event promoter to cover participants, when these guys are pushing themselves all the time (not just at Rampage) and their is no push-back on the companies they ride FOR to cover any injury liability.

What Claudio is discussing here is not necessarily injury liability from a insurance perspective, but more or less from a public perspective where they allowed/encouraged/asked someone with a known brain injury to keep performing the task that caused said brain injury for their benefit.

Could Red Bull be doing more to support riders in their time of need? Yes. Does Red Bull benefit from riders willing to what these riders are willing to subject themselves to for the pleasure of a viewing audience? Yes. Is Red Bull one of the largest supporters of these riders and promoters of the sport in which they choose to participate? Yes.
  • 9 14
flag JoshParsons87 (Apr 12, 2019 at 7:52) (Below Threshold)
 @The-Taurean: We don't do it by choice. It's the world we (Americans) live in. Insurance is expensive because healthcare is expensive. The money to cover surgery, prescriptions, hospital stays, rehab, short term or permanent disability losses it all has to come from somewhere.
Whether or not, or to what extent the government should be involved in healthcare is a completely separate debate from whether or not a private company needs to be responsible for any expenses willing participants incur in a country that does not have universal healthcare.
  • 32 0
 @JoshParsons87: "Insurance is expensive because healthcare is expensive". Healthcare in America IS expensive,about double the cost per person than the average for comparable countries (and about 30% more than the 2nd highest-Switzerland.....where EVERYTHING is expensive).
  • 31 5
 @bizutch: Better translation: I work in the USA Insurance Industry which is complete rubbish and values profits over people so athletes - go die for us...are you not entertained?

With all due respect, the decision to offset a profit margin and bring a change isn't coming from someone who is in sales or middle management and peddles crap policies for a living. To put it another way, you are not in a position to change squat Disruption and positive change never comes from a person who is not in a position to say Yes so don't take No from them.

"You want a free surgery cause you huck your meat in the desert 1 day a year and unload your femur? Screw you & anyone like you with their hand out"

^LOL. Angry. Scared of change. And a view point on health care access that is almost solely American.
  • 11 0
 @watchmen: Agreed. Healthcare in America is expensive. As a typical US citizen, I don't have an option or alternative to that fact. My point was and still is that debating the privatization of health insurance and healthcare and their impact on the cost of getting hurt or sick is completely different than if Red Bull should be obligated to pay those costs.
  • 29 4
 @bizutch: Your argument seems to be that the riders understand the risks, yet take the chances anyways, and somebody has to pay for it and you don't want to be forced to shoulder that cost.

That's a bit lacking in empathy, but a fair position financially.

However, if you look at total quality of care, AND cost of care, most first world countries blow american standards of care out of the water, and do it cheaper. Basically, tearing out the profit motive from healthcare makes both quality and cost better.

Not making this up, you can read studies on this all over the place. Here's an example:
and the price:

Notably, pretty much every country ranking above the US is socialized, or has mandatory insurance moderated through the government. If the US had a similar system, athletes could get treatment _and_ it would be cheaper for everybody overall. Turns out that compassion can also be cost effective.
  • 5 2
 @JoshParsons87: Redbull spend around $2.2 billion on marketing every year. About 20 percent of that—around $440 million, is spent on sports events and athletes.That Redbull can afford to help protect the athletes literally risking their lives to help sell their products is not up for debate......the reasons they choose not to, is far more pressing.
  • 1 5
flag watchmen (Apr 12, 2019 at 8:29) (Below Threshold)
 @enki: Communist (thought I'd get in there first).
  • 6 1
 @bizutch: the number of people who f*ck themselves up because they can't work a ladder runs into the thousands each year. f*ck them too?
  • 10 1
When Americans wonder why Brits like the NHS, it’s worth remembering that if something like Rampage were in the UK, riders would be treated at hospital for free. No health insurance needed.

Life insurance, of course, is a different matter.

  • 29 1
 > @enki: Communist (thought I'd get in there first).
@watchmen: Right?! Everytime I have this argument with a conservative/american, it seems like some kind of side-eye happens over the socialist aspect of universal health-care.

"I don't care if it works, consistently, across different countries, cultures, and economies. I don't like it because it conflicts with my preferred political dogma".
  • 5 0
 People always like to kill Redbull over the insurance thing, but why doesn't anyone get on the riders individual sponsors if a rider gets injured and can't pay their bills?

I'm pretty sure that Redbull would provide insurance for their sponsored riders right? And for the non Redbull riders I'm pretty sure almost all of them have the name of some other energy drink sponsor somewhere on their Helmet/bike/body. Why no hate for the company that the rider is actually promoting? That's often one of Redbull's direct competitors? Those are the companies you should direct you anger at, not Redbull.
  • 4 3
 @knarrr: shouldn't be a profit motive.... ha. haha. hahahaha. AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAAHAHAAAA. oh boy that's a good one mate.
  • 2 0
 @bizutch: OR, you could hope for a better health insurance system like the one we´re trying not to loose in france ... Fairytales ...
  • 1 2
 @ICUJeremy: Maybe someone has a counter example that I'm missing, but I have a feeling that if someone was seriously injured (or killed) in Rampage and wasn't otherwise in a financial position to cover their bills then Red Bull would help out.
Obviously they aren't going to advertise that since you don't want people to go in relying on that, but I can't imagine Red Bull wouldn't step up if they were in the situation.
I'm generally pretty pesemistic about big companies ever doing the right thing when the wrong thing might make them more money, but in this case I think that the PR alone might make it money well spent.
  • 2 0
 @enki: thanks for being sensible instead of sensitive.
  • 4 0
 @JoshParsons87: us healthcare is expensive because everyone is on the make especially the doctors and insurance companies. The US model is one of the most expensivecways healthcare can be providec
  • 4 1
 @chrismac70: But it's also the most there's that.
  • 2 1
 @knarrr: Yeah like it's the insurance companys that are at fault, nothing at all to do with insane cost of medical treatment and pharmaceuticals, or the fact that your 'great' country cares soooo much about it's citizens that it's pay or die if you need to go to a hospital?

Aim your bullshit at the right target meathead...
  • 1 1
 @The-Taurean: unfortunate how privitized and/or 'not qualified' the American healthcare system is, paying loads of monetary fund's to allocate a healthy virtue
  • 5 6
 @enki: Most of those countries are smaller than our smallest state.

Plenty of studies on the horrendous wait times in Canada. Plenty of Canadians with money come to the US for care- wonder why?
  • 1 0
 @enki: "Notably, pretty much every country ranking above the US is socialized" this argument is used often but when it is said it strongly suggest the truth is that capitalism does not work.. The poster child "Sweden" is used in both of the attached articles and commonly sighted as proof that "socialized" or the political and economic process of the government owning and controlling the means of production, distribution, and exchange is the best way.

Sweden is a good place to look but not for the reasons that you have outlined above. This link is to a video that takes a close look at why Sweden is successful and it is not because it is "socialized".
  • 6 0
 @TheOriginalTwoTone: Wyoming has 579,00 inhabitants.
These countries have universal health care.Algeria,Botswana, Burkina Faso,Egypt,Ghana,Mauritius,Morocco,Rwanda,Seychelles,South Africa,Tunisia,Argentina,The Bahamas,Brazil,Canada,Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,Cuba,Mexico,Peru,Trinidad and Tobago,Bhutan,Georgia,Hong Kong,India,Israel,Japan,Macau,Maldives,People's Republic of China,Singapore,Sri Lanka,Taiwan,Thailand,Austria,Belgium,Croatia,Czech, Repblic,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Iceland,Ireland,Italy,Luxembourg,Netherlands,Norway,Portuga,Romania,Russia and Soviet Uninon,Serbia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom,Australia,New Zealand.Of these Luxembourg is the smallest with a population of 590,00 people.
  • 4 0
 @mkson: socialized? You mean good at societizing? It's not a communist state, it's as capitalist as anywhere else, it just runs the thing differently, without squeezing the life out of its people for monetary gain and little else and looking after them a bit.
  • 1 0
 @mkson: edit: , and looks after them a bit.
  • 2 0
 @watchmen: For reference me and my sister had almost identical ER visits, different surgeries (both common and not overly complex) and I had a longer ambulance ride, hers in the USA mine in France where 70% of the bill is covered no matter who you are, and offer full coverage for lower income households. 30% of mine was under 300 euros (total of less than 1k), total for hers was over 20k.
To all those who are like "well that's what it costs" its actually not, its way more than it costs thanks to mostly big pharma.
Personal experience and all but I DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT AGES in a country with social medicine.
  • 2 0
 @enki: having lived between the UK, France and USA i cannot comprehend how it's something that someone wouldn't want, especially as if you want to go get ripped off for thousands of dollars at a private hospital for whatever reason it is possible in the UK, France and would be under the legislation that I'm aware of being proposed in the the US
  • 3 0
 @BenPea: that's what he meant - socialized meaning a socialist style governing. Socialism is not communism. Never has been. It's a common misconception to confuse the two.
  • 1 0
 @chainspotting: he made it sound like Sweden had no corporations and was entirely run by the state, i.e., communism, more or less
  • 2 0
 Healthcare is not free in any country.
Countries with the so-called free healthcare have high taxation.
Countries with expensive healthcare have low taxation.
Except Taiwan, which has low income tax at around 5-10% depending on income, and very affordable health insurance through the government.
I think the takeaways are three
No one works for free
You get what you pay for
Nothing is free

Healthcare is a bit like free schools. The more kids you have, the better value you get for your income tax. High earners with no kids must be spewing about all that money they are paying for someone else's kids.
  • 2 0
 @jaame: True, but part of the issue here in the USA is that we are waaayyy over charged for health care in general. Also property tax alone here (at least where I'm at in the northeast) is way more than all the taxes lumped together that my family pays in rural France.
  • 2 0
 @Louisd2000: there's no such thing as a perfect system. It just amuses me the number of Europeans constantly laughing at the American healthcare system, saying how shit it is. They seem to forget the 30-40% income tax they pay, the horrendous cost of fuel, the 17.5% VAT they pay on everything. Even the "free" healthcare they actually pay quite a lot for through taxation has horrific waiting lists in most places.

Remember kids, work hard at school and make sure you don't make bad financial decisions when you're older!
  • 4 0
 @jaame: the vast majority of Europeans pay nowhere near 30-40%. On top of that, here we get tax credit for childcare costs (which are cheap anyway). As a result I've barely paid any tax since having kids and before that it wasn't crazy. And everyone gets looked after, even those who earn too little to contribute. Waiting lists are not as insane as in the UK either. Europe is hugely heterogenous and there are all sorts of systems with relatively cheap additional insurance in France, for example, to ensure better cover for certain things. Nothing's perfect, as you say, and balancing the books isn't an easy task for governments, but the US model is inarguably harsh as hell. Good thing people don't get enough holidays to have the time to hurt themselves.
  • 1 0
 @BenPea: that's something we can agree on wholeheartedly. "Annual leave? What's that?"
"You get 28 days a year off?! Oh my gosh, that's practically part time!"
  • 3 2
 @The-Taurean: This is the best response to that a$$hat's comment so far. And why I cannot wait to take my family to another country where human beings are put first rather than money. Let's have a mass immigration of intelligent, talented people from tRump's Amurica.
  • 1 3
 @enki: there's no lack of empathy by me. But you can post statistics from all over the world and still not post the actual cost of a medi-vac helicopter ride (rescue is not healthcare so costs are not "GREED PRICED", an on-call spinal neurosurgeon, on call plastic surgeon, 2 orthopaedic surgeons, 4 trauma nurses, an elite level trauma center, nurses, meals, rehab, counseling, follow up surgerys, post operative care, PALLATIVE CARE for a dying athlete, physical therapy, braces, crutches, orthotics, knee, spine, neck, wrist casting, bracing, etc.

Government & corporate medical greed have nothing to do with Rampage injuries. They have to do with what it takes to save,rebuild and repair a human being who is near the brink of death. Insuring sports where people intentionally ride a roughly 6" patch of rubber off a cliff into solid rock ravines is math that no counsel, regime, government or elite financial specialist can take care of.

You can have compassion out the butt, but if 2 dozen athletes are throwing themselves AT THE GROUND ONE TIME A YEAR & if only ONE of them is carted off for major surgical every 3 years, you're engaging all the resources I listed and far more I can't think of to "show compassion" for someone who did it to themself WILLINGLY. And you're talking money in the 6 figure range to handle that one's person's injury.

Silly arguments all around for anyone to say that an entire country should be accountable financially to PAY FOR YOU TO INTENTIONALLY SMASH YOURSELF ON THE ROCKS WILLINGLY.

That is not compassion. Compassion is saving the life of a newborn child born with a defect or the Shriners Hospital caring for children with savage burns from an apartment fire.
  • 1 5
flag blowmyfuse (Apr 18, 2019 at 13:06) (Below Threshold)
 @The-Taurean: @The-Taurean: first off, if you huck yourself by choice, the world doesn't owe you 6 figure reparations in the form of trauma, evac & emergency surgical.

A functioning healthcare system should NEVER be burdened by us being LEMMINGS!!!

When you say "functioning healthcare system" need to think in terms of helping care for the sick & injured through no fault of their own. If you want to be a humanitarian & set up funding for it.

But if you tell every taxpaying citizen in your country that they all need to chip in for some guy in a windsuit skimming cliffs or a mountain biker hucking rocks to have fun, NO ONE is handing you money to pay for that. You're silly.
  • 1 3
 @Agleck7: because you need to do the math to understand the actual cost. All policies have to cover WORST CASE SCENARIO right? So...what's the worst case? 6 figure heli-vac to high end life saving trauma center with a precision team of surgeons capable of saving a life. Punctured lung, shattered spine, multiple fractures, brain injury, rehab, etc. Now...divide that single surgery cost among 48 riders.'s a 1 time event so you can ONLY collect the money once and have it waiting to pay out should the need arise.
BUT...there are no hard statistics on how many injuries, the severity and/or the # per year on average. The event has no commonalities year to year. There are NO LIMITS to what the riders can try & the riders are never the same.
How can you assign an accurate financial # to the possible injuries that will happen? You can't.
You could have 6 band-aids handed out at Rampage or 36 heli-vacs & 8 deaths. Math can't work there.

Riders can buy athlete policies. A broker in Canada sells them so there may be more. Athlete policies can be bought by the individual or their sponsor/sponsors. They cover heli-vac, EXTRACTION from a foreign country and lots of other major medical events, so the policies do exist.
  • 1 2
 @watchmen: absolutely love it. I help people daily. I'm very black & white on their coverages and they know exactly what their policies do and DO NOT cover so there is never confusion. I take pride in working with clients when they have claims to make sure they're restored as close to the point they were at before the claim. Very rewarding work.

Thanks for asking.
  • 1 3
 @CarlMega: you love talking out of your ass about topics you know nothing about in big sentences don't you. Please, do tell me what industry you are in and I will pretend that I know way more than you and talk in tones reserved for MEMES!!!
  • 1 3
 @watchmen: why do you act like video taping someone doing something they would be doing if there were no cameras around is so diabolical?
  • 1 3
 @BenPea: depends. Did they climb to the top of the ladder and huck themselves off the roof for product, money or status?
  • 1 3
 @Jprestidge: How long would the wait for an ACL surgery be?
  • 1 1
 In 2017 United Health Groups revenue was over $200 billion, with its fourth-quarter profit more than doubled over 2016.
Added to that they will get an extra $1.7 billion in 2018 thanks to the Trump administration's recent tax overhaul that reduced the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.
United Health CEO said they plans to use its proceeds from tax reform to invest in ways to improve healthcare. He didn't mention whether the extra cash would be used to lower insurance rates for customers.
  • 1 3
 @jaame: you may be my new favorite person for that post to Louisd2000 Big Grin
  • 1 4
 @watchmen: I sell United Health Care & they are an intelligent company. They actually backed out of my state's Individual Health Marketplace a few years back because the policies the government implemented were so black and white & blindly set to implode on the customers, they could not profit. If they did not profit, they would lose money and they are a company that wants to pay their employees & help people pay less for their health care costs. They have successfully dropped the annual premium on their Medicare Advantage product 3 years running & they offer an Obamacare alternative short term product my clients choose time and time again for catastrophic need if healthy.

In NC, we have ELITE healthcare facilities that cater to halfbacks (wealthy northern retirees who move to Florida & then come halfway back for our cheaper cost of living and varied climates). They focus on high end surgical (cardiovascular), expensive "corrective" plastic surgeries & "permanent damage" procedures like knees, hips, shoulders, backs, etc that are highly profitable.
Hospitals set up referral networks that give incentive moneys to doctors & facilities to "refer" patients to corporate partners, which are illegal, but they try & have been busted numerous times.

United (UHC) does however have a very good product for retirees & group health in NC & they focus on those core products, have excellent customer service, a strong feedback network w/ AARP to work heavily with seniors & do their best to get doctors to focus on LONG TERM HEALTH OUTCOMES where patients have open conversations with doctors & spot health decline trends that can be addressed via healthy lifestyle choices.

But rest assured, doctors have big bills & big houses and big dreams and don't want to settle for real conversations with patients, compassionate treatment. They want lavish lifestyles so they do whatever is most profitable & do as much of it as possible.

Example: One hospital here I found out keeps a pediatric plastic surgeon on a 6 figure retainer to repair crooked boy penises because it's such a profitable venture. Most times it's elective & the kid's winkie is still functional & the surgery is not "necessary" but no one is telling daddy his kid's dinger is gonna be crooked, so EVERY insurer covers it to keep it a non-issue.

$200 Billion divided by 50 states, divided by say 75 counties per state (NC has 100 counties so I'm making it up). That means they made about $533,333 per county in the US. That's not even half the annual salary of a single DENTIST in Asheville, NC, a tiny little town in the US scale.

You hear anybody complain about how much a dentist charges?

Now...if there were an average of FIVE...just FIVE MORE...heart surgeries per county increase in the US next year...UHC would lose every single dollar and be in the red.

$20 Bill sounds like they just stole money, but the U.S. is huge place. That money is gone in a blink with 1 shift of statistics
  • 1 0
 @GeoMurph5: migration out of a country is called emigration. Most intelligent people know that, so does that mean you will be staying behind?
  • 1 3
 @Louisd2000: Your example reeks of vagueness!. The chances of you and your sister having almost quote on quote identical ER visits in two separate countries in two separate parts of the world and yet the cost being drastically different are about as likely as me shlting gold and silver.

Let's be specific. What were you & your sister's emergency & was it in an actual emergency room out was she transported to more than 1 facility? Why were each of you & how were each of you admitted to an E.R. ? There are urgent care facilities, Emergency rooms & Trauma Centers. Give us the details & prove your point.

You say France offers "full coverage for lower income households". Well so does the U.S!!! Did your income qualify you for low cost care or the same price as a millionaire would pay? Does your sister make far more than you? What tests and procedures did each of you undergo? Please tell us.
  • 1 0
 @bizutch: yes that was vague it's true, I do know that the US offers full coverage as well, and I just applied (apparently I make too much which is totally absurd).

The situation was we went in feeling like shit to our separate ER rooms not quite sure what was up, but definitely needing to go (first time for both of us) they did do a few more scans (and more expensive ones) on my sister, they worked out what needed doing (rather not share, but both relatively common even though my sister's was probably the more expensive and of the two) and said that the surgery would need to take place at a different hospital (two minutes up the road for my sister and 1h20 for me) to which we were transferred by ambulance, where we went in to surgery (both under full anesthetic) late at night, stayed the night (with a parent, in France said parent got a bed as opposed to a chair but whatever, may have just been lucky) and left the next day.

It may well have ended up costing more for my sister's surgery in France because of the scans and what the surgery was, but the two minute ambulance ride she had to wait 4h for almost cost more than my entire procedure, not what we paid, the full 100%, and then they charged us for gas (95 cents or thereabouts) which I find funny.

My point being that Americans are overcharged, no matter how you cut it, just look at how much the same drugs cost in various countries as an easy to find example.
  • 1 1
 @Louisd2000: the veil of secrecy around drug costs has been pulled down for the most part. Sure, there are some very high end drugs for very dire circumstances that cost a ton, but now many doctors are catching on that they are viewed as drug dealers & starting to realize patients aren't going to trust them if they're hawking those goods.

Websites like sound hokey, but they put all the brands side by side along w/ their pricing at every company possible. Local compounding pharmacies have pharmacists with additional credentials that let them order large volumes of medicines and split them that the cookie cutters like Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart & Costco cannot because they employ basic trained pharmacists.

Ironically, the insane Obamacare model has forced local healthcare providers to think outside the box & realize they need to focus on SERVICE & price if they're going to earn money. It's an irony b/c Obamacare tried to establish a care model to keep people from keeping secrets from their family doctor out of fear of being dropped so they'd catch malignent things early & keep costs down.
Instead, before that could happen the first 5 years have been flooded with people who couldn't get coverage or surgical prior to Obamacare & it's blown premiums through the roof as health insurance companies have to pay for tons and tons of big ticket treatments.

The magic ambulance riddle is a tough one too because there are private companies and local municipal ambulances tied to fire departments & rescue teams that vary a TON in price & you don't get to pick.
  • 31 2
 Claudio is top notch dude and clearly a solid human being as demonstrated by the charity work he does and those that he supports. I think all the trolls need to appreciate that neither he or Rob were professional commentators before taking on the DH broadcasts for Redbull; I think they both do a great job and I wouldn't want to see that change. Instead of picking the man apart for what you don't like maybe appreciate all the positive things he doing for our sport and recognize that in a post.
  • 3 1
 Can’t agree more!
  • 2 1
 @Steventux: I watch the races and Rob/Claudio because they are always HUMAN. 'Professional' commentary sounds forced and overly commercial. I hope the feel and flow of DH coverage stays authentic.
  • 15 0
 "I was actually trying to be back all last year but for Red Bull it was just too big of a risk to let me do it again because they would never risk some of their people's lives."

He does have a great sense of humour.
  • 6 0
 Difference between sponsored athletes and RB employees...
  • 3 0
 @RichardJBos: Exactly, I'm sure RB did not make Claudio did not sign the same Liability Waiver before course previews the pros sign before sending it off cliffs in Utah.
  • 21 12
 I love Velosolutions what they do. All the best Claudio. Sucks to hear about media driven misunderstandings. Something to deal with. Long ago, you would go along the pits and a guy like Josh would come up to you and hit you in the face over something he heard from someone that he said that you said bladi bla. You would be surprised maybe, but it would highly probably be over right there. Now... the broadcast... like that stupid crap with Barel DQ in Whistler, More drama than reality.
  • 12 1
 I personally think it is Claudio's Spoken English Skills coming short on air time. Too many things to focus on and the wrong thing slips out when you get caught in the moment.. And this is not the first time he got in a beef with someone from the UK because of something he said on air..
  • 8 12
flag BenPea (Apr 12, 2019 at 8:49) (Below Threshold)
 @denomerdano: I blame the guy who first pit a microphone in Caliuori's hand. And the guy who failed to take it away. His voice has a place and it's on the Muppet show. No offence to Kermit.
  • 5 5
 @BenPea: well there’s not a long line for the job, I bet it pays virtually nothing, while the potential replacements living up to your standards simply don’t exist. Have you been to a World Cup? Voice-alikes of Richard Attenborough thin on the ground. I have no problems with Claudios commentary, if I want to hear good English in good voice, I get the unabridged version of War and Peace in audiobook . I know that Olympic, roadie or football commentary seems like an intellectual experience to some people, but it actually isn’t. Those who think so are probably deficient.
  • 5 5
 @WAKIdesigns: I'd prefer literally anyone else. Page was great, even CG in his second or third language. Needles, Peat... anyone. Claudio is popular though, so I'm "fighting" a losing battle. Ratboy's instincts seem spot on to me. Maybe I'm being irrational.
  • 12 3
 @BenPea: Ratboy instincts? If I was to be judgmental, since I met both lads in person on two occasions, I’d say it is Claudio who is the sweat heart here and Ratty being a rock star. You cannot do Claudios job (velosolutions, tram management) by having a wild mouth and “visionary” ideas, which is the opposite for Josh. If Josh wants to save the planet by not competing in WC all love to him, kudos. He surely does more “eco” lifestyle kind of things judging by his posture. Fine. But that doesn’t make him into any sort of moral role model. On the contrary, I would say, it is the impact of what Claudio is doing with Velosolutions that is an actual “eco” thing to do. What the F does Bryce do, other than not doing some stuff? Influencing people to fly less by shredding a forest floor apart and laughing like someone in a stoned idiot mode? Come on. All good, love his vids, but all the moralizing is BS. And Josh being sooo cool and easy going, and then getting “touched” by that?! How do you reconcile this?
  • 4 0
 @WAKIdesigns: If you listen to Rat's interviews on podcasts, he didn't walk away from WC because of his perceived environmental impact. He walked away because, to put it briefly, his desire to put his body on the line for a race diminished drastically after he mangled his foot. Recovering on his houseboat is when he credits a lot of his recent attention to the environment to have started.
  • 4 1
 @WAKIdesigns: I'm totally biased, to be honest. I judge pretty much everyone from their sense of humour, nothing to do with the morality of these people. Claudio just makes me cringe, while Bryce reminds me of where I spent my teens and probably gets irritated by him the same way I do.
  • 3 0
 @RXN059: It kills me (but not that much) that everyone seems to think Rat quit just because of his carbon footprint or whatever. I think there must have been a mixup in Claudio’s head (maybe) with Rat and Harry Heath, a young British World Cup racer who DID quit for those reasons around the same time.
  • 1 0
 @Wamprat: Hmm that's possible, I didn't know about Harry Heath. Claudio could be conflating the two, or maybe it's just easy to poke fun at Rat for his environmentalism because hurrdurr, he smokes pot hurhurhurhur.
  • 7 0
 I met Claudio at the 2016 Red Bull Rampage right before the award ceremonies. Nicest most unassuming dude I've ever spoken to and just a real treat to talk with......took the time to chat with my son and his buddy and make them feel special, which I can't really say enough about. I've got a lot of pics on my garage wall that I prize, but the top one is a large blown-up one of my son and Claudio from that day. Gonna miss not hearing his voice on WC DH track previews.....
  • 17 7
 You can always reduce your carbon footprint by smoking less weed.
  • 9 6
 Nah man, burning plants is a zero-sum situation because you're just releasing what they stored Big Grin
  • 8 1
  • 5 8
 @wowbagger: Yeah man, and when burning fuel with my car I'm just releasing what is stored in the fuel. And the fuel once was just plants too. So basically I can drive around for as long as I want and not harm the environment, right? Makes no sense at all, duh
  • 2 1
 @bashhard: i was just being silly, i mean we're not seriously suggesting that quitting stoning will have an impact on climate change, are we?
  • 3 2
You're the one not making sense.
Fossile fuels have been removed from the biosphere/atmosphere for millions of years, until we came along.
Whereas the consumption of weed releases that amount of carbondioxide wich was used to build up that plant first.

Sorry, do carry on
  • 6 0
 Sucks about the track previews, and much respect to Claudio for what he's doing with Pump for Peace and giving kids a chance to enjoy something that would otherwise have been completely out of reach.
  • 21 15
 He's saying hes a vegan... but hes having 2 eggs on his plate?? Hope he is for real, best way to reduce carbon footprint and save the environment your health and the animals.
  • 9 6
 It can be difficult to eat fully vegan when travelling, people are often flexible about eggs and dairy when travelling. You're right though, that definitely doesn't look like a vegan meal.
  • 23 9
 @tom666: typical “vegan” excuse
  • 3 0
 The picture seems to have been removed from the article but I think he didn't seem to be eating, just hoping that the eggs would smile to him just like Danny's eggs did.
  • 30 6
 who gives a sht, honestly... I am yet to meet a vegan to assault me on the street over me eating meat. If you feel bullied by them online, STAY STRONG Big Grin
  • 9 1
 @mikebike69: "Chicken parmesan isn't vegan?"
  • 6 4
 @vinay: yes it been removed, maybe it was an old picture and removed it. I'm happy Claudio us vegan.
  • 26 41
flag MmmBones (Apr 12, 2019 at 5:22) (Below Threshold)
 Leading cause of rainforest decimation in the world is soybean production. Vegans and vegetarians need to stop smelling their own farts and get off that virtue signaling high horse made of moral tofu. Namaste away from hating on meat eaters. This carbon footprint stuff sounds just as bogus. Ride your f*cking bike and leave the eco-policing to Captain Planet, motherf*cker.
  • 9 4
 no, its to not have any kids
  • 8 5
 @WAKIdesigns: if God did not want us to eat animals he would have never made them so tasty
  • 27 6
 It does annoy me when people get shit for eating the odd non-vegan meal if they say they are vegan. It's normally from meat eaters, and if 90% of your meals are vegan you're doing a lot more for the environment than they are. Not everything has to be ALL or NOTHING all the time.

(I'm not vegan, but do try not to eat meat too often for environmental reasons)
  • 27 6
 @MmmBones: the number one cause of deforestation is animal agriculture because soy beans are fed to livestock the amount for human consumption is really small we raised and killed over 70 billions land animals every year that are feed of grains and beans. Ot takes 15kg of plants to make 1kg of beef. Methane(cows farts) is leading cause of climate change
  • 7 0
 I'd assume Claudio's making a wrong translation for the short version of "vegetarian", as he's first describing himself as a veggie in the article. That would make sense.
  • 5 3
 @rob-chambo: I understand your point, glad you reducing your meat consumption
  • 1 0
 @MmmBones: "Earth! Wind! Water!..."
  • 18 3
 @MmmBones: Soy bean production in former rainforests is mostly to feed animals grown for meat production. I don't eat meat but I think I may eat a soy product every other week, at most. It would take a multitude of that soy to feed the cattle to get me that same amount of food in the shape of meat.

Also, watch your language.
  • 4 2
 He says vegetarian initially when he talks about the xc team so vegan coulda just a slip. Either way nbfd. dismount yer high horse.
  • 7 11
flag rrolly (Apr 12, 2019 at 6:40) (Below Threshold)
 @ybsurf: You need to do some actual research. By which I mean take a first hand look at the studies that are quoted by some people to see how actually valid their conclusions are (even the researchers can't agree). If you want to lessen your consumption, great. Yes, it will have some impact. But to imply that eating less meat will have the greatest positive impact on climate change is naive and ill-informed.
  • 5 2
 @rrolly: no it's not animal agriculture have a bigger impact than all transportation sector, methane is 20 times more potent than co2 plus the deforestation and water pollution. Non meat industry bias Scientifics agree on that the planetary diet is proof of that as well as the new canada food guide state that it's better for health and environment.
  • 5 7
 @MmmBones: nice point. If you really wanna mess with vegans look up how much water it takes to make an avocado or handfull of almonds. I think I figured out California’s water issue.
  • 2 0
 Jeezz... Another example of miscommunication..He said he's a vegetarian, not Vegan.. Read well children, play on...
  • 4 7
 @ybsurf: The causal link of meat industry to climate change is NOT agreed upon by scientists. That's my point. I was listening to one of the "leading" environmental researchers last week who was going off about how, "we all agree..." when the week before I was listening to one of Al Gore's climate change researchers saying the opposite.
(btw - I don't care one way or the other. I love meat, but I've no steak, er stake, in the game).
  • 3 0
 @Relayden: no he said he os vegan in the article quote "live my life with similar considerations, I'm a vegan, I'm trying not to drive my car more than needed"
  • 2 1
 @oldtech: haha god hahaha
  • 1 0
 Humans taste like pork.
  • 8 0
 @rrolly: Even if there is low climate correlation, mass farming is still an environmental disaster.
  • 2 0
 @jclnv: I admit, that also goes for vegetables. I'm trying to grow some own stuff and buy organic. Helps a little but you're always going to have a footprint. Just be conscious of it. Some need to fly airplanes, some really love to eat meat, some really love riding fast petrol cars. Just be aware, choose what you don't need and cut down on that.
  • 1 0
 @jclnv: So I have heard. My buddy was dating a girl from the VI who was 2nd generation non-cannibal. She had living relatives who told her what it tastes like. The answer is lean pork.
  • 8 0
 @loganflores: for reference:
It takes about 3000L of water to produce 1kg of avocado.
It takes 15000L of water to produce 1kg of beef. Not to speak of methane production and sewage. So you tell me where the real problem is.
  • 2 0
 @tom666: unless you live in the Arctic, it is so easy to live a vegan lifestyle.
  • 1 1
 @Hundin: saying that it is easy to do vegan diet is like saying meat is not a big contributor to global warming. It is BS. It is not an easy task to eat enough protein from vegetable sources so is B12 and other sht. It is common for kids of vegans being on vegan diet to be malnutritioned, so don’t give me that. Pretty much every single vegan I know is skinny as fuk, with two exclusions, out of at least 10 folks. And these 2 are very reasonable women, never speaking any woo. Like Broccoli has lots of protein... good luck eating 100g of full spectrum of protein per day from veggies.
  • 2 0
 @WAKIdesigns: you are so full of shit. Unless you eat absolute garbage, which Maybe you do, getting your full nutritional values from non meat sources is I credibility easy. You do know broccoli is not the only non meat substitute?? Most poor countries eat lentils, chickpeas and Vegetables as a main diet and live loner than Americans and Canadians. So f*ck off with your anti vegan bs.
  • 1 0
 @MmmBones: While that is true, those soybeans are mostly feeding cattle (as @vinay pointed out) that are also raised on what used to be rain forest and are polluting and using massive amounts of clean water by the time they are in your plate as meat (first by watering the aforementioned soybeans then for the livestock to drink and then because of the unnatural density of the cattle population their excrement will often pollute water sources as well).
The whole diet in relation to climate change is an interesting debate, one thing seems pretty obvious to me: we (humanity) need to massively change how we produce, and consume food, the amount of waste is ridiculous, the distance our food travels and the embodied energy in that process is also a massive consideration. I believe eating meat has it's place (I don't because I've literally been vegetarian my whole life and actually don't like the taste of meat which makes it easy to not eat meat for ethical, health and environmental reasons), I think (to keep it MTB related) Darren Berrecloth's approach is a better way (he hunts his own meat, it's therefore high quality and the animal has had a natural life).
I could honestly rant on and on about various aspects of the way food is produced, monocultures, and other subjects like that but that belongs somewhere else than an MTB website.
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: you are so wrong you should be ashamed and ambarassed to still think that way like @hundin said unless they eat junk food it's really easy to get enough protein and ALL nutrients you need on vegan diet.
  • 5 1
 Some good news about Claudio's health, glad to read it. Sucky about his course-previews, they were great. I was surprised at Gee's performance last year. He did a good, enjoyable job. Never sounded derivative, just some insight to one of the worlds fast minds.
  • 4 0
 Rob Warner was better back in the day, when he could say anything he wanted. Now he's tied to the Red Bull contract. I prefer Nigel Page as Rob's sidekick. Now that Claudio won't be doing course preview, I'd say Gee is actually really good at it. Get him to do it.
  • 4 0
 Once I met this guy in andorra's worldcup, last one for rat and peaty. Tried to speak to him as a fan, and asked him for a photo and he wasn't that nice to me. A phew minutes later it was Josh, the most humble and down to earth person all over the sport. Ratboys behaviour was incredibly attentive.
  • 4 1
 I still have no idea what the beef is between him and Ratboy (and I’m not going to watch an interview for 25 minutes tonfigure it out) but it seems really lame.

Come on mountain biking, let’s get some real beef and show some real personality.
  • 6 2
 wait, how are teslas created and how do they get power again? oh ya, fossil fuels and mining land. but, if you live in California then the real reason(own tesla) is to save $ on gas
  • 2 0
 You're not wrong, but several life cycle analyses have still shown a net reduction in co2, even with today's mix of power sources.
  • 1 0
 FYI burning fossil fuels for energy is popular in YOUR country.. not EVERY country.
  • 6 2
 I think if I was all about the ethics I'd have difficulty taking Red Bull's $$$. Nonetheless, good luck to Claudio, we all have to make compromises.
  • 5 0
 Ill take josh and claudio out for beers if they come stateside. Gonna be a long push on a kayak though...
  • 5 0
 I must have missed the story, what did Josh say?
  • 8 0
 Josh thinks Claudio threw him under the bus by announcing he was quitting world cups on red bull TV before he'd told a lot of his sponsors and other people.
  • 1 0
Thanks for that, Maybe not Claudio, and Media house pushing for news , you heard it here first
  • 4 0
 @tom666: But that Scott bus is quite nice though.
  • 2 0
 53 minute interview w/ Bryceland? Which minute?
  • 1 0
 @tom666: thanks for the info.
  • 2 1
 Shouldn't he be aware of the news he may or may not be breaking on live TV and whether the person affected wants that info out? Especially if you really like that person? That being said it sounds like an honest mistake that was made joking around.
  • 12 11
 A year later I met Josh and I asked him, “hey, can you explain the whole thing to me? I don’t know what went wrong there.”

I mean from that alone, he clearly believed, up to that point in time, that he'd done nothing wrong. Didn't open with an apology just asked the wronged party to explain why they felt they'd been wronged. From a team owner and someone who has been involved in the sport for many years, and therefore understands the underpinnings of how the riders make money, he should have known better. The season wasn't even over. "A*shole" move indeed.
  • 4 1
 They both are confused as to the roles Claidiu played. In other sports, the commentators are not also team managers, who an athlete might be talking to about a deal next season, not as a commentator. It's not clearly defined in WC DH who is doing what at what time. Even Rob is sponsored by YT, who owns one of the team's he is commentating on.
  • 1 1
 What about Robs comment? He started the whole thing.
Rob should never have said weed, that was wrong.

Rob just looking for laughs and that was a cheap joke,
so was Claudios but still Rob said weed and Claudio made a word play
like smoking the bike by riding it so hard - not as bad imo.
  • 6 2
 Cathro and rob would be amazing. Sorry, but I never liked Claudio as a commentator. Top bloke though!
  • 2 0
  • 2 0
 Claudio seems like a class act to me. I admire him taking the high road in the thing with Rat. I will miss his track previews. His energy & enthusiasm was awesome to see & hear. (Still skating Crashed Ice, Claudio?)
  • 6 2
 How do you tell if someone is vegan?

It doesn't matter... they'll tell you.

  • 1 0
 Would Bryceland have been as forthcoming about his reason for leaving WC had Claudio not spilled the beans?

I felt there was a lot of media silence about Bryceland’s retirement. Maybe that was it. Maybe Josh wanted to control the message, knowing that the topic of “carbon footprint” might not be the most popular among his fans. “The Rat” is as much of a brand as the teams he raced on, so having someone hijack that message is like someone stealing your Intellectual Property. Im sure there was a bunch of reasons Bryceland wanted out, but by the time he left everyone had heard the “carbon footprint” story and went deaf on the other reasons.

Was it careless on Claudio’s part? Sure. Red Bull shares that blame too, they couldve controlled that info better. Claudio is a guy who likes to ride bikes and race bikes and has made as much of living with bikes as Bryceland, but Claudio is clearly not a reporter or a journalist and what may seem like casual conversation for one of them may be breaking news to the other.
  • 1 0
 When Eisenhower finished his 2nd term as POTUS, he warned in his farewell speech about the growing power of the Military Industrial Complex, or MIC. He didn't warn about the growing power of the other MIC,the Medical Industrial Complex The U.S. has made commodifying human life and health into one helluva racket. U.S. citizens don't see it, but the rest of the world does. And so it goes.....
  • 2 1
 We all knew what was happening with Josh it was everywhere. Hardly would of come as a surprise to rocksopp when he had the conversation. I was shocked with Claudio's comments at the time . Even Steve peat said it was racing or weed and he chose weed . Josh wasn't happy with that comment either but equally peaty was just miffed a talented rider gave up what so many would give so much to do if they had the talent of Josh .
  • 1 0
 OK we get it Claudio and its good you explained what happened but a flat out sorry would be nice and it kinda seems like you are just trying to make yourself feel better by saying you re a vegan too and stuff like that, it just didnt seem like you really wanted to clear things up and put an end to it to me.
  • 1 0
 Claudio’s “smoke it” comment is discussing, self promoting and purely arrogant.

As a tipical swiss, he hides his black side as quickly as he can, and hope people dont notice.

Typical swiss behavior. Scrulled up? Hide it! Like you do with dirty money!
  • 5 3
 I only clicked on this to read the Josh Bryceland segment. “ I might have a connection to Elon Musk”... I think he’s been hitting the blunt of a V10 a little to hard.
  • 2 2
 Pink Biker's please learn from someone else's misfortune. Once you have injured yourself no one wants anything to do with you young grasshopper! What's that you say you have an injury. Time for us to wash our hands of you. You no longer have nothing to offer us sorry about your misfortune.
  • 5 5
 So he wants to reduce his carbon footprint by flying all over the world to make places for people to ride their bikes. So all his carbon footprint is unnecessary. Don't miss understand I'm pro what he is doing, just don't then pretend your being green
  • 5 0
  • 3 0
 Were Warner and Claudio suggesting Ratboy actually smokes marijuana? I always thought he just seemed tired in interviews.
  • 3 0
 Cathro for previews and Cunny back in the box with Warner. That was the best combo that nobody seems to remember.
  • 3 1
 Raty is still the coolest...was always the one I looked forward to watch at the races for the style factor!
  • 5 3
 Well bottom line is that Bike industry is not interested in making any zero/low carbon footprint products & that sucks!
  • 3 0
 Peaty for the course previews!
  • 1 0
 For safety reasons, why not just do voice overs for the course preview videos?
Riding and commenting world cup track at the same time is dangerous.
  • 2 0
 I would be pretty pissed at Claudio if he used something I said without my consent through a serious platform
  • 1 1
 Personally, I eat vegans... when they`re still alive, and I`m so healthy and proud to make something good for my planet: getting rid of these naive stupid extremists that consider the world in black and white.
  • 1 1
 So sad, so many fall for the climate change hoax. I guess you will all just follow each other over the cliff. The climate change and vegan thing. All political, no reality involved. Pathetic!
  • 2 0
 The Rat and Claudio for commentary..
  • 2 0
 That bike made of weed would be on fire if they gave it to Josh.
  • 1 0
 Best track preview ever was when Claudio, Rob and Peaty all went down at once. The banter was on point!
  • 1 0
 Awesome stuff, it's not allways all aboot racing
  • 1 0
 Cathro for the previews right now!
  • 1 0
 Can someone link the most recent Josh side of the story?
  • 1 0
 I've always enjoyed his colorful commentaries, there's so much joy there!
  • 1 0
 Nice interview, keep up the great work. 170!
  • 1 1
 vegans will let you know in every conversation that there vegans!! for f*ck sake …#STAYWOKE
  • 2 2
 Too bad about the track previews....
  • 1 1
 Surely Josh should have grown up and gotten over it after a year
  • 1 0
  • 1 2
 I eat meat and veg, very uncool.
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