Must Watch: DJ Brandt's X-Games Real MTB Edit

Apr 16, 2021 at 2:19
by James Smurthwaite  

DJ Brandt and filmer/editor Tory Powers’ entry into Real Mountain Bike 2021

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Vero Sandler
Danny MacAskill
Brandon Semenuk
Brage Vestavik
Cam Zink


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 The riding made up for the intro!!!
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 The lambo entrance really screams humility eh?
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flag brandaneisma (Apr 19, 2021 at 10:00) (Below Threshold)
 Who cares? Most people would have one if they had the cash.
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 @TannerValhouli: Someone in the Macaskill comments said something about how his riding is mind blowing yet unpretentious. This video is half of that statement.
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 @TannerValhouli: that's just Matt Jones giving him a lift
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 @brandaneisma: The overwhelming majority of people who can afford a Lambo don't have one. There are around 18M millionaires in the US alone, and Lamborghini sold 7,500 cars last year worldwide. So its more like only the smallest fraction of people who can afford them actually go out and do so.
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 @sino428: okay okay fair enough. I was getting at the point that people love to hate on those who spend on exotic cars/bikes, but at the end of the day they are just people. Sure there are a few that are corrupt, but the vast majority are just like you and I.
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 @TannerValhouli: bummer you guys did not enjoy me getting dropped off in a Lambo, I will go back to the same old scenic drone clips every video starts with. Hope you enjoyed the riding!
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 @djbrandt: people seem to appreciate authenticity, so if you’re all about flashy cars then let it roll.
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 @djbrandt: Living that Dogecoin lyfe!
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 @djbrandt: actually can you start all your edits with a dramatic clip of you putting your goggles on? That would be revolutionary.
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 When you clowns get your own X Games RealMTB parts you can do your lame ass intros the way you want.
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 @sino428: "In full-year 2020, Automobili Lamborghini delivered 7,430 cars worldwide, a decrease of only 9% compared to the sales record set in 2019."
They only sold "7,500" cars because that's all they made. Rest assured if they made more they'd have been sold fairly easily.
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 @cky78: even if they sold 20x more cars, it would still only a tiny fraction of those who could afford one actually buying them.
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 @sino428: Yeah probably... but the fact that ALL super/hyper cars sell out before they're even made suggests the market is pretty big... and could be bigger. Either way, your point of those buying them are "flashy" people, is valid.
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 It’s not as bad as some others. A month or two ago when COVID was really smashing the UK, Matt Jones posted a video “HEY GUYS LOOK AT MY NEW LAMBORGHINI!” The lack of humility led to me hitting the unfollow button. Although tbh it had been coming for a while.
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 @Afterschoolsports: Let me let you in on a little secret the bike industry doesn't want you to know about. You can rent a Lamborghini any time you want.
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 @lasernips: not where I live.
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 @toast2266: Very few people have ever had their season passes pulled at Trestle Bike Park. DJ Brandt is one of those people
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 @carrnage: Isn't he a TBP rider?
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 lambo haters seem to be the same ppl throwing shade at yeti/"name ur exotic bike" owners.
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 @kawkaw: Totally. I have never understood why people shit on others for spending money on a hobby.
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 @carrnage: Then it's pretty epic that he still has a video featured on their homepage
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 That last 3 is mental
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 Back flip to nose manual?!? f*ck outta here...
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 Hey @djbrandt that was gnarly asf and rad asf. Don't listen to all these negative jerks p!ssing on your parade. You're a tank and probably a better rider than 99.99% of the folks on here.
Rad video and thanks for putting a smile on me and the boss' face Smile
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 I love seeing the old rampage site in these edits.
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 This kid is gangster AF.
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 DJbrandt is underrated
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 Only other edit that can compare to it was Brage. Both super creative and gnarly with some similar concepts. Can compare it to Cams also...couple of similar tricks in both but DJ added more and went bigger.
Brandon’s was dope, but was just kinda typical Brandon stuff. My podium would be Brage, DJ, Brandon in that order
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 ya DJ! Always cool to see urban spots I have gone by and mentally pretended to do be unlocked!
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 Pretty sure every kid that grew up in Boulder thinks about hitting the baseline handrail every time they drive past. Never imagined anyone would throw a 3 off the roof on a bike though!
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 @nfinch10: the step up at mile high is the zone I had looked at during my time in denver
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 When you land in a can-can, is that a can-can't?
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 Holy crap. No fluff—that was heavy!!
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 The surprising thing about getting towed into a jump by a truck or a sled is that you actually still get a really good workout!
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 @djbrandt: love your edit man. thats just awesome if you own a lambo. it doesn’t bother me if every tom, dick, and harry own a honda element
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 I suspect Ethan Nell was involved inthat aspect. In Nell's podcast (i think with downtime) he talked about being into super cars. I think its a hilarious intro. How many chances as a mountain biker do you get to show off in the x games. have fun with it.
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 Dude there were like 3 different Boulder county spots siiiiiick! Plus that factory was that one next to 63rd lol
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 Amazing 360 at the end. Might need a ankle replacement though.
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 Can't wait to see DJ at Rampage again. All these edits made me want to ride my I did...just not as well.
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 Next level! I'm loving all the street clips!
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 Fast-plant backflip to can/what.
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 Flip stoppie landing was fire. Best style out of all these videos no question
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 deej coming out swinging hard AF
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 The Real Deal you know like Jake from State Farm
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 This one was just soooo much cleaner than any of the others!
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 @djbrandt good job getting Devin a cameo Smile
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 Woah ! That had a few "no way" moments, rad !
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 this guy is winning right?!
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flag Unrealityshow (Apr 19, 2021 at 11:37) (Below Threshold)
 I’m sorry, but in my opinion, this is the worst edit of the bunch. Still amazing.
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 @Unrealityshow: idk man this edit seems like a lot more went in to getting some super original and cool stuff than a few of the other edits. All the urban sends and the snow segment take this one to a level above some of the other clips that are just 50to01 knockoffs or slopestyle tricks on perfectly manicured jumps. This one and Brage’s are just raw af and represent “real” mtb imo
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 This and brage stood out on the first watch but Brage takes it for me.
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 @sidekicksjn: Brage's was super rad as well, but I hate(d) trying to ride skinnies so.... hahaha! both great vids, love the variety between them.
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 @TannerValhouli: yo dude I really appreciate this and all the other dope comments, you guys keep me going and inspired! I’m so stoked to brage pull up as hard as he did and he fully deserves to be in one of those top spots! keep shredding
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 Just sick. Big sends with steezeeeee.
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 bro the nose manual. Jesus fucking christ!
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 that's my boiiiiiiii!!!!!!
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 So so good!!!
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 Look like the editor of this video has no time for us
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 Lasted about 4 seconds . Could not take that crap they were playing
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