Qualifying Analysis - Vallnord World Cup Downhill 2019

Jul 5, 2019 at 9:50
by James Smurthwaite  
Loic Bruni doesn t plan on having that number 2 plate for long.

Vallnord served up an incredible qualifying session with first time top qualifiers, new series leaders and a junior that stunned everyone with an incredible run. Let's take a closer look at some of the runs and times to see what this means for tomorrow's race.

Sector Times
N.B Timing was not complete for all riders, some may have been omitted

Sector 1
1. Loic Bruni - 1:27.016
2. Finn Iles +0.624
3. Troy Brosnan +0.873
4. Danny Hart +1.588
5. Amaury Pierron +1.826

Sector 2
1. Loic Bruni - 42.058
2.Finn Iles +0.536
3. Loris Vergier +0.833
4. David Trummer +0.891
5. Troy Brosnan +1.172

Sector 3
1. Troy Brosnan - 53.465
2. Loic Bruni +0.934
3. David Trummer +1.125
4. Johannes Von Klebelsberg +1.269
5. Loris Vergier +1.433

Sector 4
1. Laurie Greenland - 23.226
2. Loris Vergier +0.145
3. Troy Brosnan +0.250
4. David Trummer +0.391
5. Amaury Pierron +0.521

Sector 5
1. Troy Brosnan - 46.345
2. Loic Bruni +0.059
3. Amaury Pierron +0.127
4. David Trummer +0.496
5. Loris Vergier +0.554

Perfect Lap


Fastest Run


Sector 1
1. Rachel Atherton - 1:42.400
2. Tracey Hannah +0.039
3. Marine Cabirou +2.696
4. Nina Hoffmann +2.874
5. Eleonora Farina +6.263

Sector 2
1. Tracey Hannah - 49.098
2. Marine Cabirou +0.37
3. Nina Hoffmann +1.21
4. Rachel Atherton +1.898
5. Veronika Widmann +2.586

Sector 3
1. Nina Hoffmann - 1:04.926
2. Marine Cabirou +0.543
3. Tracey Hannah +2.214
4. Emilie Siegenthaler +2.870
5. Rachel Atherton +3.730

Sector 4
1. Nina Hoffmann - 29.109
2. Marine Cabirou +0.430
3. Rachel Atherton +1.434
4. Emilie Siegenthaler +1.778
5. Veronika Widmann +2.020

Sector 5
1. Nina Hoffmann - 56.352
2. Rachel Atherton +0.050
3. Veronika Widmann +0.574
4. Marine Cabirou +0.586
5. Emilie Siegenthaler +0.867

Perfect Lap


Fastest Run


Talking Points
The men's session was a battle of two halves

Troy Brosnan on the move. He was barely touching the ground hammering through the upper woods.

The men's qualifying was dominated by two big names, Loic Bruni and Troy Brosnan. The two men at the top of the overall rankings were split by a gnat's whisker and nearly 3.5 seconds clear of the rest of the field. Loic was dominant through the first two bike park sectors, pulling out half a second on each one with only his teammate Finn Iles able to get close. The story changed after the Photo Corners though and Troy Brosnan took control as the track started to get steeper, winning two of the next three splits and coming third in the other. Loic wasn't slow either though and did just enough to hold on, taking the fastest time of the day by 0.01. Brosnan and Bruni are in a class of their own going into tomorrow's race and it's going to be a battle for the ages.

The privateers shined

Nina Hoffmann must be starting to fancy her chances at that top step on the podium.

Nina Hoffmann is less than two years into her World Cup career and already the fastest qualifier here in Vallnord. Johannes Von Klebelsberg also put in a great performance for a ninth-placed qualifying in the men's field. Wyn's privateer prize is clearly a great help for those funding their own racing.

David Trummer pitting out the back of his van and getting the results. Respect.

Although not technically a privateer, it would be rude not to mention David Trummer's fifth. He has been enjoying his most successful season to date this year and will be hoping to break into the top ten for the first time ever tomorrow.

Loic Bruni takes the provisional series lead

Loic Bruni psyching himself up for his first practice run.

Bruni and Brosnan seem inseparable on the race track and in the overall as Bruni's run allowed him to leap frog Brosnan and take a lead of 5 points into tomorrow's race. Brosnan will still race in the white jersey but he'll have to beat Bruni outright tomorrow to keep hold of it.

In the women's series, Tracey Hannah's lead was slightly reduced but it's Nina Hoffmann who made the biggest stride forwards and now sits within 5 points of Rachel Atherton.

1. Loic Bruni - 565
2. Troy Brosnan - 560
3. Amaury Pierron - 480
4. Danny Hart - 455
5. Greg Minnaar - 326
1. Tracey Hannah - 650
2. Rachel Atherton - 530
3. Nina Hoffmann - 525
4. Marine Cabirou - 480
5. Veronika Widmann - 327

Tracey Hannah and Finn Iles were on heaters

Finn Iles laying it flat in front of the the Andorran mountains.

They may not have featured highly on the results sheets but don't sleep on Tracey Hannah and Finn Iles. Tracey was around 2 seconds up at Split 3 but missed one of the bridges in the steep section and had to settle for rolling down outside the top ten.

Finn Iles was running second behind Bruni at Split 2 but crashed out and was left unable to finish his run. He's a protected rider though and hopefully will be able to make it to tomorrow's finals to put together a full run.

Thibault Daprela's Incredible run

Thibaut Daprela had a scare last week when his bike got stolen here in Andorra but thankfully it was recovered.

Thibault Daprela picked his team's home track to really announce himself as one to watch as he put 13 seconds into the rest of the juniors with a run good enough for seventh in elites. Even more impressive are his split times that would have placed him third fastest in Split 2 and second fastest in Split 4 if he was racing elites. It was a truly impressive ride and we've no doubt he'll be humbling plenty of elite riders again tomorrow.

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 Strange that no one is talking about Gwin's injury and how out of wack he looks on the intense bikes this season. Hope he's alright. This isn't the best track to be trying to muscle your way through the bottom.
  • 13 0
 Yes, but there are so many other great stories out there this year he is getting buried in the news feeds!
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flag MysticMCyclist (Jul 5, 2019 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)
 That is because no one really cares ????
  • 5 0
 Beg to differ, everyone talking about how he doesnt look right on that bike.
  • 1 0
 @Bomadics: Everything gets buried these days. Gotta read to keep up. It's the instagram generation.
  • 1 0
 @onemanarmy: you are correct sir. If you aren't right now, you're ancient history, sorta like me!
  • 1 0
 @yakimonti: ive been sayin it all season too. When he first hopped on the YT, he was attacking everything and didnt look like he was working so hard to ride.
  • 14 0
 Brilliant analysis, thanks! Can we do it each round?
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 Mr. Brosnan, it's time... . .. . .also, Miss Cabirou and Miss Hoffmann, show us how it's done.... . .
  • 11 0
 Just wanna say: go Nina! The sensation of the summer
  • 5 0
 How is Nina Hoffman a privateer still? Someone should snap her up. She's riding a Julianna. Maybe Santa Cruz could add a woman to the syndicate.
  • 6 0
 Pictures of jeans in action, thank you.
  • 2 1
 I completely understand Gwinn chasing contract money because at the end of the day nothing is guaranteed with regards to his career. But from a fan standpoint it's disappointing to see him keep changing teams. Changing teams constantly isn't good for chasing the history books.
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 I thought she was on Dorval last year? Same team as this year.
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 I think you’re right. Her switch to Dorval was this off season, wasn’t it?
  • 1 0
 @kusanagi72: off season between 17 and 18 I think.
  • 1 0
 Monika was indeed a privateer last year - Dorval happened this year I believe?
  • 1 0
 Stoked to see Nina Hoffman charge it, it looks like Rachels domination is all but over...………….maybe...…..
  • 1 0
 Monika was indeed a privateer last year - Dorval happened this year I believe?
  • 1 0
 Nina and Rachel the only ones keeping the top5 in all the splits...
  • 1 1
 what about TRACEY HANNA ?
  • 1 0
 What a season !
  • 1 4
 Seems Rachel is coasting into retirement.
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 um spelling in the title

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