Sam Hill Signs with Fox for Helmets & Goggles

Feb 23, 2022 at 5:26
by James Smurthwaite  

Sam Hill has signed with Fox Racing for helmets and goggles after previously riding for 100%. The news was finally revealed this morning after a week of teasing on social media.

bigquotesI’m beyond stoked to announce a new lid sponsor. I’ll be wearing Fox helmets and goggles for the next couple of seasons. Fox has always been a brand I’ve really liked and It’s awesome to finally be a part of their team.

Now my shoulder is healing up fine, I can’t wait to get back racing soon with my new RPC helmet and Vue goggles helping me stay safe and hunt down my goals for 2022.

bigquotesWe are really excited to have Sam as part of the Fox family, Sam is an exciting athlete that has pushed the boundaries of gravity and enduro racing his entire career. To have Sam choose our helmets and goggles to protect him while pursuing another World Title is an honor for us all at Fox, and we look forward to some great years ahead.Todd Hickling, General Manager, Fox Racing AU


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 The Vue must be great from those googles.
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 That's a terrible pun. Take my up-vote.
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 @mi-bike: terrible puns = top comments
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 @electricsquirrel: Tell me about it. I often find myself Goggling for puns; find the best ones on FireFox usually.
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 No more puns, for Fox’s sake!
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 True Lid Deal!
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 Something about those helmet colors is just right...and I just remembered why:
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 @mi-bike: they gotta come from within !
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 @electricsquirrel: In it for the pun.
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 I was secretly hoping he would return to TLD...
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 Same. But TLD are not even close to what they once where imo.
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 @J1BB: that may be so but the D3 is the only full face helmet that I can fit properly, so they have a repeat customer as long as they keep making them. I have one in use, two retired, and two new in box ready to go.
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 @Afterschoolsports: I've had my share of D3s and loved them. Also, to be transparent I was contacted by a TLD representative to hear my thoughts which is great from them
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 @J1BB: well Fox has sold out its retailers so there's that.
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 @J1BB: I wish they would reach out to me. I would like to let them know how much I would like to spend on many D4 or Stage if they only made them to fit 65cm heads. Same goes for fox and any other brands. I happily spend money on head protection (two d3’s, one giro influx, two cheap Thor mx and two expensive agv’s in the past 12 months) and would love to buy premium (as in lighter weight with carbon shells) mtb and mx helmets if they made them available in big sizes.
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 @Afterschoolsports: I’d love these companies to make helmets for bigger heads
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 @Afterschoolsports: Send you a DM. Might be some solutions from us, for you.
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 @J1BB: Yeah, the 600€ D4´s finish isn´t on par for the money (plastic parts rather loose or moving when you push, MIPS creaks, forehead liner is somehow a folded over two layer thing and looks like forgotten and added late). Pity as the venting and weight was really promising.

Tried a S-Works Dissident on, which had way better finish and cleaner details.

Plus no spare visor anymore for D4 and D3 and no bag for the composite versions of both models.

And they changed the length of the helmet/the form of the forehead on the D4 which makes it too short for me compared to the D3. Quite a few people other reported that as well.

Went for a more traditional Bluegrass Legit Carbon instead, wasn`t able to try the interesting looking 100% Aircraft 2 on.
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 @troyleedesigns: you guys have the best customer support.
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 Just to let you know he was their second choice after i turned them down.
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 I too have chosen to ride this season without a helmet/goggles sponsor.
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 @gaberoc: someone read the best comments article lol
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 Fox has some credits to spend after part ways with Specialized Bruni/Iles!

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 Imagine if Sam signed to the Syndicate
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 Please Fox don't try and make the Sam Hill knee pad better just leave it be we all love it the way it is.
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 Helmet and googles on your knees?
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 @oldfaith: I ONLY wear helmets and goggles on my knees.
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 Yeah don't touch the 7ip knee pad. It's perfect.
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 Nothing here implies Hill is off 7idp but I hope if he ever does, they would just change the name and keep selling the same pads.
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No nothing implies that, but if Fox want to fully sponsor Sam they'll have him dressed head to tail in their gear and that would include knee pads.
7idp Sam Hill knee pads are the best I've ever used and props to the company for coming up with the design (which many companies have now copied).
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 Has anyone tried Fox MTB gloves on lately? I've given up on Fox gloves. Was a size 9/m (snug fit) for years, I can't even get a 9/m past my knuckles. Size XL fit, but I have fingers an inch too long. Every other brand, size 9/medium is still what I wear. Like TLD or 661..
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 I gave up on fox gloves years ago. I got another pair on a whim two years ago, they fell apart after one DJ session, and two 20km trail rides. No washing or crashes. I’ve gone back to Fist mostly but my LMCS has had good prices on Alpinestars gloves over the last year so I’ve had a couple of pairs in the rotation. They’ve been really good quality, and my preferred gloves for a lot of riding.
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 @Afterschoolsports: I've switched to TLD air gloves, but even that design has changed a few times. Newest pair are really thin on top. That said, I got 4 seasons out of the last pair, washed 2 or 3 times, only a few crashes. Holes in the usual spots, finger tips or thumb. But they fit and don't stretch.
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 @oldschool43: Yeah, we changed the old AIR to a new style in 2019/2020, it was preferred by testers and athletes, it is a lighter and more ventilated upper than before, dealers had concerns early on, but they quickly took off with word of mouth and people more often than not like them vs the older one. We had that older one for a long time, so a few fans were not happy
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 Every pair comes unraveled at the outside palm base of my hands after about 8-10 rides. They have a good return policy, but at what point to they just fix the problem.
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 Yeah i have dirtpaws now and they are durable as heck and they are really good.
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 Fox's quality control with apparel is piss-poor. My gf bought me two pairs of fox shorts in two different colors, same size. 1 pair fit snugly (sheesh that's a tight 34), and the other pair didn't fit at all. My gf ended up using the smaller one. But both pairs' pocket zippers broke within the first couple weeks of using them (not even for riding, mind you!), and both have this weird issue where the fly zipper migrates down and the whole zipper flap pops out. Looks like a batwing sticking out of your crotch.

In the meantime, I have 3 pairs of TLD shorts that I've had for 3 years now, and I've used them for casual wear, mtb, and swimming at the beach, and they're still going strong.

Still very impressed with Fox's helmets and protective gear, but their apparel quality is pretty pathetic.
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 @troyleedesigns: i super love my air gloves. Before that I had a pair of sprints that I ran for 3 years until the velcro tabs got ripped off by the washing machine.
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 Yeah they used to fit great but have turned to crap lately. I don't know, but I figure they, like many companies, keep changing factories quite often.
I tried 100% recently and they fit like a glove!
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 @DownhillDaniel20: as a counterpoint; my current pair pulled apart at the stitches on one fingertip after a few short rides.
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 @AndrewHornor: Dang dude, that sucks
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 @troyleedesigns: I'm not complaining. I've had all 3 versions, like them all. Don't change a thing. Now, If you could come out with a single layer palm, winter glove. I'd be on board with that as well.
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 @oldschool43: we are listening, thanks for that.
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 Roll on the start of the EWS.
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 Roll off the start of the EWS
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 What in the Sam Hill is going here?

Congrats sir!
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 Pique helmet week news right here.
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 Can i have your old helmet?
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 Hope it doesn’t cause a chain reaction.
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 wonder why he is still racing. With recent videos I was sure the man would just chill and enjoy family life. He seems to be very happy back home without all the traveling
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 because he wants to?! simple as that
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 @quert: That, and he has bills to pay like everyone else.
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 I really hope the GOAT doesn't stop racing anytime soon!
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 @charmingbob: He lives in WA no doubt he can find a decent wage closer to home.
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I agree. Over the years Sam has decided when and where he races. He's taken breaks when he wants to stay home and then raced internationally when he wants to win another championship! He can continue to do that while he still has sponsors (new Fox deal right now) and CRC have backed him successfully for many years.
He's one of my favourite and best racers ever.
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 I'm so excited that the announcement has finally been made. Now I can go on with my life.
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 The paintwork looks great.. can't make out the painter's name on the side but deserves credit for a sick job. Edit.. saw on Insta it's Rod Gilchrist.. nice work!
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 I guess Discovery Channel doesn't make bike hats?
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 Can someone suggest goggles with lens that are scratch resistant? I've had Oakley, 100%, and IXS and they all scratch pretty easily.
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 Is he 100% fox or fox 100%?
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 Sam Hill for President
  • 5 3
 Sam is the King of the Hill
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 Haha King of the Hill indeed!
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 Sick looking Helmet btw!
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 Hope we can expect a signature helmet ;-)
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 Fox helmets look amazing for 2022.
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 Sam Hill review tomorrow
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 im got sponsored by fox too today SIKE
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 sam needs a deal with troy lee theyre more his style
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