Throwback Thursday: The Greatest Overtake in 4X History

Nov 12, 2020 at 3:14
by James Smurthwaite  

When building the JBC Bikepark 4X track, Tomas Slavik had one goal in mind, to create a course that would show the world the very best of modern 4X. The discipline had been pulled from the UCI World Cup circuit in 2011 and had been replaced by the far duller XCE format, 4X had something to prove and it easily did when the course made its debut in 2013.

Slavik's creation greeted riders with huge pro line jumps, multi-line tech sections and its now-iconic painted wallride. It remains one of the highlights of the 4X calendar to this day, although it may never have had a greater moment than in its opening year.

During round 4 of The 4X Pro Tour at JBC Bike Park Jablonec Czech Republic. 3August 2013 Photo Charles Robertson
With speeds up to 50 mph in places and jumps of 52 feet, the JBC track remains a rider and fan favourite. Photo: Charles Robertson.

In the 14/16th final, Czech rider Michal Marosi lined up against fellow Czech Jonas Stehlik and Hungarian Tamas Tarr. On paper, it looked like it would be a cakewalk for Marosi who qualified 6 seconds faster than the other two. Marosi got the holeshot and had a lead of five bike lengths coming into the first set of jumps.

He overshot the first one then found himself pushing up the backside of the second as Stehlik and Tarr flew past. When he mounted again he was visibly quicker than the other two riders and had caught up with them again by the base of the wallride. Marosi passed both riders in front of him by going around the top of both of them on the wooden wall. It was committed, calculated, and, above all, absolutely wild. The 7,000 Czech fans went crazy and Marosi brought it home to pass through into the next round.

Watch the full run from the race broadcast, here.

Marosi was knocked out in the quarter-finals and the win went to the course's creator, Tomas Slavik, who was racing with a broken thumb, while Katy Curd took the win in the women's race.


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 racing dirt jumpers with rock gardens thrown in and side by side wild.
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flag specialk1 (Nov 12, 2020 at 6:41) (Below Threshold)
 too many liberals now
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 @specialk1: It's over, bud. Find something else.
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 @specialk1: looooooooser
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 @adrennan: Yep, and a proper roots section too. Because this is what proper head to head racing on mountainbikes should be like.
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 I could never understand why it got binned off, well I sort of can (resorts / infastructure etc). In terms of accessible mtb racing though its pretty wild. I think it became uncool with the cool kidz and that was that
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I think it would go perfectly with DH racing. I've enjoyed watching DH live but it's not the best spectator sport as you can only watch a 20 metre section at a time. By having 4d at the same venue it would give the opportunity to get closer to the action and actually see the results as they happen.
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 @usmbc-co-uk: I would love to watch this at all the world cups but I'd have to guess that it was just a large undertaking for the host venues to build these courses. With most of the WC venues also being winter ski resorts it would seem these types of tracks would have to be knocks down and rebuilt each years (much like the Joyride course at Whistler)
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 @jayacheess: Your from Canada, don't be jealous because American has been great for 4 years.

Here come the down votes because I'm pro-America
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 @willdavidson9595: Watch the video and get stoked. No one on here cares about who you voted for
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 @willdavidson9595: You're pro fascism. There has never been such an un-American president in the history of the country. Dude is literally trying to dismantle your democracy. He'll fail.
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 @jayacheess: he relates to the guys who got passed on the wall ride... Not first place
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 @jayacheess: I think Fascist is getting a little hasty. I don’t think Trump would even understand that term or concept, to be honest. He is just completely rudderless morally and ethically and it seems to unintentionally, but directly, align with a fascist checklist. He just has no value system other than his own personal, short sighted gain. He’s not a fascist but if you ever tried to walk through Trumps deepest thoughts, you wouldn’t get your ankles wet.
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 @Ryanrobinson1984: The thing is, I don't think fascism is something you consciously pursue. It's simply the natural conclusion reached when narcissistic populists are given enough breathing room.
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 @willdavidson9595: Imagine thinking that Canadians are looking at what's happening south of their border with anything approaching jealousy.
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 @Ryanrobinson1984: should I assume the moisture on my ankles is urine? If men think about sex 19 times a day, and one of his publicized fetishes is golden showers, you may wanna bring the highwaters when strolling through his thoughts.
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 @Counsel: urine
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 Watch n learn, kids. Never finished till the end.
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 In all honesty, it looked like he messed up the other two’s rhythm, completely, lol. You could see that they obviously slammed on brakes trying to avoid him after he pulled that stunt.
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 @Ryanrobinson1984: nope they're a lot slower before this and the inside guy went foot out hard on brake to not hit the wide guy who look just conservative, the à mtb legend flew over them!
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 These kind of videos are so inspiring!
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 @Clem-mk: oh, I gotcha. That shot was from a weird angle so that’s just what it looked like at the first look. Yeah, either way that guy is a monster. Don’t wanna take anything a way from him
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 Such a classic moment in MTB race history, I remember being blown away by this when I saw it the first time
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 me for sure as well. and I'm still blown away everytime I look at it! legend!
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 I was just thinking about this exact moment the other day and where it would rank in the top moments in bike racing history, including all disciplines. It's gotta be top 10.
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 I had never seen the wreck before the pass. Even better now!!!
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 I’d take 4x over dual slalom anytime
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 agreed, it should either be 4X or just regular slalom
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That is my all time favorite video on pinkbike!
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 Seatpost motor?

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 Love that there's people talking about sam hill in those comments from 2007
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 Love that one. Together with Cedrics backflip at the worlds in 04 as he gives a s***
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 Oct 26, 2007 makes Cedric's audacity a Friday Fails classic. Happens to the best of 'em
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 4x is a mint event....UCI killed it off in some ways but it still goes on.
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 Legendary. UCI, bring back 4X.
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 He went balls to the wall !
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 Wonder if was wearing Vans Off The Wall
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 This one and Cedrics 4x overtake must be the best overtakes in 4x ever.
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 this went viral in a time when things dindt go viral.. insane and amazing
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 One of the greatest moments in cycling history.
THE greatest overtake in ANY form of racing and/or motor sport.
Change my mind meme
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 Hey.. I saw this race, last week I think it was... It was 2 old guys riding on really, really outdated machinery. You know the type... All the cogs are seized up and the machines just never move forward..
Anyway, this race normally only takes 24 hours to complete but this time, because the 2 guys in the race were really, really old... And the machinery they were on was so... So... outdated and decrepit, the race is still not over.
It was/is crazy... One old guy was way in the lead and then during the dark hours the other old guy went Zooming past and took the lead and said he won.
Well, it went to a photo finish in the end but it turns out the picture was taken on a HUAWEI phone made in Chi-Nah so it can't be trusted. Should have used a good old American camera... Like a Zorki or a Zenit. The we would have known the result.
Race of the year.... Beer

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 EC's win at WC 04 (I think) ranks far higher. It was a final, not the 14/16s, it was world champs, and the strategy that went into it, saving his pass line until the last race, puts it on top.
In this case Marosi was the best in the world at the time and the guy in the gate next to him was wobbling like he was in his first gated race.
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 Marosi is such a badass and immortal MTB legend for that boss move. He was coming in hot to that wallride. Czechs had a real 4x pedigree what with that packed event and Prokop. Is it cos they had a vibrant BMX scene?

I've never seen a 4x track with a little bit of woody single-track before. I like it

But seriously how does he sit down with balls that big? etc
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 Inspired by a comment two weeks ago.
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 I recall I mentioned it before the final WC DH race (because of a wall along that track that could be ridden). Would that have been the inspiration? If so, I'll mention it more often. Can't have enough of this so wouldn't mind it being put up Smile .
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 @vinay: probably inspired by Yesterday’s article announcing the 2021 4X protour
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 @Joebohobo: Yeah, could very well be. I think @transitter was referring to my comment here: which was indeed about two weeks ago. Either way, this was a classic in mountainbike racing and should never be forgotten.
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 Remember this clearly, cemented my love of MTB just as I was getting into it (was 13 at the time)
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 Been there, seen that... Amazing moment. Whole hill has exploded Big Grin
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 I watched this go down live. My jaw is still on the floor today.
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 Never give up. Always drop in...
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 Greatest overtake in history alone...
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 am I the only one wondering why was there only 3 riders in this race?
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 It's usually when they don't have enough people to fill all 1/16 finals, but have too many to start with 1/8 finals right away.
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 So why did this actually loose popularity? 4x looks so rad. Reminds me of x games BMX back in the day
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 The Nazca Lines in Peru are remnants of ancient 4X tracks.
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 "Tonight, On Ancient Aliens"
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 Hard pass.
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 This is probably the most legendary move in mtb history. So sick!
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 "Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside
'Round the outside, 'round the outside
Guess who's back, back again"
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 still having goose bumps looking at this one. MRSN never dies !!!!
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 We love 4x..
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 FULL SEND!!!!!!!!!
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 still can't believe it maximum respect for that man!
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 Better than the movie RAD!
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 This is as good the first time I watched it, but it is even better now
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 That was such a cool comeback and the track was a good mix of everything!
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 Outclassed to a level they should have called it early.
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 this never gets old!
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 Such an epic pass!
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