Video: The Stoke Inducing 2019 Downhill World Cup Trailer

Mar 7, 2019 at 2:34
by James Smurthwaite  

With T-50 days until tyres hit dirt for the first time in Maribor, it's timed to get stoked for the 2019 World Cup season. Here's a trailer from the UCI.


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 Drink Water
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 As a beer drinker I am utterly offended that you would suggest such a racist nazi fascist idea. I must now retreat my triggered ass back to my safe space, called a pub, and drink more beer in protest.
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 Drink Bang
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 Headline says 'stroke enducing' Watches video Prefers pornhub for a stroke, if honest.
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 while you drink water...can you ask water to sponsor DH athletes and do a better coverage of DH racing.. let me know how you getting on with that
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 @oskimtb: bro: water runs downhill. Nuff said.
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 @oskimtb: Used to be Freecaster cuckboy. When tracks where tracks. Go drink Redballs with your other opinionated friends?
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 @endlessblockades: Drink bhang lassi.
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 sorry Amaury you should have signed with rebull not monster if you wanted some airtime! What a f joke...
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 to the top
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 Agreed, but Blackbull...sorry Redcuck fans will disagree.
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 Get a grip, it airs on red bull TV and that ad is cool!
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 For real!Do people not understand sponsorship?
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flag hfranklin (Mar 7, 2019 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
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 Nice video of the guys who didn't win in 2018 Smile

Quite excited about the season with so many changes this year.
Can AP continue his dominance
Will AG be back
Will the Atherton bike be fast and reliable
Will Danny win a bl00dy round
Will GM be back to near his best
Will the also rans (no offence but the regular 5-20 placed riders) step it u
Will we see an Enduro rider win on the short course

SAM HILL, will he race............................... (the rest is just noise, coz he is still SAM HILL, doesnt matter what he does in the race, he is Sam freekin Hill).
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 Most exciting minute of my day.
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 Was that an advert for downhill racing or Red Bull?
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 both & RB paid for it all. mountain biking didn't help with a dime...
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 Yo it says Stroke Inducing. SO clearly its for Redbull.
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 DH has been amazing with redbull coverage and has attracted record numbers of viewers. Regardless if you like to drink water or redbull. Be careful what you wish for ;-)
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 RebullTV as a brand has been flipping awesome to the MTB sport and many other fringe sports. I wish RBTV all the best, and can't look forward to the 2019 season. Another thing, every year the RBTV coverage gets better and better!
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 Once we get drones instead of static cameras, we can get back to sick wooded tracks too!
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 Bru, Y'all should be stoked! why has the comment section just turned to everyone whining?
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 Because western culture now values grievance and victimhood above graciousness and self determination.
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 @Session603: well said sir. Nail - head.
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 Red Bull just do things right, their media is best in the business by a long way. Such a good company, don't know what everyone's going on about water for, don't see Evian putting any cash into anything I'm remotely interested in & who the f*ck ever drank Vodka & water?
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 so...redbull is paying for all the coverage (NOT A BAD ONE) and giving to you FOR FREE and is not enough to keep you guys happy...
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 So true. You just made the point!
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 When was the last time a non Monster or Red Bull sponsored rider won a World Cup? I don't know whether to switch to water seems like a new standard too far. I'm sure I'll progress better and ride as fast as pros if I drink what they are sponsored to show.
I have the same opinion about clipless pedals and wheel size.
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 martin maes at la bresse?...
not so long ago
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 before that vergier at andorra

before that pierron at val di sole (a month before he joined monster)
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 I think that Atherton woman (maybe you've heard of her) has won a few WC races in the last couple seasons. And Pom Pon. And didn't a Redbull rider named Gwin win Croatia last year?
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 Given the coverage and massive amount of money they put into the sport, I would happily swollow Red Bulls marketing.
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 Take it the Santa Cruz Syndicate Team not to popular with Redbull. Any 3 of their riders can win on any given day. Also think Martin Maes this is going to be his year. That winning run he peddled and peddled like there's no tomorrow.
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 Time to get hyped...... 50 days to go....... Imma need that roadie to bring me a fk load of drugs to last me 49 days if I have to stay hyped for that long!
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 Get that they only showed their sponsored riders, but surely this is about all the world cup contenders. Hope Vali Hill goes to seniors and kills it.
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 Too short.
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 f*cking stooooked! quit whining^^
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 Dope video! Can't wait!!
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 Cannot wait!!!!!! Big Grin
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