Video: Bernard Kerr's Winning POV from Red Bull Hardline

Jul 26, 2021 at 1:29
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesBernard Kerr was the only man on the mountain with two Red Bull Hardline titles under his belt. He guided new & less experienced riders through the course for the whole week, helping out with his advice, making sure everyone gets down in the fastest & safest way possible. By race day, the only thing left to do was to lay down a blazing race run and that's exactly what he did. Get on board Bernard's winning run that landed him in the history books once again, becoming the only three-time winner of Red Bull Hardline.Red Bull Bike


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 That camera makes him look very very slow. WHY???
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 Definitely something weird hoing on. Maybe the framerate?
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 Frame rate seems very slow. The way it's juddering isn't right. Compare to Faircloughs run he posted where you can barely see what was happening he was hitting things so fast.
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 slow motion
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 Its the field of view thats smaller. This footage is from the redbull go pro, Brendans was from his chest from his own go pro. So he probably uses different settings and a newer generation of gopro. It looked like the helmet mounted ones were smaller than the current 9.
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 digital image stabilization + almost no sound from the tires, mostly wind. Gives a very mellow feeling to it all, unfortunately.
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 It's 50fps, so maybe some weird issues going on with a typical 60hz monitor
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 Some crazy gimble mount on the camera makes it so you can’t even tell when he lands…maybe he swapped out his wheels for flying saucers?
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 Part of it is that it's mounted on top of his head. With GoPros on bikes, the general rule is that the higher on your body it goes, the slower (but steeper) things look.The lower it's mounted, the faster (but flatter) things look.
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 definitely the settings, can someone enlighten us on how to make it look fast?
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 @maxnomas: 24 fps. lower framerate = more motion blur.
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 It seems there is some stabilizing going on with the footage. Notice how his helmet comes in and out of frame to keep the trail looking smooth. However, the stabilizing footage seems to latch onto one part of the trail and then jump forward to the next part of the trail a couple times per second.
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 I agree that the image stabilisation is the issue - the footage almost speeds up our down depending on how hectic things are. It messes with my brain... Using a proper gimbal is much better - this is a software stabilisation... Almost as bad as filming in portrait imho... Ha ha!
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 GoPro 10 is 10 frames per second??
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 Head-mounted + stabilized + GoPro effect = I could do that
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 Its because he's going slow, duh. Its a giant conspiracy where the UCI and GoPro have teamed up to fake footage to make people look faster than they are. Its only through channels like this, like Twitter with Trump, are athletes able to show how slow they really are without the deep state bikespiracy able to intervene with the frame rate!

Fast DH racers = fake news!!!!!!!
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 Watch here flawless! His final race starts here at 15:22:
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 Cuz brandog has chest mount, this is helmet cam, much this EIS makes it like u re flying a drone over a track...PROS, pls, turn hypersmooth off when cam is mounted on helmet, thx Wink
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 Brage’s bike was the real winner
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 You boys need to turn your eyes or the internet off if you don't want spoilers.
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flag rich-2000 (Jul 26, 2021 at 3:29) (Below Threshold)
 Agree, should keep name hidden for 36hrs, people work and have to watch the following day.
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 Or take personal responsibilty and avoid Pinkbike? Rather than forcing everyone else to bend to your situation. (Applicable statement to a lot of the world right now...)
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 If you don't know how the Internet works by now you're probably not on it...
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flag vtracer (Jul 26, 2021 at 5:43) (Below Threshold)
 @iian: At least remove the name from the headline for that period, calling it Hardline Winning POV until 36 hours to avoid spoilers without causing any major effect
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 @vtracer: Why remove info? The internet should avoid “saying too much” to cater to your needs? Please… When I don’t want to spoil Red Bull events I just go watch replay on Red Bull tv and stay off socials until then. Easy as can be. If you can’t be internet deprived until you get to catch up thats on you my friend. Stop acting so spoiled. (See what I did there? ;P)
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 We do try to avoid spoilers the day of an event if there's a replay available, but the next day we're going to move on.
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flag deepstrut (Jul 26, 2021 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: I get that life goes on, but honestly, i wish you'd had his name in the body rather than the headline.. would it really make ant difference if it wasn't in the headline?
was going to watch this race after work but i look at pinkbike literally every morning before work. didnt even think about having the results ruined for me.
I think people are fair and allowed to feel upset by this, and telling them their feelings arnt justified isnt exactly sympathetic to the issue you've caused.
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 @deepstrut: first world problems mate. Get over it. Stop whining.

Also, I suggest you don't open Pinkbike the morning you're going to watch a replay of an event. If you don’t have the strength just take a day off work.
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flag deepstrut (Jul 26, 2021 at 12:55) (Below Threshold)
 @mi-bike: i open it every morning as part of my routine.. perhaps i should change my routine.

and i dont think its an unreasonable request to simple put information like that in the body of a post rather than the title.. why are you so offended about this idea?
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 All it would take is removing the words 'bernard kerr' from the title
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 @deepstrut: nobody is offended by the idea, just the fact you expect everyone to give a shit that the result was spoiled for you

If I wanted to watch England v Italy at the Euros the morning after the match then I wouldn't go on BBC Sport website before watching the replay. Just common sense pal
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flag deepstrut (Jul 26, 2021 at 13:57) (Below Threshold)
 @johnnyboy11000: i dont think anyone is expecting other people to care.. i think we're expecting Pinkbike to care and decent people not to gaslight those affected and say their opinion isnt valid..
you'd think they'd want people on their website regardless if they watched a single DH race or not, wouldnt you? why would they want to deter people from the front page?

They're not exactly bringing in users by including the name of the winner in the title, but there's a lot of people who are voicing their frustrations with this decision.
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 @deepstrut: ffs man. just accept you dropped a bollock by clicking onto Pinkbike when you didn't want to know the result yet. you making this out as a huge error on their part instead of taking some responsibility for your predicament is the textbook definition of gaslighting.
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 @johnnyboy11000: i dont think im making it out to be a huge error. just giving honest criticism. Honestly i think the pushback to this simple criticism is more ridiculous than anything. What difference does this make to your life that you need to be upset about some one giving their honest feedback from their experience? i think this situation effects you disproportionately than it does to some, so its easy for you to sit there and be condescending.

and that is not the definition of gaslighting.. gaslighting is making some one think their opinion or feelings arnt valid and they are in the wrong for feeling that way. what you're thinking of is accountability.
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 @johnnyboy11000: your opinion is that i "shouldnt have opened pinkbike this morning"

do you think Pinkbike wants that? probably not. so maybe they should consider the feedback their users are giving them.
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 @brianpark: the doubledown!

Outsiding Phase Two COMPLETE
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 @deepstrut: You’re entitled to your opinion, and so is Pinkbike. They could have left the name out, but did say they’ll “move on” the day after, which is fair. You speak of website traffic… well Bernard Kerr has appeal and I’m sure his name will have gotten Pinkbike extra hits (ie: Type “Bernard Kerr” into Google and Pinkbike’s winning run shows up in Top Stories). In the hotly contested arena that is the interweb,where hits lead to revenue, it’s easy to see why a site would spell it out the way Pinkbike did.

Again, you're entitled to your views, but the site you are (constructively) criticizing might have other aims/objectives/priorities that won’t necessarily align with yours. It’s up to you to adapt ever so slightly to cater to your own situation, because expecting a site that breathes mtb not to divulge (potential) spoilers (kinda like or not posting last night’s winners) is overly optimistic at best Wink
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 @deepstrut: I couldn't care less one way or the other whether they publish the name in the headline or not tbh, I just see your name everywhere in the comments giving it the big Karen when the whole thing could have been avoided with just a little common sense on your part

I don't really think Pinkbike cares whether you log in first thing or watch the replay first tbh
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 "Giving it the big Karen"

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 @deepstrut: agreed 100%. Your opinion is valid so I can't see why people are giving such attitude. They don't have to agree with you. What puzzles me most about the responses, especially the one from the Outside guy, is that they seem to ignore the fact that Google and other apps will often pick out articles for you and I and push them in our faces on our phones. As such, it is unforgivable, and at an absolute minimum, unprofessional to put the winning rider's name in the header. Ok for a free website but for a website with plans to put up a paywall, that's just not good enough.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Jul 26, 2021 at 4:11) (Below Threshold)
 I don't think he's interested in backflips.
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 He was at rampage twice i think.12th in qualifying for the 2014 rampage and 15th in qualifying for the 2015 rampage.
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 One hell of an event. Stoked for Bernard
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 Guys this is insane, such a great run, no question, but its also robbed by gopro settings.
It needs wider angle. In this case I suspect which ever stab used caused massive crop. I would really suggest going step back with strength of stabilization and also looking into wider angle as a base (I own multiple GoPros sadly no H9 so cannot comment on exact settings)
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 I think it's more about it being mounted on the top of his head. That angle helps with making steep things actually look steep, but it also makes the rider look way slower than a lower angle (such as a chest mount)
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 There's definitely a framerate conversion error!

Even his preview looks faster an smoother.
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 Looks way to calm. As good as the hypersmooth feature of the gopro is it doesn´t do justice for this course. Maybe the perspective from a chest mount would have been better. But still great coverage over all. Brage's run was mental and congrates to Bernard.
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 Congratulations BK! That fall in the first section bunch of rocks in Friday's practice looked grim, to come back and nail it after that is amazing.
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 sometimes i rather watch Hardline over WorldCup... Hardline it's one rider at a time and Full video coverage of the entire race
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 Waiting for Wallace and grommet to pop up on this stop go footage.
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 Oh I do love the sound of wind whistling in a gopro mic, not shit at all. Visual wasn't great that either, I assumed it was cos I was watching with possibly questionable levels of data, but seems everyone else has had the same problem.
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 he doesn´t even sounds exhausted
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 You will get tire noises w/ pinkbike+
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 Someone get that man a sound tech or at least a windshield for that mic
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 swooooooooooooosh! go Bernie
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 BK You Got It!
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 What is crazy to notice is the number of RB cameramen they had on course.
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 Needs to get a wind sock, great run but shocking with the volume up
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 Beast! Congrats.
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 Sick course! as in the adrenaline would make a person puke
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 With all due respect, video quality is not good in 2021.
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 Maaan, that track is evil!
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 If I had a Phoenix I could do that too.
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 W h a t I s W r o n g W i t h T h e G o p r o ?
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 Shit footage
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 So sick
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 Great job putting a spoiler in the title..
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