Video: Claudio Caluori Chases Aaron Gwin Down Dusty California Trails

Apr 21, 2021 at 14:05
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRiding with California's finest, Aaron Gwin. My rock hard front tire with a blocked valve didn't help with the traction in the turns, so I had to make it up with my amazing riding skills. Duuuhhh! Thanks to Aaron for showing me around! Gooooood times! See you at the World Cup!Claudio Caluori

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 Gotta tighten up those motor mounts, or whatever is causing all that 1950's truck suspension creaking.
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 I thought it was like a driver's POV shot in a stage coach robbery scene
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 U joints. It's always the U joints.
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 It's quite often a go pro mount noise. I know my chest mount makes that noise where it clips on, a bit of tape on the plate before clipping the go pro mount to it, reduces/removes it completely.
Its very annoying on a video though
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 I've never seen Gwin go so slow. That's very nice of him to not drop Claudio Smile
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 Exactly what I was thinking, at the beginning he keeps almost track standing and looking back over his shoulder to check on Claudio's progress lol
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flag DhDWills (Apr 22, 2021 at 13:21) (Below Threshold)
 It's part of his job...not doing it out of the kindness of his heart.
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 Claudio, it is great to see you on the bike again!!
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 Would have been way better if Claudio just gives the camera to Aaron and let him ride his speed.
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 I dunno... Claudio has about as much personality as Aaron has speed (the inverse appears to be true as well lol). His commentary is a good change-up. Plus (even though Claudio would probably crush me) it's just great to have the perspective of how fast the pros actually are, "you think you're going fast? Watch Aaron effortlessly ride away from you".
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 miss Claudio
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 Bet Aaron went through 4 sets of brake pads as he held back
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 California muppet. Wtf. Love Cali dust. Anyday over rain and muck in Van. 25 years in the wet. 200 days a year and just fuckin over it. Gimme dust. Gimme sun. Gimme Cali
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 Grass is always greener
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 Trade you whistler for northstar.
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 @rarrity: nah. I went to bed after a few beers all pissy cause it’s supposed to rain this weekend. Woke up this morning and remembered where I was . All good
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 Its dry and dusty 360 days a year here and not complaining. Not a week goes by where I can't ride my bike
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 @huvudvind: Being a SoCal guy who has seen the world, I am quite aware of how much greener the grass is everywhere else.

(But I will stay here)
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 This is such a fun race, I face planted hard on Ladders DH my first time out.
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 If you like loose, flat corners you will LOVE this hot new edit!!
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 These are my home trails too! I see Gwin out there all the time!
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 dang they both bunny hopped over that race tape with e-bikes like they were on bmx bikes. so much skill between the two of them!
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 I know e-bike hate is now frowned upon, and maybe they have sponsor obligations, but it's still sad to see two of the sport's best riding e bikes, especially when they're both so talented and (relatively) young.
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 Why is this sad
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 Thats my home track. Ride there weekly. Great after a rain but dry and dusty most of the time.
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 You don't say
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 Parked next to Claudio on that weekend race he was talking about. Super nice down to earth guy!
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 Claudio back doing course previews! Miss the shrieking of the world cup track previews, glad to see you back out there though
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 Aaron Gwin going purposely slow is faster than I have, or will ever be. Claudio, We missed you!!!!
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 The world has missed Claudio
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 Claudio says he can feel his legs from all the climbing with the e-bike. haha.
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 He said at the start that the battery was out I think.
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 @betsie: I missed that. I skipped straight to the riding.
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 @tacklingdummy: schoolboy error.
You could have missed a coffee, shoes being put on, even the goggles slowmo.
Instead you watched the riding slowmo. Haha
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 That was painful to watch.
Such a class rider as Claudio (he is better than 99.999% on here, having seen him at Inverness pump track), casing the jumps and sliding all over the place on that E-Bike (without battery).
Kinda shows why an E-bike is a climbing machine and not really anywhere near a mountain bike yet.
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 Moooooooo .....mmmmoooooooo. 99.99% of cows are named Betsie. That’s just gotta be right...right?
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 @Intense4life: no way to talk about your mum.
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 @betsie: hahaha..RUDE
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 @Intense4life: you mean you were rude as I only pointed you to your comment.
Enjoy your riding. Smile
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 Yer bike is creaky, Claudio. Just in case you didn't already know.
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 Woah, Cladio you're bike is like SCREECH
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 that was a crazy track looks sketchy AF for a race with a slip and slide factor of fun 100
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 A California trail is a dusty trail about 95% of the time. Maybe it'll go up to 100%, now that the super-drought is setting in.
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 Noone has been chased in this video
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 Finally a video where a pro's (or ex pro's) bike sounds exactly like mine...
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 Just why we have to see top athlets that can ride uphill all day on electro bikes? I guess monkey see monkey do?
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 I hate the Santa Ana Winds!
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 Nice to see Claudio again!

He stepped back after that big crash in Losinj, right? Anyone remembers the reason?
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 Over too soon. Should have shown the entire ride.
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 freakin boring@!
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 where is this home trial??
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 Vail lake in temecula area
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 Good talk between the two of them.
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 Sicker. Sending the gnar
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