Video: Claudio Faces his Fear of Heights on Exposed Swiss Alpine Singletrack

May 15, 2020 at 7:38
by James Smurthwaite  
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bigquotesYou know how much I like exposure to heights...

But they say, you should scare yourself at least once a day. I don‘t know what a comfort zone is anyway. Have fun everyone and have a good weekend!
Claudio Caluori


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 I miss Claudio doing the downhill course previews
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 I know a lot of people really like Gee's (and they are really good) but I do miss Claudio's commentary. I want both really. Gee's for the exposure to a racer's mindset and Claudio's to help me relate watching someone who's kindof almost human doing these runs.
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 Claudio +++, definitely, for the good mood and the sense of humor that Gee doesn`t have.
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 @softsteel: you always find a way to hack on the anglo's.
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 @rideonjon: nope, missed target. I prefer anglo`s sense of humor rather than froggies` s, truly.

Your reaction is so... canadian, let`s say.

Anything else to tell except how canadianly bored you are?
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 @softsteel: your reaction is so ..........

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 @rideonjon: you must have traveled a lot to know what you`re talking about...

Fortunately for you, we have a word to describe the state of mind you`re into: cliche.
So french indeed, isn`t it :-)
I know, you have the same reflex with Americans actually: putting everybody in the same bag.

Bisou tête de noeud. Moi aussi je t`aime.
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 @softsteel: Mange mon biftheque
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 @rideonjon: C`est tout?
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 @softsteel: au revoir mon frere
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 Damn, those are some good trails!
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 @Hamburgi: Great! But where is that track exactly?
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 Some exposure and tech, really looks amazing. Love the more primitive trails.
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 @koshki: Where the trail exactly is, i dont know. But its located in the area around Flims. You can find it on google maps, when you search for Bargis. Flims and Laax has a lot of Trails. (:
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 The trail is on Trailforks here:
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 Oh and the second one with the stairs near the restaurant:
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flag thedirtyburritto (May 18, 2020 at 0:27) (Below Threshold)
 jeezus. No one here ever heard of appreciating a trail vid, and then keeping you mouth shut about its location? Of course these are open and public trails, but publicizing them like every swiss duded on PB posting a link to which trail and where doesnt help keep things open.
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 @thedirtyburritto: I don't get it. Showing people where they can ride legally is in my opinion not a bad thing and might not be bad for bike tourism in this area. This kind of trail will not be overpopulated by masses of Flowtrailjunkies.
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 @thedirtyburritto: You mean posting a link to a public trail whose name is literally the name of the video?

No offense, but years after i'm still laughing at your comment about trail "maintenance" where you were mixing cow trails around a pond for mountain bike lines. Wink
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 @inversedotch: Laugh if you like, but years later there is still no broad reaching plan for trail maintenance in Switzerland....most hiking paths (where the good riding is at, I think we can agree!) dont get much if any maintenance, and if they do, its from some local hikers who often put in slippery wood steps held in place by dangerous steel spikes, straight down the fall line. Privately (Hiker) maintaned trails are frequently not improved by such efforts and can turn shit to ride. The old school trails are often unsustainable when low skill riders skid the whole way down or cut tight switchbacks, as seen in this video.

I think its too bad that so many people here in Switz. take offense or simply make fun when someone tries to bring up sustainable trails and trail maintenance.
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 @thedirtyburritto: i don't know where you live, but you seem to mix dedicated bike trails and hiking trail (98%+ of trails in Switzerland). Public hiking trails are maintained by municipalities and saying "most hiking path don't get maintenance" is simply not true and disrespectful. Some municipalities might be overwhelmed with the number of trails they have to take care of and do some form of prioritizing on where to put their maintenance time.

For example, in Canton Valais/Wallis, we have more than 8000km of hiking trails. Who do you think remove the trees, fix the trails that were destroyed by avalanches, landslides, etc..? It's the municipalities. Most of them do quite an extensive work paid by our taxes.

I lived in the mountain and hiked on alpine trails all my life, contrary to machine-groomed bike trails they are like a living organism. They do erode, get blown out by hiking traffic, tramped on by cows transiting twice a day from and to the pastures. That's also how most of our alpine trails were born.

The exemple you posted ('Baschalvasee'%2021_09_2010%20(32).JPG32) is very typical of high traffic cow pasture and you can see it all around the alps on every mountains. It has been like this centuries before mtb arrived. You can't seriously look at this and yell at municipalities for the lack of trail "maintenance".

Finally, we are guests on hiking trails, they are trails that were primary "built" for... guess what.. hiking. When you complain about wood stairs, steel spikes and how shitty they are to ride, i wonder if you understand this.
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 @koshki: On the side of a mountain I believe.
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 Lol, honestly can’t watch Claudio for more than 30 seconds before I burst out in laughter. What good stuff!,,
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 Damn, that's a beautiful trail! The chunkier the better! My local "technical" trails have nothing on this... although after some recent storms, several large fallen trees across the trail have made for some fun obstacles! Those first steep switch backs had me out of me seat, or rather stiff arming the arm-rests and leaning waaaay back.. Haha. Awesome video!
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 Great video Claudio, So humble with such a great skill set on the bike.
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 26 inch wheels would have been the best set-up for an “old school” trail like this. You’d have a better chance of cleaning those tight switchbacks. Before omnipresent machine built “flow” trails 26” wheels were great on raw natural terrain—for their maneuverability.
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 hm. na.
ride this trail since 26", made it to 650b. now 29" and it's never been that much fun.
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 One of my most ridden hometrails To bad the local authorities want to close down this trail for whatever reason and even put unofficial signs "biking not allowed" at the head of the trail.
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 Exactly why posting its name, location, etc....wont help. The farmers are pretty powerful when they want to get something closed. @inversedotch
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 @thedirtyburritto: flims used to be a bikers dream. unfortunately the golden days are long gone and the authorities don't believe in the mountain biking "hype" anymore.
it's not the bikers fault. so i highly appreciate it when trails get called and we get a clean table for everyone. unnecessairy hiding and rebelling like the biking did back in the days is no longer welcome.
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 @xkriegerx: The golden days are gone? Correct me if i am wrong, but the municipality is currently building a new dedicated bike trail. With the cost involved it's not something you do if you don't believe in MTB tourism anymore.

I think sometimes we (as bikers) need to be more pro-active regarding trail conflict and not only open a dialogue with local authorities but also stepping back from our bike and do some hiking. As a regular guest of your hometown, i'm sometimes amazed how rude some of the bikers are with the hikers. The perfect example was last year opening of the Runca (starting at Foppa). The area near Runc Schatt was a real clusterf*** with bikers zooming past hikers at full speed, etc.. There were also no trail tolerance/sharing signage to be found.

Finally for the Bargis Trail, i imagine why the municipality is uneasy with bike traffic there. The upper part of the trail (with the bridge) is quite exposed and there are constant rock falling in the area. Are you sure there is that much bike traffic there during the bike season?
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 "ooooo a squirrel."

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 Asking honestly, dont mean to dis... where's the exposure? (time stamp?)
The trail looks awesome, dont get me wrong, and there are some sections where bailing left would definitely suck, but i wouldn't consider this seriously exposed (especially with all those trees). Am i missing something...?
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 Fox, you absolute.............. legend. And those WC DH courses aren't like they used to be in our day hey!
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 yeah theres a firm setting on my dhx2...but its always open/active. I dont ever use that feature...I just adjust my ride style.
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 That first section really reminds me of Noble Ridge off 410 in Washington, great trails here and there!
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 you folks should have races down it in the rain and fuck it all up real good like they've done here
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 That was great Claudio, keep them coming!! I love when you are like fuck it one more lol
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 Any Swiss looking to adopt? Actually will probs be looking for a gig in that pretty little country in a year or so.
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 Awesome GoPro footage Claudio I my self would ov not been looking to the left ether ???????? ✌️
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 Is he talking about mini Schuster doing a WC DH course preview?

That would be interesting
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 who else looked to the left?
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 When he said it was exposed I thought he was exaggerating. Then I watched the video. Yeah, clearly not exaggerating.
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 Classic Claudio just saying, "I don't like shortcuts..." meanwhile takes a shortcut Wink
love these trails...
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 Love Claudio
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 not only me is getting old.., ha ha hs ha
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 Claudio, what bike are you on?
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 man I'd love to get some claudio commentary down portal..
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 Easy singletrack. Real fear looks like that:
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 I cannot wait and go try that trail.. full body armor needed I guess..
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 Wow,nice ! Those switchbacks are tighter than..
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 Latest favourite video. Thanks Claudio!
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 Flow killers suck, but I guess they keep the cows at home.
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 Lock out switches are crutches for poor suspension designs,not my words,Chris Porters.
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 Well, Chris Porter specs very fancy lockout shocks in his (Nicolai's) bikes. Almost as if he could see a benefit in having different settings for the ups and the downs, ain't it?
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 trail map please
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 Shat me pants !
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