Video: Digging and Guinea Pigging Continues at Red Bull Rampage

Oct 13, 2021 at 2:37
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWe've seen the digging, we've seen the 1st hits... what's next? As the build up to Red Bull Rampage continues, there is a period when the shovels are still going full on, yet the focus is slowly but surely shifting towards riding. Every aspect of each plan is being studied & tested and talked through. Which line is your favourite so far?Red Bull Bike


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 I find it hard to be interested this year as my two favourites are not competing (Van der Poel and Pidcock).
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 Van der Poel would just try to roll all the drops.
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 @bryanbreynolds: He would just as well as at the Olympics
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 I heard there was a rule change this year that required him to remove the wood features for finals.
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 Something something slope. Something something smooth landings. Something something not freeride enough. Bender. Redbull sucks. Norbs got robbed.
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 What is going on with the little coverage compared to other years? Maybe it's that I'm not finding it or that the Venue is tapped out and not much new or impressive stuff to show but I remember the line analysis for each rider, lots of riding clips, so much build details... Red bull has just cut media rights?
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 Pretty sure the mountain is only opened up to specific media outlets until just a day or two before rampage. I recall this being a complaint in previous years. I bet today and tomorrow stuff will start pumping out.
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 There just hasn't been a social media roundup PB article. That's the only difference I'm seeing. Red Bull is releasing these things every day. I'm not sure what the media deal is but Red Bull and NBC seem to be good about allowing riders to post up their own content unlike the FEST series.
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 Simple, Brendog and the boys arn't there pumping out some cheerful daily videos!
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 Vink is involved hence the social media blackout
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 Love how the diggers are probably good enough riders that they could also ride some of these lines too. Strong work, y'all!
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 DJ Brandt for sure, I'd bet he'd jump at the opportunity to fill Andreu's spot since he's rumored to be hurt now.
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 I think they should rename this to Red Bull Squid Game
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 The more I see this, the more I am in awe of Gee in his latest quarry / mine edit
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 do they leave all this set up after rampage is over? do locals end up sessioning rampage lines? or do they tear it all down for liability reasons?
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 I was listening to a podcast and I think they tear down all sandbags and such for reclamation of the land. But this venue, in particular, has been in quite a few segments since it was last competed in.
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 It's too much of a liability to let amateur riders use the venue
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 Generally speaking there is stuff in Virgin you can go ride, especially on public land like the original sight, which is pretty easy to access. “Mini” rampage type lines that us standard humans can enjoy. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there but used to enjoy it a few times a year when I lived closer.
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 I was just there a month ago, there are still tons of intact lines after they do their post event tear down. To get there, go to Virgin, UT, and start driving up Kolob Terrace road. Can’t miss it.
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 @MegaStoke: Kolob Terrace road goes North to the very old site. To get to the new venue you have to cross the river using Camino del Rio and then head south on one of the two tracks.
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 The remove all the wooden stuff and tear down some takeoffs. These lines are kind of a sanctuary - no one rides them for fun.
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 @yoobee: I’d be @#$&ing my pants trying anything on this hill
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 Will they be installing wood roll downs for practice?
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 Ha ha
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 great segment - thanks for making!
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 Cool to see no one s hurt so far
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 Lacondeguy did...
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 @editor: didnt know
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 Anyone know the "Get Money Song" they played at the end of it?
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 Redbull is not a fan of competition form Pink Bikes new ownership.
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 *backflip barspin*
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 Single crown fork is a rampage cheatcode
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 If you say so. I‘m sure this single crown guy (not a newbie by the way) needs all the help he can get to keep up with the rest, NOT.
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 @Lasse2000: Only one doing bar spins. It's the first time I've seen anyone using a 190 Zeb. Axle to crown on it must be super tall. Not many bikes besides downhill frames would work well with it.
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 @Lasse2000: yes you are stupid

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