Video: Eliot Jackson Breaks Down the New Les Gets World Cup Track

Jul 2, 2021 at 3:02
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRoll out the quotes, there's a lot to be said about the new Les Gets Downhill track. This is proper DH!Red Bull Bike


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 These shows are just as good as the race sometimes better as we see parts of the track redbull dont cover and Elliott is the boss
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 It was interesting to see how they stopped to talk about making the creek gap safer. A bit of insight you never get to see.
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 @adrennan: just a pity it took them some hard crashes to do so.
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 @dtheio: can't believe the road gap wasn't adjusted after some of the slams there. who knows what happens there if it is a mudder.
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 Tracks should be this hard.there is a B line riders at this level should be tested to the limit and so should the equipment not the same safe old one line tracks with maybe one hard section a whole track should be gnarly the riders complaining are the ones that are used to the sanitised tracks dont see brendog struggling old school with mixed abilities
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 @Jrtf: making features more dangerous to "test the riders" is not the way to go. The competition is about being faster, not "who is not going to die".
otherwise, you are turning the people that are racing in modern day gladiators, where the crowds revel in the blood spilled Smile which ... is not the way imho.
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 @danbgbg: I nearly replied basically the same thing then I remembered I watch the Freeride World Tour which is way more dangerous than UCI DH will ever be.
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 I'd say the redbull hardline or rampage kinda breaks the safety rule book aswell its mtb its an extreme sport if your paid to be a world class rider then a hard world class track is needed
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 @danbgbg: With the exception of Vali Holl every rider, commentator and analyst I've seen is saying how good the track is. It's a shame what happened to Cabirou and I hope she's okay, but if the riders aren't calling for features to be removed and if anything implying they'd like to see more tracks like this then what's the problem? Dh racing at this level is the epitome of risk vs reward.
If it's just about being faster then you might as well do it on a paved surface.
As spectators we aren't turning the riders into anything. It's in their hands how much they want to push, that road gap isn't mandatory.
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There’s just no winning is there?

Make downhill real! f*ck these park tracks!

Real downhill rears it’s ugly head.

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 @Jrtf: Easy to say from behind the keybord, ay?
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 Elliott has been such a great addition to the race coverage!
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 Great coverage! Well put together and presented. Quality.
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 I love how this was edited.
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 That was great! Eliot's enthusiasm brings it to a new level
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 This is by far the best race preview I’ve seen on here.
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 Great job Elliott and Red Bull!
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 this is good. i'm hyped
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 Hey Elliot, Thanks for talking about the sections just before and after the camera locations. Come race day it really helps piece together what happens in the gapes between cameras.
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 Elliot’s an incarnation of a cute internet cat.

There’s nothing to not like about him, plus all the empathy, wit and skill to communicate what matters.

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 Great show,like everyone I love these insights into the prep for the big day.Along with Ben Cathro its really doing it for me.One thing I'm missing is Gee Athertons course preview.How can you even talk through what your doing at those speeds.Hats off and hope you have a speedy recovery.
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 Eliot should do the course previews now with commentary.
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 Really insightful. Great representation of how steep and gnarly it is! Good job Eliot!
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 Love having Eliot in front of the camera. He brings a proper positive bizz to everything. Quality!
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 Interesting display pic......
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 Everyone currently injured: "not dangerous"?
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 Thirion's road gap setup at 8.45, wow!
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 Eliot's "REALLY OLD faces" line was great, haha!
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 Considering the wet conditions, seems like a sketchy mess. Seems like Danny and Gwin weren't that stoked on it.
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 Eliot does a great job. More of this. 'Let 'er eat!'
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 E&J - Gallons of fun!
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 Great insight into what looks like a brilliant track, thank you.
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 This is quality content!! Thanks Eliot and crew!
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 Well done Eliot. Can't wait to see more! Cheer6
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 Let er eat!
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