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Video: From the Snow Line to the Valley Floor - Claudio's Bla Bla Run on Laax's Neverend Trail

Jul 17, 2020 at 7:02
by James Smurthwaite  
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The lifts are open in Laax but Claudio still rode his ebike to the top for this trail preview from one of the bike park's longest trails.

bigquotesSooooooo much fun, one of my favorite trails at home, it‘s the one that gave me my first Swiss national Downhill title in 1999.

Today, not using the cable car to get to the start, as pedaling the #kenevo up there is almost as much fun as pinning it on the way down. Almost.
Claudio Caluori

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 Serious question to the haters, how can you watch this video and still feel all teh hatez? He had a great workout on the climb, an amazing descent, just all good all around. I gotta know, does this video make your Grinch heart grow even a tiny bit?
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 Which haters ? All comments are positive so far ? Or do you mean haters of E bikes ?
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 @bigburd: Yep, them. They definitely looking to hate on this post like they did the last one, but it's just so positive I think they might have the weeping and gnashing of the teeth.
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 TBH hardly anyone is speaking out against the concept of using an E bike to do self shuttle laps in a bikepark.
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 @kornbrot: Kind of a fine distinction there, but ok, I'll give you that. Definitely plenty of hate and snark for the concept of using one where people usually shuttle by vehicle.
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 @Chuckolicious: true. There are plenty of situations/places where E bikes could be considered problematic but anywhere they are used to substitute for other means of assisted shuttling I dont get the opposition either.
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 @kornbrot: Take a look at the comments on the Levy Batista post. That's literally about a bike for a specific E-Bike race, and the hate is off the chain. As to your claim that there are "plenty" of instances where they are problematic, what do you mean? Let's establish a baseline: bikes that allow riders to go 40mph+ are all over multi use trails everywhere. So taking that into account, give me a scenario where a Class 1 E bike is more problematic than that.
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 @Chuckolicious: just because there are more problematic things doesn't mean class 1 E bikes can't be an issue either.
MTB related I would say everything where you are riding a non-pay-for-access trail and you are not someone who is involved in trail building can be considered problematic depending on the location/soil conditions/rules/land owner.
As mentioned everywhere you have people who have little to no experience on mixed access trails ia problematic (would also be the case without a motor, but you get very few of those).
Non MTB related all the people with no experience suddenly riding fast in traffic who have so spacial awareness, can't check their shoulder, etc. (While this is also a problem with non assisted bikes the statistics in Europe show that while cycling related injuries remain constant the ones related to assisted cycling are rising strongly)...
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 @kornbrot: I feel ya, but the straw man trotted out consistently that E-Bikes present some sort of clear and present danger is not only unproven, but now there are some reasonable studies coming out the E-Bikes don't cause any more damage than regular bikes. Lake Tahoe area is one example. As to the injuries you mention, is that data for E-MTB, or just E bikes as a group? Any chance you could share some links? I'm a data guy, and willing to change my mind when presented with reasonably obtained data. Noobs doing noob stuff that causes problems exists now. Noob gets a DH rig, shuttles up, then takes out a family on their dog on the way down. If there is data which shows E bikes somehow increase this kind of thing, I'm all ears. And just for the record, I still don't own one. Demoed a Kenevo and just recently the Levo SL for some big days of riding. Loved the heck out of them, and likely a second generation Levo SL will join my quiver.
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 @Chuckolicious: The reports concerning injury data I know of are all German and realated to on road cycling only (I believe). Was all types of E bikes mashed in one, but I would say 90 % of the European market are pedal assist 25 km/h max bikes due to price and insurance issues.

Concerning trail damage I also don't think E bikes in general cause more damage but:
If you have a trail that is difficult to reach and E bikes considerably increase traffic and the landscape/ground conditions/land access situation is stressed it can make a difference.

But I think this is one of these discussions were everything has been said. There are undoubtedly good uses for E bikes but also issues that might arise from them.
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 i just bought a bike this year, but my next bike will be an ebike for sure.
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 You could just not give these idiots a reaction. You do realize that’s why they are talking shit right? No way they are that retarded. Don’t freed the trolls.. they are winning every time anyone feeds into them.
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 Super Grover is back!!
What a sick trail. Beer
(checks flights to Zurich)
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 If only us third world dirty and disease ridden 'muricans were allowed in! :-D
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 @Chuckolicious: why are you getting downvoted?
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 @Rumpelhumpelheld: 'cause I'm a dirty and disease ridden 'murican. :-D
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 Good one! Haha
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 Claudio's 15 min shredding is one of the best thing that happened to me today Smile
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 for a second.there I thought that dude on the side of the trail was doing CPR on someone.
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 It’s been my experience that most people hating on e-bikes haven’t ridden one. I hated them too, just like I hated 29” wheels. Now I’ve tried it, I really like them both... different. But good. Really good.
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 Hoppala is child friendly and definitely not translated to “oh shit” it’s more like whoops a daisy. Keep em coming CC it’s so good seeing all these trails that aren’t too far away
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 That was impressive. My mortal legs would have caved in by 3/4ers in I think... Not a hater of ebikes but not really sure he was better off using the battery rather than the uplift. I mean, the battery was pretty much done after once acent/decent so if he wanted to do it again, he'd need to go recharge the bike. For balance though, he DID cycle up there. Awesome.
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 here we have chargers everywhere in the area he is riding.. question is, how long does it take to recharge that bike..
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 @saladdodger: yeah, good point.
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 'Let's not get overexcited...we still have a ways to go...my moaning is not what you think it is...Hoppala!' Bla bla braap. Where's my red Kenevo
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 "I'm a bit out of breath, but very excited!!"
Me too! And I'm just here with a cup of coffee.
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 Hmm....sad face. The Neverend used to be a 1000 vertical NATURAL trail: flat turns, lots of loose rocks, LOTS of roots, mud, inside lines: the whole shabang. I rode it in 2013 in that state and was super stoked at the variety, playfulness, speed and interesting lines. I rode it again in 2017 after they made a flow trail out of it and sorely disappointed. Maybe I should try it again, but I doubt it will be as good as it used to be...
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 i am surprised how well this bike performs.. I was always under the impression, that e-bikes wouldn't ride like an analog bike, due to weight and geometry.. but it appears, there is no difference (that besides Claudio riding it of course.. love the vid...
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 Take one for a test ride! The weight has equal parts advantage and disadvantage in my view. The feeling of being so planted on fast loose sections is amazing. Slower stuff, its not quite as playful but put some tokens in the rear and its still easy enough to get it in the air (more arm workout which is part of why I ride an ebike) The only time its "worse" than an analog bike is on more XC type trails where you're going above 20 and pedaling with no motor, which I've found is rare.
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 And here folks is why EBikes are fun, he caught up to a rider and wanted to hit the jump line again what did he do? He turned back around and climbed it to hit it again. This is a pure example what an EBike is a capable of.
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 You make that sound like some superhuman feat that's only possible with an e-bike.
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 @thegoodflow: Heh... was waiting for you to chime in here. So, does this video make your Grinch heart grow just a tiny bit, or you just permanently-sour and never gonna change? :-D
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flag thegoodflow (Jul 18, 2020 at 8:56) (Below Threshold)
 @Chuckolicious: the trail looks incredible. Still don't see why you'd want an electric motor on your bicycle but whatever. For utilitarian urban commuter or cargo bikes I get it, but a trail bike? Nope
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 @thegoodflow: But here's the thing, why do you have to "get it" in order for you not to deride others for whom it's the choice? Let's just be direct, E-Bikes don't pose any appreciable increase in anything negative to trails. The anecdotes of noobs and asshats being noobs and asshats are nothing in comparison to the same noobs and asshats on regular rigs over the past 30 years. Once that nonsense is put aside, why crap on them? As for this particular use, how can you not get it? He got fun and a workout rather than ride the tram. Kinda explains itself? And on a personal note, I gotta ask why you so sour. WV is friggin awesome. I rode the first few 24hrs of Canaan back in caveman days. Between the camping, 4x4 forays between laps, and the insane race itself, I have nothing but amazing memories of the place. No way living there can make someone as sour as you, at least, seem to be. So what gives? What can I do to brighten your day?
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 Claudio your insane that trail is the truth
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 I posted a question at the Comments section just below the video and I guess it didn't get posted to this section. I have a quick question: At about minute 13:23, Claudio says the "Swiss word hubala". My question: How do you spell "hubala"? (I need to add it to my vocabulary).
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 I‘d spell it ‚huppala‘ because we say ‚hoppala‘ over here (a few km away from where claudio‘s from)
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 Does he no longer have a Scott connection? They must make an ebike. Curious why he rides a spesh kenevo.
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 he had me search the web for a kenevo so ya it worked..... sadly i do not have $10,000.00 and a secure parking spot for something like that. Im def not huffing 50lb beast up 2 flights of stairs like my quiver of trail bikes but its quite cool... for a motorized vehicle
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 You're a mad mon...
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 Yea, Kenevo is definitely a beast. But Levo SL comes in under 40, as do several other offerings from various companies.
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 @Chuckolicious: the price for the Levo SL is $20,000.00US down to $10,000.00US for a bicycle.

That is almost Thirty thousand dollars and you can still get a flat.
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 @madmon: Woah, double to triple the price in Jamaica?
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 @Chuckolicious :https://bikedepot.com/product-category/bikes/electric-bikes/electric-mountain/
cheapest is 9KUS for a comp I could find and 20K for the founders edition.
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 @madmon: Dang. Covid made bikes the new TP!
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 @Chuckolicious: $1.00US=$141.00JMD
yes the USA destroyed the Jamaican dollar.
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 That's dude just having a goodtime love it. If I get an E-bike getting older here, Dual Crown all the way. LIKE IT
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 That there is the point of an Emtb IMO... SWEET!
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 Claudio, have you finally lost Nino on the way up? Where is he? I am worried...
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 NICE!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
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 what helmet has he got on? can’t figure out which brand it is & i’ve checked all i think of.
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 I did the DH race there in 98 and if i remember correctly the winning time was just a bit under 12 minutes!
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 at 9:05 that would've been so sick to see claudio send the left drop/step down right past that other rider in front of him!
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 Amtssprache ist schwiizerdütsch!
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 Great trail and riding. Always a kick to watch Claudio.
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 You can almost hear the silence
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 oh yes and I love it big time
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 @claudiocaluori: it is 2021 or painted red?
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 @claudiocaluori: of course, i rode a LEVO yesterday for the first time 1200m+ in Whistler and oh man it was a blast!
Cheers Claudio
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 Great vid

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