Video: Gee Atherton Searches for the Biggest Gaps in DyFi Bike Park

Apr 27, 2021 at 9:31
by James Smurthwaite  

Words: Atherton Racing

Gee Atherton spends the day hitting some unseen gaps on some of the fastest trails we have!

Gee said "In such dry conditions the speed was unreal! If I could hang on to the bike I could make some brand new, untested gapsI Watch the raw footage of one of the most fun days I’ve had on a bike. This was insane."

Filmed by Dan Griffiths


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 Gee Atherton is an amazingly skilled rider.................. Maybe a GOAT
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 tottally agree!! he is so underrated , 2 x world champion ,overall uci dh winner , rampage podium... a living legend in my humble opinion.
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 Since GOAT stands for greatest of all time, by definition you can't be "a" GOAT. Like HIghlander there can be only one.
I don't think he's underrated either. 10 years ago he was all anyone talked about.
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 Maybe a Goat, but more likely a Welsh Sheep...
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 @athertonbikes: Wales, were men are men and sheep are scared.
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 @Miguelangel780: *TWO Rampage podiums
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 Ahem, @redrook: there can be many GOATs, there are many different disciplines in riding and even in the same discipline each next GOAT replaces the last...
Irrespective of whether he made it to GOAT status, he's an amazing rider and it's great to watch what he can do.
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 Ahem (lol, what) @SlideShowFlow: there are obviously loads of GOATs. There's a GOAT for tennis too probably, but we're talking about DH mountain biking. Redrook is completely correct, by definition there can only be a single greatest, otherwise the phrase loses any meaning.
He is an amazing rider, nobody said otherwise.
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 @rbeach: Careful, you're coming dangerously close to using logic Wink
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 @rbeach: I would like to see Pink Bike do a research article on the greatest riders of all time per disciplines instead of doing articles on bike shit we can't buy because of supply chain issues.
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 @CornPop: That would be much more interesting (very subjective, as all such discussions are), but PB are a giant advert so they're not interested in doing articles like that. Literally everything on here is an ad (advertorial, paid promo, whatever they want to call it).
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 the "heavy landing, into the ruts (doo, doo, doo) then through the berm (whoosh)", indeed turned out identical...
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 The amount of onomatopoeias in mountain biking is found no where else in sports
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 @ncrider5: It is a beautiful thing.
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 @ncrider5: Yes.In drumming
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 @RingoElAmericano: 'sports'
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 Guys....remember how not good he was until @mikelevy taught him how to ride bikes?
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 Maybe that's where Levy has been. Getting Gee prepped for the world cup season!
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 Mike Levy the GOAT?
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 Totally in awe of the skills.

Bit jealous:
One of top riders of DH and freeride in the world.
Owns a (sick) bike park
Owns a (new) bike brand
Massive b@lls.
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 All aboard one insane bike...
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 It's like the croc hunter but now it's Gee the gap hunter. Looks like we've found one! It's a BEAUT!
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 Thia Gee guy looks good on a bike. Maybe he should try racing.
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 Almost feel sorry I rooted against Gee when Steve Smith & him were battling it out.
Gee u are a very skilled man>
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 You're forgiven
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 Brendon also has some great footage following Dan Atherton on those trails, incredible riding from the brothers
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 that part of brendog following dan is one of the best vids ever, so fast and flowy
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 not sure this delivered what it promised? needed at least two more weird trail gaps...
that one was great though
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 Watch this space....or, gap?
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 Hands down one all time favorite riders to watch..skill and can learn so much from watching him his transitions are so fluid and textbook.
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 I've ridden Dyfi a few times. I'm pretty average, but Gee is flat out nuts. If you check anything with Dan riding there or Brendogs latest edit it show's how good this lot really are.
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 Dan just ripping those tracks on his trail bike and boosting the jumps massive to flat is so awesome to watch. Charlie Hatton also was flying in the last Brendog edit.
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 @gramboh: Has to be the bikes...they have no right in going that fast out of choice
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Tell you what, next time I visit I'll swop my blue Commencal V3 DH you designed for one of your new ones.
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 This guy is a FREAKING LEGEND!
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 After seeing his slate mtn edit, this was almost a let down. Not saying this isn’t impressive but WOAHH that slate mtn was intense and his last drop in it was MASSIVE
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 You've gotta have rest days Joe!
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 @athertonbikes: hahaha indeed, and still way beyond my skill-set.
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 alarm call dry in Wales, repeat dry in Wales
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 Whats this orange ball in the sky and why is my bike still clean?
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 That bloke can ride a bike, can't he? Why haven't I heard of him before???
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 I only know him ‘cause he rode his pedal bike on Top Gear way back when...
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flag mackay66 (Apr 27, 2021 at 10:57) (Below Threshold)
 you been living under a rock or something mate?
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 He's super fast because he rides with his sister.
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 @Vudu74: " sweet home Alabama.. "
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 That rear wheel drifting out at sick.
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 Mind the Gap
  • 2 0
 goes to prove that he was a Rampage rider in the past, mad lad
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 Let more pro and ex-pro DH riders start building DH trails. The Athertons and Neko both raising the game in their areas.
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 Skill level is unbelievable!! Can’t wait till Atherton’s make their enduro bike...neeeeed!!!
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 He is just f@#$ing good.......
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 You build it they'll come
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 Absolutely ripping. G is one of the best to ever do it.
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 That last little narrated description was very yoann barelli!
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 WOW...skill defys logic!!Smile
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 I'm faster....
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 I was expecting more gaps.
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 This guy is good at big jumps, he should try red bull Rampage
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 I'd love to see what @remymetailler could pull out at DYFI!!
Remy are you planning on travelling this year to get us crazy content or what!!??
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 You realize that Gee eats riders like metailler for breakfast right?
  • 1 0
 @skimtb1: probably with butter on it!
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 Love the G man Wink
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 Those have got the be the ugliest pants (knickers?) I've ever seen. (yeah he's a good rider and sick as hell)
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 Hes just a Giga Chad
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 I wonder if Gee Atherton is Rachael Atherton husband.
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 And we hopped right over from pornhub to the pb comments section to make a really weird post.

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