Video: Greg Minnaar & Luca Shaw Preview the Maribor Race Track

Aug 4, 2021 at 6:01
by James Smurthwaite  

Just a week before the World Cup rolls into town, Maribor is hosting the European DH Championships as part of the iXS Series. The track isn't exactly the same as the World Cup version but it follows a lot of the same lines and includes the decisive rock garden too. Luca Shaw and Greg Minnaar headed over to Slovenia for some "sneaky practice" and recorded this high speed course preview.


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 It's 2010, you're an Australian DH machine on yet another heater of a run, dropping back into the woods on probably the easiest bit of track drifting like only you know how to until your bike decides you belong in the tulips, and you still finish 5th! Thanks for some killer racing Sam!
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 It's 2019, you're one of the most underated French racers trying to get out of Bruni's shadow. You are in touch after the rock garden, the fire road gives you time to refocus. You think to yourself "what would the fastest rider on earth do now?" and promptly slide out the backen into a tree on the easiest bit of track resulting in a olympics worthy synchronised cartwheel demonstration between you and you bike.
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 @Mugen: @low-n-slow: cool stories and all but what do they have to do with a South African and an American riding the next WC DH track?
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 @mi-bike: derp!
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 @mi-bike: I'm sorry I forgot this was a very serious place to discuss very important matters.
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 @Mugen: It’s 2021, I’m happy to see World Cup racing on any track
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 It's 2051- Greg Minnar is still ripping the young 'uns a new one. GOAT.
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 @mi-bike: the name of the right hander
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 alright Alan Partridge..
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 that is one fast GOAT !!!
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 favorite track in the series. fast, steep, rough, in the woods.
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flag CrankeeetUp (Aug 4, 2021 at 6:24) (Below Threshold)
 "Mari-bore" vs the awesome Les Gets track
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 You get more bang for your buck if you're just pumped to watch all of the races.
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 @jeffrocx: hellz yeah. Imagine if we had a vote to decide the best track, and then had all eight races on that track because it was so good. I don’t think that would please many fans.
Variety is the spice of life and I’m pumped for another World Cup race - they can have it anywhere they want.
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 @jeffrocx: love the way you operate
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 glad to see that v10s still make tons of noise and that Santa Cruz still cant record high quality video
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 Where is the rock garden gone? In this video it doesn't even look like a rock garden... I've been there, it was massive.
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 Looks like its been sanitised doesn't it
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 This is IXS course so its taped a bit different as it crosses the rock garden while WC usually runs straight down. If you rewatch last years WC video you should spot the difference!
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 Really pulling for Luca. Would love to see him on a podium someday soon.
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 Is it just me or did the youtube compession tottaly mess the whole video up??
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 1:46...feel like we'll be watching a good many people eat it on that stump. Hope I'm wrong.
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 100%...came here to say the same but ya beat me to it!!
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 Yep...Another one for the stump. I actually turned my head as I flinched.. Pedal strike only mm's away. The way these boys thread the needle like they are on rails, but only one turn goes out of sync, and the danger all around becomes visible.
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 ...when you gaze long into the stump. The stump gazes also into you.
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 As much as I love maribor there not really mixing the track up for riders atleast leogang have upped there game as did les gets it tests riders and equipment and keeps them puzzling. Good for viewing aswell rather than same old lines outopliot But so far this year its been exciting as hell
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 did i miss something or is the legendary rock garden gone?
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 New finish looks a lot more satisfying than the old one. Hopefully red bull can do as good a job as the hardline footage, cos les gets footage was bs.
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 Man that old guy in front is pretty fast. I reckon he could finish toward the top of the masters category.
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 ALL for Luca, but I can't help but wonder what its like to chase the GOAT down stuff like this? Hey Greg...wait up!!
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 "Hey Greg...wait for me!"
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 Surprisingly rooty
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 Sweet that they're racing the iXS - would be nice to watch these races.
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 No dust. Looks nice and fast. Bring on the rain!!!
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 Jeez that was too fast to even watch!
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 Gimme speeeeed!
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 2:50 = Dick Stump!
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 Rough af!
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 So rough!
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 Looks like a fun track!
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 plenty of roots for another shitty world cup under the rain!
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 This weekend they are racing european cup with possible rain, WC is next weekend (14/15th) and so far the forecast shows clear sky
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