Video: Greg Minnaar 'You Do Wonder if You're Capable of Winning Again'

Jun 7, 2021 at 1:43
by James Smurthwaite  

Press Release: The Syndicate

"My last win was in 2017. In the back of your mind you do wonder if you're capable of winning again."

39 years young, Greg Minnaar is re-defining what an action sports athlete can do in the 'latter' years of their career, as he consistently progresses year on year, with a drive that's un-matched to this day.

Coming into 2020, with it being such a short season there was no time to build into things, you had to come out of the gate swinging.

After a podium in Maribor, Greg went on to prove he still had the speed by taking Round 3 out in Lousa.

"I want to race to win, I want to be on the podium. That's why I know it's not time yet, there's still unfinished business. And it needs to be taken care of."

Go into the mind of the G.O.A.T as he gives you an honest and insightful account into his mindset and preparation, that has kept him on top to this day.


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 i guess he is the one guy that every single mountainbike fan wants to see on top of the podium again
the nice thing about dh racing is that as a fan you shout and root for all the riders and not only for one rider/team like in other sports. however greg winning again feels like a hometeam victory for every single fan in the world
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 Everyone liked that
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 exactly, and Troy, never forget Troy, another legend
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 Sports are at their best when the nationalism from locations, countries or star players is avoided. The only thing they are racing is the clock, no excuses, and no anger ever displayed between fans or competitors
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 SERIOUSLY!! I was so pissed last year when he just missed winning back to back! Damn Frenchies. Wink
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 I love this video. What a message to put out to the competition just before the first world cup. Early starts for training, mobility exercises and not concentrating on smashing big gym sets, hitting the big lines at the races and calling out the youngsters for not doing them, riding fast, the where I started part for hitting corners, mental psychology of racing, riding smooth. Mon the GOAT, you can do it, win another one.
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 Talk about delivering the mental game on a Monday morning...served in a classy way but as painful as a smack in the stomach! Go on GOAT!
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 This part about Loris ridding a pony though Wink
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 Yep, its a know fact there is a reason why Vergier leave the Syndicate and its not only for money ..
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 @W-Perherin: could you elaborate please? Truly interested in knowing more!
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 @parkisatool: Vergier just can't stand all Minnaar dig anymore. He is a simple guy, he need a calm and "peaceful" environnement. Multiple source in the french paddocks seem to say the same thing.
I don't know if Luca Shaw have the same problem, he seem to struggle with his mental game too
Minnaar is a big champ, but it seem he continually need this sort of interaction between the other riders, juste look what he post in the others IG riders posts. It probably worse if youre in his paddock every weekend.
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 @W-Perherin: So its because he cant take the banter?
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 @W-Perherin: I’m not sure where you’re getting this from?

Loris can definitely give as good as he gets (see any video of him and Jordie from Fox and the constant trash talking!) and Greg seems like a nice guy and very sportsmanlike competitor/team mate (I’ve met him briefly once and he also does not have that reputation).
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 @Altron5000: from a guy who talk with a close Friend of Vergier and same version by the owner of a suspension service ..
Not gonna say Minnaar bullies everyone at all, he is such a great guy outside of the sport, I remember him paying a round of drinks in a pub in Morzine, speaking friendly with everyone
But apparently Vergier had some trouble with him as a team mate, they are not on bad terms at all, but in Vergier choice of leaving for another team it was a big part of the decision.
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 @sevenup: Greg seemed genuinely devastated for Loris when he flatted in Lousa. I guess its like any race team tho; everyone wants to be Ricky Bobby not Cal Naughton Jr., Hamilton not Bottas, etc.
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 @W-Perherin: I have heard similar rumors from a frenchie. Old school not giving new school sustainable attitude, I am sure when Bryceland started beating Greg-that didnt go over well, Luca and Loris beating greg probably wasn't good, not sure there is much mentoring going on-but, not his job, gregs job is to win, at any cost-even if talking smack on team mates?
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 @W-Perherin: Hey Everyone, let's listen to this guy. He heard something from someone.
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 @W-Perherin: I think if that's the case he needs to grow a pair. I am a huge Loris fan, as well as a huge Minnaar fan.... Greg has earned his spot. While I believe Loris will be the overall winner sooner than later, Greg has been at the pinnacle of the sport for 20 years. I suspect those "digs" have a sense of comrardery in an underlying tone.
I for one typically bust the balls of those ones I care about the most. Differant generation I guess... But it seems like everybody is so hypersensitive these days. That being said, I also feel like Loris is a guy who can take it. I think the major key component to his change in teams was monetary, which I can't blame him for.
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 @W-Perherin: we can't just go on believing everything we hear on the internet can we? Smile

I'm not accusing anyone of this, but I feel compelled to get on my soapbox for a bit. To get a little philosophical, even if Loris is "sensitive" and needs a more supportive environment, what's wrong with that? Greg defines it one way, Loris defines it another. It just seems that some in this world have this idea that people who are more sensitive are somehow weaker, when it's really not the case.

Let's take the opposite hypothetical, that Loris is running to something, rather than away. If Loris recognizes he needs a different environment to perform at his absolute peak, and leaves the known comfort of the Syndicate to find that, then that takes some courage to go out and get what he wants. It's a risk, a leap. There's no guarantee that it'll work out for him. I don't think there's anything more courageous than that. Way too many people (me included sometimes) let opportunities slip by giving up, rolling over, or discounting their own needs because they think they're not worth it.

So f*cking go get it Loris, and get an Overall too Smile
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 @Altron5000: Greg still wants to win, so is so strong mentally, which is very important in DH
He learned from Peaty & still has what it takes to win or he would not be there
But he does put pressure on everyone else, to push, but you have to be strong to beat Greg?
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 One more win are you kidding ? He’s in contention for the overall every damn year. Next level for sure. The only thing the yungins even have on him is there youth. Minnaar gnar gnar is like Gandalf the white back and better ! Been there done it.
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 Yeah Greg is as good as the other guys in their prime. That's why they'll never be the GOAT.
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 The Gordie Howe of DH. The pace has been there the last few seasons, so I don't doubt Mr. GOAT has at least 1 more WCDH victory coming to him. Love the comments about hitting the gaps! LoL FULL SEND my brah!
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 You think Howe was better than Gretzkey?
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 @jomacba: Yes. I do think Howe was better than Gretzky. Point totals aren't always the best indication of a players quality.
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 @m1dg3t: Ohhhh I dunno about that. But I think we can both agree that in the MTB DH world, Minnaar takes that position hands down!
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 @jomacba: Lemieux (Mario) was better than Gretzky. I'd even put Yzerman above Gretzky. Wayne was an incredible player, don't get me wrong, but his style of play & the fact he played most of his career with HOFers clouds things for me. Could you imagine a McDavid type player playing during the '80s? LoL
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 Yes You Can
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 He just won!! (at the end of last season.)
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 Everyone else that watches WCDH: "Minnar has at least 1 more win in him, 100%"
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 What a first class racer. Really enjoyed the tour of his "home track". Interesting to know he is only calm as a coma on the outside and that there is a storm on the inside. He always seems so relaxed.
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 Greg's mental kung-fu is next level. He doesn't need a psych to win races. He can massage his own brain. He even worked through the rona this year! Stoked for WC racing to start and genuinely excited for the future of DH. But after the GOAT, it'll be a very long time before we see anyone quite as cool as these legends of the sport
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 Great to see him hitting all the neighborhood lines he hit as a kid, funny how you can use your imagination to make a little line seem like something more important when you're a kid.

If he wins one more, he's the goat for sure! Nico's 10 World Championships are impressive but he didn't have anywhere near the longevity of Greg's career. He's spot on when he says he never had a big run of wins like Gwin and a couple other racers have, he just has always been consistently near the top for the last 20 years. I wonder how many more wins he would have had if he had a bike that was actually long enough for him for the first 3/4 of his career?
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 I wonder how many wins he'd have if he hadn't been stuck having to use a rear derailleur?
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 @Lemmyschild: He didn't stick to using a rear derailleur. His most dominant year of World Cup DH racing was actually in 2005 when he rode the Honda gearbox bike. I think he had 3 World Cup wins that year.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: right but imagine how he has been held back and sucking all these years by being forced to use inferior outdated derailier designs.
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 @Lemmyschild: You guys might want to look to see what was inside the Honda gearbox, as it's uses one of those derailleurs.
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 @OTBSteve: Easy with the knowledge there chief. Someone might get hurt! LoL
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 @OTBSteve: more sarcasm next time?
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 @OTBSteve: do you go around telling kids Santa isn’t real also?
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 @OTBSteve: It used a small derailleur but still had all the advantages of a Gearbox:

- Sealed internal shifting system unaffected by weather and the elements.
- No exposed rear derailleur that could be ripped off or damaged from rocks and other obstacles.
- Chain much less likely to break and cause the bike to be unpedalable or get jammed up and injure the rider like when Luca Shaw broke his back after his chain broke.
- More centralized weight distribution of drivetrain for better bike handling.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Yes. The tooth fairy as well. I don't lie to children. The world will lie to them enough.
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 Guy is such a boss. Sounds like he's pretty fired up for this year. Can we just have Leogang race weekend already. All the pre season hype is not healthy
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 What a legend.
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 .... Wait for it... Dairy
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 Greg could win a WC riding a Goat
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 Watching Minaar blasting off curb cuts is like candy for the soul. It's the jump everyone does - only he's doing it bigger and smoother than everyone.
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 I was aware of his brilliance before but especially now that I’ve picked up a pair of Assegais I’m on his bandwagon.
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 LEGEND. To be at the top for that long in any sport, esp. one like DH is ridiculous. AND...he rides a road bike too. I'm sure he's a beast there too.
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 His bikeroom/mancave must be next level?
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 Prepare operation "stoked of the super stokiest stokage" for when Greg wins.
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 Read your name as "Butt-Explorer" at first glance. Nearly spit iced tea all over my laptop.
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 Old dogs bite hard!
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 old gregg drinks baileys from a shoe
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 I hope one day when im a world class racer i can look back and ride my local trails again
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 Words from a calm man sitting on a couch have got me stoked to ride! Can't wait for Sunday!
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 I know a guy who knows a guy.. lol
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 Ya know why he is the GOAT? Because he doesn't consider himself to be the GOAT at all
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 It's a different you get older it's just harder to win and just harder to keep up. Ask Valentino Rossi, his last win was also 2017....he's still in the game, but for whatever reason can't seem to keep up with new kids on the block..even the kid he's mentoring is leaving him in the dust.
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 Oh man, Valentino Rossi... I can't help from reminding the golden years, when every Sunday he would shred them all...
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 I think as you get older and rack up wins, risking your life/health for glory gets harder. Greg is incredible and I'm sure he is hungry for a win, but deep down he knows he has nothing to prove. Greg is 10 years older than the competition and still a threat, and I think that commands an incredible amount of respect. A 24 year old who has never won can go "f*ck it" and ride as hard as possible, where a 39 year old knows better. In my opinion an "older" guy likeGreg can get 5th place and still be an objectively better rider than the top 4.
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 lol. He won last year...
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 @Tasso75: he can't seem to break into the top 10...sad too, cause he only needs ONE more podium to have 100 podiums. Totally thought Mugello would have been it...
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 Cannot wait for racing to start
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 Lets fucking GOOO
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