Video: Jack Moir's Winning Run POV from Stage 3 in the Val di Fassa EWS

Jun 29, 2021 at 2:47
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesStage 3 (Animal House) winning GoPro run from the Canazei Enduro World series. The climb was changed to a neutral zone for race #2, this made for some different tactics. It was still the toughest stage of the day as there were barely any parts to recover. Probably the most smoked I've ever been after this one.Jack Moir

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 More uphill in Enduro races
More downhill in XC races
Mtb, where are you going?
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 Should be in haiku
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 More downhill in XC Equals more uphill in XC…
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flag zoobab2 (Jun 29, 2021 at 5:43) (Below Threshold)
 Ebikes for going up! There was one special at the Ebike EWS where they had to only climb, some kind of impossible climbe, big fun!
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 More uphill in Enduro = Enduro and not Dh race on bikes with 180mm travel v the Dh racers on Dh bikes with 180-200mm travel. Smile
Need to hear these boys redlining, they are so incredibly fit.
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Climbs in Enduro?
Yet downhill in Cross Country?
Where is this going?
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 @ShayHayton: They should stop doing a loop. Make it a lot steeper and rougher... add some big jumps and drops... maybe shorten the race, like 3 to 5 mins, and let them do it solo to see how fast they can do it without anyone in the way.
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 Comparing to Jesse's run the round before, Jesse clears that neutral zone in about 24 seconds. I wonder if it would be better to pedal up, then stop at the top for a minute before restarting. Or pushing up and not getting so long at the top. I find my heart is beating out of my chest regardless of whether I'm riding or pushing up a hill, so I think I'd go option 1.
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 @betsie: Made me think for a moment if Moir's nickname was Heart Attack Jack....
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 Nice video but let's say something about those wonderful landscapes? 3 Trentino is really a postcard wherever you look at Smile
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 Anyone else feel like image stabilization really robs you of the sense of speed in these videos?
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 Gopro really takes away the sense of gnarlyness and adds speed. TheLoamRanger made a video comparing gopro to an insta360. It's insane the difference.
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 Is there any aspect that sport cameras do not rob?
Steepness- robbed
Roughness- robbed
Speed- robbed, but one can set it up to show some, though
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 YES!!! This whole stabilisation thing has gotten too good this year. Destroys not only the sense of speed, but also how gnarly the tracks are.
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 @pioterski: the fisheye lense on a GoPro actually makes exposure off to the side look worse than it is, riding ridgelines especially.
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 Part of the issue is the helmet cam position, under chin or chest mount give a much better perspective. Obviously not feasible for serious racing however, as higher risk of injury and chest mounts really affect breathing.
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 I prefer image stabilization better than getting motion sickness.
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 @Mugen: EWS rules only allow camera mounts on breakaway visors exactly for the safety reasons you mentioned.
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 Long, moderate angled, easy fun riding, but long bustingly pedally (if you want to win) - it’s pretty obvious why Sam Hill was so off the pace.
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 Seeing that track it becomes clear why you would want a rather short/small bike for your size.
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 short/small bike for your size or a bike that fits you?

We compared a medium Saracen against my old XLV10 at the weekend and the Saracen was 40mm longer, the rider is about 150mm shorter than me.
Insane how quickly bikes have become really long (and they were short before too).
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 @betsie: I ride a Geometron G1 XL (so almost a size larger than I should), but on this course I would prefer my old Yeti SB150 in large.
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 When ever i watch pros it never stops surprising me how smooth their heads are while there lowers do all the work. This combined with head mounted gopros and image stabilization make it look like he is out for a casual ride on some gravel double track Smile
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 Moir will be renaming this location to Val di Fassta.
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 One speedy lad, can't imagine he's gonna leave my fantasy team...
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 Can someone tell me what a 'neutral zone' is?
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 I think it's the narrow strip of land between North and South Korea..
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 A no-timed-mini-liaison in the middle of a timed stage?
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 it's like the friend zone but worse. Hi from Sweden, the most neutral zone of all.
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 the gooch
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 it's a way to confuse you while your heart is at almost 185 bpm and you see fog.. i race the ews100 the day before and the climb was in the neutral zone too, in my opinion was a big mistake by the organization add this thingh, it's an EWS not the pizza's race where if you win you have a slice of margherita..
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 @fristafrista: so you're saying you can't get pizza after the end of an EWS in Italy? Why even go to it then?
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 dbl post
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 What's the thing strapped to his wrist at 4:20 when he's in the neutral zone climb?
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 It's the timing chip. I remember a race where you actully had to insert it into a device on a pole at the finish line in every stage. Some riders broke their fingers against the pole in the rush. Fortunately enough is is NFC at the EWS
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 Ah OK, thanks. I suppose there are worse places you could be told to insert it.
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 @Vindiu: I thought it was a high precision GPS receiver used as backup for the normal timing system? They certainly had this a few years ago, and it looked very similar.
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 Timing fob
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 @Vindiu: that's silly. I have raced with these numerous times. you insert it at the beginning, and it give you a random unique identifier number for that run. then it works via NFC at the finish to cross refference the RUI with the chip number. it's a safe gaurd against hacking.
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 @conoat: It is silly, but there was a timing company that used them like that in a number of races. Times were all over the place depending on how goood you were at stopping and inserting the thing.
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 Love this coverage - should be enabled for live transmission on redbull tv
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 Great periodism... We just get notified now by a rider that key part of the race was suppressed...
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 Also, none of the EWS highlights, or PB has actually explained which stage was which in Pro and #2 race.
We found some of it in riders's vids - stage 2 from race #1 was stage 1 in race #2, I think.
Was the Pro stage stage 1 from race #1, only modified???
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 @chmurka3rg: pretty lame...
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 is that a lock out at 4:26?
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 He's got shape shifter doesn't he?
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 Incredible riding Jack, thanks for sharing!
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 neutralized? So hardcore DH folks are still crybabies about any climbs huh? Chug another Monster and pedal dammit
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 Good to see that climb was neutralised, I think having a climb that's significant enough to decide the stage win is against the ethos of enduro.
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 well, then let's just call it "dh with stages"....
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 Personally I would quite like them to throw in the occasional up hill stage, a tech climb stage adds another skillset and tests the rider's fitness in different ways.
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flag commental (Jun 29, 2021 at 7:23) (Below Threshold)
 @alexmarengo: Or should we call it an XC race? BTW after the 1st race Sam Hill thought it should be neutralised, I'll take his opinion over yours, to be fair he probably knows a bit more about the format.
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 @commental:...r u serious?...of course Hill asked to "neutralize" that section.....for obvious reason, not cause it makes the format better, but cause that's where a guy like him, coming from a DH background would loose more seconds....
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 @alexmarengo: but but the ethos of enduro! Maybe @commental doesn't realize that the promoters were happy to adjust the ethos of enduro for Sam Hill when he decided to race enduro. They bent over backwards to make sure Sam Hill was happy even if it meant turning the races into multi stage DH races.
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 @Sycip69er: Yeah, they did it all just for Sam.
@alexmarengo r u serious? How many riders have crossed over into Enduro from XC compared to DH? When the UK ran it's first national enduro series it was called the UK Gravity Enduro Series, clue's in the name. This format has always leant more towards DH than XC.
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 Pretty much all of the riders wanted it neutralised from what I saw and fair enough. It looked horrible.
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