Video: Jaxson Riddle’s Stylish Red Bull Rampage POV

Oct 16, 2021 at 1:13
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesJump on board with Jaxson Riddle as he hammers his mountain bike down the crazy cliffs and jumps of Red Bull Rampage, and joins the elite crew of freeriders to take home the Best Style Award.


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 Wish I could upvote this multiple times
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 They should do an alcohol test to the judges before the Rampage starts.
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 hahaha love seeing this and the #justiceforJaxson tags everywhere
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 Maybe he got robbed a little. But after watching his run a few times, he made a couple mistakes on straight airs so I’m not sure how he could be marked super high. Very fun to watch though.
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Jaxson had a rad run, obviously. But he didn’t have nearly as much tech riding, he only had one decent sized drop. He missed a trick on the Giraffe booter, he missed his extension on the super whip. While his tricks were fun to watch, he didn’t throw any flips or spins. Which is all stuff he is capable of doing, with insane style. He made top 10, so is in next year. Definitely did not get robbed.
The same can be said for Thomas. Lots of banger tricks, but on all the smallest features on the course, and one minimal tech feature, the double drop off the ridge that TVS built next to Brandon in 2016.
And before someone tries to jump down my throat and say I don’t know anything about the scale there. I attended rampage from 2010-2018 and know the size of these features well.
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 Flips, spins and tricks are easy to is so subjective, I put much more emphasis on style, substance, creativity and line choice...but respect huge tricks, but do think there needs to be more reward for style...maybe have a online viewer poll that counts for 25% of score. I'd love to see some stylish riders, like Gee, who don't have flips, wips and spins rip unique lines....
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 @RadBartTaylor: If only there was an award for style. Maybe it’d be called the “Best Style” award….
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 @mountainyj: give the people what they want I guess, judging from the comments?
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 @RadBartTaylor: no…if the riders are happy about it, it’s a success. Their opinion is the only one that matters. PB users who have never been around anything in the scale of rampage do not know what they are talking about, and have no place judging these riders. It just turns into a contest of favoritism and popularity anyhow.

All of you PB users complaining about rampage this year, are just showing how entitled you think you are. This event is about the riders, and that respect has to remain. Riders go there for the opportunity to challenge themselves and push the sport of mtb freeride. To anyone complaining about “it’s not freeride”, who the f*ck are you to say? Are you at the front of the sport pushing boundaries and defining the path that it takes? No, you’re behind a screen watching and judging via a keyboard.
Show these riders some respect by keeping your mouths shut and opinions to yourselves. You all seem to forget, they aren’t there for you or your entertainment. They’re not even there for the money. That’s just an added bonus if they do well. They are there for themselves. If they didn’t want to go, they wouldn’t.
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 Waah boohoo go cry to mommy. He had one of the easier lines down the mountain, and I know he could have built a gnarlier one. Just look at Brage, first time out and he built the biggest drop out there.
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 @DHmental: yeah stylish and still difficult but not top three difficult. He also missed a pedal on one landing.
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flag RadBartTaylor (Oct 16, 2021 at 15:59) (Below Threshold)
 @mountainyj: lol...ok tiger.

Got yourself all worked up.

They are 100% there for our entertainment, you watched didn't you? Brings in huge viewership, just like many action sports w/instagram hits, vids, mag covers etc....which brings in $, which drives the machine, circle of life eh...

Why televise it then?

Bigger jumps and crazier tricks lead to more extreme would like to see them risk it even more than they are vs getting a higher reward for style on less risky lines & tricks? Got it...

Moto went down a sim path back in 90s, lived and breathed it....
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 @frix182: they are all ripping bong hits the whole time
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 Agreed. Top 5.
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 @mountainyj: Jaxson is the front flip master too….. was surprised he didn’t throw one on something since he can front flip 3ft wedges at the skatepark
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 @tobius: bruh you can’t even ride a bike
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 @DHmental: Agreed, Plus I don't know why people look down at spins and like the style of Moto stuff more. Don't get me wrong, his run had style but I'd rather see tougher line choices and some bigger drops. He had a great run but no, he did not get robbed.
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 @mountainyj: I don’t think he deserved a podium or anything. But I also don’t think he had the worst run of all the riders who finished. It’s all subjective.

I also don’t think Jackson was really trying to score well as opposed to get out there and do what he wanted. Let’s wait for a fresh venue to see how big he can go.
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 @DHmental: Brages big drop did him a lot of good didn't it?
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 Semenuk's crazy stuff for sure deserved a first place but Jaxson's run was by far my favourite to watch, so much style!
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 This! You cannot win Rampage without any rotation.
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 @yoobee: true, but he still should have been scored higher
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 @yoobee: I’d compare Jaxson’s awesome run to Aymar Navarro on the Freeride World Tour. Navarro sends some of the craziest lines and is one of the best skiers on the tour, but he never flips or spins so he rarely ends up on the podium when other dudes are doing crazy hard tricks. He’s always one of my favorite skiers to watch, but I know he will probably never win.
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 @brandaneisma: What for? Entertainment? Fun? That's not what scores, even if it looks good.

IMO the steep chute Zink and Strait were riding is absolutely undervalued. This is pure freeride on the edge! Paramount of gnarliness. This one mixed with huge drops is the essence of Rampage for me. Too bad Brage could not show his line...
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 @yoobee: Highly agree. Moto tricks are fine and all but that doesn't mean that alone should podium at Rampage. Don't get me wrong it was a stylish run but not top three.
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 Personally, I think that the judges got this one right. The like choice is a big factor in the judging and Jaxon's line just isn't as creative or interesting as most of the riders. The biggest hit in his line was the plum drop by Brandon's tailwhip drop and Jaxon didn't trick it, while most of the other riders pulled big moves on their biggest hit (Nell with the backflip to lilypad). I'm just stoked that he's prequalified for next year because I know he's got more in the tank, especially if there's a new venue with a more even playing field.
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 I nearly just spat out my coffee, thanks.
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 I do have to say, I have a hard time so much as jogging with my glasses on and this guys is stomping rampage runs with my grandmas spectacles. Love you buddy!
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 "Ever take it off any sweet jumps?"
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 I've never seen a Superman whip before, it was just dripping with style, so cool!
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 Well, the second one wasn't unfortunately.
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 The people's choice right here. Maybe the tricks other people were throwing were more technically difficult...but we've come to expect backflips and other spinny things...they just don't invoke the same "wow" anymore. This man's unique style couldn't be confused with any other run.
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 totally agree
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 Riddle’s run was fun to watch, but it just wasn’t as hard or dangerous as the riders who finished ahead of him. Whips are cool, but I’m betting Semenuk, Sorge, Reeder, etc. could have done the same run without much trouble. Superman’s and whips look great, but they are not as difficult or risky as 360s, flip variations, and tail whip drops.
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 he deserved so much better, huge shame on the judges !!
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 Not my personal favourite, but definitely deserve higher score! Such expressive style! So smooth!
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 Bring back scoring that reflects Big Mountain moves Send the slope style tricks Back to The SLOPE
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 Definitely the most entertaining run for me! Stoked that he was able to keep this one rubber side down Salute
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 Big air and crazy flow, definitely an award well earned
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 Flowless moto style!!!
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 Yes, I was so bummed we were going to miss the moto stuff by Lacondeguy, but man did Jaxson deliver some.
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 he's one to watch for sure but needs to add some flips to his bag of tricks. He's got style which is fresh but not enough to totally change the direction of the votes. Hoping to see a future winner right there just not today!
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 He's got flip combos and stuff in his bag already so I wonder why he kept them in the bag.. maybe to stand out in the competition?
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 Just gotta say it- inverts with glasses on would be impossible for most mortals. The distortion was of looking through the lenses at that angle or missing the focal point of the lens all together would be scary AF at rampage. As a fellow glasses wearer…respect!!
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 Plot twist. They're non prescription and just look cooler than goggles.
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 That was an amazing run! What was not to like?
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 Just finished watching the event and jumped on pinkbike to see if others were thing Jaxson Riddle got robbed, yep!
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 Jaxon and Genon got robbed
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 only 363 more days until i can hear those commentators for 4 hours strait. im gonna miss those guys
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 Poor Cam. Would have been cooler if he could have had a co-announcer or two that knew what they were talking about rather than creating word salad.
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 @DawnWeRide: dude sal is the man. He’s also been the redbull signature host for a lot of events for a long time. He’s hosted rampage for a long time. Give him some respect he does a great job every year.
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 If 50% of the votes came from people's choise, Jaxson would be 2nd or 3rd now.
Please Red Bull change the system next year!
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 you think this was better than Zink's 2nd run?
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 @trillot: I think Kyle was overvoted because they all give respect to him as he's all these years into the sport. Same goes for others North Americans. Rookies and other coutries comes last. If people can vote from what their see and influence till 50% the total results will be for all better
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 This run was epic, the judges must have been playing Candy Crush and missed it!
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 The price to pay when you don't wear sponsorised goggles.
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 I agree his run was really fun to watch! I also thought he should of scored higher. I would say the same for Tommy-G.
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 Best run of the comp!
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 Home boy got robbed of the the podium.
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 The Karen was his best trick!!!
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 The hell is a Karen, and when did Ridley do it?
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 He’s only gonna get better! I look forward to see his progression.
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 love seeing his moves in his shadow
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 JaXson got robbed and I'm bored of backflips!!!
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 Amazing run
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 Never got inverted
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 Yeah Buddy....
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 Awesome run, perhaps the best.
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 I got a riddle for ya'
What has 2 wheels, lots of style AND GETS ROBBED?!
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 We’re down voting jokes now?
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