Video: Mountain Biking's Steeziest Photographer Joins YT Industries

Apr 13, 2021 at 6:26
by James Smurthwaite  

Words: YT Industries

We're stoked to welcome Peter into the YT family. Peter, previously known for his content creation is shifting his focus to his other passion - shredding bikes. Putting down his camera equipment and picking up the YT Tues in 'No Fun' you see him ride some epic lines in Utah, the dream!

bigquotesThe idea for the title ‘No Fun’ sparked while I was at a party last fall when some fellow riders were telling me to stop working so hard and to have more fun riding my bike. In reality, yes, I work hard and I have a ton of fun riding my bike. This is why I ride my bike every day and am trying my best to create a career in bike riding. We thought this small interaction was super funny. That is why we decided to name the video after it!Peter Jamison

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 I got some serious NWD vibes watching this.
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 em red forks
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 save some talent for the rest of us jeez
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 Highly recommend listening to this dude talk on a podcast sometime (there's a good one HKTpodcast). He's definitely built different. Just grinds like crazy for someone his age. Crazy talent.

Also super nice. My son ran into him out at the OG Rampage site working on a project with Reed Boggs last winter. My son was as pumped to meet Peter as he was Reed, and Peter was super appreciative and gracious. Oh, and he's a sick rider, too. Can't wait to see what project he puts out next.
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 Wht hppnd t th clctv
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 he wanted to have Good Times
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 t th vwls?
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 As a rider/photog it can be super tough to balance riding , fun, and work. I understand the struggle more than most, but sometimes, when it’s all said and done- it all comes down to the music- the music sparks the motivation. Killer song choice.
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 Not bad for some photographer
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 But did he win pb photo of the year
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 Hell yea Peter! I remember meeting him when he was doing one-handers and just learning to barspin in his yard. His hustle and grit is unmatched. It's been so inspiring watching him rise up and It'll be awesome to see where he goes from here!
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 This feels right. A different direction as most MTB brands put out. Keep doing it YT!
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 Quite a journey since his days as a Highland grom. Well deserved for a super hard working and good guy!
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 Get some Peter! Looking good. That off was violent! Tell those boys to get you the stealth fork decals. That bike is begging for it.
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 Love the deep black and white tones in these shots! Dramatic. Red 29 filter style so good!!!
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 keeping the stickers on the rotor to remind him it's hot!
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 Way to go Peter, stoked for ya!
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 One of the hardest working dudes in the game. The grind pays off.
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 I felt it at 56sec!
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 Some smooth Jamison Whipskey on that SUEZ!
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 Not a clue- Steeziest?
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 Awesome work Peter!
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 Hell yeah Pete! LFG
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