Must Watch: Garrett Reynolds & Friends Raise the Bar for Street BMX in 'Always Fiending'

May 15, 2020 at 6:08
by James Smurthwaite  

If you only watch one BMX video this year, make sure it's this one.

Fiend Bikes have just released 'Always Fiending' featuring Colin Varanyak and Garrett Reynolds with appearances by Lewis Mills, Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere, Antonio Chavez, Matt Closson, Mati Lasgoity, Augie Simoncini and Johnny Raekes and it could lay claim to being one of the greatest BMX films ever put to tape.

Garrett Reynolds section in particular (starting at around 8 minutes in) makes our brains hurt, it's simply absurd.


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 If you comment about no helmets your mums a hoe
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 The majority of them wearing hats that fall off every trick is more annoying to me.
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 @msalcher: the hat falling off means that they just stomped a banger.
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 @msalcher: BMX needs better smaller hats. That's what I learned from this video.
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flag PauRexs (May 15, 2020 at 15:44) (Below Threshold)
 I will start a campaign... No helmet no watch... Who joins.
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 @PauRexs: Me. I don't believe, especially top athaleets, should ride helmetless. It's a bad example. You'll regret brain damage for sure, no matter who you are. Additionally, I fell recently when I didn't think I was going to. I don't know, in my opinion, you should at least pretend you wear a helmet for children's sake, it's kind of like, "never drink alcohol; but I drink tons; but you never should". Same premise. You don't want to embiggen weakness to the next generation ever in my opinion.
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 @Kramz: @Kramz: Actual quote from The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding: "Yeah, why not put on a f*ckin helmet by the way? Because then it would look like a sport."
Some of these guys, helmet or no helmet, are already so far from who you'd want your kid to look up to, it almost doesn't matter.
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flag PauRexs (May 16, 2020 at 4:27) (Below Threshold)
 @Kramz: PB shouldn't promote helmet less videos.
Hope they get this policy.
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 @PauRexs: @PauRexs: It's a difficult one isn't it. There are good arguments for and against. I've always said with the motorcycle helmet law, and seatbelt law, you should be free to choose for yourself. I feel the same about helmets on bikes. You should be free to choose, but you should use your brain and choose to use a helmet.

I always wear a helmet on the motorbike, but I often ride in flip flops and I probably wouldn't always use a helmet if I didn't have to - for example if I was just nipping out to get some milk and a bunch of bananas. I rarely wear a helmet on the road bike even though I know its pretty dangerous when you start getting a wriggle on.

At the end of the day I believe freedom trumps any argument for censorship of riding videos. Some people would probably argue that something like Rampage is too dangerous and sets a bad example to kids. I just watched this with my kids and the first thing I said was "Why don't BMXers wear helmets when they're doing all this sick street riding?" With that, I hope to be educating my kids. I do make them wear helmets when we ride... but I also respect their right to choose not to when they're 18.

No one has to watch the video at the end of the day.
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 @msalcher: The tricks they are making is annoying you, but blame it on the hats
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 @jaame: If you're hocking products for a company you wear the energy drink logo on your helmet cos they haven't invented stickers that can stay on a sweaty head.
PS. Red Bull I will get your stupid checkerboard / Cow thing tattooed on my scalp if you can pay me enough so I can give up my day job.
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 @jaame: yes I suport the freedom of every rider to do what ever they want with their health and safety. It's just when you do it in front of a camera and knowing this it's going to be an influence.. just look at the facts... None of them wearing helmet... Some years ago the one that wasn't was the exception... Something wrong must had happened trough this way...
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 @PauRexs: It is very difficult for me to understand why the fashion in BMX is to not wear a helmet. It does seem a bit silly.

All I can say is that education is better than censorship or legislation. I understand your point about protecting our children from these bad influences, but at the same time they are going to be exposed to things we don't like at times.

There are worse things than helmetless riding. Kids, especialy boys, have a habit of finding them when their parents aren't looking. I am hoping I can put stable heads on the shoulders of my children. Rational, inquisitive, logical and fair. If I can do that, they will (hopefully) choose to wear a helmet for themselves whether or not I am present.
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 BMX will always be cooler than mtb
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 And skateboarding will always be cooler than BMX.
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 @man-wolf: And rollerblading will always be cooler than skateboarding.
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 @adzy: And scooters dominate them all
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flag nyhc00 (May 15, 2020 at 8:12) (Below Threshold)
 @Frank156C: and they all bow down to Parkour.
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 @man-wolf: come off it. 90% of skateboarding is just going to fetch your board after you’ve failed your 45th attempt at pulling a trick or going out of the front door when you hit a pebble. #teambikes
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 @nyhc00: Parkour has nothing on soap shoes.
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 @man-wolf: yea your drunk
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 @nsmithbmx: heelys brotato
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flag rawbert (May 15, 2020 at 11:16) (Below Threshold)
 Have you seen hardline, rampage, fest series? Nothing will ever beat Kade throwing the nastiest whip on a massive hip, or Semenuk doing a foot plant 720 on a step down.
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 And everything is subserviant to extreme pogo sticking.. for reals...
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 @rawbert: whats hardline and whos this Semenuk? whos rampaging?
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 @adzy: #fruitbooting
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 My dad can beat up your dad!
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 $300 -$500 bike and you nail shit like that. Meanwhile on planet MTB we're talking about volume spacers and carbon rims....
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 @adzy: You did not study the skatepark food chain
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 Get fucked mate
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 BMX is driven by style and a desire to better one's ability at the given activity. Mountain biking seems to mostly be driven by over hyped, un-necessary upgrades and the wealthy/privileged crowd. I like mountain biking, but I grew up skateboarding. There is a glaring difference in the two worlds. Skateboards haven't changed in almost 30 years, but the abilities of people riding them has soared. Every city has skateparks full of kids that rip. In contrast, all I seem to see when I go mountain biking now is people on $5000+ bikes with no clue how to ride them. But the learning curve between skating and mtn biking is about as opposite it gets, so naturally the people who just want to look cool with a fancy bike stick around. Cue the hate.
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 @rpdale: or maybe there's awesome people and a*sholes in both disciplines?

Can't we just get along... and admit scooters are the real enemy?
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 Am I alone in thinking Garrett is the GOAT? Faikie whip down a double set? Cmon man!! That $hit is nuttier than squirrel turds!
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 No, you'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't think he's a contender.
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 That would be mike aitken but good guess though.
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 Garett is well and truely the goat, have you seen his x games medal count
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 @thenotoriousmic: Right? Everyone needs to go watch his part in Anthem II right meow.
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 @camerondodd98: yeah he’s amazing one of the best ever but not as good as mike aitken.
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 @thenotoriousmic: two different types of riders man, Garrett is the street goat, aitken the dirt goat!
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 @camerondodd98: do you even know who aitken is?
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 @thenotoriousmic: yes haha sorry after I wrote that comment I realized I'd got it wrong.. Aitken, excelled most with his style when riding dirt in my opinion, Garett excels in tech street riding which he is the best to ever do it in! :-D
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 @camerondodd98: ok agreed Garret gets the title of best curb nibbler. Wink
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 Video was cool, but why won’t the BMX guys wear elbow pads? Please pinkbike, no elbow pads no post. Think of the children!
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flag andrewyoung (May 15, 2020 at 9:55) (Below Threshold)
 who the hell cares about elbows bruh
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 @andrewyoung: woosh...
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 Riding and music spot on!
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 So I was gonna go hit this sick drop at the trails near my house, but I can't because I don't have a downhill bike.
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 for anyone not familiar with Garrett Reynolds this is your chance to be blown away. enjoy!
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 Glad this became a MUST WATCH. I saw it last week and had my jaw dropped the entire time. Sick riding and great filming, such a good edit and inspiration to what could be done in a moutnain bike edit vibe wise.
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 The levels of bike control and gnarliness are off the charts
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 Riding skill is unreal on those brakeless bikes... but IMO Caps Lock is still The video to watch, magnitude of tricks is unreal...
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 Caps lock is ridiculous.
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 Of all the action sports out there now, I still think BMX* is continuing to evolve more than any of the others. Each of the edits get crazier and more creative just when I think what else could they possible do?

*BMX - still bugs me to this day we call this BMX...folks always assume I do this when I actually wanna go hit the 'BMX' track. Can we change the name to General Out Of Bounds Extreme Riding...aka GOOBER Smile ?
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 Its because of the type of bike. Riding like this evolved from taking BMX bikes to the street. Its no different than why we still call it "mountain" biking when guys are riding in the street, park, or riding dirt jumps that are no where near an actual mountain.
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 @sino428: good point....still annoys me though. Why doesn't it work in reverse, if I took my road bike to the Whistler bike park, would I still be road biking?
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 @RadBartTaylor: Probably, I think what we call it largely depends on what we traditionally call the bike you are riding. If you started doing some cool as shit on a road bike at Whistler, or if someone started grinding hand rails on a road bike it would probably be called freestyle road biking.
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 @sino428: who calls riding on the street mountain biking? can u tell them to stop?
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 @sino428: search FGFS, handrails on road bikes (well, fixies)
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 20" wheels = Roots.
Big balls, skill & style.
Gnarlier than street skating at this point.
More akin to SK8 than MTB.
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 That was, IMO, one of the coolest videos I have see on here Love the edits, music, flow and sound. Incredible riding. But, like Black Sheep said in the 90's..."The choice is yours".
If you want your brain concussed you can get with this, or if you don't, you can get with that. I think Ill get with a helmet, because helmets are kind of phat!
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 This actually made my mind explode. I had to rewatch a few parts about ten times or more before realizing I still couldn't quite wrap my head around it. The levels of precision, finesse, and bike control these riders demonstrate is astounding. Also the insane hucks to flat that most people wouldn't attempt on a downhill bike. I had already planned a street ride today but now I have inspiration. I have a BMX bike but I ride the DJ instead, can't really imagine going back to bmx, but mad respect to these guys.
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 Rowdy riding all round. Incredible stuff. Thing about Garrett Reynolds is seems he can do any trick fakie lol.
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 That video completed street riding
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 Welp, that was the most badass BMX vid I've seen since Criminal Mischief.
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 That upprail into the mother of all turndowns O.O Sweet mother of baby jesus, what a time to be a live!
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 Watched this on Monday movies and my Brain Still Hurts!! (even with a helmet)
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 I didn't realize these guys ride without brakes. Has that been a thing for a while? Last time I was into BMX (maybe 20 years ago) most bikes still had brakes.
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 Yeah, brakeless riding has been around for a really long time.I was riding without them in the early 2000's but a lot of info points to Troy McMurray being one of the OG brakeless riders.
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 May not have brakes, but I'm guessing they've got plenty of breaks.
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 Its mostly the Street Section of BMX Riders thats rides without Brakes, for Parkriders its quiet common to atleast have the rear Break on
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 Working in building maintenance, all I could think about during those rail grinds was, "so that's why we have to re-paint our site handrails so often"! HAHAHA! Epic!!
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 Reynolds is not human.
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 No breaks no helmets no chain - alright I must be the 50% empty type of person
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 Freecoasters, not chainless
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 The thing I learned is their hats fall off, a lot.
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 They could use chin straps for there toques and hats....or just wear chin strap!!!
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 I think it would be cool if someone put little tiny wheels on the ends of those pegs, so when they grind they're actually rolling on wheels and don't lose as much speed.
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 Reynolds Reminding everyone he is still the best to ever to it, mind blown
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 My 54 year old knees and ankles are aching just watching this Frown
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 what was that BMX movie from 2017/18 with huge gaps? It was featured on pinkbike, cant remember the riders name?
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 That was an awesome edit. Thank you pinkbike for posting this!
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 Is that a thong @ 2:44, lol
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 Barspin to WTF or WTF to barpsin. MEGA.
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 master piece by Reynolds G. et al. 2020
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 Insane, bangers every clip
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 All I can say is he's "SKILLING IT!!"
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 bmx ,dirt, street skate its short life ,only lasts when you are very young and almost no brain Its meat against cement and iron.
Two things Only cromoly material are at the level and why bike industry dont try to sell 29" wheels to these guys as they have done with all of the other disciplines ?
More grip,more speed,etc blablalbla ..
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 Faaark that was good. Roll Call is another of my favourites
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 This superman drop was sickkkk
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 Can someone explain these BMX hubs that freewheel backwards yet engage when they pedal?
And why aren't all hubs like this?
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 Its called a freecoaster hub. Most designs have a clutch mechanism that engages when you pedal forward and then you can adjust how much slack you want it to have. You often see them pedal till the forward crank arm is pointed down and then back a quarter turn to level to disengage the clutch.
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 they have a ton a free play when you go to pedal (like almost 1/4 crank rev) and they break a lot.
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 Good lord - those grinds
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 fuck it - wear a helmet!! There you go.....
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 i hear snooker is safer this time of year
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 Condoms meh...
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 im just here for the helmet weenie comments
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