Video: Remy Morton Shreds a Chainless Dreamline Through the Australian Jungle in his Raw 100

Aug 24, 2021 at 3:31
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRemy Morton is not a person who would shy away from a challenge. Some time ago he, his crew of mates & his dad were given 7 days and 7K $ to build a line through the jungle somewhere on the Gold Coast of Australia. The team lost no time, digging day in, day out, and created a dream track with tons of potential for some seriously mouth-watering mountain bike action.Red Bull Bike

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 That's a lot of trail for $7k at Australian labour rates
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 Yeh was expecting maybe a rough sketch hand dawn on a napkin for that cost... if council were involved
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flag mi-bike (Aug 24, 2021 at 5:38) (Below Threshold)
 From the description of them digging "day in day out" this amounts to a blatant violation of labour laws you'd think. Unless maybe they did this during their holidays?
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 Bloody oath
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 $7k wouldn't even buy the lumber for the wallride in the States these days
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 The lads did it for free and were paid in Carltons
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 I bet he even inested his own money, sold all his Knee pads and so...
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 Just the "digging in Australia" part was already mad enough. Dig where 99% of the species might kill you...
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 Blows my mind that people want loud AF hubs when you could have this utter serenity.. If only onyx were a bit cheaper
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 The hub here doesn't make a sound because it spins freely,without cassete or chain.
But I'm a silent hub lover too,I wonder what happened to Shimano's new silent hubs,supposed to be released with the new XTR?
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 Its a I9 hub in fact if I recall correctly
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 So when you come up behind someone on trail they'll move over Wink
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 Get some Aivee hubs and stuff the free wheel with a proper grease and you'll get that cringing silent.... and without spending a fortune Wink
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 @nozes: I had them, past tense. Silent above a certain RPM which was fun but wildly unreliable. Two rebuilds in 5 weeks sent me back to the shop for something else.
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 At risk of huge neg props, It's a no from me. Remy is a styish as fooook rider, but this isn't raw, it's been edited to death, and the trail is sooooooo manicured he probably could have rode it better on his BMX.
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 and do we really need to see the same move three or four times from different angles?

Multiple views are not the same as seeing more moves, ie a longer run.

I'd almost prefer multiple runs with some variation ... but yes, edited to death is a good way top put it.
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 What does RAW (for video) imply these days? I thought it was with no/minimal editing. But this one has loads of slow motion, several camera angles of the same move. Does RAW simply imply "without music/voiceover"? Just curious. The riding is mint.
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 I think it also implies that the on site audio recording is high quality and well produced
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 i've always thought of RAW as really highlighting the sounds of the bike and the sounds of the trail. almost to be able to feel like you know whats happening with your eyes closed, or make it feel like you're right there next to the trail. just my thoughts, I'd love to know the story behind it all.
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 @thats-joe: think you're thinking of sound of speed, red bull's other series that Remy had an episode in. MTB might have a different context but raw clips literally implies raw clips, similar to raw files from a photographer (unedited).

the term raw has been abused as of late, for sure, mostly by bigger companies. the original raw videos were people literally posting their entire DV tape from an event showing 30+ minutes of unedited video no music etc. and in the modern age clipping became a lot more popular because of the ease of computer editing and SD cards displaying files, as opposed to a single DV tape that is one continuous video recording.

vital RAW is still most definitely a raw production, but like you said they are just using really good (sensitive) microphones, plus sound defines so well within the trees. but they dont use music, usually dont slomo, and theyre almost certainly not adding foley (off site sound bites)
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 MTB guy does one tappy tap little grind. MUST SHOW IT 4 TIMES!
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 meanwhile in bmx.....
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 Who needs knee pads and gears... Super smooth trails and Vans are all you need
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 Vans the GOAT.
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 Recent Gypsy Tales with him... "you only need knee pads if you plan on crashing!"
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 @pensamtb: Who plans on crashing?
But yes get your point, that if you are good enough to ride unprotected?
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 neck brace but no knee pads, seems right.
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 Who needs a helmet Man?
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 That was so rad!! Totally bummed when it was over. Lol. Watched it twice more. My first thought was where are the tricks? But I quickly realized that I liked it so much because it wasn’t loaded with tricks!! That video had such a cool vibe.
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 Just go and watch a lot of the youth on A line or DM, they’re at least as steezy these days.
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 So they spent part of their $7k on RedBull-themed decorations?
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 Full review tomorrow for the new Red Bull DH sled
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 $7k for a high-end promotional video of your product and a new flow trail?

Sorry Remy, you guys got hosed on that deal. Cool edit though!
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 who was this sponsored by? needs way more branding.
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 came here to say that, no idea who he gets sponsored by
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 f*ck the scene. Remy you are one of the best people to ever pick up a bike. Don’t change
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 Aussie expat here. In Oz in 2021, it would take 7 permits, 7 environmental studies, 7 lawyers, 7 forestry workers, 7 heavy machinery operators, 7 thousand liters of diesel and 7 press conferences to build that line.

All at a cost of $700 000 USD to the tax payer.
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 Decent, but previous Raws have set the bar so high, this just doesn't feel like it quite lives up to expectations.
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 Especially when Semenuks have way gnarlier moves on what looks to be bigger features with a slope bike...
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 @leon-forfar: There are those of us who would say, "Hold the spinny flippy barry whippy stuff" and would rather watch a nice motowhip and a few flattys.
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 @Ksmcarthur: Both of which, Semenuk is one of the best at. All of his Raw 100s have at least one banger table and/ or whip, and he also has worlds first usually. I would take Semenuk riding down a trail without tricks than anything, but it's nice to see a bit of both.
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 Didn't know Vans also makes suspension forks?!
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 Skate shoes and DH forks, that’s always been their thing.
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 Is he sponsored for suspension components? If not why should he billboard for one? Use the surface area for those that support you…
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 Remy is basically just a professional park rat, his skill set can be replicated by basically any local bro at a Bike Park flow trail. That said, killer style.
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 I wish we could all do away with clunky chains
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 It's not the chain that's the problem, it's the derailleur. Sick trail though, and a great DH trail should ideally be able to be rode chainless.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: If the derailleur is the problem, you can always go singlespeed with a spring loaded tensioner. I think they have them with a clutch nowadays though it might be even better/safer if they'd have one that mounts to the ISCG tabs instead of near the axle. But yeah indeed if can ride well without chain (that is, don't accidentally stomp on the front pedal and find out there is no support) then there is point bothering with one.
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 Sick edit.....sick bike park (I know where this trail is, shame the public cant ride it)
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 Pretty sure the trail will be open to the bike park soon
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 Why chainless on such a smooth track? For that one grind only or it has another reason besides just being interesting?

Style for miles btw
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 Remy has been running chainless full time for a year or two I believe.
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 He said on his Instagram that on a "real" Flow Track you shouldn't have to do a single Pedalstroke and he almost always rides without Chain
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 Brakeless is the next step...
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 As others said, he rides chainless most of the time. He also runs crazy short cranks (like 120 or something).
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 @Hogfly: I'm guessing they're the Hope kids 135mm cranks.
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 @chriskneeland: should be strider bike pegs to complete the look
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 @stokedandbroke: That COVID shortage man...
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 Ride singlespeed and you'll see that you can get away with most trails without pedaling. People seem to think going up on a singlespeed is the hard part, but it's holding speed on the way down that's the real challenge.
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 REMY, please hit it again on the BMX. So much steez!
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 This is like bicycle ASMR, with the sweet sound of the hub and tires against the Aussie dirt, just
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 There's literally no hub sound
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 @shoefanu: front hub ; )
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 @shoefanu: chainless man... science
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 kudos for all the extra work that filming a chainless line would have took. He would have to hike so much further up to re-hit evert feature while filming!
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 That was so dope, gets me stoked to ride! DHT!
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 Rad dude, track and riding. If that was near me I'd find it and ride it.
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 Sick ride Remy! Great to have you back in town
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 When are we getting a review on the new VANS dual crown fork?
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 Wonder if DH Chainless bikes/scooters with pegs will become a new THING?
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 DH chainless is a thing.. great for race training purposes. just takes another level of concentration and brake management.
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 can anyone verify if Redbull sponsored this
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 Love these Monster™ edits
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 Here in Queenstown you'd need traffic management at the entrance to the forest. 1000 road cones and we would block every car park within a 3km radius.
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 I call bull, that’s not a mountain bike, it isnt human powered. Where’s the g-bike filter when you need it?
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 that "track/trail/whatever..." is smoother than baby butt
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 Always loved a new Remy edit!
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 Didnt know this was a bmx video, wow
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 Really curious about the mic setup here.
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 I forget who he rides for.......
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 $7000 went a long way! Nice Build!!!!!
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 Someone fell out with his hub sponsor...
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 Finally, a trail I can shred on my $1000 hotwalk carbon
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 gone riding
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 Remy is rad
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 Somebody please help me, i can't figure out who sponsored this video
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 135mm cranks, noice.
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 Absolute Showpiece
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 Ahh get some knee guards! Great vid, love the no freehub noise take on raw100
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 Heard Remy say on GypsyTales Podcast something along the lines of, 'I go big and if I crash I'm not going to be worried about scratches. I'd rather be comfortable....'
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