Video: Richie Rude Hunts Down Big Lines on the New Yeti 'Freeride' Bike

Jul 16, 2019 at 2:51
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesMaster of the Gnariverse. Bold claim. The SB165 was created to get after whatever you’re getting after. The slackest sled in our lineup. With kinematics tuned for a coil-shock. At home outside the tape and trusted on the lines where mistakes can’t happen. The SB165 already has you covered.Yeti

Read our first look on the bike here.


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 Nice video, am I the only one is super pumped to see a NEW 27.5 bike released?
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flag Soucy (Jul 16, 2019 at 9:37) (Below Threshold)
 should be 29
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 Imagine the stoke on the next 26'' bike release
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 Luckily the new bike has the space for his own water bottle
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flag IllestT (Jul 16, 2019 at 8:05) (Below Threshold)
 Drugs cheat. Neg prop away
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 Drugs don't cheat. People cheat ya dongle. Don't you listen to the NRA?
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 man, if Richie getting banned leads to these edits, I hope he dopes more often in the future.
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 @IllestT: don't know to many performance enhancing drugs that increase your ability to tackle gnarly terrain. Or increase your confidence. If one exists can someone please point me in the general direction. Looking to make a late career change into professional Enduro racing.
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 @USMC: if there's no performance gain, why not allow all drugs?
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 @USMC: Try Alcohol! It's available in all good bars and liquor stores.
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 We're gonna see a lot more dentists hucking it big now!
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flag cpobanz (Jul 16, 2019 at 10:41) (Below Threshold)
 As a dentist, I'm so damn tired of the dentist expensive bike joke, lets pick on another profession please, like the gynecologist/proctologist or something!
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 Definitely. But they won't be Swedish dentists. More like Swiss
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 @cpobanz: What's funny is you're selling a TURQ SB150 on BUY/SELL right now. Making room for the SB 165?
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 @cpobanz: Radiologist. Neurosurgeon
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flag cpobanz (Jul 16, 2019 at 12:18) (Below Threshold)
 @humanpowered: sold that a long time ago, bought it used, 6.5K is the max amount ill pay for a bike,..diminishing returns. The sb150 was too long, if you ride a pole you must like em long. I'm more of an ibis guy, they know how to keep the geometry in check and make versatile bikes. My point is why the dentist?
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 @cpobanz: you know, I always wanted to be a proctologist but I just couldn't find an opening...
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 @TucsonDon: good read. I 100% trust my dentist because he rarely suggests I get something done. If I’m seeing you every 6 months then I should be in good shape. That’s my theory anyway. He also rides an old Trek hardtail, so there’s that.
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 I once made a joke about dentists riding expensive bikes to a group of riders on expensive bikes... turns out, they were all dentists! They didn’t laugh.
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proctologists? They're a pain in the ass!
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 @dfbland: On the bright side it's super fun passing them on a much older bike than the dentists have. Money doesn't buy skills like riding time does Smile
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 Hey pinkbike, how bout giving mr. Stu Dickson some love in the article title, pretty sure there are 2 riders in the film!!!
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 Exactly, two riders in this video, props to Stu Dickson!!!
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 Thanks man!! dang pinkbike..
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 Apparently Yeti has been able to make a second Richie Rude
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 He weighs a bit more but has the same stiffness...
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 Who hit the first big huck, Richie Rude or Rudy Rich?
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 So they mixed up Bottles at the EWS. Makes sense now
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 I'm curious to know, if Richie Rude was given this bike to race at the DH World Champs, how would he do?
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 Lets find out!
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 Also, does this "freeride" bike mean that Richie Rude will ride Rampage? R-R-R! Rampaging Yeti? Yeti on a rampage? The possibilities are endless. Razz
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 Yes. Make it happen Yeti! Smile
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 FTFY: "Master of the Overpricediverse. True claim. The SB165 was created to drain your wallet. The slackest sled in our lineup. With kinematics tuned for a coil-shock. At home outside the tape and trusted on the lines where mistakes can’t happen. The SB165 already has you gatekeeping the sport and acting like an ass hat to riders on sensibly priced bikes."
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 The North Shore and Kamloops! Freeride never died! Good work boys!
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 Surprised that BC was used for all shots when Yeti is based out of Colorado.
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 @jbyrg: Not many trails like that in Colorado outside of bike parks...
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 oh, enduro not cool enough. bring back freeride. so carbon, very slack, much expensive, many sales.
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 Dope-d video!!
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 "Richie Rude Hunts Down Big Lines on the New Yeti 'Freeride' Bike"...

now we are in a whole different 'Class'
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 Well, that was DOPE!!!! Wink
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 aww, was hoping for pics of Rude hitting the infamous Yeti road gap near Boulder that was supposedly built for a photo shoot years ago, but no one has yet had the balls to hit.
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 Maybe when his response season is over. Man's busy making a comeback, he can't wreck himself on a road map for a bike launch.
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 Any pics of this infamous road gap?
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 Oh man, I helped build that thing and the fact of even just filming someone hit it scares me... But we'll have to bust it out one of these days!
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 @joeyschusler: haha. I guess it's kinda cool to have a local feature that's so gnarly no one has ever ridden it.
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 @joeyschusler: I just wanna see the feature.
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 @joeyschusler: where in Boulder is the gap?
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 @bikeman5: "near Boulder"
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 Sure seems like a lotta flowy bermed trail for a freeride bike.
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 Cross-country Freeride!
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 Pretty much what Yeti riders consider as freeride.
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for reals, like that tiny drop at the beginning.

Sick vid. Sick bike. No monies plus I’d only hurt myself trying to use it to it’s poten.
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 Freecountry! Sick edit though.
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 What a great video! Felt like I was watching a raw early Crusty video or something.
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 This isn’t a true free ride bike at all
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Personally I prefer this version of the post.
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 Jim Lahey: "He who looks into the Abyss realizes that there's nothing looking back at him. And the only thing he sees is his own character staring back at him. You understand bud? The abyss? The shiiit... abyssss?!?!?"

Yeti: "I ain't scared off no shit abyss..."
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 getting SKETCHY on the first drop!!
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 Looks like they cloned Richie Rude and made a new bike. Impressive Yeti.
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 Who is the other rider with Rude? I presume same in both locations?
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 Stu Dickson
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 @Tr011: Stu is the man.
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 Rude is a shaved yeti-man.. such a beast rider!
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 No toonie?
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 Or Brutus?
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 Demoed one a few weeks ago on a good 1300' climb/descent. It's like a Cadillac; fast, powerful, and plush. It made going back to my Jeffsy feel even more twitchy and harsh ...but the SB150 is also ~$5000 more expensive.
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 doh, SB150...that's what happens when you don't read the words closely...[facepalm]
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 Finally a bike that looks proportional to Mr Rude.
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 Oh man . Pure GnarPorn. That was good Smile
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 WOW!!! This has me pumped for 27.5 tup Here I am wanting to jump on the 29er bandwagon and now I’m reconsidering my decision!!!!!
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 Keep feeding the beast YETI!!!
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 That looks dope!

Too soon?

But seriously, yes!
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 Awesome, that's how I feel when I bomb on my short travel 29er. They captured it perfectly!
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 Freeride bike, why isnt it 26" then? f*ck 65b, f*ck 29"! if your not racing, have fun!
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 Big lines?
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 Wait until winter when he hunts down some powder...
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 just the bike i was looking to look rad on my 0% grade home trails.
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 I would like to see this with a 230x65 or a 250x70 shock and a dual crown
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 It should be at least 230 65 stock
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 I meant more for testing and experimentation. I am genuinely curious
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 Moody af. I like it.
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 They don’t even include the lightweight coil ffs...
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 Another overpriced Yeti is not 'news' pinkbike...
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 So it’s cool to promote Rude again?
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 Sick. Music?
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 This is Mountain Bike !
  • 19 2
 No, this is pinkbike
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 Amazing what PEDs can do for a rider!!
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 Richie can whip
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 The Capra will crush that thing, and it’s 3-4K less.
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 Loving my SB150!
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