Video: Rob Warner Tries to Keep Up With Emily Batty in Arizona

May 14, 2019 at 2:39
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRob Warner is in Arizona to meet Canadian cross-country star Emily Batty. She finished third overall in the 2018 UCI World Cup season and only continues to get stronger. The two discuss everything that goes into training both mentally and physically.Red Bull


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 Bitch all you want about Red Bull. If they keep supporting our sport this way they have all my respect, and no one is forced to drink it. Go Emily!!!
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 exactly... people who complain about red bull should gracefully delete their input for the last X years.. and see what we are left with.
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 Good to see a big corporation using their wealth and power to create what’s essentially a free service to the public. Not only MTB but all the other content. Great coverage, commentary and exposure for the sport. Not going to drink the stuff but I do love Redbull!
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 And don’t furckin’ dare to watch DH world cup live for free on Red Bull TV
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 urban dh was first seen at international level in Lisboa and greatly supported by the brand for next years... it become a worldwide sub kind of this sport
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 INVESTING doesn’t mean the same thing as supporting.They make money doing it ,you make em sound like they’re god damn heroes.They arent running a charity and they are only in it for one thing: MONEY.

Their more recent bullshit monopoly attitude as given the grownups one more reason to bitch about them...and they dont make their money with their stupid drinks btw...
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 @tuumbaq: Where do they make their money from if not from their stupid drinks?
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 Sure, part of me loves Red Bull for supporting athletes and events the way they do. They don't just give money. They support athletes in their rehabilitation when they're out with injury (the Athertons come to mind) which is not something I've heard the other energy drinks companies do. Or any other sponsor full stop.

But I don't care one bit about their "contribution" to the coverage of racing. They're banning others from filming. What was it, Cathro wasn't allowed to film for more than three minutes on a venue? Athletes weren't allowed to publish their own POV footage? Red Bull have made it look like they're bringing the sport to the masses whereas in reality what they've done is they've kept others from doing so.

And that brings us to the other point. They want people to watch their channel because that's how they make their money. They don't just live off selling drinks. I've got a so called "smart-TV" from LG from 2012 or so. We don't use it much but I recalled there was a Red Bull TV app on it with some cool videos about sports and arts. The Athertons were on it too. During a recent Rampage event I thought I'd try using the app again. It didn't work. Eventually I looked into it and it turned out Red Bull decided a tv app doesn't allow them to extract enough personal data from their viewers and it doesn't give them enough advertisement opportunities so they discontinued the service. See link below. So that's what this is all about for them. They're just like Google, Facebook and the lot. They need your personal data for advertisement. It would be such a waste if people would watch these same DH races through a different channel and Red Bull wouldn't get hold of the viewers data!
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 @vinay: The Cathro thing was a misunderstanding with the UCI and was resolved.
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 As a student, energy drinks come in handy some times and you can't always just have a coffee before an exam, between classes or to get going after all of it. It isn't too often, and I try to have as few as possible but when I drink an energy drink I choose Red Bull because of this and that I think that is some succesful marketing from them.
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 honestly people having issues with Red Bull being the wrong kind of sponsor, do you even hear yourselves? You are like priests warning against premarital sex. Oh Red Bull takes like sht, yeah just like almost every beer in the world. Pissy lagers and pretentious IPAs in particular. Shit piss vomito-puss. At least Red Bull can make you productive, at least it’s target group doesn’t remind me of a bunch of football fans or hipsters. Fricking wankers.

If you want a better sponsor then be one, find one, until then shut up.

And BTW, Red Bull Helmet is the new Olympic Gold Medal, only chosen ones get it. A very exclusive club.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Good post but i miss our healthy at any size talk.
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 @vinay: of course they are so strict, to be able to live broadcast for free and still earn money. Would you rather pay 10$ per view and have more „freedom”?
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 @vinay: Actually that app still exists. Might have something to do with LG? It works just fine on my TV. So convenient for watching the world cups (for free!), I really can't complain.
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 @tuumbaq: boo hoo, waaaah, stomping fists, kicking legs!
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 @vinay: Maybe your issue with the app is just an LG thing or yours is out of date? I use the one on PS4 which is pretty much the same as on a smart TV and it works like a charm. Unless, indeed, PS4 allows them more data access than a TV because users have a subscription with Sony and are less anonymous. @zimtsticker says above that it works on his TV though.

I also agree with @karoliusz that I'd rather have some of my data mined for ads than pay per view (I have enough subscriptions as it is to watch films/news/play games). I don't really have much to hide regarding my online activity and I prefer ads to be targeted anyway, i.e. look at new bikes or dive gear rather than have penis-enlargement pumps pop up on my screen.
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 @bananowy: I believe Red Bull in what they stated in their comment on the LG website I linked to. The LG platform apparently doesn't allow Red Bull to do what they want to do. Maybe @zimsticker uses a different platform that allows them to do more? Now, I wasn't putting a value on this way of doing business. I just meant to say this is how they make their money. Just that it is a big media-tech company, not just a company that makes money from selling drinks exclusively.

That said, yes I prefer transparency. "This is what I want, that is what it costs so I pay that and be done with it." I don't quite like the prospect that if I go to the grocery to buy an apple they go "Yeah, it is fine. Take the apple, it is free. We'll just come over to your home every now and then, just look around, take some pictures, take notes, make some copies of documents we find there. You know, just to improve our services. Don't worry, we won't make a mess and we won't disturb you and your family. Enjoy your apple!" I'd be like "I'm will to pay you fifty cents for this apple. Or I'll leave it and get it somewhere else. Whichever way, you stay the f*ck away from my home."

Now of course, in case of this apple from the grocery I do have this choice. Those who love to watch WC DH racing have this choice less and less. You watch the full featured Red Bull footage on their terms. Or you watch the limited material the other journalists were ALLOWED to show. That's the bit that stings. They've made a deal with the governing body (UCI) to have rights and to limit the rights of others to provide an alternative. They kind of hijack a competition that is not theirs. I get it if they'd do this for the RB Rampage, Hardline etc. But not for the UCI WC and Worlds.

Sure they now offer something that wasn't there back in the days but that's mostly due technological progress. Back in the days I just bought the Earthed videos to see what it looked like. Now with more people having access to fast internet, it suddenly became possible to release "edits" and eventually even broadcast a livestream. Red Bull didn't just do a better job than Freecaster because because they were more proficient. They just got access to cheaper yet better and better equipment. Look at what helmet camera Steve Romaniuk was wearing in the 2004 Collective movie to get proper quality video. You don't need a full size helicopter anymore to get an areal shot. In short, their performance got better because available technology got better. But it isn't like any other journalist team wouldn't be able to provide coverage now that's on par with what RB is offering.

So yes, I'm willing to pay for what it takes. Just like we used to do. We bought a dvd, a magazine etc and sure a huge bit was paid for by advertisers. It just wasn't them rummaging through your data. Do I have something to hide? Look, do i have something at home to hide for my grocery? See, at the end of the day what I have here just isn't all mine. The family pictures I have on my disc don't feature just my own face. Who am I to decide that Red Bull is free to browse through their pictures in turn for some WC footage? If I've got a student's thesis report on my computer for review, who am I to say RB (or whichever geek company) should be free to have a look too?

Red Bull and all these data hungry tech companies are a bit like the bar that goes "Hey, pretty girls get free access. And drinks are on us too. We just expect some ehrm... services. Enjoy the party!"
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 @vinay: I use an android TV. You'd think advertising is how they'd make money on their channel... they don't show me any advertising though except the occasional teaser for other Red Bull produced content and live events, so it's actually quite pleasant to use.
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 @fiftyfour-46: I dunno probably every single event they host.... ?? You think they lose money hosting events?
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 @vinay: I can see a difference between analysing the cookie files in my browser and invading my home, but it's cool if you think it's on the same level. No point in discussing this as I don't think we'll agree here.

RB have exclusivity because they've not just covered the broadcast cost but actually paid for a large part of the event. Remember when mtb was cool enough to show on TV and Eurosport covered world cups? I'm pretty sure the short highlights on any other channel used footage bought from Eurosport.

RB is definitely not just better than Freecaster because of technical advancements. It's the attention to detail, the effort put in, hell, even telling Warner to get sober and produce TV-worthy commentary. It's comparing a proper media house to a bunch of bro-brahs. Look at how much content they are making outside of the pure race coverage. How did technology stop Freecaster from doing that? Look at what RB is doing for other sports, arts etc. Their social media content, while obviously full of buzzfeed-y "top 10 things that..." headlines, often includes interesting articles and I'll admit I have actually looked at those dreaded top 10s for cool places to go. Monster Energy have access to the same technology as RB today and what are they doing? A YouTube channel full of tits and ass. Nothing against tits and ass but RB Media House is in an entirely different league.

Now this: "The family pictures I have on my disc don't feature just my own face. Who am I to decide that Red Bull is free to browse through their pictures in turn for some WC footage? If I've got a student's thesis report on my computer for review, who am I to say RB (or whichever geek company) should be free to have a look too?" is kinda screaming for a tinfoil hat. If you have any proof of RB doing what you claim, you should report criminal activity to relevant authorities.

Not sure about the last comparison. Can't recall anyone from RB sexually assaulting me although who knows what I've done after a few vodka red bulls Wink Letting them know I've been watching Space Cats - Magic Fly all night is a different degree of seriousness. Also, no one checked if I was pretty (or if my data was) before letting me watch the world cup. The only thing in common is that I, just like the girls at the bar, have the choice to opt out.
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 @bananowy: I couldn’t agree more. Just turning Warner into a civil person, even if only when camera and mic are on, is a one damn feat to pull off. I met him on 2 occasions, I can testify to that... As to data collection, @vinay went off the rails there but everyone does from time to time. A great example of “intrusion of privacy through data collection is those a*sholes sending mails: we recorded you masturbating to pornhub in private mode, if you don’t pay we will let all your friends, family and employers know. Go on do it! Please do! I want to know who in my surrounding is dumb enough to open a mail with description: Your friend Theo wanking off. And then totally dumb to try to use that information against me. Go on! I like to sort out the weeds!
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 @WAKIdesigns: Yeah I'm aware of this kind of cyber crime and agree this would be comparable to a break-in. The point is that's not what RB is after when I'm watching people riding bikes, or so I hope. So in vinay's grocery comparison you would just agree to let them know your buying patterns or something, not let them in your house and watch you wank.

And to be fair, if I never got one of those emails it means it's not that hard to prevent it Wink Seriously, I only use the most basic antivirus stuff. I don't know what dodgy pop-ups you need to click to install that kind of malware. And how that would be effective blackmail unless someone's watching illegal porn but in that case that person can go f*ck themselves.

Would like to see my employers' reaction though, nothing like a minute of awkward silence. My wife and friends would probably just be curious what I was watching.
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 @bananowy: I mean the only person who could use it against a non-public person (priest, politician, teacher) would be some really stupid ahole. By doing so, he would undermine himself much more than you. Look at me. Anyone can easily find me, my work place and send an email to my boss saying, look how much time at work waki is wasting. In fact an employee at MIPS called me after I wrote that I am skeptical about effectivity of their life saving system. But in general it doesn’t happen. And my simple answer to my boss would be true with 99% of situations: I type it from the toilet seat... considering how productive I am, the feedback I get on annual check ups it would be a non issue to her.

So What I am trying to say here: listen dear person concerned about online privacy, anonymity: what is it so precious that you think you have? Because I assure you, you are anonymous to the world, nobody cares what porn you watch, which places you visit, which food you like. These are random bots trying to make sense of your decisions to increase the chance of selling you... light torches, goggles or tampons or other nonsense you don’t need. Perhaps this is what is scary here: not what they can do with your data, rather another proof how you little you matter. CIA won’t show up at your door because you bought a bandana.
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 I didn't mean to say RB is looking into anything specific, I just don't like that in many of these licences you need to agree upon (or which you implicitly agree upon by using the service) it states you allow them to view your data. I read the licence for the OSX upgrade of this Apple computer here. It says that I agree that iTunes browses my computer for files and if it finds a media file it isn't familiar with, it would send it up to Apple for "analysis". Sorry but if it is not public material it is either mine or from a student. No need to send it over to Apple. So I contacted and said I can't do this. I can't have their bots send such data to their systems, even if no human gets to see it. They said it probably won't really happen as I'm not using iTunes. So I thought let's just install everything I won't use anyway. iTunes, Facetime, all that nonsense. You can't. So I tried to make these files not executable using the chmod command. Wasn't allowed to do that. Apparently you can own a computer and still not be system adminstrator. So I changed the file name, just to make sure that it wouldn't start automatically. As some stuff on these computers just goes off by itself it seems. Suddenly I realized it wasn't sending e-mails anymore. It did go to the "sent" folder instead of "outbox" but mails just didn't turn out to be sent. Apparently their iTunes stuff is so important that they boobytrapped the whole thing. And then they complain about Microsoft offering their OS with their own webbrowser as if that is such a big deal... I looked into the regulations of Spotify once. Just out of interest, I'm not using their service. You explicitly state that you allow them to use the data they collect from you for at least twenty years. Who wants to decide something like that for twenty years? Now of course no one needs Spotify so that's easy to live without. OSX is a bigger deal as once you've invested in the computer hardware, you need the OS to make the most out of it. My issue with RB isn't as much that I'm blaming them specifically for digging through my stuff. I can't even blame Apple for doing that. My issue is that whether they use it or not, I'm required to give them permission to do that. In the case of Apple, to be able to have a computer that still has the bug fixes and updates. In the case of RB, I just assumed it was on par with the other tech-companies and they were after the same thing. I know, the mother of all f*ck ups. Either way, my complaint still stands that their regulations are limiting to outer journalists. You can invest more and get to do more, but you can't require others to do less. I don't like that way of doing business. There could be some great multinational generously fixing and updating all the street furniture, cleaning the streets etc. But that doesn't automatically imply that they then get to say what my town will look like and limit others to have their own say and input.

It isn't even that much that I'm so concerned about my own private data. It is not like I have a digital diary or other documents, it is just that everyone has something that belongs to someone else too. And I don't want to leak that either. Every mail you send also goes in your "sent" folder etc.

You guys got the wank-blackmail too? It was a funny one indeed. Apparently they had hacked some webshops etc which require you to make an account and password and they somehow intercepted that password. I think in my case it was when I bought a drawing tablet from XP-Pen. It isn't Wacom but it is far from shady. They just got hacked, the hacker displayed my password (I make up a new one for every shop so it was quite apparent where it happened), wanted bitcoints claiming they would send some wank video to all my facebook and whatsapp contacts. I have neither so, good luck with that one! I notified XP-Pen and they'll look into it. It wasn't really their fault, their site just got hacked. The drawing tablet is really nice though Smile .
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 Here Here !! I'm pretty stoked on RedBull's continued interest in supporting and broadcasting free content. Or the cheapest subscription you can think of if you just buy one small can per year.
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 @vinay: all you say about Apple must be untrue because every Applophile I know, including my wife says the best part about Mac Book Pro is that it has no bugs, so no updates, no spy software slowing down the OS. And colors are better. Graphic artists use Apple because Apple is better for Graphic artists than PC. That is not an argument. In fact it is an argument, Apple is better suited for work with Graphics, Adobe software in particular. No it isn’t, of all software OSX and Windows share Adobe Creative Suite is virtually identical!!! - no, Apple suits Graphic Artists better, that is why Graphic Artists use Apple. - no you are just pretentious pricks with minimalistic screens and one stupid button instead of 3 buttons and a scroll! Which is f*cking awesome when working with graphics! - No it isn’t, Graphic artists would use complexPC mouse if they were better... aaaaah, fk you!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I just replaced the Apple at work for a MS Windows computer from Lenovo. Whether the Apple computer has better graphics or not, the glare gives me a headache! The Lenovo has a matte screen. I use MS Windows Ink a lot, just to make annotations in digital work. .pdf or MS Office documents. That's what I use the drawing tablet for. Apple also allows me to make annotation in their Preview applications, but it is horrible to work with. Sure I do do a bit of graphic stuff but it is probably nowhere the level of what you do. Mostly stuff in Inkscape and a bit of Krita for fun. The Apple doesn't even work properly with Krita. I know people work on touchscreens these days but personally that posture drives me nuts, curled around such a tiny device. Drawing tablet on the table in front of me, the screen at a fair distance. Hands low, head up. Much better. Coming from linux, there were some things in Apple that I liked. Like that the terminal takes the commands I'm familiar with. The "cal" command is so much quicker than scrolling through a calendar application. And it took a while but they finally managed to have tabs in the file manager (which has been part of the Dolphin file manager for so much longer). But considering what they built their interface upon, it is frustrating how limited it is and how intransparent.

Either way, everyone prefers something different but I don't see the advantage of the Apple computer I've been using for almost six years. The only thing I really like it is that it is really quiet and the construction is quite strong. It has taken a beating and I'm curious to see how well the Lenovo keeps up for the next couple of years.
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 @tuumbaq: as an employee of Red Bull.... this comment is wrong on so many levels.

Beverage is straight PROFIT. Costs RB almost $0 to make it and we charge a premium - we do make our money on drinks.

Almost all of our events are net-negative $$ after everything is said and done. I can promise you this is the case w/ Rampage and alike events as I've seen that budget personally.

Let me know when you see the Monster or another CPG "charity" "investing" in MTB-ing like Red Bull.
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 @vinay: Red Bull TV is still very active - the app is free on all services. You might need to update your TV to view the modern app.
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 How about that Arizona crib.
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 100 x better than her riding with Lance
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 Lance was on camera
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 I would ride a Sick E-bike with Lance...
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 Lance is juiced up, rob is just high
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 @WAKIdesigns: not even lance could figure out how to actually get one delivered
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 Robs got a small cactus?
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 Soft, too.
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 man Rob is the coolest dude in our community alongside with Tippie, i would love to watch stuff like this every day
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 That woman deserves a win
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 26 mile climb? Wow. I’m still trying to convince myself to do a 14 mile climb.
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 I'm still trying to convince myself to do any climb.
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 Nice! Went deep with some of those questions. Good to see!
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 I was sure that the perfect wife did not exist, till I saw this video!
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 Rob Warner meets Cacti
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 I dream of riding those hills one day, with my trail cat ensue.
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 That was an entertaining video, for sure. As to Red Bull, they are just doing what every other corporation does, so what the hell.
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 I wish we lived in a world where that lifestyle could be earned by riding an mtb fast.
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 it can't?
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 You're 51, your prime time was in a world where pro mountain bikers earned more than today. You'd have to ride an mtb fast as in faster than Cedric Gracia though Wink
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 @bananowy: bar was lower then too if we're honest
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 Does anyone know her who her wheel sponsor is?
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 Nah the logos are just too small to read.
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 Would assume Bontrager wheels because Trek. But maybe not.
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 Most likely “BoneTugger”
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 I wonder why Emily stopped wearing pearls and Jolanda started.
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 Definitely a conspiracy. Pearl smuggling business under the veil of XC racing?
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 Rob is just hilarious. Rob should do more of this.
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 Emily is absolutely STUNNING!
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 I can hear their PSI cringe!!!
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 Bug Springs, worst trail ever.
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 Yeah. Don't come here. The trails suck. The Southwest's best kept secret. Although, now the cat is out of the bag.
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 What a GREAT interview! Well done Rob.
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 On the DH I think Rob was holding back... cool trail doe!
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 Would anyone know where these trails are by chance?????
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 i think they may be riding "The Full Lemon Drop"
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 The only one they filmed was bug springs. Bit misleading cuz they only went to the start of bugs, not the top of lemmon.
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 That was just Bug Spring trail on Mt Lemmon. Just a tiny sampling of what we have to offer here.
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 What breed dog is that?
  • 2 0
 miniature Airedale terrier
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 @ridealongside: Welsh terrier
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 @deutschland: yes, you are correct.
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 Nice sunglasses ...
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 AZ sucks for MTB. I hate it.
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