Video: Steve Peat vs Claudio Caluori on Retro Bikes

Jul 12, 2021 at 1:17
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesIn the first episode of “Take Claudio to the Limit” Claudio Caluori is challenged by Steve Peat. In the “Retro Trail” challenge, the two downhill legends in Davos Klosters deliver a slightly different, very entertaining version of a mountain bike race. Who will come out on top in the end?Graubunden (translated)


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 ... and then they ruin it with e-bikes.
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flag rookie100 (Jul 12, 2021 at 2:26) (Below Threshold)
 yeah….totally ruined it. You are so right. ZERO fun. What losers. No way I’ll ever be such a loser when I grow up!
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flag JustAnotherRiderHere (Jul 12, 2021 at 2:59) (Below Threshold)
 @rookie100: Wait, no one seems concerned about their safety on the bikes with "those" brakes? OMG, this must stop...there needs to be a law....
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flag mcozzy (Jul 12, 2021 at 4:18) (Below Threshold)
 Any bike that isn't an ebike is a retro bike.
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 @mcozzy: I'd say: "Any bike that isn't an ebike is a bike".
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 @thedirtyburritto: Yep :-) We must legislate every aspect of life...its for our own good.....
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 @rookie100: did someone hit a nerve?
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 Haha. You losers got the equivalent of a Rick Roll. Cry me a handful.
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 Rigid clunker versus SC Bullit? Not exactly a fair fight there Steve
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 Suspension is cheating, rigid all the way
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 Promising concept but a clunker vs clunker would have been better but the modern bike exit really ruined any retro themed video. CLICK BAIT!
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 normally not on board with click bait labeling (something for everyone), but going to have to agree with you here. Really wanted to see an actual race on old school bikes...
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 Flashback to the Mammoth Mountain Kamikaze Dual Eliminator!
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 Shall we call it Eurokaze?
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 I am just here to appreciate Steffi Marth.
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 Steve with suspension and rim brakes… and Claudio goes full on rigid with disc brakes. A close call but having biked in the alps with both types of bike I would say Claudio for the win. The front sus really helps. The rim brakes do actually stop you eventually. I remember burning through 3 sets of brake blocks in a week of riding and getting the worst arm pump ever - good fun though !!
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 pretty sure those are drum brakes not disc brakes. Just a slight... performance difference.
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 One bike is vintage. The other is retro.
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 Labels are hurful.
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 Never mind retro bike vibes that acting and sound track is retro porn vibes Smile
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 Well, reminds me of my old times. No suspension, no brakes (almost) and lots of fun!
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 - V-brakes/U-Brakes - check (at least for one bike) - check
- absolutely no suspension - check for only one bike
- skinny tires - check
- really skinny handlebars - failed
- 26" wheels/tires - ???
- 9mm QR 100mm front axle - ???
- 10mm QR rear axle - ???

They should've been wearing all spandex as well with no helmets and having mullet hairdos! Yeah, not sure if they're retro enough!
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 Why are you trying to kill Steve and Claudio?
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 Think all these young mountain bikers should be required to do at least 2 steep downhill runs with rerto bikes with v-brakes, just to let them know how well they have it.
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 Vintage MTB Festival next month in south of Belgium restoring a 1988 MBK Ranger High Tech with ubrakes atm...
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 that's a fun event ... and Belgian beer's the best
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 Though Gary Fisher would have given them a retro 69er too ride?
or a new one?
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 They are going so slow compared to their new bikes. Who says the bike doesn't matter? Lol.
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 Rubbish! It's an E-bike commercial! I'm so glad they are not allowed on my local trails!!
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 Claudio is a legend… of sorts.
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 Who brake with is middle finger??? or was he just ...
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 Missy Giove used to
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 I use just the middle. I also brake with middle and index on a dirtbike.
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 A video about retro bikes, yet no mention about the bikes themselves. Obviously a Fisher and Santa Cruz but... Thanks James
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 Nice teaser, where‘s the full video? ;-)
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 Anybody see the videos of Claudio interviewing xc racers mid race on an ebike? Id love to meet the person who concocted that ridiculousness if only to smack them stupid-er.
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 Love it. Great to see Gary too.
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 Sounded like a fun idea, turns out it was just a bad commercial. Which somehow is a fitting concept for Davos ...
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 legends. peaty needs an oscar for that performance
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