Video: The Winning Runs from the 2022 Lourdes DH World Cup

Mar 27, 2022 at 10:21
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWell, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the ’22 Downhill MTB season. The holy soils of Lourdes, France delivered spectacular racing, roaring french crowds, unpredictable results and insane tension from start to finish.

In the women’s it was Swiss national Champion Camille Balanche, who held it together and managed to finish first, just 0.6 seconds in front of Myriam Nicole and @Tahnee Seagrave.

In the Men Elite @Finn Ilesseemed to be flying all weekend long, yet it was the French man Amaury Pierron who laid down one hell of a run and finished 0.8 seconds ahead of Finn. @Loic BRUNI went gas to flat, but didn’t manage to cope with the speed of Pierron in the bottom section of the track and finished in 3rd.
Red Bull Bike


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 What a race !! Congrats to Finn finally beating Loic!
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 Nice race Finn
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 I have to say the coverage from red bull was excellent, seems to be a lot better than previous races.
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 @enduroNZ: It certainly helped being in March - the trees and brush hadn't bloomed yet.
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 Props to Rob Warner for sacrificing his vocal chords at another WC downhill in an effort to express how exciting the racing is if you’re there in real life! I really hope there’s a way he can continue to be the announcer once Redbull is no longer the broadcaster at UCI events!
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 What a comeback for Pierron after the last two seasons of injury. Stoked for Finn as well, feeling like this is the year for that first W!
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 I thought Shaw had it, but there were so many fast racers after him! The last 20 were so fun to watch.
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 Me too..but the overall level this year is absolutely mental. Congrats to Camille too. She's gettin' stronger and stronger and very consistent
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 Finn, you’ve beaten Loic. Congrats dude!
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flag danstonQ (Mar 27, 2022 at 11:35) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah... and I think Bruni is gonna have a serious meeting with his ego tonight. Stoked for Finn.
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 Pierron's run - amazing! Pierron's mustache - terrible!
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 From what I see of Pierron, he wouldn't give a damn. Looks like a pretty wild cat. Loved the Diprela pash.
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 Awesome track, incredibly tight racing and tbf decent coverage and lastly, long live Rob Warner he makes this sport what it is!!
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 Had to have a lie down after Vidal's final scrub. Worth watching 7-8 times. The race was also quite good.
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 That was intense!!!! Pierron was FLYING! Camille was had a strong run and its amazing that Myriam was only .6 off after a bobble!
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 Myrian is a beast. Experience pays off !
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flag IntoTheEverflow (Mar 27, 2022 at 14:08) (Below Threshold)
 I know this is a time of equality, but to me it seems wrong to call a woman a beast. Well most women anyways.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: Every woman I ride with would take it as a compliment. Maybe it's a language issue? Obviously the literal translation sounds bad, but if we put it into something like 'beast mode' then we get closer to the metaphorical translation.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: I'm reading this as "it's mysoginistic to call a woman a beast unless she's a beast". You'll get the hang of this 21st lark soon, don't worry.
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 @BenPea: n'imp'
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 Would love to see the Junior class runs included too. They aren't far off the pace and in some cases getting faster times.
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 At least Luca Shaw made 5th instead of 6th this time...
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 The amount of commitment to those sections the top guys have is almost incomprehensible
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 Man, glad Daprela looked ok after that crash. That could've been really bad.

Anybody else notice that Vali sat in her race run? I wonder what kind of training she's doing?
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 Good for Pierron, great race all around.
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 I've never really followed racing but am finding it quite compelling this year. Can't wait for the next round
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 The level of riding this year seems to be just a notch higher than early season in past years. Everybody is pushing so hard. Awesome to watch!
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 Anyone else notice Rob not saying 'look at the time'? Hope discovery haven't trademarked it for themselves.
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 Jacques Girard!
  • 13 0
 JEAN Girard.
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 Mental race. Awesome track and super close, on the edge racing. What a treat to watch.
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 He’s gotta be happy with third, I don’t think he will be!
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 And where is Fabio? What's heppend?
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 Anyone else unhappy with some of those camera shots? Too zoomed in on a wheel or helmet. I want to be able to see the whole bike and rider and the trail!!

Great racing though!,
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 The live feed was a lot lot better, a bit messy, but it did justice to the action, seeing the full runs. I don't get the blown-out colorgrading/saturation in this compilation vid tho.
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 Enjoy it while it's free my friend.
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 Massive race! Yahhhh

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