Video: The Winning Runs From the Val di Sole Downhill World Championships

Aug 29, 2021 at 15:23
by James Smurthwaite  
Here’s how the Stripes were won.

Note: The videos may be geoblocked in certain countries.

Myriam Nicole

Greg Minnaar

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Thanks for your commitment to mtb.
We miss you when you are replaced by uci/sky/bbc
This was the best commentary of a sporting event that I can recall.
Please keep Robb, Tracey, Eliot and Lauren for next year.
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 I tried to do the right thing and paid for shitty flosports but still left the feed to go to redbull on a VPN. That guy sucked. Not to mention listening to him clear his throat and blow his nose on a hot mic from the end of the womens race until they started actually announcing the men. He also lamented to someone on the phone about "why don't they put the fastest guys first and save us two hours?" It appears to be similar experiences across the globe where a network other than redbull had the rights. They put zero effort into it.
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Got to give credit where it is due. Commentary is a very hard thing to do right but the chap on the BBC...well...he wasn't Warner put it that way. Many mistakes from coverage,screen displays and commentator. At one point I thought to myself is he even watching the race? Like is he a blind commentator? He was speaking about Reece coming down and loosing all his speed in the last corner when it was blindingly obvious he had a front puncture. It was pretty cringy alot of the time, way too much detail was said about so many things, missing time gaps and incorrectly saying someone was behind when they were in front..list goes on.

Now I assumed he was getting the same screen as I was watching if not better, in advance and with more information and I was getting frustrated. The womens coverage got it worse then the mens but still a bit poor.

Long Live Redbull Coverage and the team!
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 Redbull seems to get a hard time but you’ve got to hand it to them they have massively opened up the sport
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Commentary is extremely hard especially for the nervous or inexperienced. I used to live with junior tv reporters and news anchors who had trained for their roles and did it every day or multiple times per week.
Amazing that Tracey has only done it a few times. Loved that she is using more adjectives than before and that she brings a connection to the riders because she knows them very very well personally and can talk about stuff that another commentator couldn’t .
Eliot comes across as a seasoned professional. A perfect fit to sit beside Rob. keep it up
Great that there was no faux noob questions from Rob like in the past. A legend of the sport.
Lauren is great too
Long live this redbull commentary team
Great stuff team.

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 @gcrider: Yep, the commentary team as it stands right now is as good as we could hope for. Tracey is getting better each event and is really growing in the role. Elliot was awesome.
One thing I noticed, when ever things got really sketchy on track, Rob would say "Woooah OMG!!", and Elliot was like "hehehe", and to me it just highlighted how well balanced they are Smile
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 So much this !!!
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 Lucky for you ! i have to deal with some Brazilian dudes at who don't even know how to speak the riders names, don't know shit about downhill, and don't shut their mouth for a second, not even in the winners interviews . Just the most annoying guys EVER !!!
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 @ajayflex: You could hear a few muttered F***'s and S***'s from Elliot as some of the American riders came across the line or crashed, found it hilarious that he couldnt contain himself at times.
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 @anonimous666: This begs the question, how would you have responded if they were some Portuguese dudes who don't know how to speak (pronounce*) the riders names, don't know shit about downhill, and don't shut their mouth for a second, not even in the winners interviews?
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flag HF3 (Aug 29, 2021 at 20:40) (Below Threshold)
 @grip-cycle-works: why on earth were you watching it on the woke bbc when red bull had it available in the UK?? ‍♂️
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 @mi-bike: did i hurt your brazillian feelings ?
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 @mi-bike: ..and this begs for a proper answer, YES, I Had to see the replay on EUROSPORT with portuguese coments and they truly know what they are talking about and it was Awesome
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 Eurosport2 had Bas de Bever in the Netherlands. It wasn't the usual team, but at least someone who knows a great deal about the sport. Sucks that the replays are geoblocked too.
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 @PTyliszczak: in eurosport Spanish commenter said it was not a such demanding track...
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 @HF3: it wasn't available for me on, it kept saying georestricted and I came to find out it was only for Italian sites, so I went across several free vpn websites to get it through an Italian vpn but most you have to pay for etc.

It was getting late in the day and I couldn't stay off insta all day so I found BBC had it and endured it lol
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 The BBC commentary was horrendous...I think he said "drop in" 500 times in the 10 minutes I watched before firing up a VPN
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 @PTyliszczak: I came here to say the same thing. UCI coverage was so poor. That hot mike was so pure schadenfreude.

Need to figure out the vpn thing so I can get around the geoblocking
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 @hjulier: I complained to FloSports and while they did not give me the entire $150 annual subscription back they offered two options. I took number two and made sure to cancel right away.

1. We can offer you a 20% discount on your current subscription and any renewals as long as your account remains active.
2. We can downgrade you to our discontinued monthly plan at $29.99 and issued a refund for the difference. *This does not cancel the monthly billing cycle, but you can cancel from your account settings.
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 At least you had commentary. Nothing but crowd noise for the men's elite race on GCN+....
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 Played the VPN game and enjoyed being Swiss for a brief moment. I agree about the commentary and have always thought Elliot was the right fit next to Rob. He is positive, knowledgeable, didn't release anyone's retirement info prior to them having a chance to do it respectfully with their sponsors and others close to them or constantly comment on a single mistake as sinking a run only to be surprised that they are up when the split shows, and has a good presence on the mic. Half joking, really enjoyed Claudio and know he is a legend and has given lots to the sport- I just really appreciate Elliot's commentary and his balance with Rob.
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 I really prefer Claudio's commentary to Elliot. Elliot's way of speaking has so many pauses, it was kind of annoying to try and follow what he was saying imo. I didn't think Elliot's analysis added much either. It was a lot of "How do they...I can't...I can't, these guys today are just...".
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 Nice post for the 1% of PB who's allowed to watch the videos
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 more like 0.1%
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 So disappointing. Bowl of dicks to the UCI as usual.
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 I set my VPN to Thailand. Problem solved
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 @short-but-sweet: Thank you!
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 @short-but-sweet: Also got some sweet lady boy videos as a bonus for free
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 @rrsport: Couple black snakes?
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 @rrsport: ahahahah Big Grin
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 Here you go guys, full race:
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 Proton VPN for the free win! Great race viewed from “Japan”
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 @LuvAZ: thank you
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 My hero
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 God bless you!
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 In the US - I watched this live with BBC commentary (couldn't get the VPN and redbull to work) and it was like watching a different race without Rob's commentary....
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 Thank you
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You’re my world champ.
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 Not available in Germany either. Probably only available in the renowned MTB countries North Korea, Iran and Belarus
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 I never left Seattle, but was in Germany for 4 glorious hours this morning. Should have stayed a bit longer to rewatch these winning runs again
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 Japan is beautiful this time of year!
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 It was this GOATV:


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 legend, thanks mate, my VPN wasnt working
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 Don't like to pile on like everyone else about the coverage, but it is kinda odd to think this is the World Championships and they weren't even able to get video coverage of the full run. Cutting out ~ 2 minutes of a sub-4 minute run is bonkers.
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 So, which country is allowed to watch this video? Apparently not here in the US
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 Yeah so stoked whoever has the distribution rights in the states completely fucks us.
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 @NorCalNomad: it says on red bull tv if you click on the georestrict popup…. I watched from the comfort of my living room in Colora… I mean the UK
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 in Mexico works fine
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 Going to be a 38 next year, so I still have the potential to go one year faster next year, right?
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 Lucky you! I'm one year older than Minnaar so I will never know what's awaiting me.
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 Minnar is definitely the goat but spicysparks was the hero yesterday for all die hard dh fans around the world!!!! Had the young fella up with me, popcorn, doona, sparkling water and then nothing on sbs!!!! Clicked on pb chat and spicysparkes saves the day!! What a race.. mind blown
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 so every countries except countries where people do mtb can watch the lame
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 A list of countries and their highest elevation where it would be difficult (but not impossible) to mtb:

Tuvalu - 5m
Maldives - 5m
Gambia - 53m
Bahamas - 63m
Nauru - 71m
Vatican City - 75m
Bermuda - 76m
Kiribari - 81m
Qatar - 103m
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 For anyone that's ridden in Whistler, magic chair/base2 to the village is 96m elevation haha
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 whats the benefit of geoblocking areas that are going to watch these events? dont they get money from the internet traffic? maybe theres something im not understanding here but we need fix this quick
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 It’s not really that complicated. Someone else, in this case a website called Flosports, bought the US broadcasting rights to this event. That means no one else is allowed to show the event in the US but them, which means the redbull broadcasts are blacked out here.
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 So wish I’d got it together to use a vpn and get the full vip Rob n Trace n Eliot commentary. Thought the BBC might’ve been ok. WRONG.. jeez, think the guy may have ridden a bike about 20 yrs ago, clueless, frustrating and just plain annoying.
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 I followed the live on TV ... deadly boredom! Males comment in the manner of road cycling or football ... flat tone and a myriad of information (some wrong) about the riders. The woman commentator (Giovanna Bonazzi for those who remember) added interesting technical comments on the race but was not valued.
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 To bypass the geoblocking without paying any VPN provider, install TorBrowserBundle, edit the file "./Tor Browser/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc-defaults" and add the line "ExitNodes {jp} StrictNodes 1" to go out via Japan. Restart.

I watched the livestream like this yesterday, worked like a charm.
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 Yea the bbc commentator was so difficult to listen to. I had to Google who he was to find out why it was so bad. Matt Payne is the guys name, apparently he was on the PA system at Malverns in 2018 and has done plenty of mountain biking related commentating before. I guess he just hasn’t done much down hill mountain biking work before, I think you have to approach it differently to XC as DH is a much shorter higher adrenaline spectacle and the fans want that reflected in their commentary. I think if you make mistakes, like Rob does anyway, it’s much more forgivable if the energy is there.
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 So dumb. It not like it's gonna get shown here in the USA. Just buried forever.
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 Not available in OZ either
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 windscribe vpn chrome extension. hong kong server
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 @finnbuckley: Thailand server works too
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 How the hell did we get the boring guy on the BBC? I mean every loves someone trying hard but it’s worlds dude at least give us the option of Rob. The BBC guy was shocking and so boring.
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 I just watched it on my phone as normal on Redbull TV from Gairloch (near the edge of some of the UK's big mountains on the NC500 route).
Was it not being broadcast in the UK on RBTV?
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 “He knows he can win today, and that’s dangerous!!!”

This should go in the Sports Broadcast Hall of Fame.

A great line to start a New Classic, long live the memories of that historic day! What emotion! I was lucky to watch it live as it happened.
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 For some reason my tellies won't show redbulltv. Maybe i should clear the caches. Screen mirroring from redbull did work but the quality was poor. Anyway, got the bbc red button going and thought i'd watch the lovely hd pictures with the redbull commentary. No dice! Redbull was several minutes behind so i ended up watching it on the phone, while my other half monopolised the laptop.
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 Even the replay is taking forever to be available! How is this a positive for the UCI? It’s absolutely ridiculous the way the coverage for this one race is handled.
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 I couldn't believe how bad the coverage was in OZ. Makes you appreciate @redbulltv so much more.
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 Turned on euro sport last night to watch the race and they messed up the schedule, they had the XC down as the men's DH and vice versa, saw the last 10 seconds of the DH race FU euro sport FU
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 That ends up being a spoiler with no video! Aghhh I didn't want to know without seeing! Now what?
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 Minnar punted a rock a 1:41
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 There were a number of times that run could have gone wrong. Another where he almost snagged the course marker/tape.

GOAT status confirmed.
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 First I would like to thank my VPN for saving my ass on this one... second, congrats GOAT THIS ONE WAS EPIC
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 IS THERE GOING TO BE A REPLAY???? Its kinda hard to keep away from not knowing who won. HELP ME!!!
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 Visited Costa Rica and enjoyed a great view from there…
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 Listening to that commentary was like dropping the soap in a prison showerFrown
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 actually i am using VPN to browse
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 Video not available in USA…?
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 Nor here in NZ. FFS let me see the Mountain biking!!
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 Dude just put it on YouTube, mens.
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 So, can anyone actually watch this?
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 I'm currently visiting Germany and I can watch it!
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 So is it goodbye Pinkbike if we cant see what the mtb world is wanting to watch?
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 it's not pinkbike or Redbull its UCI selling rights to make a quick buck. Just turn on your vpn to japan quickly and load clip an then turn it off
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 This is bullshit. Blanket statement from Biden is your tech sucks and we should blow up the world!!! No one have fun ever. Fuk you tech world
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 I bet it was a good race ‍♂️
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 So will it be geo locked for the replays as well ?
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 Dick pound must be raking in all those broadcasting rights dollars!
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 Lol, gotta get onto my VPN even to watch YouTube replays.
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 Why Portugal can't see the replay?
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 I need a UK vpn ASAP
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