Video: POV Runs from Thibaut Daprela & Luca Shaw from the Leogang World Cup Downhill Track

Jun 10, 2021 at 9:02
by James Smurthwaite  

Looks like we're set for another Leogang mud fest! Get behind the bars of Thibault Daprela who put down one of the fastest tied training runs this afternoon. Stay tuned until the end for the bonus 2 stroke.

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 Turned into a formula 1 car off that jump.
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 v12 baby!
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 Thats when he turned his motor on... nobody was supposed to know but actually a 2 stroke.
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What's funny is that nowadays F1 runs a 1.6l V6

There will never be anything like a V12 at full song!
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 @suspended-flesh: V10 engines were better!
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 @Skarhead89: Technically, in many ways, yes but I've heard both racing live in person. I do love a v10 as well.

I heard the V10s at Phoenix in 1991. Parts of the urban street course ran between office buildings producing the most wicked scream I've ever heard. Some of the V12 were lower in pitch, which I liked.
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 @Dmaxwell: you always can tell from the smell...
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 What kind of playing card is he using in his spokes? Asking for a 4 year old...
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 @ReformedRoadie: That smell...that gasoline smell....smells like victory...
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 @curendero: it’s the burnt off premix I’m talkin’ bout
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 @Hayek: for a 4 yr old or 44 yr old?
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 Where's Jesse Melamed with his conscientious wiping of mud off his go pro mid race run, when you need him?
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 Totally. I felt like I had tunnel vision. I bet everyone was looking through the middle of the mud and not the entire screen :-)
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 The next GoPro better have windshield wipers
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 Evidently Thibault has a long way to go until he's truly at home in the elite field haha
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 @Bshawh: Jokes aside a roll off system would be better. Could even use the same pull cord as the goggle roll off.
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 I thought I was playing Mario Cart
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 How close are we to having live go-pro footage as part of redbull coverage? It'd be so sick if they could have the wide shots for some sections and then switch to go-pro for sections that are harder to cover with panning cameras...

Just saying... It's got to be close!
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 There is going to be a filming drone at this event flown by the Swiss National Drone Champion. It's been flying by riders in practice so they can get used to it.
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 @jamessmurthwaite: Finally! this is the future of action sports documentation. Static filming has its place but we miss so much.
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 @jamessmurthwaite: James, thanks for the update! that will be awesome to see. Will it be integrated into the live broadcast?
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 @bonkmasterflex: From the UCI "Red Bull TV will use a FPV drone for the first time in the live broadcasts. In Downhill the drone will fly in the upper section of the course between the Wood of Fame and the end of the Stoana Mää Jumps.

We will also fly in the XCO race on Sunday. The current plan is the new uphill on the left side of the course.

The drone will fly behind the athlete or next to the athlete. It will always be outside of the field of view of the athlete. The drone will have a distance of around 5 to 15 meters from the athlete.

The drone pilot will do some flying during training so everyone can get used to it – athletes as well as drone pilot.

The drone pilot is an experienced pilot and is the reigning Swiss National Champion. He worked together during Red Bull Super Ski Cross in Andermatt (SUI) and it was a huge success. They are filming with the drone for two years and have also filmed with mountain bike athletes in the past.

The drone weighs less than 1 kg."
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 @jamessmurthwaite: felt kinda dizzy watching footage from drones following mountain bikers, the sport may be too fast for such coverage
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 @jamessmurthwaite: so the noice wasn´t Max Verstappen F1 car?
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 Quite far tbh. There’s a lot that goes into live broadcast feeds, a stream from a go pro wouldn’t have the latency or quality required to ensure coverage. FPV is the next best thing I guess.
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 @jamessmurthwaite: yes! This is great news!
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 @jamessmurthwaite: I love that it ends with "the drone weights one kilo" it's like yeah we know it's going to hit one of the riders in the back of the head, but shouldn't hurt them too bad...
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 After close examination, the track looks… muddy.
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 After this comment I wasn't sure, so I went back to take a second look for myself... It would appear there is indeed a little bit of mud...
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 @jomacba: It's not a track, it's an elongated Pigsty.
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 Turned on his hidden motor @3:25! Hopefully the UCI doesn't see this
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 I think there's something on the lens.... just a little smudge.
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 Pro Tip: making race car noises makes you go faster. Who would have guessed?
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 That mole is hard to look at
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 It's a beauty spot
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 Wow that spectator chasing him with the chainsaw is fast!
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 Well, that was terrifying.
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 I hope he could see better than I could.
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 Looks like Mario Kart after being hit by a squid. Also, as a maintainer of clay trails that do not fare well in wet conditions, that video caused me physical pain.
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 So has Leogang sluffed off its rep as an easy bike park track now? Looks completely scary. The heavy breathing going into the tech sections made it even scarier.
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 LOL! That noise! So fun. That track looks like it'd be really fun when it wasn't a mudhole.
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 Mud lens splatter in the first 10 seconds, no bueno
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 it gets better later
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 The old crushed can on the rear tire to make your bike sound like a moto trick
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 I wonder if anyone else will be trying out flats for this race, if it looks like the mud will persist all weekend.

Mostly saying, because I know Aaron Gwinn had issues getting his feet clipped in again after his shoes/pedals clogged with mud, and he said he rode like half the race with one foot out.

I also wonder if the mud will be thick enough to clog up fenders.
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 Sounds lik a folded front mud guard. Haha. Got to stop to fix that. I tried kicking one out years ago mid race. No luck. Had to stop.
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 Would have hoped for the first rain free week in Austria but apparently that’s our summer this year… it’s again gonna be a mud fest
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 Did he seriously take his left hand off the bar on the jump after the wall ride? Jesus.
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 Holy shit, just saw it. Could have been to pull out a tear-off. Still, thats ballsy!
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 Nothing like being chased by a swarm of Murder Hornets to eke out bit more speed.
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 Everyone talking about the racecar noises at the end but did you see him rip the tearoff in MID AIR?!
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 He could have stopped and cleared the mud for us....geesh
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 I'm not a fan of bagging on courses, but... I can't believe they didn't make some changes to the course to make it more rideable in the mud after World Champs last year. That soil they have is so sticky the pitch in the woods needs to remain steep and not traverse those boggy flat areas where they lose momentum and make the sport looks slow and lame on TV.
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 He didn't seem to get too bogged down tho
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 they cut down even more trees. that will help, right?
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 the front tire from the article thumbnail decided to become invisible and it took me way too long to figure it out
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 I very much did enjoy when his bike started to sound like one of my old RC cars.
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 The fenders called it a day quick.
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 No tech, easy track.
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 That was a promising course preview we had there for the first 18 seconds...
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 dude, keep going I can still see.
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 Next GoPro:
1) Image recognition for mud spatters,
2) Automatic roll-offs for the lens, activated by 1)

Just an idea...
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 Remember the comments from last week about the bike park being "too easy" for a WC DH? So much for that...
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 It's gonna be a fun one! My money is on Reece again.
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 DH video turned into Moto video at the end
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 Reece Wilson about to be in everyones Fantasy Team
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 Did somebody invent a Go Pro lens wiper yet?
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 Looks pretty dusty out there. Hope they get some rain before the race.
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 sounds like an RC truck
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 Is it too much to ask for a dry season this year?!
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 The Mechanics just love this Leogook!
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 looks like a unpredictable shit show again.
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 Did Luca just fart his way out of the starting gate?
Or wheel spin?
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 Holy muddy track! Fenders totally overwhelmed halfway down the mountain.
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 Mud reminds me of scenes from movie 1917
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 Luca Shaw’s suspension is dialed!
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 Such an easy bike park track, probably be faster on an XC bike
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 I’m disappointed if that is the best GoPro footage from the day! Mud blinding the view in the first second and then Moto GP sound effects at the end!

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