Video: Tom Pidcock - 'Honestly, I Think I Was Born to Mountain Bike'

Jul 12, 2021 at 5:02
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesTom Pidcock entered 2021 with his sights set on the UCI Cross-Country Mountain Bike World Cup. Starting at the back of the pack in Albstadt won’t be easy, but nothing the young UK rider can’t handle.Red Bull Bike

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 I was born to fall off my mountain bike
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 I was saying the same thing last week...I was born to mountain bike.
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 If allowed, he'll be more successful on the MTB, than his CX bike. With the added climbs and technical features, he's made for MTB; though he'll still do well in CX, but most courses don't have very long climbs that suit him - and tend to favour the more powerful riders.
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 Yeah the modern XC course is so perfect for him. Remarkable how well he does do at CX though. Also, he's clearly quite well suited for climby/punchy road racing so combine that with the fact that he rides for a road team and that seems to inevitably be the focus in years to come. I realize he enjoys racing cross, but I don't really understand the point for him. It does seem like it could be an unwise distraction from the disciplines that really suit him in that he could might not see his potential in things like spring classics if he races cross all the way through January.
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 He'll be way more successful on the road bike
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 He'll win several classics over the next 4-5 years and will then focus on GC
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 @ComradeD: Has he ever discussed his GC ambitions?
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 With his power, weighing 110lbs, he's arguably the most genetically gifted mtber since Ned.
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 He's not 110lbs.
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 he is closer to 130
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 @mi-bike: Richard Carapaz, Primoz roglic closer to 135-145, I cant see how he could be 33lbs lighter than primoz roglic
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 @zachcalton: yeah, some of these articles also list him as 1.57 m tall. Probably some mid-puberty numbers that mindlessly get copied by lazy journalists / editors / PB commenters!
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 @mi-bike: "mindlessly" is kind of rude. There's an inherent trust you have to have in this world, you can't be researching every fact in order to move effectively through life.
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 my legs weigh 110 lbs.
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 but still not as cool as Tinker, not even close
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 @kylethehobo: I forgot to include "(myself included)" in my comment Wink
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 He's about 168cm tall and about 57-58kg. That's based on the size of bikes he rides. I live in Leeds and used ride(?) with him (albeit riding a distance behind him whilst vomming/chewing my bars on the Leeds chaingang). He does love cross but have to think how sustainable riding cross, road and MTB is. That's gonna catch up with MVDP, WVA and Pidders at some point.
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 I think Cross is becoming the least important one for them all; they'll still do it, but it will be a short season. Say starting early December and doing about 10-12 races. And then prepare for the spring classics.....
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 I imagine it’s all carefully thought through with the main focal points being road racing and MTB in Matthieu and Tom’s case. It’s perfectly possible to do a few CX races and use them as training which I believe is what these guys are doing. Pros continue training, but they tend to head out to warmer climates. On top of that, I think CX will be seen more and more as a necessary step after everyone has seen what these guys are capable of now. Evenpoel for example is seriously lacking in steering capabilities on the road which has cost him dearly early on in his career. These guys seem to have top fitness on top of excellent bike handling skills, in a great part thanks to CX.
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 I was born to Pinkbike.
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 No disrespect to his obvious talent, but doesn't he look like Orlando Bloom's elvish mini-me?
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 Mad respect for blaming inexperience for his mechanicals. There's a lesson there for aspiring racers...own your problems.
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 Looking like he'll do the Olympics then race the Vuelta. I for one am enjoying the athletes riding different disciplines.
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 Mountain Bike as a verb - just so wrong.
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 How so? People say “I snowboard” or “I kayak” as well.
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 @extratalldirtrider: I know it is grammatically correct, it just sounds wrong. We would typically say "I go mountain biking" or "I play golf".

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