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YT Releases Aluminium Pro Spec Capra

Mar 10, 2021 at 6:03
by James Smurthwaite  

Following huge demand from its customers for more aluminium models for gravity riding, YT Industries has announced a new Pro level spec of the Capra and brought back the Base level spec. Currently, only the Comp and Shred models of the range are made from aluminium so this will double the metallic options for YT's freeride bike.

Both the Capra Pro AL and Base AL will be available with 29 inch (170mm travel) and 27.5-inch (180mm travel) and frame sizes range from S/M to XXL depending on the wheelsize.

YT INDUSTRIES Ace Hayden on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

bigquotesThe Capra is the most popular bike in our range. We are stoked to offer these aluminum frame options to riders around the world. The Capra Pro caters to demanding riders who like to dial their bike to the finest detail, while the Capra Base allows a rider to hop on carefree and have plenty of good times without putting too much thought into it. We expect the overall stock availability to improve as the year continues. Our team is working incredibly hard to satisfy the demand and to make lead times as short as possible. Current availability dates can always be found on the website for each model.Markus Flossmann, Founder YT Industries

YT Industries Capra Pro


Depending on the wheel size, the Capra Pro AL comes with 170mm or 180mm of travel front and rear courtesy of the Fox 38 Float Performance Elite fork and Fox Float DPX2 Performance Elite shock. The drivetrain comes from SRAM with a GX Eagle set up providing 520% range. Both bikes feature SRAM Code R brakes, DT Swiss E 1900 Spline wheels and a Maxxis Assegai/Minion tyre combo. The Pro bike comes in at the same price of the current Shred spec model and the main difference between the two is in the shock where the Shred runs a coil and the Pro runs an air.


Price: €3,499, £3,199, $3,499 USD

YT Industries Capra Base


The Capra Base shares the same travel numbers as the Pro but with a RockShox Zeb fork and RockShox Super Deluxe rear shock. The drivetrain comes from SRAM again but this time it's an SX Eagle model. The Base now becomes the cheapest model in the YT Capra range and allows riders to experience the Capra at a lower entry point.


Price: € 2,699, £2,399, $2,699.00 USD

More info, here.

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 Say what you will about YT's shit service or availability...but just compare their base model with yesterday's Rocky base model....WOOF. Yeah yeah I know, direct to consumer can't compare yada yada. But being someone who doesn't have cash flowing out of ears, going DTC is pretty hard to pass up when you have a lightyears better spec and its still 4-500 cheaper....
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 Shit service? I have owned 3 in the last few years and have had nothing but good things to say. This even includes a complicated issue with my Decoy eeeeeeeeeBike electronics. *ducks tomato

I'm on the current model Jeffsy and it's a very well made machine. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if you can get your hands on one.
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 And for some reason, my reply vanished into thin air. Nice.
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 @RadioactiveBurrito: Don't worry, we all know that your lost reply was intelligent, insightful, and hilarious. And that is why I have upvoted it.
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 A similarly specced Capra cost me 2100 EUR back in 2017 and it was the lowest of the range. Holy inflation
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 @ryan83: I personally haven't dealt with YT but there are more than enough horror stories out there of insane timelines to get replacement parts or answers to questions. Hence my intro with that.
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 @ryan83: I had a genuine lol at the *ducks tomato* haha
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 Who cares about saving money, service, Warranty, having enough stock so that people who want them can actually get one, or even supporting your LBS.... there's no bottle mount.
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 @RadioactiveBurrito: couldn't agree more mate....well said!
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 @ryan83: This. I’ve heard the stories and since getting my 2020 Capra comp have continued to hear about broken seat stays and what not. However, after nearly a year of park riding it is going strong other than than the recent cavitation of the DPX2 which happened after a week long subzero cold snap that made life pretty miserable in the bike shed.

I had initial concerns due to cosmetic cracking and chipping paint on the seat and chainstays but after a year of hard riding nothing broke. Oh yeah, the rubber frame protection could use a stronger adhesive as it lets the rubber peel off regularly but that’s an easy fix.

So yeah, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend YT to anyone considering them.
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 @Bchambers09: Much like electronic retailers, I really doubt that bike sales are the main money maker for LBS; the accessories and maintenance are where you support them. Mark up on accessories is going to be much higher so more profit. If they stop carrying as many bikes they can also save on square footage for their buildings
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 @Rokcore: I think you missed the joke.
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flag jgainey (Mar 10, 2021 at 8:16) (Below Threshold)
 I'll pay $500 to a company that hires employees capable of designing a bike that can hold a water bottle.
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 AGREE! real prices for unavailable bikes hehehehe PS- I could get one of YT unicorns - Jeffsy. Couldn't be happier! great machine, great spec, do everything machine
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 Theyre jist releasing all these fancy current models to clear up stock and make way for the new ones coming out soon
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flag dynamatt (Mar 10, 2021 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)
 Say what you want about that Rocky from yesterday. At least it has a water bottle cage mount
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flag Narro2 (Mar 10, 2021 at 9:46) (Below Threshold)
 terrible customer service, high prices and broworshipers. No thanks
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 @ryan83: I buy DTC for the same reason I build my own computer , I wan't to work on my own stuff and learn as I go.
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 @TKRRRG: Most of the YT hate is total BS. In the US, support is just fine. I haven't needed any since right after my first YT Capra purchase 6 years ago and that was because I screwed something up. My complaint is that I don't see a Capra coil option - but then I haven't looked beyond this article.
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 @jgainey: We don't all use those things, Zoomer.
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 @Bchambers09: How so? The sarcasm seemed to be that buying bikes DTC is hurting LBS. I was just saying that the LBS is unlikely to make money off bike sales (so really no harm done there) and instead the mark up on accessories helps them more. If anything having more accessible bike prices ends up benefiting LBS in the long run because who wants to repair their bikes through the DTC company only to get them back 7 months later. The LBS gets you in the store for repairs and then gets you with a few small, high mark up, items. More bikes = more accessory sales and more repairs
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 @ryan83: "Ducks tomato" bahahaha
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 10, 2021 at 11:24) (Below Threshold)
 @Rokcore: That sounds nice but there is little truth to your statement.
According to this study bike shops make twice a much from new bike sales than parts and components.


"A 2017 survey from the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) cites competition from online retailers as the No. 1 concern among shops. Ask any store owner about gray market OEM Shimano components being dumped online for prices below wholesale, and they will rant like a Dust-Bowl-era farmer. But until now, the threat has only been to sales of components and accessories. That’s a significant chunk of a shop’s income, but the NBDA points out that, on average, new bike sales account for nearly twice the revenue that component and accessory sales do. So, if online sales of complete bikes become as popular as those of aftermarket components, they will have at least double the impact on the bike dealers’ collective bottom lines."

Also, shops only make between 6%-11% of their profits from service and repair parts.


"High-profit stores report 11.4 percent of their revenue comes from repair parts and labor, compared to only 6.5 percent for the average."

Don't think you aren't hurting local bike shops when you buy a new bike direct. You're killing them and hurting the local bike community they support, especially bike commuters who rely on local bike shops for on the spot, affordable parts and service.
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 @Bchambers09: And we have 2021 year but they still are unable to to fit that 0,5l bottle.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: not that it's a valid argument but let's acknowledge that the "National Bicycle Dealers Association" is probably not the best source for this. It's also difficult to tell whether their revenue refers to gross revenue or net revenue which is an important distinction.

Funny enough your second source proves my points for both store space and the move to focusing on repair/maintenance

"Use of space matters. The average store is 4,600 square feet in total size, with the high-profit store a little smaller at 4,040. However, the selling space within each structure is allocated differently, with high profit stores having 2,750 in selling space, compared to 2,600 for the average."

"Focus on repair parts and labor. High-profit stores report 11.4 percent of their revenue comes from repair parts and labor, compared to only 6.5 percent for the average."

"How much rent do you pay? The average store pays 8.3 percent for rent, maintenance and utilities compared to 7.1 percent for high profit stores. This mostly reflects the smaller size of high profit stores."

In other words the best way to approach this change in business is to downsize the stores, limit selling space, and focus more on repair parts and labor. They could even figure out a subscription service for either bike rentals or repairs. There are plenty of ways to adapt if they're getting undercut on parts/bike sales
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 It's also hard to fact check any of these claims since the study is behind a $400 paywall. The point I'm getting at is there's significant opportunity here for LBS to take advantage of the fact the DTC model is taking off
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 @Rokcore: the joke was that nothing is more important than bottle mounts.
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 @Bchambers09: [My Head]
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 @RadioactiveBurrito: Been happening to me heaps lately - write something and then it wont post. Nice indeed. PB fix it pls. ....lol it literally happened in trying to post this. Nice, reeeeeeeeeal nice.....nice.....
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 @Rokcore: according to your quote, the high profit stores allocate more space to selling.
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 Dude, you compare a top level carbon spec to an entry level alloy bike... Rockys alloy altitude is available from 3649 USD the 50 spec Modell for 4489 USD...
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 @FatSanch: This is another instance where there's not enough information from the info that has been released outside the paywall. Are high profit stores the factory stores or just LBS with great locations? Is all of the floor space dedicated to bikes or does it include all of the accessories/clothing/parts etc? Do the higher profit stores have higher profits because they are selling more accessories? The average says that bike sales account for twice the revenue of parts and accessories but is this true of the high profit stores?

If bikes are just generating twice the gross revenue as parts and accessories (P&A) then in a hypothetical example let's say that a bike shop does $150000 in sales. $100000 comes from bikes and $50000 comes from P&A. If the margin on the bikes is 35% and the P&A is 48% then $35000 gross revenue comes from bikes and $24000 gross revenue comes from P&A. The question is, do you make enough on the bikes after factoring ALL costs associated with selling bikes (including floor space), to justify having a gross revenue of $35000.

Let's ignore stacked bikes in a store to make this simple and especially since you can put products on shelves. I think it's fair to say a single bike has a square footage of 4ft long x 2ft wide x 3ft tall = 24 cubic ft total (you rent by sq ft but cubic feet is equally as important). We'll say an average bike sold is ~$3000 so $1050 is the gross revenue. In that same space you could fit a shelf full of shoes (2ft x 4ft x 3ft) with x40 pairs at $100 a pair or $4000 total. So in the same space you are making a gross revenue of ~$2000. What is the incentive to having more bikes on your sales floor when you can more easily sell smaller products, more often, and at a higher margin. There's a math problem in there to find the optimal sales space for bikes vs P&A but with DTC bikes it's going to be skewing towards more P&A space now.

It's all a bit pointless without seeing the entire report but it's easy to see that P&A are much more profitable with less space requirements. We'd need to know bike vs P&A sales space allocated and if the "revenue" is gross or net. The report also notes that profit margin is higher on used bikes meaning the high profit stores could specialize in used bikes and accessories for a higher net revenue for the same gross revenue
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 Lol Rocky customer service is non-existent anyway. Might as well save yourself the money, it’s not like you’re getting anything for the extra cost.
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 @kcy4130: why thank you!
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 the service folks are good, but they are handi capped by the lack of inventory for warranty and also the german's way of doing biz.
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 @thedirtyburritto: thanks burrito named buddy!
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 @Rokcore: you have thought about this way too much to not open a shop now :-) I was just pointing out that you said shops should reduce selling space, but the high profit shops had more selling space.
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 @suspended-flesh: So you can speak for everyone that's needed support?
Or this another stupid post of it's been fine for me so therefore everyone else is wrong?
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 @suspended-flesh: they did release a coil model called the shred. It’s sold out though (surprise).
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 @FatSanch: Too much stress for me and I enjoy flexible hours. True, that does go against it so I'm curious to see the breakdown of selling space
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 Cant wait for doublecrownaddict to find out. How many downvotes will it be for him this time?
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 Look at the font on the spec sheet! That’s a right-wing dog whistle if I’ve ever seen one.
  • 11 1
 he's famous for all the wrong reasons.
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 @ridingofthebikes: the new waki? Nawwww
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 @Fullsend2-13: How dare you. He actually had something intelligent to say once in awhile.
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 c'mon @doublecrownaddict give us what we want!
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 10, 2021 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 @weezyb: I've brought their association with Trump back into the conversation, since his downfall is becoming increasingly obvious and imminent:


No other bicycle company has ever come as close to associating themselves with a President the way YT did, and they choose to affiliate themselves with the most decisive and destructive President of all time.
  • 42 2
 @DoubleCrownAddict: Yes! Hook, line, and sinker! Thanks bro
  • 8 0
 @weezyb: thanks a nice big one mate ! Gratz !!
  • 32 5
 @DoubleCrownAddict: So as not to add more fuel to your psychosis, please note that one of the upvotes to your comment (mine) was a mistake. Get well soon.
  • 19 5
 @daveew: Yeeeez I've had my beef with @DoubleCrownAddict before and am certainly not a fan, but I'm not sure that turning this guy into a pinata is cool. Frankly as long as he behaves himself he's entitled to think whatever he wants, agree with him or not.

Suggesting YT's affiliation with the orange clown baby may not be mainstream, and this dude's vendetta against YT is hilarious, and yes the amount of time and thought he has put into it is a little concerning BUT it is also not offensive and barely divisive, and not characterised by the trolling and insults this guy is famous for. If he's turned a corner, and judging from the last week it looks like he may have, good for him.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 10, 2021 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 @weezyb: lol. Don't tell me hook line sinker, when you are the one riding the cheap, white trash ,MAGA brand bike.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Hear that Santa Cruz you are now a cheap, white trash, MAGA brand bike.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Mar 10, 2021 at 12:05) (Below Threshold)
 @weezyb: I don't the a Santa Cruz, but you should learn how to write. Although expectations are low since you ride a white trash YT.
  • 13 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: he’s saying he rides a Santa Cruz..... Woosh!!!
  • 12 1
 @JPones: except that he claims
If you disagree with him on anything you’re a “nazi sympathizer”. He’s a hate spewing troll.
  • 6 0
 @TypicalCanadian: Yah bud I'm starting to regret my staunch defence...but he's also being goaded to the shithouse so who knows - its like high school all over again, the kids being a dick but in being a dick hes attracted more ostracism which is making him more of a dick...complicated old world hey...dont look at me, I just ride bikes
  • 3 0
 @JPones: I hear what you’re saying
  • 7 0
 @JPones: Your point that he is entitled to believe whatever he wants is dead on. You are right that there is no need to add onto the hate train. There is enough of that on here (and there, and everywhere) already. Point taken.
  • 4 0
 @daveew: Youre a good man Charlie Brown. This place needs more of this shit and less of that shit. Respect bro
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: lol what a mess
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 And ... Its gone !
  • 7 0
 That had to be a record.
  • 55 10
 Everyone who won’t shut up about geometry, the industry really has you brainwashed don’t they? You probably have never even ridden a bike similar to this, and yet you know it’s not good enough anymore only because it’s had the same geo for 2 previous years? Lmao. Why don’t you pick a bike based on what feels good for you, versus what you are told to believe. The hate coming from people toward YT is unreal. Go buy another brand if having a slightly slacker head tube angle and slightly steeper seat tube angle is all that’s holding you back from being a world class rider lol
  • 3 1
 Yes Yes and Yes -if you think what you have is holding you back from glory or maybe even Gasp more enjoyment/fun -fine go ahead but i see nothing wrong in a lot of manufacturers designed and even built in 2018 AL models
  • 8 1
 These things rip harder than 90% of PB riders (including myself) need, and do so without a water bottle.
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 Ay. I have a Capra Shred and its my fav bike ever. Mini DH. Some will hate it - I dont like Kona's - nothing wrong with them just not for me. There is no perfect bike, only the perfect bike for you. They think 26 is unfit for DH and FR even though it was the standard for ages, just cause 650B and 29 exist now. Just ride ur fkn bike people.
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 This! Why change a perfect geometry!? Just keep it going!
  • 6 0
 I went from a 170mm slack bike to the normal Stumpjumper (2020)... And it just rides better for my hometrails.

Super long/slack bikes are nice when you are in the alps, otherwise Not so much
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 Yet another Capra AL release but still no update on when I will get my AL chainstay warrantied... nice YT
  • 7 0
 I thought people only complain about rocky's aluminum chainstays. LOOK AT THIS!!!
  • 13 0
 Son's has gone for the second time in a year (2 month wait and the whole bike back to Germany for the last one to be repaired) and this time they still have not even had the courtesy to respond to the emails. Joke of a company - never again. for my Spectral, Canyon sent out a new chain stay and it was with me in three days from sending out the email.
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 My recommendation to potential YT buyers is to buy two of the same bike, so you have spare parts available to you.
  • 5 1
 YT needs to get it together - they make amazing bikes but erode their reputation by not having a customer service culture. Its beyond dumb. If u dont have physical locations you need to properly resource your customer service and repair departments to deal with the traffic the shops would usually handle. Its that simple but YT presents like a big bike company but I think you'll find they are running a skeleton crew behind the scenes. More investment in HR required.
  • 7 0
 Same! I have been waiting since October 2, 2020 for a cracked chainstay. Still no movement. The US based rep Andreas just tells me he will tell me if they start movement. I loved the bike but that will be the last. Great communication to tell me nothings happening. Buyer beware if you actually ride your bike.
  • 4 0
 @Pisgah4life: Very similar situation here. Warranty got approved August 3, 2020. Andreas is super good at getting back to me quick but no real movement on getting my part.
  • 40 7
 Damn bikes look so much better when they haven't had to shoehorn in a water bottle, hydration is for pussies, what would Bear Grylls do?
  • 47 0
 Mount 10 Gopro's on it and pretend he was a good rider?
  • 19 0
 Drink his own piss?!?
  • 2 0
 @Bomadics: play of the day *applause*
  • 6 5
 @ColbyKolar1: YT should at least supply a dead snakeskin that you can fill up with your own pee and drink later, like Bear did after he killed and ate a snake.
  • 10 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: I remember him sucking water out of an animal poo once as well. There's water everywhere, you lot just aren't looking hard enough.
  • 29 3
 available to buy, June 2023
  • 29 1
 Pay now and beat inflation. In 2023 it'll cost 7k for a base model bike
  • 19 6
 I might be upset that there’s no space for a water bottle, but I’m never going to buy this bike, so I don’t really care.
  • 12 0
 Have to wonder if YT had planned a new Capra by now but decided to squeeze an extra year out of the current one due to the supply/demand situation.
  • 12 9
 I honestly thing that the Capra Geo is spot on and glad they've had such a long run. Not every bike needs to be 1300mm, 79 sta, 63 hta, 500 mm reach. Obviously they're selling, just need to dial in better pedaling platform and maybe drop a little weight and keep the geo as is.
  • 3 1
 They'd have needed to get frames built and put components on them either way, the only difference would have been designer time, no? Surprised there's not a geo update this year though - it just needs a few little tweaks to make it right IMO.
  • 1 0
 Absolutely they have.
  • 4 1

I Like the Capra and have one myself. But for being their long travel super enduro it is not the most modern and it has been around for 3 years. The reach is very modern if you read the size chart the right way (XL actually being a L etc.). The seat angel is OK but the latest crop of endure bikes have 1 to 1,5° slacker HT.

As I said I like my Capra 29 in L. But comparing it to my Meta AM in L the Capra feels more like a long legged trail bike than a hard core enduro. And if it is a trail bake you want the Jeffsy seems pretty good.
  • 2 0
 @mikaeljc: the head tube angle is debatable (I like it right around 65 degrees), but in terms of length and reach, a lot of EWS guys have sized down with good reason. Turns out it's faster! In the grand scheme of things the trend is what it is, but I think it's good to have a diversity in designs and philosophy, because we all ride on different terrains which work better with different kinds of bikes. This test was a real eye opener for me:
  • 1 0
 @mikaeljc: I run a size L for my 177cm height (so kinda sized up) with a -1.5 headset that cost me 70euros, so give or take a small seat tube angle difference there is no difference between my bike geo and that of 90% of enduro bikes released last year.
  • 2 0
 @mikaeljc: if I wanted a trail bake I’d probably go with a specialized and the swat box for storing „stuff“
  • 8 0
 I have the 2019 Base which is very similar to the current base build, considering the price (in todays market) and the bump up to a Zeb this is a great deal.

Tip #1: take off the garbage 12s transmission and replace it with GX/SLX level 11s, way better shifting+weight, and within 2 cassette changes you will be saving money. (you dont have to change the whole transmission by the way, just cassette, shifter and chain, works fine but not perfect)

Tip #2: the alu frames haver a nook below the shock that fits a 300-400ml soft flask. I ran one for 2 years no problem until I lost the cap. I did put some grip tape after a few months to make sure the flask was not bumped out of place.
  • 1 0
 @mugen Hmmm...never really thought about that spot. Does it get hung up on the cable routing at all or get bounced up into the rear shock
  • 1 0
 @scitrainer: The cabling is annoying as it prevents a bigger flask from fitting. The trick is to find just the right shape flask, many of them are quite long and thin which doesnt really work, but a local mountaineering shop had their own shop branded one that fit just right.

After you drink, you need to blow air inside to maintain the same volume, and once it is empty just put it into your pocket for safety. I never lost mine despite riding pretty fast on very rough trails.
  • 9 1
 Pinkbike: mentions YT Capra

Commenters: OMG tHeRE IsNt a WaTEr bOtTLe hOlDeR

This frame has been around for over 3 years guys... give it a rest.
  • 7 1
 They going to start using grease while building the bikes this year or is that asking too much?
  • 3 0
 Love my '18 Jeffsy but with their recent huge price hike to the UK market and awful piss poor service (UK at least) I'd never buy a YT again. The lack of local dealer support was a hit I could take with the great pricing per Brexit but now, not worth the hassle...
  • 8 2
 Proper beast at a reasonable price.
  • 3 0
 Not a great spec and price when you compare to the Blaze they just released. Carbon frame, Ultimate level suspension and RSC brakes for $500 more. I get that was a limited release but still.
  • 2 0
 Hum, I don't really see a motivation to go for the Pro rather than the Base except for the drivetrain. So just grab those extra 800 $/€, buy a new cassette and freehub for a little more range, and you're quite set in my opinion.
  • 2 0
 Seems like YT is smart enough to wait out the super slack HT / steep ST angle trend. Looking at current bike releases some brands are actually turning back to more moderate numbers. In my opinion that's a good thing. A super slack head tube is really only good if your constantly pointing downhill full speed, and super steep seat tube is really only comfortable for steep climbing.
  • 2 0
 im still on my 2016 capra aluminum. 27.5. ive switched out the bearings this year and that's it. ive done some switching around for fun but the frame just works. i would buy another one easy. i am a 50 year old guy who used to race dh so i ride it hard. dt swiss wheel set is pretty impressive 1900 enduro wheelset has been smashed into alot and only broke a couple spokes. still lazer straight. very happy with her. im on full marzochi coil front and rear. fun bike.
  • 5 0
 Well it would take me at least until then to save up for a new instinct
  • 4 0
 Love seeing the words “freeride bike” creeping back into the vernacular!
  • 8 4
 I paid $2400 USD in 2018 for my new Canyon Spectral AL with GX Eagle drivetrain and with Pike fork. Just saying.
  • 9 0
 And now for a Spectral with NX and a Pike is $2900 USD. The increasing price trend is industry wide.
  • 2 2
 I paid $2980 CAD for a 2019 Rocky thunderbolt A50 with XT and Fox Performance. Nice try.
  • 6 0
 @ridingofthebikes: MSRP of that bike in 2019 was $4000. Maybe you got it on sale. I paid $3400 CAD tax included back then when I picked it up in the border.
  • 1 3
 @gabdumlao: I did . Big time. good point,
  • 3 1
 YT's are sick but getting your hands on one is like finding a berm at a bike park without braking bumps. That is to say, almost impossible.
  • 12 8
 Oh come on. We're humans, not camels.
  • 6 3
 But at least one of us has got the hump and downvoted this.
  • 2 0
 It's always Hump Day for me.
  • 5 1
 yyessss that's rad. More high level spec'd alloy frames please!
  • 2 1
 Price of all bike parts and shipping is sky high right now coming out of a pandemic. It's gonna cost them 5 times more to get these bikes to the states. Give the pricing gripe a rest. Still great values here from YT.
  • 3 1
 Time to go to BuySell section of this glorious website, apparently. Almost 3 grant for SX equipped bike without compression adjustment, what the hell is this?
  • 1 1
 And everybody goes crazy about the "omg such a great value¡!". Yeah it's not bad but also not amazing especially for a d2c brand. I swear North Americans are totally brainwashed about bike value, but hey if Rocky, Santa, Yeti and such is your "normal" it doesn't surprise me..
  • 2 0
 I was attracted to the builds and pricing of their bikes but with nowhere to actually sit on one to pedal it around for a second there's no way I could consider one.
  • 3 0
 thats what im talking about
  • 3 0
 Cue the doublecrownaddict hating comments
  • 1 0
 But why exo casing? Should be exo+ front and dd back. Basic exo rear tire needs much pressure (lower grip) and will puncture still easily.
  • 4 1
 hope they solved the cracked chainstay issues that a lot of people has.
  • 5 3
 Rocky Mountain: Releases the worst price-spec ratio bikes seen in recent memory.

YT: We'll show you how it's done.
  • 2 0
 the prices and the models are very well specd......BUT not SX guys.....cmon......please don't.......
  • 6 5
 YT’s shit service disgusted me to level I wouldnt buy anything from them never again.
  • 6 4
 Snappy boi for sale in 2230
  • 2 1
 Seems that between the 3500 and 2700 , there could be a 3100 spec in the middle. I'd go for that!!
  • 3 1
 Available Now! It will be at your doorstep June 17... 2025
  • 1 0
 I starting to wonder if they're actually going to release 2021 bikes in 2021
  • 3 0
 That blue tho!
  • 4 3
 Everyone expected new Capra and... Bang! Old and dated Capra is still alive!
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 You're old and dated. How ya like that?
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 Why do they make alu bikes resemble the carbon ones? I want round tubes, not carbon craziness! Also, that downtube bent at the bottom needs to go, it doesn't serve any purpose on this bike. Get rid of it.
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 Love my 2019 Capra. But can't even get a replacement shock bolt is hard to understand.
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 So first Aluminum is for peasants, and you could only get a base model and the one above with the stuff. Now they are "ahead of the industry" selling AL bikes with a decent spec?

What happened? did all the dentists and lawyers get their bikes worth more than my car, and never needed a new ones, so they have to sell decent "cheap" bikes now?
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 alu > carbon
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 Still no water bottle mount but still the best bang for the buck MtB company out there
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 Why are the prices so much higher in Canada? Based on the USD/CAD exchange rate the base AL should be $3400, not $4000..
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 Skip YT and just get a Commencal.
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 Do they have a press fit bb? Can’t see any mention of a threaded one in the blurb, so I guess that’s a yes?
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 Ya ya super nice bike and spec but seriously, no water bottle cage? It's 2021 I think this should be a prerequisite as who wants to ride with a pack? I sure don't unless it's an epic alpine mission.
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 @justinhodgson Hip packs are pretty popular these days. The pack doesn't have to be on your back, besides a standard water bottle isn't going to hold you over for more than a couple hours at best. Odds are if your buying this YT Capra you're probably doing a fair amount of shuttling or bike park riding so your water bottle can live in the shuttle vehicle or wait in your car until you've finished your hour or 1.5hr session (just guzzle a bunch of water before you start riding). I'd argue there is no purpose in having a bottle cage on a gravity bike. That is better suited to XC, TR, and EN and possibly DC due to the climbing requirement.
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 @SuperHighBeam: hip packs are a hard no for me. I'll ride with an actual pack way before that.... 1 large bottle is good for me for a 4 hour or so rode. I used to race National Enduro and only carried one bottle and filled it in creeks on the way as needed. This bike is an Enduro bike, which can also be used as a park and shuttle bike. My 2020 transition patrol has a 180mm fork and a link to give it 170mm rear. I pedal it all day (5+ hours), shuttle it, bike park, you name it. But it has a water bottle which is always full! I'm on the side of any bike that's not a DH bike should have one. But that's just me .......
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 @justinhodgson: the water bottle is always full? Do you just like to carry that extra weight around? ????
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 @SimbaandHiggins: it's not much weight and completely unnoticeable. Better to have water than not, no? And I'd rather have it on my bike than on my back is all I was getting at. Some people don't care that much about a bottle holder or not, which is great, but having previous injuries that means carrying a pack is challenging, I find it necessary for what I do ????????
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 The water bottle thing never really bothered me, a cheapish Deuter hip pack with a 750ml bottle would last a 4 hour ride or for full days out a backpack with bladder worked well. The number of times I've ridden with people with bottle mounts and watched them climb back up the trail to fetch their drink... The issue I had with the bike more than any thing else was the pedal clearance, it made climbing anything technical very tricky, and occasionally pedalstrike on flatter trails is a problem. The most recent model being much worse than the original.
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 This is quite possibly one of the best looking aluminum bike frames EVER!
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 Anybody wanna buy a 2018 XL base model Capra 29 I think I need the Pro!!!
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 I just would never ever spend my money on a product that has 'live uncaged' wrtten on it. cringe! it's like when cove bikes were a thing
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 Cove Bikes are legendary bruh. Did the names make you uncomfortable?

The Cove product line includes:

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 @suspended-flesh: maybe if you are a 5 year old boy... but if your marketing team is trying to convince to to part ways with three months equivalent of income I'm not going to buy a Cove Handjob.
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 M & L already sold out FFS
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 Yes, YT. Yes.
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 All these new bikes... I just want a derailleur screw for my jeffsy ????
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 I'd rather go a roulette round with Walken then give my money to yt again
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 Everybody's bikes should come in yeti turquoise.
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 Another unavailable unicorn sighting
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