Video: The Specialized Racing Interview - Underworld Cup 2013

May 4, 2013 at 8:03
by Jasper Wesselman  
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At the Underworld Cup we had a chance to sit down with Specialized riders Troy Brosnan, Mitch Ropelato, and Aaron Gwin to get some insight into the upcoming World Cup season, wheel size, and much more.

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 "Aaron, who is your biggest competition?" "The fast little f*cker to my left"
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 Pants on fire.
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 dick on fire
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 Hanging from a telephone wire
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 This should have been titled "Pinkbike interviews Aaron Gwin"... I wanted to hear more from Troy and Mitch!
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 I don't know why Troy was even there it was all Aaron and Mitch. Mitch only answered like three or four questions but it was still more than Troy. And Troy is probably gonna smash it either this or next season. Ask the kid whos been riding with Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough since he was 17 or 18.
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 No doubt, Troy is going to be such a heavy hitter in the up coming years. Aside from Brendan, I think Troy is the most stylish rider! Can't wait to see him show Gwin up!
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 I wonted to hear more from troy! but it seems it was the Aron Gwin show!
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 At the end of the day however, its Gwin who continues to dominate the races... And if he could provide insight into how others could do what he is doing... Shit I'd rather hear that.. no disrespect to troy or mitch but I think Gwin has more to offer in interviews.
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 Troy only got one race last year and I'm pretty sure he got a top ten. Troy has got a lot more to offer in my eyes
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 PB: Are tracks getting easier ?
AG: Yes they are.

Time to listen up UCI and start to broaden your horizons looking for tracks and make DH one standard wheel size!
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 Since when did the UCI listen to anything...
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 hey heavyp, i agree its time for the tracks to get way harder, steeper, and more drops...but why the one standard wheel size? that has nothing to do with it. let em get down the track with whatever is fastest. Phaq more limits and rules!!
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 Him saying tracks are easier in no way shows that one wheel size is the ultimate solution for a track. The fact you guys are so scared of a wheel size is hilarious.
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 @sicsoma @cyrix I said it because bigger wheels roll over bumps easier by not falling into them, smoothing a track out therefor making it easier to ride. DH is all about (well should be all about) having the roughest gnarliest tracks to sort the men from the boys or the woman from the girls.

The UCI listen to Greg Minnaar enough, maybe he can get bigger wheels banned just like he got skinsuits banned as they look stupid and there associated more with XC haha, skin suits make people faster but they had to go.

Also what happen to the 24 inch wheel fad for DS back in the day faster acceleration out of the gate and corners that didn't last long.
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 So what does the world cup winner think of 29ers... they're gay and not practical for real downhill tracks. Go ahead and negative prop me you 29er prop trolls.
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 Seriously, do you realize you're mad at, and insulting a god damn wheel? A WHEEL. A f*ckING WHEEL.

I mean you're 30 mate. Same age as me. And even I think getting mad about wheels is insane.

and smith, a lot of world cup riders like 29ers. Oh and they like 650b bikes too. Oh, and DJ bikes. Oh, and road bikes. Oh, and AM bikes. Oh and .... well bikes. Come join the rest of us who like bikes. Not just one kind of bike, but all bikes. Because bikes are fun, at least they are to some of us. When you were growing up did you hate BMX bikes or road bikes? No. You just wanted to be on a bike and go ride and feel a little free for a while. Most of us don't feel threatened by a different kind of bike. I mean do you have any idea how badly I want to own a god damn penny farthing?

Seriously, get over it. And then get over it, a bike that is, and go have fun.
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 @sssmith @cyrix No one got angry apart from you, don't see me swearing do you ?
Why is my comment so different to Rachaels thats where I took my info from as I thought she hit the nail on the head, find her email and have a go at her if you feel the need!
Who cares about my age I was making a point and it seems that my first point got many likes as I have a fair point, make sure you go give me and joebohobo negative props
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 Connotation. The definition of that word should clear things up. Cheers. Also, why do you care so much about props? Why even mention them? Haha.... oh wow. Yeah, I'm sooo mad that I'm insulting a wheel. Good god.
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 What is this shock on my bike?
Don't worry about it.
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 If I told you I would have to kill you
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 "Despite how long a grueling the downhill season is..."

Seriously, 5 or 6 races is a tough season!? I mean, DH is the F1 of mountain biking, and F1 has as much as 15 or so rounds in the championship. This year is ridiculous, not even starting till July, I mean seriously come ON! I know racers do nationals and other randoms, but the actual WC should be much longer.. It's kinda sad, you can't expect major sponsors to come on board if it they get practically no airtime due to limited races.
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 its a bit ridiculous isn't it? Nearly every major action sport has longer and more events, and yet these guys talk about how 'grueling' their 5-6 race season is. XC racing, Road Cycling, Triathlon, MotoGP, WSBK, Motorcross all have [many] more events with some having two races per event.
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 I'm lovin' these PB team interviews.
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 Troy and Mitch both answered much more than what you see. The issue with interviews is finding what is absolutely a necessity to include which was a lot of what Aaron answered. Troy answered a lot of good questions about the off season and fitness. Unfortunately prototype shocks and 650b Demo rumors trump the funny story of when Troy lost to Rachael Atherton in a pushup contest!
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 Aaron Gwin is definitely fast, he's proven it on the World Cup Circuit, Though, he is NOT al the Specialized team. I have to agree with many here and say that Troy Brosnan and Mitch Ropelato were left out. Most people want to listen to Aaron Gwin the World Cup Champ, but all he answered were questions he has already answered. Troy Brosnan, one of the young guns, Junior World Champ few years ago I bet has a lot more to say! Ropelatos and Brosnans style is way more appealing to me personally. At the end it's just marketing skills.
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 I liked Gwins answer to the tire question , he don't wanna piss on any future tire deals:P
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 I'm surprised Maxxis didn't pick him up after he left Trek. Though I'm sure Specialized squashed that in his new contract.
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 Maybe he likes them. Spec makes great tires, better than Maxxis in a lot of conditions I find.
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 yeah no doubt they are great tires and he likes them, but he didnt say they are better that any others , which is strange to me as hes on specialized tires , kinda missed a plug there.
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 I dont think specialized squashed anything in his contract, sounds like he got exactly the brands he wanted to get.
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 plus at the same time I wouldn't doubt that maxxis makes specialized tires
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 agree that a day race is a day race, to win many races in a season...................should be called world champ/overall.......... good thing F1 and motogp doesnt have any of this nonsense day thing!
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 I think the team looks solid, he's the eldest and the champ and they are looking up to/respecting him and don't look like they have a single problem with most the questions going his way.
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 gwin, mitch, and troy? dam spesh'd is stacked this year
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 the aaron gwin interview more like it!
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 It's like American football, we only care about the QB and could care less about the offensive line. Everyone wants to hear from the dude who just came off a stellar season last year, had quite the media circus in the off season, and is gearing up for an intense season this year. I will go on to say that I'm biased, I soak up whatever PB throws out in terms of AG. He's such an inspiring guy, and a great model for the sport. Yes I have a man crush for him.
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 haha yes so true! a bit like the all blacks here in nz with rugby
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 Borrrrrring, rather see them doods launch 60 footers.
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 Gwin rocking the redbull and troy rocking the monster energy, so hows that working out hahaha it's all about the money money money, we dont need no price tag ........
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 I'm glad that I don't have a contract to have to ride and wear synthetic shit that makes me stink and inferior parts that fail at the most inappropriate time. Ha Ha Ha oh the pressures of racing.
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 Aww poor troy got all left out!
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 Where is Sam Hill and who's that ginger?
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 so looking forwards to troy vs hart at val di sole, let the rough track specialists battle it out!!!
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 Sugarbush. *Smile.*
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 the atmosphere at specialized has been so dull since sam left look at all thier faces throughout the vid.
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 I would really enjoy it if you could show a specialized interview where sam was in it and everyone was super crazy and excited, and stoked.
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 did anyone ask Troy Any questions?
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 No he only answered the questions that were open to all of them
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 We in the interview did ask Troy multiple questions but unfortunately with video length being the issue we had to take them out as we had questions that needed to be in the final video that took priority.

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