One Lap With Luke Strobel - Video

Oct 17, 2017 at 18:01
by Jasper Wesselman  

One pinned lap with Luke on a rainy Seattle morning.

MENTIONS: @Burgtec2004


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 I ride there, but not like this. Much, much slower. I do, however walk over that log so I guess we are basically at the same skill level.
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 Muddy tires + slippery log = "Ah, Hell NO!"
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 @MrPink51: agreed. Smart move. A similar log on my local mountain I’ve ridden a hundred times claimed a couple of my ribs last spring after a very wet BC winter.
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 @dustinbmx74: I love how they left this in the video.

It's like, Shred, shred, shred, PSA, more shred.

I've broken more ribs than I care to think about. Wish someone would have warned me about all the bonehead things I would do later in life.
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 Love the map from a bike park that's a couple hundred miles away from where he's riding
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 But ironic considering the name of the other trail right next to it.
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 What's a map? Trailforks, bruh
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 "Oh hell no". That's what I say to wet skinnies too. Usually because they make me calculate the price of a new derailer as I approach them.
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 No need to calculate - I know it's $98. Ended up doing a lowside on a wide wet bridge surfaced with Trex on a pathetic multi-use (hiking) trail.
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 Tunes are a great fit with the wet sublime woods. Love the added humor by walking the old freeride log. Great visual and sound quality. Dig it!!
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 That's a new freeride log.
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 Logs like that are slick as ice when it's wet. Even walking on them is questionable at best.
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 @K9er nah dawg, that's the duthie backcountry
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 Pretty sure it's the Burke Gilman trail actually.
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 I guess you're right, how could I mistake a clandestine trail for something as mundane as "Duthie backcountry"... lol
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 @bilumburg: I always mix them up too...
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 Walk that damn log every time it's wet... also several times when it's dry too. Skinnies are not my friend.
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flag Skiracer00 (Oct 18, 2017 at 11:32) (Below Threshold)
 what trail is this?
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 @Skiracer00: it's in Oregon
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 @Skiracer00: as others have said, bootcamp
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 @Skiracer00: You don't know where it is?
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 Luke AND Jasper. Faved before watching, no questions asked. A little more chill riding than Luke’s usual ‘ripping down the trail’ vids, but just perfect smooth flow. Music has an almost Supernatural feel to it????
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 pretty sure thats bootcamp
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 doood bootcamp is getting gnarly!*!?!
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 finally a frame that kinda works with the ridiculous orange lowers from fox
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 Hoping 2018 brings a new
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 Onyx hubs "sound" so good, just the sound of the suspension and tires smashing roots!
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 only true Downhiller will say "Hell no" to log riding...
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 I love pedaling that Duthie hill trail
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 Can someone make a list of all Luke Strobel videos in one place? I've not watched one yet that doesn't make me want to go and ride.
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 The Silver Mtn Park map is a good touch
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 Nearly raw with athmospheric music, great work! Pinning looks easy here.
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 Everyone in the PNW is this pinned. Luke is just the most photogenic.
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 I don’t ride elevated skinnies either.
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 He would have ridden it if it was dry, I bet. It's not a hard one.
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 Dear Luke Strobel.... when you ride everything sounds louder and clearer than when I ride... plz make how to video.
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 Silent hubs!!? Gotta get me some!
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 Oh hells yeah, I got one and I lurve it. Plus it's bomb proof and insta-engage!
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 Remember when Luke Strobel raced world cups . . . . .
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 One of my all time favorite trails in one of the best trail systems anywhere. Gotta get back out there soon. Totally rode the log skinny last time I was there.
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 nice to see i'm not the only one who walks skinnies!
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 love your style jasper!
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 Nice video Strobel. Love those trails.
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 Awesome ride as always, odd music choice, love how he walked a skinny.
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 That trail looks amazing! Nice riding!!!
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 wheres the 29er hate?? c'mon pinkbike lololol
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 I haven't seen moisture like that in months. I miss it
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 Always great , thanks for another one.
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 Looks back to check the slash, I laughed.
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 loam and jumps. Lucky bastard.
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 No Wet Wood for Luke!
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 Kinda weak TBH. Even my GF will ride wet wood.
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 At least not this kind
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 Who here's riding dewy wood anyway? @EvilBikesCustomerService:
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 That dirt though
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 Lets call this: SEMI-RAW
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 What trail is this?
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 If you want to shuttle north bend just go further up the freeway .ive never seen anybody shuttle 27 and have been riding 27 since 2003,it’s not that big of a lap to pedal
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 Evergreen should shuttle. They would make additional capitol and we will make riding up hill a thing of the past. It's a win win Smile
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Why would you want to get rid of riding up the hill ?
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 @Rider656: How about a USB e-bike/drone/vape charging station at the top?
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 Ok so when you go to a bike park you stop and say "chair lift? No thanks, I rather pedal up" ok I got it, as long as your true to yourself and not a hippocrate.
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 @Rider656: If you don't get the difference between 27 and Stevens, I've got a crate full of hippos to sell you...
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 @Rider656: PB has been taken over by the alt right, pedaling fanatics. Logical comparisons won't work with these folks. The roadie/ environmentalist mentality is too much to reason with.
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 Pretty mellow climb. Usually do a few laps in a day.
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 @slayerdegnar: so true. I almost started to feel like the black guy in the movie "get out" (2107), and thats scary.
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 Lol at the log. it wasnt even 2 feet off the ground.
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 It's about a seven foot drop into the creek at the high point...
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 As someone who has broken ribs and a clavicle on a log that was only a few feet off the ground, I can tell you, some of us avoid them like the plague, especially when wet. The risk to reward is not worth it. I get little pleasure out of completing one and have no shame walking. Skinnies and logs need to dodo the F out.
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flag m33pm33p (Oct 19, 2017 at 14:37) (Below Threshold)
 OK vaginas. Clearly you're an example of why all mountain bikes exist. So cross country riders can feel like big kids.
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 @m33pm33p: Everybody look out, the badass is here.
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