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Jason Kottwitz, Midwest Mountain Biking Legend, Passes Away

Jul 9, 2021 at 15:16
by Cass Crews  
Jason Kottwitz, known as Snoop Dogg in the St. Louis cycling community, has sadly passed away. He was 28 years old.

Jason sandbagging in the Missouri Enduro Series

He was loved by many for his willingness to help others, his infectious love of downhill, and his ability to laugh off his many magnificent crashes.

His skills on the bike were a wonder to behold, given that he only had one functioning eye and no depth perception. He liked to claim that the lack of depth perception contributed to his inability to ride corners, but the reality is Jason Kottwitz lived life as if his brake fluid was black and his rotors were glazed. If he blew a corner, that corner was simply too weak to handle his speed. This contributed to his unique ability to break his scaphoid.

Snoop slept in his DH helmet, and was competitive in the best way. He was once caught on a climb by a cross country racer while wearing said DH helmet, refused to be passed, and vomited into chin bar while trying to ride away from the evil lycra man.

Mountain biking was his way of processing things. He hit a career crossroad in his early 20s, and decided the best way to properly consider each option was to spend his summer working for the Trestle Bike Park Bike Patrol. Trestle, you brought him peace. He went back many times to bathe in your sacred dust, and always left better for it.

Jason, I'll miss your texts saying I only got a KOM because of a glitch. I'll miss the smile you always had on your face after a crash. I'll miss you putting the sticker from your beer bottle on my back when I'm not looking. In short, I'm gonna miss the f@%$ out of you.

Untimely deaths are so hard, and the financial implications only make them harder. Please donate to take some of the burden off Jason's family:

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